The Intellectual Pansexual Ch. 02


Freshly showered, Taylor rummaged through his drawers, looking for his shortest pair of khaki shorts. He figured that Josh would be showing a lot of thigh, true to his exhibitionistic nature, and didn’t want to seem less sexual than his new lover. His new lover, he thought to himself. He didn’t feel guilty at all, or confused. He still knew where his attractions lay. He had no feelings for the other boy beyond friendship-and the memories of the most intense sexual experience of his life. Fortunately, he was smart enough to know that sex wasn’t love. Josh’s friendship and Josh’s hot mouth on his cock were two completely different things. He liked both, but they didn’t combine to create a new and more complicated situation. Precisely because sex with guys wasn’t emotionally important to him, he could let go and enjoy it. Just like he’d probably enjoy a fucking machine with a little practice. He wondered idly if Josh had ever used one of those. He seemed kinky.

A navy-and-white polo and Ripcurl flip-flops completed his outfit. He checked himself out in the mirror and appreciated what he saw. His clothes seemed like an afterthought to his physique, which was appropriate. Grabbing his phone and wallet, he headed downstairs to meet the others.

There was no missing the trio standing outside the adjoining dorm. Josh had on khaki shorts even shorter than Taylor’s, displaying his muscles runner’s legs to full advantage, including his nearly naked feet, their strength and musculature hardly contained by white Havaianas. His torso was hidden by a tight-fitting button-down white shirt dotted with little sailboats. Next to him, chatting excitedly, was a cute blonde girl in a striped sundress. Another girl waited next to her, dark and sultry. Her dress was dark blue with flowers. Their young, toned bodies shone in the diminishing sunlight that gilded their bare shoulders and legs.

Josh’s face lit up as he saw Taylor approaching. “Hey!” he called out, and lost no time pulling the jock into a hug, right in front of the girls. “Right on time. This is Cassie…”

“Hi!” Cassie said, waving for an instant. “I’m with Josh.” She winked at her date.

“Right. And this is Alexa. Alexa, this is Taylor, we’ve got a class together.”

“Hi,” Taylor said, smiling at her and shaking hands. “Thanks for coming on such short notice.”

She smiled back at him, a little shy but appreciative. “Doesn’t every girl need a date for Friday night?”

“Absolutely. So where are we headed? You three look like you’ve got it all figured out.”

“We thought we’d take the Metrorail into downtown and get something to eat,” Josh said. “After that, just head back to the dorm and hang out.”

“He’s got a new one he wants us to try,” Cassie said with exaggerated emphasis.

Taylor grinned naughtily at her. “That could apply to a lot of things he’s got, but I’m guessing you probably mean something we can smoke.”

“Early night tonight, beach day tomorrow!” Cassie cheered, doing a little happy dance on the sidewalk.

The four of them paired off and headed for the university’s metro station. Taylor found out that Alexa and Cassie lived on the same floor of Josh’s building, and had a couple of classes together. She was pre-law and Cassie was ecosystems science. Unlike her friend, who was already being quite tactile with Josh, leaning into him and casually touching him on the train ride north, she seemed more reserved. Fortunately, Taylor discovered they shared a professor for one of their intro classes, so that served as an icebreaker for him. His stiff shorts chafed his excited dick and kept him at the perfect stage of discreet arousal to tempt her if she was at all inclined that way. Sure enough, he spotted her stealing a couple of glances. He cheered internally. Already the magic word “foursome” was forming in his mind.

He made a strong effort to get Alexa to talk about herself. He wanted her to feel comfortable and cheerful, and soon he had her laughing and paying him more attention. Josh and Cassie were loading every sentence of their conversation with innuendo. Taylor and Alexa naturally slipped into the role of the indulgent friends, commenting humorously on their more brazen companions. The conversation became general and noisy.

They found a nice Italian restaurant downtown and managed to secure a booth in the back. Boys on one side, girls on the other, each face to face with his or her respective date. As first-semester freshmen in Miami, they had plenty to talk about. Favorite beach spots, best places to eat and drink, classes to avoid, people to know or not to know. Taylor thought Alexa was turning out to be delightful, and even to show some interest in him. Nevertheless, he didn’t bat an eye when he felt Josh’s naked leg rubbing up against his, and Josh’s bare foot resting atop his own. Both boys had kicked their sandals off automatically when sitting down, it seemed. The swimmer stole a glance at the other boy, and saw that he was animatedly chatting with his date-and swapping swimsuit stories-while simultaneously flirting with him. In public, with the possibility of either of their dates noticing and throwing a fit. For a moment Taylor actually felt dizzy with arousal at the thought.

