The Massage Room

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No thirty second back rub as an excuse for foreplay, for many years we had been in the habit of more or less taking turns to give each other a full body massage. And yes, it invariably ended in sex.

Way back we had purchased a professional, folding massage table and read a book on massage; my wife Natalie and I were, and still are, both into spoiling each other. So after we had moved into our current house with a large basement and several spare rooms down there, it was an obvious idea to paint a room in earthy tones, add some dimmable light, a discreet sound system, candles, and some wall prints of stones, water, flowers etc and we have the perfect in-home massage room.

Sex occurs in there on a regular basis, a massage from your spouse is sensual and super relaxing, as the table is the perfect height for me to be standing holding Natalie’s legs as she lays on her back, butt to the edge of the table. Role-play has often been part of our sex life, but when it comes to the massage room it seems obvious for game time. Natalie will sometimes pretend she’s a masseuse getting carried away and providing a happy end to the massage. I’m often the handsome masseur who’ll seduce my wife with hands that stray a little too far, or that I’ve been given permission by her husband to make sure she’s completely satisfied.

It came as no surprise then when I told my wife that I’d arranged a massage for her tonight at 7.00pm. Her reply was not unexpected:

“Oh great! And who did you arrange to massage me tonight?” Natalie asked with a smile.

“Rob, he’ll be here around 6.30pm to meet us and check out the table etc.”

Natalie looked puzzled, thinking this was just a variation on one of our role-play games. “Meet us? Or just me?”

“Meet us. He’s a real masseur who does home visits and he’s agreed to teach me some techniques. You’re getting a professional massage tonight.”

Needless to say, my wife was delighted and promised me some “fun later tonight” as a reward.

Natalie was off getting changed when Rob arrived; he’s a good looking young guy, I’d guess around 30, clean shaven, fit build and around the same 6ft as me. Natalie and I are both somewhat older but looking fit enough to passably be in our 40’s and we both try to stay fit with another room in our basement converted during Covid lockdowns to be a home gym. I offered Rob a drink and he took me up on some water as we chatted; he was impressed with our massage room and appreciated that he didn’t have to carry his own table in.

We set up the music and briefly turned on the space heater just to make sure the room was warm enough. I got Natalie a glass of wine and went up to tell her that we were ready for her. She was just pulling a robe over her naked body and wondered aloud to me whether she should slip some panties on.

”What do you do at your regular massage in town?” I asked.

“Well I go naked there but they’re professional and’s just me and the masseuse.” Natalie replied.

“Well it’s professional here tonight, and I’m in the room, so don’t worry about it.”

Natalie nodded and we headed down to the massage room where I introduced her to Rob and after a couple of questions he asked her to lay face down on the table, professionally turning his back. I helped my wife take off her robe and covered her with the light fleece blanket that we kept there for comfort.

I indicated to Rob that Natalie was ready and sat on the chair I’d placed in the corner of the room to watch him at work. He turned down the fleece just a little and oiled his hands before gently starting to massage on Natalie’s shoulders and the back of her neck. This is always a sore spot for her and and she groaned briefly in appreciation as his fingers worked some obvious magic.

“Pressure ok?” Rob asked.

“It’s wonderful.” Natalie replied. “I hope Roger’s taking notes if he’s going to do this himself next time around” she laughed. I chuckled.

Rob continued working the massage oil into my wife’s shoulders gradually moving further down each arm in turn massaging her hands and then arm muscles back up towards her torso. Eventually his hands were massaging more of Natalie’s back under the fleece and he nodded to me to come over and move the blanket further down.

“Take some oil on your palms, then move your hands Escort İstanbul together in broad motions as if you’re smoothing out sheets on a bed. Long slow strokes as even as possible” Rob told me. I followed his instructions and he placed his hands over mine moving them to show me how much pressure to apply.

“That’s it. The secret to a good massage is consistency.”

Natalie moaned in agreement. I was feeling very happy that I’d set this up and knew that my wife was obviously enjoying it. Rob indicated me to me to keep going.

“Natalie, have you ever experienced a 4-hand massage?” he asked.

“No” She replied, “But double this sounds divine.”

Rob moved around the table so we were standing either side of Natalie and I copied his hand movements until we were coordinated massaging my wife from her hips up her spine to her shoulders and back down her sides. The occasional sounds from Natalie left no doubt that she was enjoying this.

After a while, Rob motioned towards Natalie’s legs and I once more followed his lead as we massaged down over her thighs and butt pausing briefly to pull the fleece higher. If Natalie had any qualms about Rob seeing her naked butt they were clearly long diluted by the pleasure of the 4-hand massage she was receiving.

“Start from the feet.” Was all Rob said quietly as we both shifted down and began rubbing Natalie’s feet and toes with freshly oiled hands. I know my wife loves a foot rub so this type of full on massage was unsurprisingly causing a continued stream of pleasurable moans from the other end of the table. We continued the stroking around her ankles and then with slightly longer strokes up and across her lower legs, Rob showing me how to apply pressure to Natalie’s calf muscles with both thumbs.

