The Master of Beaulac


Rain pattered against the high windows of the cozy little library on the third floor of Beaulac Manor. Fredric Beaulac, master of the estate, sat in his favourite wingback chair, one leg crossed loosely over the other as he read by the fire, contentedly ensconced in the dry warmth amid the smell of old books. A light tapping came at the door and he lifted his sharp brown eyes from his page to see slender, young Roberta. Bobbie, as everyone called her – a more fitting name for someone with such a bubbling, cheerful disposition – was the friend of Elaine, Fredric’s college-bound daughter. Her chestnut hair was pulled to one side, hanging in heavy waves over one thin shoulder, her pale blue eyes uncharacteristicly timid. Fredric smiled at her and waved her in, setting his book aside. “I’m sorry, Sir, I forgot my bow.” The girl went to the seat tucked into the bay window and picked up the forgotten violin bow where she and Elaine had been practising earlier that day. Fredric’s smile widened fondly. He found it cute that after all the years she’d known him, Bobbie still called him ‘Sir’, despite having been told she could call him Fredric or Freddie as the rest of the family and staff did. He could never figure that part of her out, but he didn’t mind. It was endearing. Bobbie paused on her way back past Fredric’s chair, the fabric of her yellow sundress softly sighing around her legs. Her fine-boned face betrayed an inner indecision. “You’re dressed a bit sparingly for the weather – aren’t you cold?” Fredric regarded her with keen appraisal, noting how her cheeks flushed at the comment. He wondered what had made her so suddenly shy. This wasn’t her nature at all; her nature was to bounce into a room, light it up with her smiles and quick laughter, press him into a hug then bounce back out again. He thought again of those hugs Escort Yeşilköy and felt his cock stirring briefly. He would never touch his daughter’s friend, of course, but that didn’t mean her arms wrapped around him, the fullness of her breasts against his body, left him unaffected. He was very much affected. And he always chided the enthusiastic organ in his pants for it, even as he did now. Bobbie took a slow step in his direction. Then, as though having settled whatever troubled her, walked to his chair and folded herself gracefully onto the floor by his knees. Her willowy legs were tucked beneath her, the fire glowing along the silk of her hair. Her dress on the floor spread around her like half of a sun. She put a tentative hand on his knee, sparking another flare of arousal. He shifted slightly to hide it but, he realized with a small amount of embarrassment, her eyes were now fixed on that part of his body, carefully considering the lump in his pants. “Is there something I can help you with, dear?” the man managed to say, his voice bringing her attention back to his eyes. “Yes, Sir,” she spoke quietly. Her plump bottom lip went between her teeth as she chose her next words carefully. Fredric waited as patiently as he could. This close to her, he caught a trace of her perfume, a floating white lilac scent. It was his favourite of her collection. Perhaps she had known that and worn it that evening, for this occasion. He felt his blood quicken. Her physical proximity was quickly becoming overwhelming, more so than usual. There was something about her out of character quietness, her docility as she sat by his knee, that intrigued him. “I watch you all the time in the paddock,” Bobbie said at last. Fredric was glad of the benign subject and sighed quietly with relief, but the feeling Yeşilyurt escort wasn’t to last. “I watch you training the horses,” the girl confessed, her gaze dropping as though her courage was fast fading. She ploughed on before her nerve was lost altogether. “You’re so strong, so powerful… So very much in control. Very much the master.” Her hand had left his knee and begun to climb. Fredric’s heart jumped but he stayed perfectly still, listening. His pants had begun to noticeably tent. “Sometimes I dream at night,” Bobbie continued, “that I am the one you control… that you’re my master.” She paused to meet his gaze. “That beneath your hands you bend my flesh to your will. I would do anything for you… Master.” Her hand reached his groin and through the fabric of his pants Fredric felt her fingers curl around his shaft. Inwardly he groaned, filled with a strong, sudden need for more, with a desire to see her exactly as she had pictured – beneath his firm hand, guided by the authority he wanted to hold over her body. How satisfying it would be to be given complete access to her body to use as he pleased, to put his teeth to her delicate breasts, to slide himself deep inside her hotly pulsing hole… He put a stop to those thoughts and stood. This was indecent! Bobbie’s face looked stricken. She pulled away, pale. “Bobbie, this isn’t possible for us.” Fredric’s voice caught in his throat. He attempted vainly to adjust the front of his trousers so the effect her words had on him would be less noticeable. “You’re Elaine’s friend. This wouldn’t be right.” “Sir, please…” She held her hands out to him, crossed at the wrist, eyes pleading. “I can’t. We can’t.” Fredric started towards the door. He turned to look at her, his exasperation and helplessness at the situation was Zeytinburnu escort bayan clear in the low set of his broad shoulders. “Bobbie, you have to understand. I’m old enough to be your father, not to mention the strain it would put on your relationship with my daughter.” “She doesn’t have to know!” Bobbie cried. Her hands were still in the air. “You want this too! You haven’t denied it! Elaine goes to college in a week – we’ll have plenty of time to ourselves. Please. For months I’ve known you would be the one who could give this to me…” “I… I have to go. The rain is coming down harder, and I’m going to check on the horses.” Fredric left the girl on her knees on the floor by his favourite chair. ****** Fredric closed the last stall door. He had checked on every horse in his stable, barely disturbing them as they milled about sleepily in their stalls. He took a moment to listen to the rain and smell the freshly laid hay, enjoying the peace, running a hand through his grey-flecked dark hair. The fresh air had done him good, but still he did not feel he’d been cleansed of the heat that had burned through him at Bobbie’s brazen touch in the library. “Sir…” Fredric turned sharply, disbelieving. His cock throbbed rebelliously at the sound of her voice. Mentally he called himself a fool for letting himself get taken up so easily by this pretty young thing and her offer. He didn’t know how much longer he could resist her if she continued this game. He wasn’t a man of steel, he was a man of flesh, of cravings, of needs. Bobbie stood before him in the aisle, hair matted and damp, a flimsy wool shawl clinging wetly to her arms from the walk across the yard. The amber light flickered on it’s wire above them and the horses stirred restlessly. “I’m sorry,” she said. She hung her head. “For before. It wasn’t my place to be forward.” She looked so lost. Fredric went to her, taking his jacket off to wrap it tenderly around her shoulders, but she pushed it off. The man stared in confusion as she stripped herself of her shawl and her dress, revealing a cobweb-fine lace bra and a thong so sheer it looked translucent with moisture.

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