The food was delicious. Halfway through the meal, though, Josh started texting on his phone. Shortly thereafter, gaziantep escort ilanları Cassie was doing the same. At first Taylor thought nothing of it; he’d done the same thing plenty of times.

Then he happened to look down into Josh’s lap. Luckily, he was able to keep his cool. Cassie’s toes were resting atop Josh’s very obviously hard cock. Taylor took a bite of his chicken parmesan and looked casually over at her, to find her staring directly at him. She was smirking slightly. She knew perfectly well that he knew what she was doing, and she clearly didn’t give a damn. Almost imperceptibly, she nodded towards Josh. Taylor stole another look, and noticed that Cassie was now massaging Josh’s crotch with her foot. While Josh was still playing footsie with him. They were all clothed, and barely doing anything that would be considered foreplay, but it was by far the most sexual situation in which he’d ever found himself. Meanwhile, Alexa kept eating her spaghetti in blissful ignorance.

“Hey! Taylor! Look at this!” Josh suddenly exclaimed. He held up his phone, showing Taylor a string of text messages from Cassie. The top one read, “I want to put my foot on your cock.” Josh had replied, “Do it!” “What about Taylor?” Cassie had wanted to know. “He’ll think it’s fucking hot,” Josh encouraged her. Taylor burst out laughing and gave Josh a thumbs up. When Alexa went back to her food, he winked at Cassie. Her toes kept moving gently on her date’s bulge.

Eventually the restaurant filled up with revelers on their way to the clubs, and the freshman outing dragged itself to an end. The four of them strolled down Biscayne Boulevard for a while, taking in the contrast between the steel-and-glass towers on one side and the sea-ground beaches on the other. Alexa, contented as a result of her dinner, was half-cuddling into Taylor, partly as a protection against the sudden chill breeze that had sprung up. Josh and Cassie were generally a few yards ahead, still laughing, and now holding hands and unashamedly kissing from time to time.

“Are we going anywhere?” Taylor asked as he and his date nearly bumped into the couple in front of them, who had stopped for a brief exchange of tongue.

“Some of these places have to be doing under 21 nights,” Alexa suggested.

“I thought Josh wanted to show us something,” Cassie pretended to pout.

“Yeah, I’ve got some nice new stuff back in my room,” Josh grinned.

“Getting stoned sounds better than getting smashed! Let’s go!”

“Okay! Taylor?”

“Sounds great to me. Alexa?”

“Might as well,” Alexa said. “It’s getting cold out here.” Taylor could feel the goosebumps on her leg where it touched his.

Their second train ride was much more lively than their first. The girls were giggling constantly. Alexa liked to stay pressed up against Taylor in the seat next to him. He couldn’t get the smile off his face, especially after Cassie coyly parted her legs to reveal that she had nothing on under her dress. Taylor got a very clear sense that if there had been no one else in the car, she would have shucked it entirely and danced naked down the aisle. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

The university campus was cooler than downtown, which shut in the heat of bodies frantically seeking pleasure. The four teens hurried into the dorm and up to Josh’s room and its shelter. Josh immediately broke out his vaporizer.

“So what have you got that you didn’t show me this afternoon?” Taylor demanded.

“Hey, I didn’t get it till just after you left,” Josh retorted. “The underground from the Keys is long and snaky.” He held up a small jar containing a remarkable bug, white and sparkling with crystals. “Ladies and gentlemen, the elusive White Widow.”

“Hot!” Cassie said. She’d already gotten rid of her sandals and curled up on Josh’s bed. “Isn’t that supposed to make you really happy and horny?”

Alexa, Taylor noticed, blushed slightly but didn’t look put off. Instead, she kept staring at the jar with interest.

“Some people say so,” Josh confirmed, flashing a brilliant grin at her. “Wanna try it and see?”

“Bring it here!” Cassie cried. Josh sat down next to her and gave her the vaporizer. She blew a dense, luxurious cloud of smoke around the other two. “Come on, come on, don’t be shy!”

Taylor took the vape and looked right at Cassie as he practically kissed the tip before taking a pull. He handed it on to Alexa, who tried to be nonchalant but was clearly excited by the scene. Josh finished it off and repacked the bowl. Round and round the pen went, while a little fan on Josh’s desk pushed the smell out the window. Finally the battery on the vaporizer died. Taylor set it down and continued rubbing Alexa’s shoulders. At some point he had ended up sitting down on the empty bed with his date between his legs. She was practically purring from the neck massage he was giving her, and was far too stoned to do anything but stare hungrily as Josh and Cassie stripped each other.

The runner’s prick was already wet and shiny when Cassie pulled his shorts off him. He was flat on his back with his legs in the air, laughing, ready to receive rather than to give. His big cock lolled against his abs. Cassie crouched down and began to tease his balls alone with her tongue, ignoring his shaft completely. Josh moaned. Neither of them gave a damn about their nakedness in front of their friends.

