The R-Virus: Early Bird


Vanessa jogged along the trail of the forest, it was the last refuge of nature close to her home surrounded the massive industrial buildings of the city. Her hiking boots thumped against hard packed dirt, her path lined with log railings, the morning air crisp and cool in her a soothing balm filling her lungs
The chilled air breezed over her body as she ran, her skin had broken out with gooseflesh from its sharp bite. Her nipples had risen into hard chubby points under her white tank top, their pink color showing through the thinly stretched shirt.
She didn’t care at all to hide her endowed chest, they had only been enhanced last month, letting them hang free, their round shape high and perky, spitting in the face of gravity. They were perfect, she loved flaunting them off at every opportunity, the lusty gazes they would draw were just another notch was added to her ego.
The tension she experienced as they bounced felt amazing, making her jog all the more pleasurable. There was just one small side effect, a damp spot growing between her legs in the elastic spandex of her shorts.

When she rounded a tight bend in the trail, the figure of another woman with a strikingly black dog came into view. She already had a sense something was off with the duo, then as she got a little closer, it all became shockingly clear.
The woman’s chest was exposed, her dusty shirt blown open, heavy tits streaked with dirt and sweat and nearly spilling out. The knees of her black stockings torn, thighs caked in milky slime, ropes of it bridging between her thighs.
Then she saw the naked guilt in the woman’s eyes, Vanessa instantly understood they had done so much more than just enjoy a nice walk. She couldn’t help but smirk at the woman, enjoying seeing such embarrassment while she got closer.
It was crazy to see a busty beauty like her, giving it up to her animal, what a lucky beast to have such an attentive master.
“Beautiful dog.” She said coyly while running past the pair, giving them one last backward glance.
Vanessa was just more than a little curious, so many questions roiled in her mind, wondering what it had been like, wanting to experience it herself. There was already a faint tingle between her legs, just thinking about getting taken by a dog like that was revved her libido up.
She had to give her head a shake, shoving those thoughts aside, focusing on her stride and the rhythm of her breathing. The buds of her head phones were tucked into ears, her phone tucked into a band on her arm, the music she had collected best matching the pace she wanted to achieve.

Her warm up jog picked up in pace, the wind playing through her ponytail as she worked up to a full out run, her breaths quickening to satiate the burning demand of her muscles. The trail was moving past her much quicker, the tall stalks of the trees flanking the trail moving by much quicker.
Her arms were pumping in countenance with the long strides of her toned leg falling into what felt like perfect pace. There was a surge of elation, her strides effortless, a beaming smile stretched over her full lips when it felt like she could fly.
She wound her way deeper through the heavily wooded park, her goal was to reach the end of the long trail without stopping, a feat she had long been working towards. Familiar markers were whipping past, the progress she was making had her thinking today was the day, she was going to conquer the trail.

Then something suddenly struck her from behind, her body lurching forward, crying out in alarm from what felt like claws had raked at her from behind. Her stride slowed, looking back over her shoulder to see nothing, leaving her both shocked and confused,
She reaches behind to discover the back of her tight tank top was in tatters, the flesh already risen into long vertical welts. While she was still looking behind for her attacker, the next strike had come from the front.
There was a sudden collision, something hard slammed full force into her body, everything flashed white from the impact. Her legs kicked out from under her, lungs blown empty with a grunt, her body thrown back before slamming into the hard packed dirt.
Her head snapped back, the pain of it detonating in her skull as stars sparked in her vision, far too many to count. A deadpan groan seeped out of her, all sense had been knocked from her, laying on her back, arms splayed out. The creature she collided with was not far off and in a far better state it rolled back into its six spindly feet, wings thrumming at the air, then it looked towards her.

It was a fly, mutated into gigantic proportions, its pale flesh bulging between the segmented blue bands of its hairy abdomen with large pulsing tumors left in the wake of its rapid growth. Is head swiveled erratically from one side to another, each of its massive compound eyes taking its turn to gaze upon her buxom body.
With a mighty beat of its wings, it landed atop of her, the six long stalks poised around her, their ends tipped with black hooks. Those wicked talons went to work on her clothing, carelessly ripping what little remained of her top from her chest, while his lower legs pulled apart the elastic material of her shorts.
