The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 23

Big Dicks

Paris Waterman

Chapter 23

Aniah, then Mark

Marcie was having her nails done when she realized that Aniah had apparently lost interest in men—sexually. It was true that when pressed the girl said emphatically that she liked a cock in her; but thinking back, Marcie recalled having spotted good-looking males Aniah’s age or slightly older, and calling her attention to them while pointing out their obvious attributes on several occasions. Marcie had even gone so far as to draw the teen’s attention to which side the young men had slung their penis with at least two of them.

Aniah would listen and look, but seemed uncaring; while making many positive comments on attractive females passing by as well as many who weren’t all that good-looking. Marcie decided to test her theory by setting the young teen up with Milt, Gerri’s husband and her boss at the supper club.

They were in Marcie’s apartment; actually Aniah was in the bathroom with the door open wide enough to provide Marcie with a visual of her as she peeled down her shorts, slowly exposing her gorgeous ass. Her naughty bits were concealed by a snug pair of panties. Her shirt was already in a pile of clothes at her side, and her lovely tits were being held snugly in place by an elastic top. Marcie was on the phone with Gerri, her friend and fellow member of Sex Addicts Anonymous.

“I can’t talk any louder, Gerri, she’s close by, but … I know, Gerri. One at a time, I know! That’s why I need your help here. I met a guy …”

“For fuck’s sake, Gerri gimmie me a break, here …”

“I know—I know … that’s why I’m calling. Is it possible to get Milt to do her?”

Marcie listened as Gerri unloaded on her for even asking that her husband have sex with an underage teen.

“She’s a kid, Gerri. She hasn’t even seen a real cock …”

Gerri responded to that statement and Marcie hastened to clarify her meaning. “She was at a party and pulled a train … maybe seven or eight guys. She couldn’t even remember any names. Worse, she was not impressed by any of them either.”

Gerri gradually conceded and would talk to her husband about the girl, but of course, she wanted a taste as well. Marcie agreed without protest. “You’ll talk to Milt! Wonderful! Please let me know what he has to say. Oh … tell him she’s a knockout! Love you, Gerri! Bye!”


It took very little persuasion to get Aniah to accompany Marcie to Milt and Gerri’s. They had a pool; her parents were working until nine-thirty and Gerri was a blonde, young and very pretty who happened to like women. Milt’s being there was merely an afterthought.

When they arrived, Gerri was lounging in a patio chair, sipping on a margarita by the pool. Aniah had passed by Milt as if he were invisible, giving him a pleasant, but cursory hello, nice to meet you at the door and leaving Marcie to the rest of the mandatory greeting to their host.

Milt shrugged it off, “Teenagers,” he said to Marcie when she attempted an apology, then pointed out the way to the pool.

Marci introduced Aniah to Gerri and they appeared to hit it off from the start with Gerri giving Aniah a hug as she whispered: “You’re even better looking than Marcie described you, and she spent a good deal of time doing that. Now why don’t you two join Milt and me for drinks and maybe a swim and we can talk some more?”

“Oh, I didn’t bring a suit,” Aniah said feeling stupid. Why hadn’t she thought of it?

“Not to worry, I’ve got lots of extra suits and I’m sure we can find one that will fit; come with me.” She took hold of Aniah’s hand and led her off to the bedroom.

Milt looked at Marcie and shrugged.

Marcie smiled and said: “Mama gets her first ‘eh?”

“Looks that way; Gerri knows what she’s doing.”

“She does. I can attest to it,” Marcie added as she sat down on the lounger next to Milt.


As Gerri led Aniah into her bedroom, she said, “Take off your clothes and check out the suits in the top dresser drawer,” then sat down on the edge of the bed to watch providing Aniah a peek at her abundant cleavage as she did.

Aniah was a bit hesitant at first but untied her halter and let it fall to the floor exposing her generous 16-year-old breasts. Her hardened nipples were extended like pencil erasers revealing her emotions at being alone with Gerri.

And when she peeled off her tight cutoffs and wasn’t wearing any panties Gerri sucked in her breath on seeing the girl’s freshly shaved pussy.

When Aniah started checking out the suits in the dresser Gerri stood and moved to her saying: “Here let me see if I can help you find the right one.”

Aniah stammered a response correctly suspecting that Gerri had other intentions but wasn’t sure how she felt about it until Gerri gave her another hug that served to make up her mind for her as she felt the juices seeping from her cunt.

Christ, why am I soooo fucking horny?

“Here, try this one on,” Gerri said, holding up a skimpy bikini top. It was little more than two triangles of cloth connected Manavgat escort by shoestring thin straps. Aniah took it and attempted to get it over her 32-C sized breasts but wasn’t having much luck.

