The Quiet Librarian


Betty Jean Mallory is a nice young woman who tries to do what she believes to be the right thing. She’s quiet and shy, acts and dresses to be inconspicuous. In reality, she’s physically attractive. Lovely body, small and trim. 5’4″ tall, just over 100 pounds, 24 inch waist, 34 inch hips, 35B breasts, full and firm. More than a handful as the old saying goes. Shapely legs, slim to match her body but with good muscle definition; she’s unlikely to ever have a cellulite problem. Thick brown hair cut slightly short, dark eyes that almost sparkle in her very light, almost pale complexion, relatively small mouth, good strong chin.

She does what she calls her floor exercises; sit-ups, crunches, kegels and so on. Jogs the university track several times a week. So, she’s in decent physical condition.

She’s intelligent, with a Master’s degree in Library Science. She’s an assistant librarian at the University library. The youngest of her peers in the professional ranks at the library, she’s also the only single woman. The conversations of the other women at breaks or during lunch very often leave Betty Jean blushing. It’s surprising to her that the conversation so often is about sex. She learns more about the various husbands’ sexual practices and interests than she ever expected.

Betty Jean has no direct, personal sexual experience. She dated a little in high school and as an undergraduate, has kissed and been kissed, has fended off a little miscellaneous pawing. But never has moved on to anything serious sexually. Maybe it’s because she’s so quiet, maybe because she’s so proper, but she never went beyond the second or third date with anyone. She did view a very explicit porn video with a group of other girls in college. It was shown after they were all ready for bed and, as they viewed several naked couples doing everything that males and females can do with each other, the room became redolent with a sexual odor as the girls almost unanimously fingered themselves.

During that video Betty Jean had her first real orgasm. She’d fingered herself before, found it very pleasant. But during that video she, almost unconsciously, worked on herself with a real fervor. Since then, she’s brought herself to orgasm fairly regularly, thinking of some of the videos scenes as she does so. She purposely doesn’t do it as often as she feels like it, thinking there’s probably something wrong with feeling that way.

She’s looked at her naked body in a mirror and noticed how the muscles of her thighs curve out as they move up to her hips, leaving an opening that she once saw described in a book as “the perfect shape for a man’s chin and lips as he licks into her labia.” She saw a man licking and sucking on a woman’s clit in the video, remarkable close-up shots, and often thinks of that while masturbating. But what she thinks of mostly are penises. Erect, sexy things with a big end on them — a smaller, pointy end would make more sense she’s often thought – are almost an obsession.

She lives on the third floor of a three story apartment building near the campus. Not new but still maintained well with many university employees living there. She has a one bedroom apartment — living room, kitchen, dinette, bedroom with small balcony, bathroom. In the bathroom, the shower is over the faucets of a tub with a sliding shower curtain. The walls are tiled up to just above her shoulder height. One evening, as she finished her shower, she notices a drop of water forming right above the tile. It runs down and a another drop forms. She touches it with her finger. As she moves her finger it dislodges a small speck of paint and reveals a small, round hole.

The hole could have been there for years, covered over at sometime in the past with paint. She looks closely and realizes it was so perfectly round it must have been purposely drilled in the wallboard. She barely had to bend at all to get her eye to the hole and look into it. She was looking into the bathroom of the next apartment. She has a very restricted view but could see a naked body taking a shower. As she moves to see down and up she realizes it;s a man. She can see his penis and testicles and pubic hair. She looks for a few moments. It;s the first live, real penis she’s ever seen. She feels the need to touch herself, thinks of the penises in the video as she watches this one.

As the man moves she realizes he’s well built, fairly trim. She moves her angle of looking to see higher and realizes it’s a man she’s seen very often coming in and out of the apartment building and at the university. Then she looks down again to see his penis. She watches as he washes his genitals, lifts the penis and pushes the skin back. She watches until he finishes, gets out of the shower and dries himself., sliding her finger over her clit. She only gets glimpses of different parts of his body as he dries. He then moves to the sink. She can’t see him except when he occasionally steps back. She assumes he’s brushing his teeth and doing his hair. Then he leaves the bathroom and turns the light off. She works on herself to a lovely climax, thinking of his penis.

She’s embarrassed that she had watched him and yet fascinated with being able to see his naked body. She had some tangible things to include in her fantasy that evening as she Manavgat escort lay in bed and masturbated again to a better than normal orgasm.