With her body laid bare to it, a long appendage extended from what little part of its face was not dominated by those massive eyes. It was reaching for her massively endowed chest, a large bulb hanging from the end, sticky streamers of slime danged off it.
When the tip came close to her perfectly sculpted tits, it flowered open into four fleshy petals, the underside of each one was ribbed with rows of barbs. Its mouth was at the center, a ring of stubby teeth, eagerly contracting to taste her flesh.
Tacky drool was oozing over her rack, blissfully oblivious to the mouth snapping to get at her nipple. Then it clamped down over of a perky globe of tit meat, too large for its mouth to smother it completely, greedily slurping and sucking at her firm orb.
The petals were contracting mightily, grinding their tiny spines into her silken skin for a better hold, pulling her shoulders off the ground with sharp tugs. Her nipple of her tit was trapped between those hard teeth, chewing and pinching at the rubbery flesh, wings thrumming with delight as it pulled a tiny amount of sweet fluid from her ducts.
It was not attacking her just to get at her bust, it needed to breed with her, the one singular goal in its infected mind. The fly was reaching back with its rear legs, shoving her thighs wide open, exposing the shaven mound of her sex.
Her tight seam was the ideal target, those full lips didn’t even split open when the fly spread her out. The bloated abdomen was lowering between her thighs, pulsing more excitedly when it felt her warmth close to it.
A bulbous crown slipped from its back end, much larger than the forearm thick shaft following behind it to hang low above the mound of her sex.It brought the slimy insectoid organ to her glistening wet seam, mashing it against the plush lips of her sex, grinding its fat hammer over her silken flesh.
Her petals were shoved aside, wrapping around the head crushing against them, her damp pink hole kissing at the tip. The fly mercilessly sheathed his cock in her soft warm flesh with a loud squelch vigorously pumping it inside.
Vanessa’s, limp body rocked under it, her velvet walls resisting such an endowed piston, the air being forced from her in huffs to the tempo of its rapid thrusts. The fly tugged at her tit more urgently, glazing her chest with spit, the pebbly areole drawn into the hungry mouth.
It was eagerly coring out her passage, her walls melting around the churning intruder, squishing and squelching her juices. Its abdomen crashed into the pronounced mound of her pussy, chitinous bands smacking against her softness, fucking her hard and deep.
The bloated cockhead battered against her cervix, over and over, striking hard at the firm barrier of muscle. The fly wanted past her barrier, cramming its abdomen against her petals to give it the length it needed to break inside, but was always coming up too short.
She was panting through parted lips, her body responding to the stimulation, walls tightening around its hard tool. To her it was just a naughty dream, moaning in delight, her legs pulling up, feet braced on the ground so her legs could open wider to better take such a girthy pole.
The pace was quickening, those hard stabs into her fuck hole growing shorter, grinding deep as the head flared, turning hard as steel. Her moans deepened, back arching feeling such a hard cock splitting her passage wide.
Then sex izle her lover erupted inside her, the abdomen undulating as one thick gout after another blasted against the entrance to her womb. A low groan purred from her throat, a hot sticky mess was surging inside her, such a heavy load filling her pussy.
The fly was spent, it’s gift deposited, wings thrumming as it took off while still buried to the hilt inside her. She yelped in alarm, pulled along a fraction before the cock uncorked from her cunt with a messy slurp, the sudden exit pulling her back into reality.
She groaned in dismay, head still spinning, body hot from the very real bout of sex she had been unwittingly participating in. She was dazed, confused not even sure if what she had experienced had actually happened.
She groaned from the effort of forcing her lethargic body to rise up, clutching her head in a futile attempt to slow the world rotating around her. When she looked down at her body, her face wrinkling up in disgust, something did happen and none of it was good.
She was stark naked, body covered in red slashes of welts, like something had been clawed at her, giving her body the appearance of having been ravaged by an animal. Her one tit was glazed with slime, the nipple red and throbbing, the pink areole bruised purple, thick streamers of the tacky stuff was hanging off her globe.