“Oh, sooo sorry, I thought you’d be more in the B-cup range,’ Gerri said apologetically.

“Mmmm, well I was, until a month or so ago. I had one of those growth spurts,” Aniah said, holding her hands under both breasts as if they were melons.

“Let me help,” Gerri said as she maneuvered around behind Aniah to try and fit her breasts into the skimpy top. Aniah didn’t resist as the older woman handled her breasts with aplomb, cooing into the girls ear, “God you’ve got lovely breasts, Aniah.”

While saying this, Gerri used her thumb and forefinger to pinch the girl’s nipples lightly causing Aniah to let out a moan. Gerri pressed her body into Aniah’s backside, lowered her head and began kissing her neck while continuing to massage her breasts and nipples. She allowed one hand to drift downward towards Aniah’s bald pussy. When she first touched its swollen lips and felt the wetness waiting to come out, she said “Well someone appears to be a little excited.”

Aniah giggled a bit and said, “I think I’ve been excited ever since last night when Marcie suggested we visit you today.”

“Marcie’s your lover, isn’t she, Aniah?” Gerri husked while pulling the teen tighter against her own bikini clad body.

“Yeah,” the still nervous teen replied, “but she told me you and her had got it on too. That’s right, isn’t it? I mean, she wasn’t fucking with me, right?”

“Right, Aniah, absolutely right! What’s more, I’ve been pretty excited about meeting you myself, and my expectations haven’t disappointed me. You have a lovely body Aniah!”

“Do you really think so?”

“Oh, god yes … come here, I’ll show you just how hot you make me.” Gerri spun Aniah around and immediately engulfed a nipple in her mouth. In her aroused state Aniah’s nipples were extremely sensitive and she moaned loudly as Gerri sucked and bit her protruding nipples.

“Ohhh, fuckkk!” the teen whimpered as Gerri led her over to the bed and sat her down, then dropped to her knees in front of her. “I have to taste that luscious pussy of yours honey. It smells so sweet and I’m so hot for you, I’ve just got to taste you.”

“But what about Marcie!”

“She knows what’s probably happening in here between us!” Gerri snorted as her face mashed down between Aniah’s firm, but suddenly very pliant thighs.

Aniah’s body jerked the moment Gerri extended her tongue and made contact with the bald entrance leading to her outer lips.

“Oh, god that feels good …oh, god!”

Gerri kept at the young girl, sucking up her delicious juices as she drove her tongue even deeper into Aniah’s cunt, eliciting a series of low guttural groans from the teenager. And when she ventured up to Aniah’s engorged clit it drove the 16 year-old up the wall. Aniah grabbed Gerri’s head and pulled it hard against her cunt a split second before her orgasm hit her like a freight train shaking her entire body as waves of pleasure washed over her.


Aniah’s screams of pleasure reverberated out to the pool causing Milt and Marcie to look at one another.

“She didn’t waste any time, my Gerri,” Milt said dryly.

“I wasn’t sure if Aniah would go for it, but … sounds like she did.”

“That wasn’t Gerri screaming, Marcie,” Milt said as he took his rampant cock out and shook it near her nose.

“Want a quick taste?”

“Mmmm, it’s an offer I hate to refuse, but the idea is for you to use that lovely dong on my teenage darling when Gerri finishes with her.”

“I can go more than once you know,” Milt said sourly.

“Common knowledge Milt. But both Gerri and I want you to rise for the occasion. You’ll be fucking Aniah more than once. And I expect your performance to wean her onto the male appendage at least part time.”

“I will … rest assured,” he said and tucked his erection back into hiding.


“Oh, god Gerri that … that was …” Aniah panted breathlessly and fell back on the bed completely spent, or so she thought.

“I–I want to return the favor, but need a minute to recover, okay?”

Gerri let her hand drop down to cup Aniah’s pussy which was overflowing with her juices.

“God you made me so hot, Gerri. I’ve never cum like that before, it was wonderful.” The 16 year-old continued babbling about reciprocating until Gerri placed a finger on her lips and shushed her.

“My husband is waiting for us by the pool and since you shouted so loudly when you came that I’m sure both he and Marcie heard we’ve got to figure something of an explanation, you know?’

“We could say I tripped and stubbed a toe or something,” Aniah offered.

Gerri smile and tweaked the teens left nipple. “Better put the top on, sweetie. Um, no, they know exactly what happened between us. Marcie and I … well, we’ve been together once or twice and my Miltie … we’ve been married a Manavgat escort bayan while. We party some if you know what I mean …”

She left the words hanging and watched as an understanding reached the young girl’s brain.