Over the next few weeks, she learned his habits and began watching him every evening. She purposely took her showers earlier each evening so that she’d be free to watch him take his. She’d get naked and stand in her tub and watch him. At times he lingered at washing his penis and it would grow significantly. She would finger herself even more forcefully when he would do this, imagining having access to that penis. She would nod and blush and murmur something when passing him as she entered or left the building. She saw him running the track while she jogged several times and blushed even more. She found herself thinking of his penis often. Essentially obsessing. She realized what was happening but rationalized that it’s probably normal for a female to be enthralled with the male organ.

The next door neighbor, Dale Hanfils, had noticed Betty Jean for some time and intended to some time try and talk to her and perhaps date her. But he was almost as shy as she was. So he had not yet made any move. Dale was starting work on his doctorate, worked for now as an instructor, about the lowest professional rank. His intent was to eventually be a professor at some college or university.

Dale had slightly more sexual experience than Betty Jean. He had actually had vaginal sex with four females in his life. Each had much more experience than him and each used him for their own gratification because he was available at the right time. But he had no long term relationship with any of the women.

He’s 5’9″, trim, brown hair, brown eyes. He ran track in high school and as an undergraduate — never a champ but one of those that earned the second and third places that a track team needs. Now he runs almost every day at the university track.

Unknown to each other, Dale had also discovered the hole in much the same way Betty Jean had. So far they had never looked at the same time. But he had, for several weeks, watched Betty Jean shower and was almost as obsessed with her body as she was with his.

This day, he watched her shower. For whatever reason, she began thinking of his penis and began fingering herself. In fact, she turned off the water and concentrated her efforts, working towards an orgasm. Dale is standing naked roughly two feet away, with a wall between them, watching her. He knows he has to make a move right now, as she’s so aroused.

Betty Jean hears her doorbell, ignores it. She’s getting too close to cumming. The bell is insistent. Reluctantly she steps out of the tub, wraps a large towel around her, tucks it in to hold it up, and goes to the door. Dale is out there but just leans his head around to talk to her.

“Hi, sorry to bother you like this. I’m your neighbor in 3-J next door. It’s embarrassing but I stepped out into the hall and my door slammed shut and I can’t get in. I was wondering if I could go through your apartment and climb from your balcony to mine and get in that way.”

“Can’t the super let you in?”

“Well, maybe so. I don’t know whether he’s here or not. But it’s even more embarrassing. I’m naked. I need to borrow a towel or something from you. That’s why I’m staying behind the door and just leaning around it like this.”

Betty Jean just looked at him a moment and then decided she really should help. Maybe this is finally a way to meet him. “O.k.,” she says, ” just a moment.” She leaves the door open and goes back to her bathroom and gets a towel for him. For whatever reason, probably just because it was close, she gets a rather small bath towel. She has a much larger one around her. She takes it back with her and hands it to him.

“Thanks,” he says, “thanks a lot.” He wraps it around his waist and steps out from behind the door.

“C’mon in,” she says, turning and heading to her bedroom. “The balcony is through here, although it’s probably just like your place and you would know that.” As she walks away, the towel spreads open slightly with each step and Dale sees part of her naked butt cheeks and her upper thighs. Without realizing it, he starts getting an erection.

Betty Jean walks through to her bedroom, to the sliding door onto the balcony, then turns. The way Dale has fastened the towel around his waist leaves an opening almost in front, just off center slightly over one leg. His erection has grown and as it raised has pushed the towel aside enough to be sticking out in front. Betty Jean sees it, locks her eyes onto it. It’s the first full erection she’s ever seen. Dale steps by her onto the balcony. He would like to do or say something to take advantage of this opportunity but doesn’t know what. So he looks over to his balcony. There’s only a two foot separation.

“I’ll just climb over”, he says, turning slightly to Betty Jean as he lifts his foot up onto the railing. As he makes that moves, it pulls the towel apart where he had tucked it in and the towel starts to fall. Betty Jean reaches out to grab the towel. In her mind she’ll always claim she was reaching for the towel, But as it falls, her hand wraps around his erect cock. The towel hangs on her lower arm for a moment and then drops onto the balcony. He’s standing there Manavgat escort bayan completely naked and she’s grasping his cock. He puts his arms around her and moves closer to kiss her. As he does, on purpose or by accident nobody will ever know, his hands push open the tuck of her towel and it falls, also catching on her lower arm for a moment before falling onto the balcony.