With a swipe she knocked the foul smelling substance off five thousand dollars of enhanced perfection, the creamy flesh married with four red triangular welts spread out around the peak. It was then she noticed the heat between her legs, her pussy was throbbing, something was trickling past her lips.
She peered past her perky mountains, legs opening wide, her mouth parting in shock at the thick white creampie pooling in the dirt before her pussy. Her heart quickened in pace when all the pieces fell into place, something had raped her, she knew deep down in her gut it wasn’t human.
She needed to get out of the park, looking around for her clothes, only to find them in ragged tatters around her, she would have to walk commando to get to her car. Not wasting any time wallowing from what happened, she pushed herself off the ground, her blood boiling with seething anger after what had happened.
The sticky slime was oozing down her inner thigh while she walked, her arms crossed over her chest, eyes scanning the forest around her, noticing how eerily silent it was for the first time. She was dreading another attack, her naked figure making her feel vulnerable, shoulders tucked in, trying to hide her voluptuous curves for once.
It was only a small distance, but her body was growing hot, her breaths becoming labored, eyelids growing heavy as she walked. She felt off, something was wrong with her, her nipples were so stiff they ached against her forearms, her pussy twitching with a desire to be touched.
With a slurred curse, she surmised she had been drugged, it was the only explanation for the lust burning through her veins, setting alight her reservations about playing with herself. She stopped walking, the aching pulse between her legs too demanding and needing her full attention.
Her hand went between her legs, cupping her hot slit, fingers delving between her folds, deftly stroking her oversensitive button. She was struck by a bolt of pleasure from the slightest touch, a haughty moan spilled from her, head tilting back completely enamored with her self-pleasure. She was sopping wet, her fingers stirring faster with light shlicks, chasing her elusive orgasm, uncaring if anyone was watching.
A heat was building in her core, she assumed it was her approaching peak, but then it grew more harsh, her brows scrunched in confusion. It was the weight she felt soon after, low in her belly and only getting heavier, tipping her off that something disturbing was happening inside her.
She looked down again at herself, then her eyes went wide in horror, a broad well had formed low in her tight midsection. There was no mistaking it, she was pregnant, but it was happening too rapidly to possibly be anything human.
Her breaths quickened, shocked into disbelief, even pushing at the bump, in her panic she even did her best to try and dismiss it as nothing more than gas. Her fingers sunk deeper into her skin until they felt something hard, then it moved at her touch, her hands reflexively snapping back with a gasp in alarm.
She whimpered from the sensation, frantically looking about for any kind of help, screaming for someone to hear her in her desperation. Her panic only surged further when kept growing larger, the lump was swelling up, pushing her stomach out further.
She broke into a sprint, sobbing deeply, hot tears streaking down her cheeks, with every lunging stride she felt the weight of her freakish offspring shift inside her. The definition of her abs was giving way to a rounder shape, the swelling of her stomach becoming uncomfortable as it swung with a such a heavy burden making her strides unsteady.
Her sprint slowed into a jog, then her jogging gave way to a sluggish walk until finally she was reduced to a staggering shamble. Her breaths were labored, one hand supporting her gravid stomach, the other clutching the railing for support.
Her tits were swelling up with milk, the veins showing through her overstretched globes as they grew too uncomfortable proportions. Her nipples leaking white streaks down her fleshy basketballs in preparation to feed the freak stirring inside her.
Then the beast in her belly thrashed hard, the blow to her insides knocking the wind out of her, collapsing to her knees with a pained whine. She clutched at her wildly shifting stomach pleading with it to halt such abusive movements, it wasn’t stopping from loudly churning inside her.
Then her face hardened, nostrils flaring with anger, it needed to come out, right then, no matter how much it hurt. Her legs parted wider, knees pushing over the hard packed dirt, then while gritting her teeth, she began to push.
Her stomach compressed with a harsh discomfort, hands compressing against her belly, trying to shove the unwanted thing from her body. She kept boring down on it, again and again, trying force it out, her stomach cramping terribly to squeeze against the massive thing inside her.