Natalie’s legs were close together so as we moved upwards above her knees Rob and I were bumping hands and starting to get in each others way. As he looked at me (with hindsight I guess Rob was checking to see if I objected) we gently parted her legs and I realized that there was a glimpse of my wife”s shaved pussy lips – I held my breath as I simultaneously realized that my wife had gone quiet. With her silent assent though we continued massaging both legs up towards her hamstrings.

On one stroke I slid my hands up and then to the outside, this motion caused a parting of Natalie’s inner thighs for a second. Rob saw and the next stroke up, copied me. My wife’s pussy glistened in contrast to my dry mouth; it didn’t take a genius to see where this was leading and my semi-hard cock wasn’t going to let me pretend it was all accidental. Rob and I continued massaging Natalie’s legs up and out, up across her butt and down the outside of her thighs. She still hadn’t said a word but the wet pussy winking at us with each pass left no room for doubt that she was enjoying this, however illicit or taboo she may have been finding it.

I wondered how far my wife would go. We had played fantasy games pretending to be strangers or having sex with someone else but it had never gone further than that. I reached over to one of the towels we kept in the room and wiped the oil off one hand and as Rob and I coordinated an upward stroke I swallowed hard then deliberately reached between my wife’s legs and gently stroked my fingers across her pussy.

Natalie gasped loudly. She didn’t move though and didn’t say anything. If she’d thought about it she could probably have figured it was me and not Rob, but still we were way past any illusion that he hadn’t at least seen what I’d done. Rob looked at me, mouth open, obviously uncertain as to what exactly was happening here. I raised a finger to my closed mouth giving him the universal sign to not speak then I looked down at my wife and nodded briefly, handing him the towel.

Rob dried his hands quickly and we turned simultaneously back to Natalie running our hands up the back of her thighs, each of us allowing our one hand to stroke up and over my wife’s butt while two sets of fingers reached down between her legs. Natalie moaned loudly and to my amazement and excitement she reflexively spread her legs ever so slightly in an unmistakable response.

Now I had absolutely no idea where this was going; I’m not sure that any of us did. Compersion fantasies were running wild İstanbul Escort Bayan through my brain, and my cock wasn’t showing any lack of enthusiasm; Rob looked a little nervous but a glance at his pants was enough to confirm that he was reacting much like I was. Natalie, of course, was laying face down and not looking at either of us as her voice broke the very short, but somehow seemingly endless, silence:

“I think it’s time to turn over.” my wife said as she pushed up, turning to lay on her back. I grabbed the pillow we kept down there to fill the hole in the table and placed it under her head. The small room was plenty warm enough with the three of us so I dropped the fleece onto the nearby chair.

Rob went to the end of the table and started massaging Natalie’s head and temples, moving down to her neck and shoulders. Her eyes closed, she arched her back the tiniest bit as I started to stroke around her breasts, underneath, up the sides and back over the top. I leaned down to kiss her gently and Natalie reacted with a tiny groan in her throat.

“We can stop if you want.” I told her. I meant it, this was all about my wife; I was willing to have anything happen that would make her happy, that she would enjoy, but she should have absolute decision authority over anything that happened here tonight.

My wife swallowed for a second, licked her lips and spoke, “I don’t want you to stop.”

Rob looked at me questioningly with raised eyebrows. Looking back at him I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, dropping it to the floor and said, “It’s getting warm in here”.

“I’ve never done this before” he replied.

“Neither have we.” My reply saw him react by pulling his shirt off as I had and he moved to Natalie’s side opposite me. She gasped as the 4-hand massage recommenced with her breasts and, eyes closed once more, she raised her hands and stroked across our bare chests; Rob on her right, me on her left.

I lowered my head to kiss her nipple and gently stroked my tongue across it, holding her breast with one hand while sliding my other across her belly. Rob and I had switched roles as he now followed my lead and dipped his mouth to Natalie’s right breast; both our hands meeting at her mons. I took Rob’s hand and moved it directly to my wife’s pussy as I moved up to kiss her. Natalie opened her lips to suck in my tongue and opened her legs to allow Rob to stroke his fingers across her lower lips already wet enough to slip a finger up into her. She moaned and her hands felt around, squeezing my cock inside my sweats with her left hand, and on the other side for the first time in decades my wife held the cock of another man.

I was still unsure where this would end up, intense desire for my own wife burned within me; oddly I didn’t feel jealousy but immense pleasure at seeing her before us in obvious ecstasy. Rob was slowly pumping his fingers in and out of Natalie’s very lubricated pussy as I massaged her breasts and our tongues entwined in a ravenous french kiss. I felt her hand tugging at the waistband of my sweats and as I broke our kiss, straightening up, she whispered “Take them off…”

Looking across the table, Natalie’s right hand had been pulling on Rob’s waistband also and it was clear that her instruction was for both of us. A flutter of apprehension passed over me, I’d never been in a room with another erect cock before and no man can help wondering what or how things would compare.