“Taylor,” Alexa murmured, slurring her words a trifle.


“Could you unzip me?”

“Yes!” Taylor shouted internally. “Sure,” he said aloud. He let his fingers glide down from her neck to the back of her dress. Her skin was soft and moist, and he couldn’t resist leaning forward and planting a brief kiss on her shoulder. She shivered, her eyes fixed on her classmate performing oral sex in front of her. Taylor inched the zipper down a fraction of an inch at a time, pausing now and then to stroke her as the dress folded away from her body. When the zipper bottomed out, he slowly pushed it under her butt, and she rocked her hips to give him room, then kicked it free. Her back was the color of golden honey, and she wore no bra. Unlike Cassie, she did have on a tiny g-string under her dress. The swimmer gasped softly when he looked down and saw it, and Alexa heard him and flushed, thrilled by his obvious appreciation. He pulled off his polo and tossed it aside, then drew her back into him, soft skin on soft skin.

Josh and Cassie were getting dirty, both of them clearly provoked by having an audience. Cassie leaned back and began stroking her boy’s cock with one foot, teasing it. “Oh fuck yes!” Josh cried, pulling his knees back to his chest. His back arched in ecstasy, his cockhead swelling and twitching beneath the pressure of her sole. Cassie grinned and slid her big toe up his shaft to his frenulum. Dabbing it in his precum, she polished that most sensitive spot with care, touching no other part of his maleness. Josh was panting from the stimulation.

“Suck your toes, jockslut,” Cassie ordered him. “You wanna suck mine? Suck yours first.”

Josh didn’t hesitate for a second. He seized an ankle and kissed his way up the sole of his own foot before swallowing his toes, sucking them like an ice cream cone. Cassie had two fingers buried in her pussy as she watched and teased him. When she saw him worshiping his own feet, she clenched her teeth and came.

Taylor and Alexa watched her squirt, wetting Josh’s sheets, and the smell of sex and orgasm hit them both. Alexa was trembling in Taylor’s large, capable hands. Leaning against his muscled torso, she rose and fell with the rhythm of his breathing. He stroked her sides and caressed her toned stomach, never letting his thumbs do more than brush the very edge of her tits or his fingers probe below her V-line. The loving touch sent endorphins flooding through her system, their effects multiplied by the weed, which had made every inch of her skin sensitive and vulnerable. Eventually, she went limp, relaxing into him and letting her head fall on his shoulder. Taylor covered her mouth with his own. She tasted like cherry.

The swimmer’s hands moved up and traced circles around her nipples without touching them. He sensed them erecting, but ignored their response, letting her desire build. Cupping his hands below her tits, he palmed down to the top of her string and back up. She moved against him, abandoning herself to the contact. The heel of his hand brushed the pouch of her string. It was wet. He slipped his fingers underneath the waistband, and Alexa lifted herself to let him take it off. Now only his shorts stood between them.

Cassie and Josh were scissoring now, licking each other’s feet. Neither seemed to be able to get enough of it. Every time Taylor stole a glance at them, in the midst of pleasuring his own date, it made his cock harder. His hitherto-limited sexual experience had never included foot play. It was strange and therefore extremely desirable to him. As he kissed Alexa, fondling her nude body, his eyes drifted beyond her perfectly-shaved pussy to her long, lovely feet. Now he wanted those, too.

Cassie slid down to take Josh’s cock in her mouth, planting her wet slit on his face. Immediately the room was filled with the sound of her stifled moans as her date practically attacked her clit. Taylor and Alexa, attracted by the sound, realized for the first time that Cassie hadn’t been completely bare under her dress after all. A jeweled butt plug winked at them from the cleft of her ass, and Josh was actively fucking her ass with it, tugging it tantalizing back and forth while he licked her. Cassie howled, gagging on his dick, and came again. Her girlcum dripped down the sides of his face.

Urgently, Alexa tried to draw Taylor’s fingers to her slit. She opened her legs, willing, begging him to touch her. Instead, Taylor slid out from behind her and laid her down on her back. He crouched between her spread thighs, looking up at the quivering expanse of her waiting body.

The folds of her pussy were swollen for him. They beckoned to him, and he defied his urges. He didn’t even strip off his shorts, letting the uncomfortable pressure linger on his erection. His fingers slid up Alexa’s smooth tanned thighs, tracing back and forth across the tiny tanline left by her bikini. It was sharper than Cassie’s, suggesting that the blonde wore a swimsuit much less often. She squirmed, trying to get his fingers to touch her lips, but he held her hips in place, denying her. He would stroke all around her pussy, never actually across it.