With a scream of annoyance, it felt like nothing had changed, her trembling hands clutching the broad sphere of her stomach, beads of sweat breaking out over her body. Still, with labored breaths she kept on trying, the muscles of her midsection set alight with the agonizing strain of pushing against her thrashing child.
Then her torment surged to new heights when she felt it move a fraction, the intensity of the pain causing tears to stream down her cheeks. It was moving lower into her body, that small shift giving her a fraction of hope, encouraging her to relieve herself of such an awful burden.
After giving an another hard push, it suddenly shifted lower inside her, the wide head slipping into her tight birth canal. She let forth a rapidly barking cry, her passage spread agonizingly wide around the hard bones of a misshapen head, yet still, she flexed her muscles, needing to give birth quickly before it grew any larger.
Her body was angled backward, hands reaching behind to support her upper body, the swell of her chest rising and falling with ragged gasps between bouts of furious contractions. She felt dizzy when her child moved towards her entrance, its body was huge, the membranes of her passage were stretched thin and testing their limits.
Then after another attempt to dislodge it, she felt her entrance spark with needles of pain, she peered down, her eyes heavily lidded from the exertion, unable to react to what she saw. The lips of her pussy were obscenely bulged forward, the entirety of her sex was wrapped around the head wedged in her passage, the pale cap alien flesh gaping her pink hole.
She was so tired, her consciousness teetering on the edge of oblivion from her ordeal, yet, she dug deeply into her reserves, muscles flexing with a stuttering groan. Her legs quaked over the sensation of her entrance spreading wide, the puffy lips framing her hole were stretched paper thin around the hard skull threatening to tear her asunder. She watched dejectedly as the skull of her whatever the fuck was squatting in her womb had slipped free, hanging limply from her yawning slit.
It was a terrible sight, some kind of twisted abomination hung from her sex, large oval domes for eyes bulged from its misshapen skull. Its mouth appeared human, but the lower jaw hung loosely in two pieces, the gums fransız porno lined with stubby points for teeth, a long tapered tongue hanging from its slack maw.
It looked dead, but she didn’t care and kept on pushing torturing her pussy to deliver its broad shoulders with a ragged cry. The twisted freak spilled from her body with a messy slurp, a deluge of milky fluid following it.
She collapsed to the ground with a sigh of relief, everything hurt after her ordeal, but it didn’t matter. Her stomach was flat once more, her pussy was gaping, but the pink hole was flexing closed after evicting her stillborn child, it was over.

Then tiny hands slapped over her sex, her body went rigid from the sudden touch, her child was crawling atop of her, alive and hungry. She whimpered her disgust, her body so exhausted from giving birth, she couldn’t even lift her arms in defense.
As those hands pulled its body higher, sharp stalks for legs following behind them, digging at her delicate skin as it crawled over her stomach. A chitinous shell of its torso was rubbing roughly against her stomach, her face twisting with revulsion from the feeling of its alien body.
Its milky white head rose over one of her tits, it had picked the one tenderized by its father first, slapping its hands over the taut melon. She could watch helplessly when it pulled her nipple to its slavering maw, before engulfing it with a hard bite.
She gasped from the shock of such hungry pressure over her tender nipple, wild surges of pleasure pulsing from her chest from greedy slurps of her child. Her globe was being chewed on, the split of its lower jaw squeezing into her firm tit meat, sharp teeth scraping over her skin.
Yet she couldn’t help but moan while it feasted on her, the euphoria was unrelenting while such a strong tongue swirled over the trapped flesh. Her milk was spraying into the back of its throat, followed by loud gulps, the discomfort ebbing from her udder as he drained the overfilled ducts.
It was growing atop her while it fed, white skin hardening up into a leathered brown hide, its mouth spreading wider over the circumference of her breast. It was yanking at her tit with selfish growls, demanding she give him more, but her ducts were already dry, its mouth crushing her flesh to show its annoyance, such harsh pressure squeezing a whimper from her.
She pushed weakly at its head when those jaws flexed so powerfully, she was certain he was trying to pop her tit. In her desperation, she twisted her torso aside, its mouth slipped off her throbbing breast with a wet slurp, quickly offering it the other.