Slipping off our remaining clothes and kicking them aside, Rob and I were now both naked, each stealing a glance at the other. His cock was rock hard like mine, cut, unlike mine, straight, smooth and, I have to say, nice looking. We were of similar size and I recall thinking that Natalie was going to enjoy taking him; at this point there was little doubt that he was going to fuck my wife, or we both were, and that she wanted it as much as either Rob or I did.

As Natalie reached over to touch Rob’s bare cock I moved down towards her knees and, spreading her legs, I leaned over to kiss my wife’s pussy. It was ridiculously wet, more than I had ever experienced in our 25 years together. I looked up to see Rob’s slick cock against Natalie’s breast, she was stroking him as he gently squeezed her boobs. As I flicked out my tongue to touch Anadolu Yakası Escort her clit Natalie writhed, her head pressed against the pillow, and a long guttural sound released from her throat, her breath shuddered, she gripped his cock hard and Rob gasped.

Not sure how long any of us would last, I gave Natalie one long lick and swallowing her juices I opened my mouth to speak. Almost overcome with the eroticism I struggled with the words.

“I want to see you come, I want to see Rob fuck you.”

Natalie looked up at me, then slowly turning to Rob she just whispered “Yes.”

“You want to right?” It was a dumb question I directed at Rob but he smiled and nodded before telling my wife to move down the table. We helped her shuffle to the end of the table and as she leaned back on her elbows Rob stepped around and between her legs hooking his arms underneath to support them. I leaned over to kiss Natalie and whispered “I love you, enjoy this. It’s my gift to you.”

The tip of Rob’s cock was resting ever so lightly on Natalie’s pussy lips and as he inched forward slightly her wetness allowed him to push a little inside her. Natalie lay flat on her back and groaned a loud “Ohhh”. I stared at Rob’s cock part way inside my wife and fighting for a breath I managed to utter “That’s so hot. Fuck her Rob, gently, but fuck her now.”

Rob pushed his hips forward, his cock disappearing inside my wife as she cried out in a flood of endorphins, her legs shaking; the experience for me watching was so intense I thought I would come right there on the spot. Natalie was obliviously in a world of her own and seemed like she didn’t even hear my “Oh my God, he’s really in you.” Rob did though as he looked down at himself buried in her pussy, Natalie alternately squeezing her own breasts and clenching her fingers, and I saw him tense his muscles, clearly not wanting to suddenly come too soon. As he pulled back and pushed forward again the image of Natalie’s wetness on his cock seared into my my mind as an unforgettable and exclusive porn scene.

Leaning in to kiss Natalie again, she took hold of my cock and pulled it up towards her head; I stepped forward as she opened her mouth and slipped the head inside. The scene was incredible and the feeling even more so as I shook at the wave of a mini orgasm washing over me. Just seeing my wife with her lips around my cock and Rob thrusting between her legs was more than enough to make me come and I had no choice but to pull back a little so as not to get ahead of them. This was for Natalie and above all I wanted her to get the most out of this, my pleasure was magnified by seeing hers.

Natalie released my cock as I pulled back and I reached out to stroke my hands across her body, staring down at Rob’s cock gliding in and out of her pussy. He was speeding up and biting his lip, clearly nearing his own orgasm as my wife starting pushing her hips hard back against him. The sound of their bodies slapping together seemed to fill the room as they both started to come. Natalie was writhing, almost in danger of falling off as she gripped the sides of the table, and moaning loudly as Rob fucked her with rapid strokes getting shorter and shorter.


His body tensed, pumping hard inside my wife. She shook, her legs quivering, head arched back, her neck and chest flushed red, breathing heavily…


Silence. Then all three of us groaned.

I grabbed some towels off the shelf, handing one to Rob as he stepped back gently lowering Natalie’s legs and his now softening cock slipping out of her. I passed one to Natalie and leaned in to kiss her. She smiled:

“That was…Phew! I need to go jump in the shower.”

As Natalie slipped out and headed into the bathroom, we heard the shower water start and Rob shook my hand. “I’m gonna get out of here, you have an amazing wife man.” I nodded and thanked him as he quickly pulled his clothes back on and headed up the stairs.

“Can you show yourself out? Oh, we need to settle up.” I called after him.

“No worries, we’ll be in touch tomorrow.” Rob replied.

I headed across to the bathroom just in time to find my beaming wife drying herself from her shower. She tossed the towel aside, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me saying:

“Thank you. That was incredible. I can’t believe we just did that. Are you ok with what happened?” Then as my cock twitched against her belly she laughed: ‘I guess there’s my answer.”

“Feel like going to bed now?” I asked. “It’s time I made love to you.”

She grinned, and nodded.

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