The Waitress Ch. 03


You may want to read parts 1 & 2 for background.


Our next meeting was just a few days later and Kathy had told all the employees that they needed to be available for a meeting on Saturday after the restaurant closed. By then the papers would be signed and the business and building would be mine and she would officially begin her new role as manager.

I showed up at 8:30 and all the people were sitting around waiting as the last customer was just leaving. Remember this is a very small town and after 8pm the town was pretty much empty and asleep. There were a few surprised looks on some of the faces as I came in through the door. One of the other waitresses started to tell me “sorry, we’re closed” but then Kathy stopped her and introduced me as the new owner of the business.

After some quick introductions and the usual business pep talk kind of stuff I pretty much told everyone that I hoped their jobs would be better than in the past and that they would give me a 100% effort to make the business profitable, and since I believed in profit sharing if they worked hard they would all make more money. At that statement the waitress who had started to tell me I couldn’t come in leaned over and made a remark to the dishwasher and laughed.

Too bad for her, but I heard enough of what she’d said to know that it was about Kathy fucking the boss. Since this person had a bad work ethic, and was usually talking or texting when I had been a customer, now was the best time for her to be fired. She was shocked and after quite a bit of complaining she finally grabbed her things and left. To my surprise after she stormed out the door everyone else applauded and thanked me.

With that we spent a bit more time discussing how the management of the business would run, and what was expected from everyone. I outlined some plans to clean up and paint the building and there were several suggestions of people who would be great workers to take the place of the recently fired waitress.

I asked Kathy if there was anything else she wanted to tell the staff. I had decided that telling the staff of our agreement would be up to her. If she wanted to make it public, or keep it private, it would be her decision.

She swallowed and started to explain that not only was I going to be the boss and she would be the restaurant manager, but that she had also entered into an agreement to satisfy my sexually in Bornova travesti any way that I desired. So, if we went into the office during work hours they were supposed to leave us alone. To my surprise she also explained that we were not in a social relationship, but that it was for sex and business only. With that she told everyone good night and they all soon left.

After everyone was gone Kathy turned off the lights and locked the front doors and then turned to me and asked “what would you like me to do for you?” She said that she’d been trying out the butt plugs and then with a giggle said that she even had one in right now. She explained that it was the medium size plug and although she had gotten the largest plug into her ass the night before she still wasn’t able to walk around or work with it in the ass.

I handed her the box that I had brought with me and told her to pick something out and come back to me. She took the box and went into the restroom and after a few minutes came out. She looked a bit tentative as I was still sitting in the restaurant and although the lights were mostly off anyone walking past would be able to see her nudity.

She slowly walked towards me and as she looked out the windows I looked her over and made a mental note to buy her some spike high heels. However, I was pleased to see that she had picked out a dark green garter belt with fishnet hose and other that she was totally nude. In the dim light it was a pleasant contrast to see the dark stocking and belt and her very white skin. She looked so pale her skin almost glowing like the moon in the semi darkness of the restaurant.

Kathy came over to me and stood in facing me, and the front window, as I admired her body and her willingness to share it with me. I asked if she was nervous and she admitted that she was since someone might see her naked. I then asked her “what if I want them to see you naked?’ To which she replied “then I would show myself to who ever you wanted.”

She stood in front of me for several minutes and a caressed her body, played with her pussy and pulled on her little tits. I was also pleased that the longer she stood there the wetter her pussy became. She even got so she wasn’t looking around any more and when cars passed by and their lights shined in on her nudity she didn’t even flinch any more.

I pushed down on her head slightly and she quickly dropped Buca travesti to her knees and started to unfasten my pants and quickly pulled them down and off. Without saying a word she grabbed my cock with both hands and sucked it into her mouth. I told her “no hands” and she started to suck, lick and do her best. When I told her to “take it all in” she worked at getting as much as possible into her mouth. She tried to swallow my cock as much as she could but wasn’t quite able to deep throat me all the way.

After pulling her off my cock I explained that I was going to help her swallow the whole length of my cock and that I would push her down and hold her head but that she should just keep swallowing and do her best. She just nodded her head and opened her mouth and started to suck and lick and do her best to take it all in.

I have to admit she was giving me a great blow job, but it was evident that she’d never swallowed a cock all the way down her throat before. As she continued working on my cock I started to push her head down and as she swallowed kept on pushing. With just one more swallow I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock all the way down her throat. I could feel her throat contract around my cock as she was gagging and swallowing and she did nothing to try and pull away.

I’m sure it seemed like a long time to her, but was only a few moments I let go of her head and she did her best to keep my cock down her throat but soon had to pull off as she was gagging and coughing. She wiped off her face and laughed and said the “she’s going to have to work on that technique”. I sure do enjoy a willing slut.

I pulled back up and reached between her legs and slowly pulled out the butt plug. After I had set it aside I didn’t need to say anything as Kathy moved onto my lap. I kept her facing me and she spread out her legs and moved closed to me. She pussy was so wet that my cock slipped into her without any resistance. I let her pump herself up and down on my cock for a couple of minutes and then just reached behind her and pulled her ass towards me a bit.

She understood completely and pulled her pussy off my cock and positioned herself so that she could take my cock in her ass. I let her do the work and she quickly moved my cock into position so that it she could impale her ass on it. She didn’t waste anytime and within a few seconds had already pushed my Konak travesti cock into her ass far enough that her sphincter muscle had been passed.

She winced a little but kept lowering herself down onto to me cock and finally she was sitting on my lap with my cock fully engulfed in her ass. She stopped for a minute, looked at me and smiled and told me that “now I have her nice ass” and that she hoped it was worth it. I reassured her that it was and that now that I’d had her fully in the mouth, pussy and ass and I would enjoy her even more in the future.

I told her to get busy and she put one arm around my neck as she started to lift herself up and then let gravity take over as she took the full length of my cock in and almost out of her ass with each movement. She was using her other hand to rub her clit and I knew that neither she or I would last much longer.

With just a little encouragement she rubbed her pussy harder and quicker as she also picked up the pace on pumping my cock in her ass. She quickly came and as she contracted her pussy and ass I let go my load at the same time and filled her ass with cum. She seemed to enjoy the sensation of having her ass filled with cum as she kept squeezing my cock with her ass for several minutes.

It took a couple minutes for us both to catch our breath but she finally started to tell me that she’s never had that hard of an orgasm before and the she couldn’t believe the feeling of getting her ass pumped full of cum. It was something that she had never experienced before but hoped that it would be a regular event. It will! She pulled herself up and off of me and as my cock slipped out of her ass my cum also started to run down her leg. She asked me “how do you want to be cleaned up?” So I asked what she was thinking and she told me that since she’d already sucked my cock after it had been in her ass that she would do it again if I wanted.

I should have taken her up on it, but by then I was just to exhausted, so I told her maybe next time. That didn’t deter her from cleaning me up and she kneeled on the floor between my legs and did her best to wipe off my cock with her little tits. She managed to cover most of her chest with the residue from my cock, and her ass, and finished wiping me dry with her hair.

After she was finished she noticed that I was staring at her and with a shrug of her shoulders she explained that since she was going to be my slut she would do the best that she could to make me happy and keep me sexually satisfied. She reminded me that she had said “anything, anywhere, anytime” and that she meant it. And with that she took my cock and sucked it into her mouth without hesitation.

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