“Ohhh!” Aniah gasped. “Swingers!”

“Mmmm, kind of, but not exactly. We just enjoy sex. All kinds of sex. And if you want, we’ll show you something’s. If you’re willing, of course.”

It was probably the perfect pitch to the 16 year-old. New sexual adventures—things her peers had not even heard of, never mind done. She would be the queen of her high school campus. Fuck those senior bitches; they’d be enthralled by her stories.

“Sure … okay,” she found herself saying as Gerri helped her to her feet and led her out to the pool where Milt and Marcie were waiting before Aniah realized she was wearing a flimsy top and no bottoms, but was completely nude otherwise.

“Took you guys long enough,” Milt said, giving Aniah a prolonged stare. “Couldn’t you find a good fit, for her Gerri?”

Gerri laughed and Aniah blushed from head to toe.

“C’mon Aniah, let’s jump in the pool, it’s getting hot and I think we need to cool off!”

Gerri dived into the water and Aniah obediently followed her. Marcie looked at Milt and they got up and jumped in after them.

Gerri swam to the other end of the pool and Aniah quickly followed her. Marcie and Milt soon ended up alongside them and they played around in the pool with Marcie soon losing her top and Gerri laughing as she took hers off and flung it in Milt’s direction.

Whooping with glee, Milt dove under water and removed his trunks then mooned the women who though it hilarious.

The games were now officially underway.

“Feeling frisky, eh, Miltie?” Gerri crowed. “Marcie would’ja get us that float over there?”

While Marcie retrieved the float, Gerri gave Aniah’s cunt a little fingering, and then she kissed the 16 year-old heatedly before leaving her to swim over to the float where Milt was climbing on it.

“Look at my man, Aniah,” Gerri crowed as she took hold of his erection and used it to pull him and the float to the shallow end of the pool.

Aniah was mesmerized by the sexual intensity surrounding her. She hardly realized that Marcie had her hand and was guiding her to the shallow end where Gerri now had (at least as far as Aniah was concerned) her husband’s penis — he was actually 7 ½ inches long with a fairly thick shaft — in her mouth.

Aniah couldn’t look away, but giggled as Marcie gave her breast a friendly squeeze. “Hi, Marcie!”

“You’ve been busy with Gerri, haven’t you?”

“Yes, will you forgive me?”

“Of course I do. You know Milt wants to fuck you don’t you?”

“Gerri hinted at it, yeah.”

“How do you feel about that?”

Before she could answer, Gerri was fellating her husband then held his cock out toward the other women, but everyone knew it was really for Aniah.

“Would you like to help me out here?”

Aniah smiled, gingerly nodded yes, and joined Gerri, accepting Milt’s heavy cock and tonguing the bulbous head much the same as she would an ice cream cone.

SUCK IT Aniah!” Gerri yelled.

“I can’t … too fuckin’ big!” the 16 year-old protested.

“Take a little at a time. You’ll adjust … you’ll see!” Gerri said soothingly.

Marcie chimed in with: “It’s amazing what you can get in your mouth with some practice. I remember using a banana when I was fourteen.”

“Try licking his balls. They’re hairy, but still … they’re lots of fun,” Gerri offered as she took control of Milt’s hardon and renewed her blowjob. The young girl had better success with his testicles, finding it enjoyable to alternate between licking and sucking them while Gerri fellated him in close proximity.

Minutes later the teen was sucking his cock again, this time with more success as she had watched both Gerri and Marcie suck him and learned how she might handle him better and did so when the opportunity arrived.

Milt warned everyone he was about to cum and with Gerri jerking him off to orgasm, was soon spewing long ropes of jizm high into the air and onto the faces of the three women hovering around him.

When he was completely finished, Gerri had Aniah lick his sperm from her face and feed it back to her with sensuous kisses. Then Marcie did Aniah and fed her share to the teenager and lastly both Aniah and Gerri scooped what they could from Marcie and deposited it on Marcie’s tongue, which she promptly swallowed.

“Can I go down on you again, Gerri?” Aniah pleaded.

“Not yet. You need to do Marcie. My Miltie will watch you because it will help him get hard again, then he’s going to fuck you. In fact, we’re all going to fuck you before you head home this afternoon.”

“Ohhhh,” Aniah sighed. “I think I just came again.

Everyone, Aniah included laughed at that. Then they moved inside where Marcie lay on the rumpled sheets, spread her legs and giggled as the teenager happily ate her out.

When Marcie came, Gerri took her Escort manavgat place, saying: “Lick me until your jaw won’t let you anymore.”

