The Party Rages On


As I looked at the coffee table, I saw that everyone’s beer bottles were on coasters or simply cleared from the tabletop. It was a subtle detail that really showed how blessed I am with a classy group of friends. I looked around the room and smiled. I was having a great time. I looked to my wife and she was doing the same. She pounced around the room like a social butterfly and I was up and down, around the room making sure everyone was comfortable. We were proud to be throwing a great get-together, but we were both eager for everyone to leave.

Randi moved with grace. She looked amazing with her loosely curled hair. Her curls tossed from side to side almost playfully as she moved. Her slender neck was softly covered by her turtleneck sweater. The dark black fabric hid the shadows created by her large breasts and fit to her form nicely. Her jeans hugged at her waist and ran tight to her legs. They flared only slightly over her high heel boots. With jeans on, the boots looked classy in that Los Angeles style. However, I knew that once her jeans came off, her boots ran to her thighs. She looked amazing clothed, but all I could do was picture her naked and smile.

The party scene was typical. The women had cut themselves from the heard. They regrouped in feminine laughter and naughty secrets. We men sat on the sofas rambling on about the Super Bowl and other testosterone-driven activities. We were all, but brute in our humor to which the women would simply reply, “men” with eyes rolled.

We were typical men; all but me. I doubt that anyone would accuse me of being typical if only they could have seen through my jeans. My answer to Randi’s boots was a pair of her thong panties. Prior to the arrival of our first guest, I was ordered to disrobe and don the panties. Randi was a bitch when she wanted to be and I dare not set her off before the party. I did as I was told. I like to pretend to resist, but I love the way the black lace felt sliding up and over my thighs. I pulled the back into place, seated well in my seat. I adjusted as to make sure that I would not fall out. Then I started to pull my boxers over the panties. “What are you doing, slut?” Randi knew that I was trying to avoid the potential thong shot at the party. She wanted nothing to do with that, so I put my jeans on over the panties. It simply felt sexy, but a little unnerving to think of having a panty slip in front of my friends.

Throughout the night, it was difficult to maintain calm. I was very turned on by her underwear against my skin, so I struggled back from getting a hard on for what seemed like the entire night. Randi did not help matters. Any moment we had alone, in the kitchen, at the door of the bathroom, in the hall, she would stop me where I stood. She would press herself into me, run her hand down my stomach and go into the front of my jeans. She rubbed my cock through my panties and just as it began to stiffen, she withdrew. “Don’t you dare, slut.” I was left panting and having to escort bursa regain composure several times throughout the party. She loved to tease me and I loved to obey.

“Who’s got Tommy?” Randi yelled from the front door? Tommy was a little too far gone to drive home. “We’ve got him,” two other friends said as they stood from the sofa. The stragglers were gathering at the door. They gave their cheeky kisses goodnight, thanked us for a great time, and left. Randi and I, Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Party Hosts, stood at the front door and waved as each car left.

“Finally,” Randi said as she grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me to her. She looked up at me and smiled at the success of our party. She kissed me long and lovingly. Her lips pressed softly, but her tongue danced and plunged with mine hotly.

“Mmmm. That is nice,” I said with a smile, “but you taste like pussy.”

Randi smiled a wide glare. “I should. I told Jacqueline that I made you wear my panties tonight.”

My eyes bulged with surprise. It was supposed to be a complete secret and I feared the worst.

“How do you know she’s not going to go tell everyone we know?” I was surprised, but a little turned on at the prospect of another attractive woman knowing my secret.

Randi placed her hand in reassuring form against my chest. “I swore her to secrecy.”

“How’s that?”

“If you’d kissed her good night, you would have smelled my pussy.”

I was shocked again. “I didn’t know Jacqueline ate pussy.”

“She doesn’t. I told her about you in my panties and she confessed that it turned her on. I shoved her into the bathroom, lifted her skirt, and licked her. Mmmm, her cum was sweet.”

“Yeah, but how did you get her to eat you?”

“She was in a weakened state after she came, so I just pushed her to her knees. I pulled down my pants just below my ass, turned around, bent over, and shoved her face into my cunt. That little twat can lick for someone who doesn’t. Of course, I saved my cum for you, but she made me so wet.”

There was no resisting my hard on. Randi knew it. She slid her hand over the front of my pants knowing that she had turned me on.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could do that,” she growled in a low tone. “Now, you are going to get it.”

She turned me around and lightly pushed me back inside.

“Go to the sofa. I want you to strip down to your panties and wait for me.”

I did as I was told. I went into the living room, removed all clothing but my thong, and waited on the sofa. I did not have to wait long. Randi returned to me. Her high heeled boots clacked against the wood floor as she walked down the hall. I looked over the back of the sofa and she allowed me to take a moment just to watch her coming. Her hair still swayed, but her neck and chest were exposed. Her breasts were concealed by a black lace teddy and the material reminded me of my panties. I looked further downward to see her nine inch rubber cock jolting bursa escort from her hips. It was held in place by a leather harness that was shaped like a thong. The harness was her favorite of our strap on collection because it held a dildo in place for her as well. Her legs were wrapped in fishnet stockings, barely visible above her thigh-high black leather boots. She was a vision of ecstasy and I felt a drop of pre-cum work its way out of the tip of my cock.