“Taylor…please!” the stoned girl begged. She reached for her slit in desperation. Taylor grabbed her hands and held them down. He blew cool air across her twitching clit, making her cry out with need. His tongue tasted the folds of her pussy slowly, in no hurry, until Alexa was nearly sobbing with need. The swimmer encircled her clit with his tongue, and she bucked against him, orgasming three times in a row from the tremendous buildup he had put her through.

Across the room, Josh started gasping as he shot his load, his glazed eyes staring at the convulsing Alexa getting tortured by his jockboy lover. Cassie swallowed, or tried to. Some of his cream spilled out and coated his reddened prick. The girl riding it never paused, but grabbed it in her fist and kept stroking it, putting a twist on it while keeping the cocktip firmly embedded in her mouth. Josh giggled, then screamed from her relentless treatment, and Cassie stuck her toes in his mouth to shut him up. He started fingering her, and she sank all the way down on his cock, deepthroating him without effort.

Taylor slid a couple of fingers inside Alexa, probing carefully for her G-spot. He touched it, and she stiffened, her eyes rolled back. Meanwhile, he leaned forward and began licking her clit again. The orgasm that followed left her unable to speak or make any kind of sound. She was helpless as Taylor stood up and finally got rid of his shorts.

Standing beside the bed, he offered her his cock, fully erect and massive. Her lips felt like warm velvet on his wet tenderness. He sighed and closed his eyes. She was a dainty cocksucker, unlike her friend, but the delicacy of her motions around his glans was something that Taylor found tremendously stimulating. He was in no hurry. He let her play with his balls lazily, hardening within their sac, and the length of his shaft, hairless as her own groin. When he felt she’d grown bored with it, he knelt between her legs and breached her pussy with his thickness. Fondling and kissing her, finally working her denied nipples, he buried himself in her, stifling her moans with his mouth. Skin to skin, they touched and were joined.

Cassie had managed to keep Josh’s cock fully hard and flaring, at the cost of some discomfort to her lover. She spun around and seated herself on it, soaking him immediately with her hot wetness. Not content with basic cowgirl, she leaned back and offered Josh one of her soles. He didn’t just lick it, he made love to it. He was hungry for it, yet first and foremost he tried to stimulate her, and almost immediately she came again. Her hips rolled like the deck of a clipper in a hurricane, plunging and ceaseless. Dominating her partner, she was yet at his mercy.

On his side, Taylor decided to try Josh’s trick. Just the thought of it excited him. He fell into a rhythm of steady, gentle strokes, using most but not all of his length. Straightening up, he lifted one of her legs and took her toes in his mouth. He was surprised at how little the taste of a clean foot differed from that of a clean pussy-or from that of Josh’s cock, for what it was worth. Soft under a slight roughness, it felt incredibly sensual against his cheek. Alexa moaned in shock, watching him servicing her foot, unable to escape from the sight of Josh doing the same to her friend. Taylor rubbed his thumb over her clit and she came again.

He bathed first one foot and then the other with his tongue before bending to kiss her. The weed was still flooding her system, and she never thought to resist as the swimmer jock fed her the taste of her own cum and feet. All the while, he never stopped fucking her. Ten years in the pool had given him stamina and the ability to repeat a muscle movement over and over, and he put it to good use with every pretty girl who had let him inside her. He’d never had a fuck as hot as this, though. He slowed his pace when he felt Alexa’s kisses pushing him too close to orgasm. There were still things he wanted to try with her.

First among them was carrying her. Taylor had always wanted to try it. It looked so hot in porn, with some girl or twink bouncing on a muscle guy’s dick, totally at his mercy and being ravaged. He had even wondered if he’d ever come across a guy big enough and powerful enough to treat him like that. Wrapping his arms around her, he eased her upright, still impaled on his thrusting cock. Her mouth sought his frantically. He scooped his hands underneath her soft, round butt and lifted her. Given that he had a foot of height and probably close to a hundred pounds of weight on her, it was easy for him to pick her up, then slide sideways until he was standing, knees slightly flexed. She was so light in that position, he realized. And she seemed tremendously in contact with him, yet tantalizingly distant. His urges took over and he pistoned into her fast, the walls of her wet cunt torturing the abraded flange of his cockhead. Their kiss became feverish, unending, pure sucking at one another’s essence. When Taylor thought she needed a break, he drove his cock all the way into her and ground their smooth groins together, and she came once more, actually squirting for the first time that night. But not until his thighs started burning under the accumulation of her weight did he stop fucking her. Even then, the pain seemed like a turnon, in the same way that athletes learn to channel their soreness into their performance. For a fleeting moment he wondered what it would be like to be tied up and whipped to orgasm, cumming from the sheer overabundance of endorphins in his system.

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