It took the fresh udder with a savage snarl, she cried out when it bit down on her so aggressively, the awful process of trying to feed her ravenous child renewed. It rumbled deeply once her milk began to flow, her mind was already looking forward, knowing she had to do something, or surely it would seek nourishment in more terrible ways.
She was laying there, being the obedient mother for the monster, gathering her strength in preparation for an escape. Yet as she waited, the pleasure was taking its toll on her, a fog of euphoria washed over her mind, distracting her with wonderful bliss.
While its mouth pulled at one globe, its vaguely human shaped hand clutched the other, stroking the fleshy palm over her circumference, fingers playing across her sensitive bud, blunt claws scraping at her skin. Then her tit went dry, yet the tongue continued to lavish the hard point of flesh affectionately, less with hunger and more out of desire.
The way it was using its mouth on her was amazing, her thoughts of escape melting away with each hard suckle. Then she was willingly pushing her breast into its maw, it let forth a rumbling growl over her drool caked chest from her surrender, the vibrations making her toes curl in her boots.
Then she felt it, his cock was resting over her stomach, a huge organ pulsing to stretch out long over her midriff, becoming a length of hardened flesh. He grabbed her leg with his free hand, lifting it high, exposing her pussy and dragging his thick member towards her slit, she offered him no resistance.
She wanted it, no, she needed to feel such a fat cock in her pussy, he reared back, lifting off her, pressing the engorged crown of his spire against her petals. When she looked at him, her eyes were heavy with lust, yet as they raked down his heavily mutated figure, her desirous look twisted into one of absolute horror.
He had grown much larger than her, his torso was banded with craggy brown plates, pale fleshed upper arms sprouted from his armored body, almost human in shape, but too long and emaciated. Below them was three pairs slender insectoid limbs tucked in close, armored with studded chitin, the joints milky white and tipped with a pair of black hooks.
Her wide eyes were locked on the object between his plated thighs, where his hips should have was a bug’s abdomen extending low almost touching the ground between wide feet tipped with scythes for claws. At the base of his long banded body jutted his breeding organ, his balls were massive pulsing sacks flanking the throbbing spire.
His cock was a frightening tool, its head was bulbous, wider than round, the crown studded with fleshy knobs. The shaft was clearly from his insect heritage, banded with pale segments of cartilage, giving a look more akin to a device of torture than pleasure.
He was rubbing his primeval dick against her pussy, testing her opening, but he was too large, she doubted it could ever fit and certainly didn’t want him trying either. Her one free leg lifted high, poised to strike out with her heavy hiking boot, the monster was too fixated on toying with her sex to notice.
Then her kick landed right into his leering face, he reeled back from her with a pained squeal, clutching his face in both hands, twisting away as long twin rows of ragged wings beat at the air. Vanessa didn’t hesitate, she sprung off the ground and broke into a frantic dash for her life with no thought to what direction she was sprinting in.
There was just a pure instinct to flee driving her, the roar of anger ripping through the trees spurring her on. The adrenaline seething in her veins was burning every reserve of energy she had left in her tank.
Then he landed before her, all those arms spreading out, crouched low with a hiss, her eyes bulged wide with terror, feet skidding to stop herself. She twisted around, falling on hand and knee pawing at the mossy ground in desperation to get away.
She felt those vile arms closed around her, pinning her arms to her side, wheezing from the pressure when he lifted her off the ground in a horrific embrace. She thrashed her head side to side in denial, sobbing while kicking out at the air before her.
His hands casually reached under her bucking thighs, long fingers curling into her toned muscle, gouging her skin with his claws. He pried her open slowly, spreading her out like a pinup model, putting everything on display.
He nuzzled his mouth into her neck, nipping at the length of it, leaving hot throbbing welts with his teeth before licking it away. A chorus of curses spilled from her mouth in impotent anger, it felt better to fight than to give into the tight knot of fear twisting at her guts.
When he rested her parted seam atop his spire, she could longer to find any more expletives to shout back at him. Instead, she was staring down, mouth parting awe at the sight of such an imposing spear poised below her sex, her heart throbbing at the confines of her chest, she was doomed.