He’s naked and she’s holding his cock. She’s naked and he’s kissing her. She never lets go of his cock but starts backing into her bedroom. She’ll later claim it was to get out of the sight of anyone that might happen to look their way. But she continues to slowly back up, pulling him by his cock while he continues to kiss her. She’s trying to kiss back. It’s only a few feet and her legs back up against her bed. She lifts a leg and kneels on the bed and slides back onto it slightly, pulling him after her by his erect cock. She starts leaning back and he leans forward. She ends up on her back, her legs spread and him over her in between her legs. She pulls his cock towards her vagina. He’s still kissing her. Holding a real, erect cock is the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to her. She can feel herself getting wetter down there and would like to finger herself but instead just keeps holding the cock as she pulls him onto her.

She brings the head of his cock to her labia and holds it there. “Please” she says, interrupting his kiss. He pushes his hips forward and she feels the head of his cock pushing open her labia and moving a fraction into her. She finally releases his cock and moves that hand around and onto his butt. With both hands now on him she pulls him into her more. She can feel every movement. He’s slowly into her more and more.

Dale never felt anything like this before. She is so tight it hurts to force his way into her. It feels as if his foreskin is getting pulled back so hard it will rip off.

“You’re so tight,” he says, “is this hurting you?”

In fact it is hurting a little. But she wants it so much. “Just do it,” she says.

He pushes further into her and runs into a blockage. “Is this o.k?” he asks, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She pushes with her hips as she says, “Go ahead, do it.”

She has an enormous pain, It’s like her insides just got ripped open. In fact, to a small extent, they did. She makes a small animal noise, partly a groan and partly a minor scream, and then she feels him filling her up. There’s no other way to describe it. There’s just a lot of something there that has never been there before and it doesn’t feel bad at all. Less than two minutes ago she was close to a self-induced orgasm. In those brief minutes she’s seen her first true, live erect penis and has also held it and now it’s in her. She’s being aroused in all kinds of ways she’s never been before and the pain of this big thing forcing its way into her actually adds to the arousal. instead of driving it away. For some moments she just lays there, her senses being filled while Dale hesitates, enjoying the warm tightness gripping his cock. Then he pulls back a little.

As she feels movement within her, Betty Jean starts rising towards orgasm. Almost involuntarily she pushes her hips up to keep him inside her. Then he pushes back in and she feels every movement and explodes. Her first real sex and she’s in full orgasm within seconds. Her vagina contracts and grabs the penis even tighter. Dale pulls back again and then shoves forward. The contractions are something he’s never felt before and he realizes he isn’t going to last long. So he pushes in as hard as he can and holds it as he feels the sperm shooting up from his insides into her.

The first fuck of Betty Jean’s life lasts a half minute at best.

Dale looks at her and kisses her. “I’m sorry,” he says, “I’ve never felt like this before. I should have lasted a lot longer.”

Betty Jean is ecstatic. This was better than she’d ever imagined. She could still feel him inside her. She could also feel fluid leaking out and onto her leg. She smiles back. “I loved it. I came right away, too. Maybe next time we’ll last longer.”

Even as she spoke, she realized she wanted more. She wanted this to happen much more. She wanted everything to happen that she’d seen in the video years before. She put her legs up around him and over his back, trying to pull him even further into her and lifted her head slightly to kiss him. They held the kiss and when they finally break, he kissed her forehead and cheek and slowly started pulling his now much softer penis out. As he left her she could feel a gush of fluid leaving her. He lifted off her and moved to the side. She bent her legs back and rolled away slightly.

“I’m really leaking, making a mess. I don’t want to stop but I think I better clean up some right now.”

As she started to sit up she looked back at a messy smear on her bedspread. She must have rolled in it some. She knew she had to wash herself off. Dale then looked and saw the same smeary mess.

“”That’s blood in with the rest,” he said. “Are you all right?”

Betty smiled and leaned over to kiss him again, holding her body up and off the liquid. “I’m fine. I loved this. It was just my first. I won’t be as messy next time.”

“First?” Dale exclaimed. Escort manavgat “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . . uhf I mean . well, . . I loved it too.”

Betty headed into the bathroom quickly, trying to not leak more while moving although she could feel some on her leg. Dale sat up as she left and asked, “Can I do something to help?”

