The Window

Big Boobs

The window is open to let in the cool night breeze as I walk by I catch the image of you stepping out of the bath through the half open door. I stop and watch for a few seconds, then move closer to the window. You reach over and push the door to. As I turn to walk away another thought hits me. I step closer to the window and push it open. I lift myself up and into the room quietly. I can hear the hair-dryer blowing in the bathroom so I know you will be a few minutes.

I slip my shoes off and step across the room where I open the door to a large walk-in closet. I step inside and move to the back where I will be hidden even if the light is turned on. To make sure it isn’t though I reach up and give it a half-turn so the circuit will be broken if you flip the switch.

Several minutes later, as I continue to replay what I had seen through the bathroom door, your sleek legs and ass, the swell of your breasts, the rosy tips so inviting as they swayed while you dried, the glance I had of your smooth mound, I hear the hair-dryer shut off and the bathroom door open. And then the sound of your footsteps are in the bedroom. Your footfall approaches the closet door; I pull deeper into the corner. You flip the switch, but nothing happens. “Damn light,” you say.

You step back out and turn on the bedside light then step back into the closet, dropping your robe as you do. You reach in a grab a pair of sweat pants and step into the legs, I get a quick view of your shaved pussy, the lights silhouetting the lips. You reach on the shelf and grab a tank top slipping it over your head as you turn away, hiding your breasts from my invading eyes. You grab your robe from the floor and hang it on the hook inside the closet door. You step into your bedroom and as you do the phone beside the computer rings.

You leave the door open and step over to answer the phone, sitting down at the computer as you do. The call lasts only a few minutes and you turn towards the computer and fire-up the internet browser. I continue to watch you from my corner of the closet as you get involved reading your email and responding.

Quietly I slip out of my hiding place and step towards the closet door. I pull a scarf from a wooden peg in the Lara Travesti closet then step to your robe and remove the belt, slipping them into the pocket of my shorts. I slip quietly into the bedroom and cross the distance to the back of your chair without being noticed. I stand still behind you, almost not breathing as you continue to type into your email. I lean forward slightly and reach quickly down grabbing your wrists amd forcing them together in front of you. You twist and try to pull from my grasp but I tighten the hold I have on you and pull you up from the chair.

You jerk and turn to your left, but I regain my grip and step next to you. I pull you towards me and with my free hand I grab the neck of your top and rip open the front, exposing your breasts and swollen nipples to my gaze. You try to free your hands to cover your nakedness, but I force your hands down. My free hand fishes into my pocket and brings out the belt to your robe. I wrap the belt tightly around your wrist and tie the belt so you cannot pull free. I leave about a foot of the belt hanging free so I can use it to pull you where I want you to go. You continue to look from your hands to me, then back at your semi-naked form.

I grab the belt and jerk you towards me. I reach in a cup your tit, pinching the nipple and making it swell even more., the aureola drawing up and darkening slightly in color sa your blood rushes to meet the assault. I dip my head and take your nipple in my mouth, sucking firmly but gently at first, then biting the nipple enought to make you squeal. The pain and surprise is written on your face. I squeeze and fondl;e your other breast as I continue to suck on your nipple, trying to get as much of your sweet tit-flesh in my mouth as I can. After several minutes I move to your other breast, where I begin by licking my way from the valley between your mounds to the tip of the cherry topped mound.

I bite your nipple just hard enough to make it sting and tingle, an involuntary “OOOOhhhhhhhh,” escapes your lips.

I release you from my grip and slip my hands down to your waist, my tongue trails down to your navel as I slip to the floor. I grab the waistband of your sweats and push them down Manavgat travesti your legs to the floor my nose and face come to rest at the top of your slit.

“Oh god,” you sigh as my tongue slips into your slit. I slip my hand behind you and cup your ass cheek in my hands squeezing and kneading your flesh, slipping my finger between them and to your tiny brown bud. My finger tickles at the flesh around your asshole, while my tongue continues to lick gently up and down your hairless slit.

I stand back in front of you and unfasten my shorts. I push them to the floor and step clear of them. I put my hands on your shoulders and I push you down to your knees in front of me, with my cock only an inch from your face

I step forward and let the tip touch your lips. I smear the pre-cum over your lips and cheeks, then I push forward toward your open mouth. Your tongue licks out and slips down the length of my swollen, throbbing shaft. You push forward on your knees and take more of my cock meat into your mouth, until you are touching my hairless balls with your chin. I pull back and slip it back out until only the crown is still encased in your hot, hungry mouth. Then I begin moving it in and out, fucking your face as you suck me trying to pull all of my cream out.

I pull my dick from your hungry mouth and push you back onto the floor. I slide down and lick the wetness dripping from between your swollen glistening cunt lips. I continue licking, stopping to suck your clit and nibble on it. You begin to roll from side to side and push your pussy against my face. My tongue works deep into you sucking your delicious wetness out of you, at the same time my fingers slip between the beautiful pink lips of your pussy and deep into your wet canal. My fingers begin to ride in and out of you, bringing you close to your climax. Your moans become louder as you push harder against me.

I pull away from your cunt and turn you onto your stomach pulling you onto your knees.

I slip forward and drive my cock into you, burying it all the way in as you gasp, “oooohhhhhhhh,”

I begin to ride you from behind pushing harder and faster as I begin to feel the end approaching

I continue to Side travesti pull your hips back toward me trying to get deeper inside, then as I feel the surge starting I pull out and turn you to face me on your back, I stroke my cock and watch as you open your mouth to take my load. The first shot streams over your face and into your hair, you try to get your lips over the end as a second rope shoots out splashing on your face again as the third begins to erupt I slip it into your mouth to take the rest as you swallow greedily.

My cock is still swollen as throbbing as you cloe your lips around it and begin to suck and lick me so I stay hard. I reach down and lick some of the cum from your face. I hold it in my mouth as I extract my dick from your mouth. I lean forward and kiss your waiting mouth, pushing the cum from my mouth to yours. both of our faces are slippery with the deposit as our faces meet in the kiss. You break the kiss and begin to lick my face, trying to get all the cum from my cheeks, chin and forehead.

I slip away from your tongue and crawl back over you, kneeling over you with my cock in your face. You slip down slightly and begin to lick and suck on my balls. My cock begins to respond quickly and is soon rock hard once again. You slide your tongue up the underside of my shaft and then over the head, taking me deeply into your mouth. Soon I find myself slipping into the rythm as i begin to fuck into your mouth. I continue my assault for severl minutes then pull away abruptly. I roll you onto your face again and pull your sweet ass into the air. My cock is still dribbling your saliva and I plow it into your pussy, getting it wetter with your love juices. I stroke in and out, as my fingers play at your asshole. I slip first one wettened finger into you, then a second one.

Suddenly I pull out of your cunt and push my cock into your ass, sliding in as far as I can. I stroke in and out of you as you moan and twist beneath me. Soon I have my cock all the way into you, and I can feel my orgasm approaching. You squeeze your muscles around my cock as I begin to pull back, the urge stops for a second, but soon it returns. I stroke in two more times, and as I begin to withdraw I stop, my cock spasms and the first gob shoots deep into you. I pull out after a second squirt and deposit two more gobs on your ass.

I roll off you and untie the belt from your hands. As I do you finally speak, “I thought you were going for a walk! You almost scared me to death.”

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