Then he dropped her upon it, her mouth gaped in from the shock as the lips of her pussy were smashed into her pink hole along with his hard flesh. Her head snapped back with an agonized wail, white hot pain exploding between her legs his cock entering her with a loud squish.
She was yanked off his dick, the broad stopper tugging her throbbing lips far from her hole until they released him with a slurp. He shoved her back down before she could even draw in a breath, the hard pillar of meat crammed inside, her screams of torment renewed as it sunk in a fraction deeper.
Over and over, the sadistic monster ripped her off the spire, then slammed her down upon it, her tortured wails rising in pitch as his dick pushed in more and more. Her cunt would belch around the battering ram he was force feeding her pussy, her aching passage slopping when it left her empty.
Each time more of those rock hard segments would sink inside, she frantically begged him for mercy, thrashing her head in denial. He was merciless, making her teen porno ride the length of his organ, her legs quaking with every entry, showing no signs of ever stopping from ravaging her tight cunt.
Her stomach surged with the faint shape of his organ, his impossible size splitting through the soft meat of her passage, the swell moving a little higher from his punishment. She couldn’t tell how deeply he was crammed inside, there was only white hot bolts of pain ripping up her spine, her throat raw from howling over her brutal violation.
Then he started to fuck her in earnest, his abdomen bucking hard while bouncing her atop his churning his organ, her cries rising in a frantic pitch. He bit hard over her throat, forcing her to look to the tree canopies, her cunt was getting pulverized by his dick squishing and bleaching around the hard bands raking at her silken walls.
It was just too much, her head fell back into his shoulder, her eyes glassy from such unrelenting abuse, only croaking groans spilling past her lips while he used her like a sex doll. He was claiming her, hard and deep, smashing his blunt tip at parts of her never once touched by man.
Her eyelids fluttered, gasping from the long drives he took inside her, hard ridges of his segmented shaft sawing at her petals, the studded crown grinding at her passage. There wasn’t an ounce of pleasure to be had from his cruel fucking.
Yet, an orgasm burst in her core, so powerful a shuddering moan purred from her throat over it, her mind welcoming any pleasure to drown out the pain. Her body sent quivering from her sudden peak, pussy gulping at his trunk, for a wonderful moment, his sexual abuse felt good.
Then was pounding into her so much harder while she came, haughty cries forced out of her to the pace of his stirring rod. Something suddenly gave way inside her with a shudder, the entirety of his cock vanished inside her, slamming right to the hilt.
She gagged on her own scream, her pussy broken from his vigorous thrusts, even he had to stop for a moment, her ass cheeks resting atop the bloated growths of his loins. Her body was wracked with twitching spasms, her mouth slack, drool oozing from the corner of her mouth and over her cheek.
His cock was throbbing in her womb, her pussy had been completely impaled, a faint trickle of blood trickled over his nuts. Then he resumed bouncing her off on his dick, pounding away at her baby chamber mercilessly.
She no longer had the strength to scream while the insect raped her, head swinging back and forth limply while those massive tits swung heavily on her chest. Then his tongue snaked from his mouth to find hers, pushing her head far back to get past those slack pouty lips, filling up her throat by force with a thrashing muscle.
Her neck bulged her neck with its size, impaled from both ends, her squeals muffled by the fat serpent pushing all the way into her intestines. Those strikingly green eyes rolled around frantically in her skull, getting spit roasted so deeply her guts were gurgling from being displaced by both tongue and cock.
Her midriff was bloating as his muscle wound its way through her intestines, her mind thrown into complete chaos while it burrowed through her body. Finally, his tongue pushed out from her asshole, the slender tip reaching out from her pink ring to lick at her silken cleft.
She had been completely impaled orally, his tongue fucking the entire length of her body, the sensation over loading her gray matter, fireworks of electric ecstasy popping off in her skull. Her back arched, straining against the cage of his arms, mewling as her pussy sprayed a geyser of clear nectar over the forest floor.
His pace quickened against the contractions of her pussy, her pink walls getting tugged past the bloated red lips of her widely spread out cunt. The pale shaft was a blur, his bulbous loins smacking at into her heart shaped ass, deeply rippling her flesh.