Out of the bathroom, Betty answered, “Pick up the towels on the balcony before they blow away, please.” She then sat on the toilet and wiped herself with tissue. She also realized that she’d never faced this problem before and that she had to do a little more. She flushed the toilet and moved to the sink where she wet a wash cloth and began wiping herself. She spread her legs, lifting one foot up onto the toilet seat as Dale came into the room. He stopped and watched as she washed her upper legs and her pubic area, trying to reach up inside herself and get as clean as possible.

“Boy, that’s sexy,” he said, grinning. Betty Jean realized that she should be very embarrassed to be in this position, naked in front of a naked man, exposing her private parts, but instead was actually very pleased with it all. She looked at him and smiled, gave a careful look at his penis and scrotum.

“You probably need to be cleaned some, too,” she said, straightening up. She rinsed the wash cloth under the hot water. “Come over here.”

Dale came to her. She got him close up to he sink so his testicles were touching on the rim. She then dropped the wash cloth and used her hands to get water onto his penis. She washed it with her fingers and palm, feeling it and stretching it a little. She then re-wet her hands and cupped his testicles and felt them. This was m ore than anything she’d ever fantasized before, this feeling and essentially playing with a man. She could feel his penis growing some as she handled it. She then took one of the towels he was holding and used it to dry herself off, lifting her leg again to get up into her genitals. She then used the same towel on Dale, drying his penis and testicles and feeling them even more in the process.

She then dropped the towel, stepped against him and leaned her face up as she put her arms around him. He responded by putting his arms around her and kissing her. They each could feel the other’s body pressing into each other. As she pulled her head back a little, shoving her hips into him more in the process, she said, “Let’s get back onto the bed.”

As they went back into the bedroom, holding hands, she grabbed the bed spread and pulled it hard, off the bed. “That’s a mess on there,” Dale said.

“It’ll wash out,” Betty answered as she climbed onto the bed, pulling the top sheet back. Dale followed her onto the bed. She leaned onto him until he was on his back and she kissed him. “I’ve never felt like this before,” she says, leaning over him. She runs her hand across his chest then slowly a little lower onto his abdomen as they continue to kiss. She moves her hand a little more to wrap her fingers around his penis. She can feel it’s noticeably larger and firmer than it was minute or so earlier. “I’ve thought about sex a lot,” she says as he moves her head down onto his chest to kiss him. “I think I’ve obsessed about penises.” She kisses a little lower onto his abdomen. “I’ve wanted to hold one and kiss it and taste it for a long time.” With that she sticks her tongue out and licks up the side of his penis which is now close to full erection.

Holding his penis she crawls around, getting further down and in between his legs. She puts her one hand under his testicles, moving them slightly as she feels them. At the same time she gets her mouth over the head of his cock and starts licking it. She puts her fingers around the base of his penis, although it’s thick enough that her fingers don’t meet. She starts almost humming as she licks and sucks on the head of his cock. Her fingers grip the base tightly and move up and down a few inches. Her other hand continues feeling his testicles. She flicks her eyes up to look up towards his face. She lifts her mouth free just long enough to say, “This is delicious, better than anything I’ve ever imagined.” and then quickly engulfed his cock with her mouth again.

Even as she held and sucked on him, Betty Jean was wondering to herself how this all happened. She loved what she was doing and was going to get the most out of it all while she could. But she realized this was something not in keeping with her life in the past at all. Her dreams were coming true. She kept her tongue busy within her mouth on this lovely cock. She gripped it with her lips as she sucked, raising her head in an attempt to suck every bit of taste out of it. Then back down and then up again and again. Her jaws actually were starting to ache. It was much larger than she’d imagined and she had hr mouth open wide to accommodate it. Then she could feel it actually growing even more, swelling and getting even stiffer. She was so interested that she barely heard Dale’s voice say, “I’m going to . . .” just as a warm, viscous mass spewed into her mouth. Out of self defense, she swallowed and then more came. She didn’t want to stop tasting this cock. Perhaps all in a split second she realized it was sperm and that she liked sucking on him so she just swallowed again. There was a taste but it wasn’t much. Slightly salty perhaps, maybe a tinge of bouillon or something. She kept feeling him, tasting him, Then it stopped spewing. What do I do now? Do I continue? Can I? She looks up at him and lifts her mouth free for a moment. “What now?” she asks.

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