Aniah rolled on top of her, then slid down the older woman’s body, paying homage to her breasts and particularly the left nipple which was slightly deformed as a birth defect, and then with Gerri moaning and groaning the girl slithered the remainder of the way to the junction between her thighs, pried open her labia and commenced sucking away at Gerri’s dripping cunt.

Aniah’s voracious slurping and sucking sounds filled the bedroom.

“God don’t stop Aniah, you are such a good cunt sucker…don’t stop…don’t stop!”

“She’s good! She’s soooo fuckin’ good at this!” Gerri howled as her orgasm hit home leaving her thrashing wildly and clawing at the rumpled bed sheets.

When Aniah kept going at her, Gerri reached another peak and began squirting pussy juice all over Aniah’s beautiful face. Gerri was an occasional squirter at those times she was really turned on… and this was one of them!

Aniah tried her best to lap it all up but a lot ended up drooling down her chin and neck to her youthful breasts. Gerri finally regained her composure enough to pull Aniah up and kiss her deeply, tasting her own juice in the process and licking up whatever she could find on Aniah’s body.

Aniah could only say, “God I loved sucking your cunt, it was delicious … so hot … oh, god I loved it.” She then gave Gerri a big hug and kissed her again this time thrusting her tongue deeply into Gerri’s mouth.

Milt was more than ready at this point and climbed on the bed, gently moving Gerri aside and mounted the already spread-eagled teen.

Gerri placed a hand on Aniah’s arm and queried, “Have you had sex before?”

“No, not really. I’ve messed around a bit with a couple of boys but it was mostly just touching and groping … mostly on their part. Milt’s the first cock I ever had in my mouth, honest to God. I lied to Marcie ’cause I thought she wouldn’t get with me if I was a virgin, you know?”

Both Gerri and Marcie were stunned at this news. Milt couldn’t have cared less; of course he was being led by his cock, being a typical male.

“Milt,” Gerri said, “go easy on her. She’s never had it before.”

Milt nodded then pulled Aniah down to him and gently kissed her face, murmuring, “Ahh, you taste just like my wife.”

Aniah giggled.

“Straddle me. Better scoot up until your pussy’s directly over my dick.”

Aniah complied and Milt rubbed his cock around her opening, gathering juices and wetting his own member to make his entry easier. Then holding his shaft with one hand, he guided her with the other as she slowly lowered herself until about an inch of his thick head was lodged inside her and she stopped.

“How’s it feel?” He inquired.

“Fuckin’ tight, Milt. Are you sure?”

But Gerri had anticipated this, especially on learning Aniah was a virgin. She squeezed some KY gel onto a finger and applied it to Aniah’s vagina after having Milt pull out.

With his next attempt, he turned to Marcie and Gerri, laughed and said, “This is like the first time I put it up your ass, Gerri.”

All three women laughed.

With Aniah lubed up they started again. They both noticed her hymen’s resistance. “What’s…?” Aniah began only to scream in surprise when Milt drove on, tearing the slight membrane apart and bringing some three and a half inches of his cock inside her very snug vaginal walls.

“Holy shit!” Aniah exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” Milt quickly inquired while the other two women clucked and fussed around the teenage girl.

“Yeah—yeah, I’m fine … you popped my cherry, Milt!” the 16 year-old said gleefully.

Once he knew for certain that was what caused her yelp, Milt renewed his maneuvering and got deeper without any further mishap.

“Fuck her, honey,” Gerri said authoritatively. “Just a good old hump for starters. Don’t give her the whole shebang this time. She needs to get used to it first.”

As far as Aniah was concerned this wasn’t anything like she’d heard from the girls at school. All they could talk about was how much it hurt and how the boy came almost immediately. But with Milt, this felt wonderful, there was almost no pain and what little there was faded quickly. Now all she could feel was pure joy as he filled her with his cock.

She listened to Gerri’s advice and sat still for a minute to allow her cunt to adjust to his massive girth and used the respite to tell him, “Oh god, I can’t believe I have you inside me. Oh, this is better than I ever imagined it could be!”

And when she heard him say: “We haven’t really fucked yet, Aniah,” she came, grunting and farting, and with the certainty that it was going to get even better she began to pump up and down on Milt’s cock.

Milt responded with his own thrusts. Marcie, who had been watching the whole thing, couldn’t believe the transformation in Aniah as she fucked Gerri’s husband in front of her. As both women looked on, Aniah shouted out, “Oh, god I’m cumming again! I don’t believe…!”

Aniah’s whole body shuddered as the orgasm exploded in her causing the teen to pump up and down on his cock even faster. That’s all it took for Milt to reach orgasm and filling her young cunt with his sperm thrust after thrust after thrust.

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