His tongue writhed through the length of her, the crimson muscle tracing her pink ring. His cock was expanding. Her eyes rolled back from the sensation of his heavily studded crown raking her insides raw, fucking the entire length of her quaking passage.
He stabbed one final time into her sore cunt, snarling as he blasted his slime right against the walls of her baby chamber. She squealed long and low from his release, his cum scorching at her walls, every shot a hard punch to her guts.
Her stomach shuddered with every throb of his member, her womb gurgling as it was inflated, body rounding out as if she was pregnant all over again. Her body twitched erratically in his clutches, she wanted to die, anything would have been better than being reduced to nothing more than his cum dumpster.
Once spent, Vanessa’s used up hole was pulled off his breeding organ, his member streaked with blood from her torn cervix. The engorged crown leaving her busted up cunt with a sharp slop.
When his cock pulled free, his steaming hot cum flooded from her hole, her loosened cervix unable to hold a drop of it. It was a small fraction of relief, her lower body was fiercely throbbing after taking such abuse.
His tongue retreated from her mouth, allowing her to gasp for air, feeling suddenly hollow without it inside her. Then she felt the steely hard cock, pushing at her pampered pink pucker, her ordeal was not over.
He dropped her legs, letting them hang limply before filling his palms with the toned curves of her ass. She was too weak to even beg when he pulled her asshole over his cock, groaning mindlessly when his massive tool bust past her backdoor, her slimy bowels a new sheath for his organ.
With an unrelenting pull, she was forced to sit upon his spire, the hollow feeling replaced by brutal stretching of her guts. Then he began to fuck her ass, pummeling into while she groaned brokenly, her body jerking in his clutches from the force behind his abdomen.
Her head was limply rocking from side to side, mouth hanging slack, tongue flopping limply at the corner of her mouth, gurgling moans bubbling past her lips. She was cumming while the monster was smashing her guts into mush, her mind completely lost amidst the twisted bliss of her destruction.
He took a good long time plundering her hot insides, her ass pale cheeks smacked raw into a bright crimson color, a stark contrast to the pale organ pumping between them. Then he came inside her with a roar, his cock flexing to shoot fat ropes of slime deep into her core.
Her body went rigid with each throb of his meat, tensing up from the power behind the scorching load surging through her. When he was spent, he ripped his dick from her gaping asshole, then tossed aside his broken toy.

When he flew off, she was laying in the detritus of the forest floor, chest heaving with ragged breaths, her eyes heavily lidded, staring out vacantly and unmoving. It didn’t take long for his dick slime to work its way through the gaping cavern of her ass as she let out a long burbling cum fart.
Torrents of thick spunk burbled from between her bruised cheeks, her bloated stomach compressing to a normal size, but failing to fully recover. Her arms and sides bruised with purple bands where the creature bound her, her throat and stomach flushed crimson from being so roughly stretched.
Both her holes were a left gaping from his inhuman lust, her body covered with red slashes from claws nearly breaking the skin, chest caked with drool. Her sex was the worst off, her lips bloated and red, ceaselessly throbbing along the entirety of her passage, her womb had gone numb, a cold void in her core, but she was still alive.
It took a good long time, but Vanessa was a stubborn woman, her mind piecing back together from such a savage rape, face twisting into a snarl. She pushed her body off the ground, flecks of bark clinging to her sweat caked body, then she began to walk, heading in the direction she assumed was where she had left her car.
Her body was aching all over, holding herself for comfort, dreading another pregnancy, still, she soldiered on, pushing past foliage, heedless to the small scrapes they dealt over her arms and legs, she had felt so much worse already. All she wanted right then was to just go home, take a nice hot shower to clean the filth from her body and forget it had ever happened.
Suddenly she was surrounded by people, covered from neck to toe in black tactical uniforms, guns trained on her nude figure. She stared at them through slitted eyes, most of them were female, eyes wide with concern for her.
Her hard gaze melted away, tears filling up under her eyes and blurring her vision, she broke into a run towards them, sobbing deeply heedless to the guns leveled at her. She collapsed into the arms of the lead soldier buried her face in the other woman’s chest, it was finally over, she was safe.

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