“My God, Mistress. You are gorgeous,” I moaned over the sofa.

“Thank you, slut. Now shut the fuck up.”

I sat still on the edge of the sofa and waited for her next commands. I was so busy staring at her that I did not realize she was holding something in each hand.

“Open your mouth,” she ordered and I complied. I opened my mouth and my tongue was met with the taste of leather and rubber. I realized she purchased a new toy. The red rubber ball fit to my teeth as she wrapped the straps around the back of my head. It was secure in place.

“Tell me you love me, slut.”

I tried to speak past the gag, “I love…”

Slap. My face stung at the strike of her open hand. “You don’t love anyone slut. You’d suck and fuck anyone who told you to. You, my little fuck, are a whore. And I’m going to treat you like one. Now put these on.”

She threw wadded fishnet pantyhose into my chest. My face was still stinging as I stood. My mouth began to ache a little at the jaw with the newness of the gag. I straightened out the pantyhose and pulled them over my legs, over my panties, and over my raging hard on.

“Very nice. Now come with me whore.”

Randi grabbed me by the hand and walked quickly to the bedroom. She pulled me in front of her and turned my shoulders to face away from her. Then she shoved me hard onto the bed. I landed face down against the comforter.

I felt the bed shift as Randi climbed on top of me. Her knees straddled my legs as she moved up my body. Then she leaned over. Her body pressed into my back. Her dong pressed into my ass crack. Her lips pressed into my neck.

“Mmm. Do you like being my little whore?” she whispered into my ear.

I mumbled, “Yes, mistress” as my cock pushed hard into the bed.

“Good,” she said just before she bit my ear lobe.

She sat up and I heard a bottle of lube pop open. I was even more excited. Then I heard the familiar sound of a fistful of lube being pumped over a rubber cock. Her noisy hand jacked quickly at first, but slowed when she was ready.

She slid down my legs a little further. I felt her lean her body against the back of my legs. Then she bit my ass cheek. She bit a little harder than she had ever done before. It hurt, but it was nice. She was letting me know that she was not going to be gentle.

Suddenly, she gripped a fistful of fishnet with both hands at the center of my ass. She ripped the pantyhose apart without hesitation, tearing them wide open bursa merkez escort bayan to expose my ass. Then she hooked her thumb into the back of my panties and pulled them aside.

“Spread your legs, whore.”

I did as I was told. She made me spread them until I was no longer comfortable. Once I was opened to her liking, she leaned over me. Her cock was in her fist as she aimed it to the center of my hole. She pressed forward and her tip popped into me. Then, without warning, she pushed the full length of the nine inches into me. The thickness was splitting. My ass ached and I moaned loudly against the ball gag.

“Shut up and take it, whore.”

I had no time to relax or get used to the girth of Randi’s cock in my ass. She withdrew the majority of the dong then pounded forward again. Every time she pulled back and pushed in again, it was harder than the one before. She grew more aggressive as she continued until I finally relaxed. My muscles went limp to the endorphin rush and I was able to allow her to continue pounding without resistance.

As I relaxed, my body went heavy into the bed. My fists and arms were curled tightly beneath my chest which arched my back just a little. The curve of my body allowed my cock to rub deep into the bed with every one of Randi’s thrusts. The softness of my lace panties excited me even more as my cock rubbed into them. It was so hard not to cum.

Randi steadied her pace. She was pounding into me hotly. I could feel her hips slapping at my ass as she fucked me. She began to sweat and drip over me as she pounded.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!” she screamed. Suddenly I remembered that she had been fucking me while fucking herself with the dildo held by the harness strap.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed and quivered. Her body wretched against mine as she brought herself to orgasm. “That’s right, whore. I’m pumping my cum into your ass. Say ‘thank you’, bitch.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I moaned. Her pounding seemed to knock the wind from me a little with each thrust.

“Thank you! Thank you, Mistress!” I was screaming against the ball gag and Randi knew I was about to cum.

“Cum for me, whore,” she gritted into my ear as she continued to pound.

She pushed hard into me and I pushed hard into the mattress. She fucked me harder and harder until I moaned into the rubber ball.

“I’m cumming. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck me, Mistress. I’m… ahhhhh.” I could feel thick wads of cum exploding from my cock. I continued to spurt and twitch. My body went completely tense as I exploded into my panties.

As I subsided, Randi slowed her pace. She relaxed and fell onto my back. Her cock was still deep inside me as she panted, as did I.

“Mmmm, thank you, Mistress.” I tried to smile despite the gag.

Randi got onto all fours and withdrew from me. The large, heavy cock popped out of me and I could feel how well stretched I really was. Randi let me put my legs back together and lay there for a moment. Then she stood up from the bed and went to her purse. She returned to me with a ten dollar bill. She folded it and placed it into my thong the way one would pay a stripper.

She spanked me across the butt cheek, “There you go, whore. Now get cleaned up and come to bed.”

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