Tired of Waiting


My hands were shaking as I went to go open the front door.

Why I am I so fucking nervous?

Well the answer to the question was obvious. It’s not every day that a girl purposely seduces a man to come to her house and take her virginity. Yeah, I’d say that nervous is allowed in that situation. I honestly don’t even know how I ended up here. Well okay… I do know. About a week’s worth of sexually charged text messages that included a lot of secret confessions. At 22 it was about damn time too. I was tired of waiting. Waiting hadn’t done me any good ever. Waiting had only gotten into this mess. Had I done something sooner maybe something would have been different. Maybe it would have been ok. Or not, who knows. It was too late now. Fuck it, I had made up my mind!

I opened the door and he stood there looking oddly nervous himself. I don’t know why, he had no reason to fear me. Besides the obvious, but he seen my scars so what difference did it make now?

Fuck! Am I supposed to talk? What the fuck do I say?

He grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was a deep kiss, and yes I kissed back. How could I not? I missed that kiss more than anything. But it wasn’t mine to have anymore. But for this one day I wanted to at least pretend that it was. I kissed back as he pushed me away from the door and into the living room

“Oh hi there”, I stammered trying to sound seductive but failing miserably.

He had an odd gleam in his eye “Hey”. More kissing, more pushing, in the direction of my bedroom. I grabbed his right hand and lead him to the bedroom. I sat down on my bed, like an eager child begging for attention. Please love me, please love me. So stupid was I, to expect such Kadıköy Escort a thing. Haven’t you learned that lesson yet? You can’t have what you want. If I couldn’t have that, at least I wanted this physical act. As I sat on the bed he hovered over me. I felt this breath on my neck. I instantly got chills. He pulled my dress down around my shoulders, exposing my bare breasts. He kissed me again, and then went right to work. He wasted no time, considering that I was probably short on it.

He took my left breast in his mouth, licking and sucking it gently. He then proceeded to the right one. I could feel my heart racing, and my underwear getting damp. In one swift motion he pulled my dress completely off me. He gazed for a moment before moving his hand to my underwear. Though the fabric he gently rubbed the damp spot that was steadily growing. He took my left nipple between his teeth and nibbled gently. That sent me over the edge, and I found myself gasping. After some more teasing and rubbing he pulled my underwear clear off. I was completely exposed. He took off his own clothing.

Now he started getting more forceful, which only turned me on more. He pushed me over on the bed and brought his fingers to my virgin territory. I was plenty wet, and he had no trouble pushing his fingers deep into me. I felt that familiar sensation of wanting more. He finger fucked me, and I couldn’t contain my moans anymore. Just as I was about to reach my breaking point, he pulled his fingers out of me and shoved them into my mouth. I taste I knew well, but could never get enough of.

He spun himself around and grabbed my wrist. “Sit on my face.” I had no words, I just did has he commanded. This was always Ataşehir Escort my favorite part of our little games. Of course I would never admit that, it felt too dirty to say so. I worked myself to get into position but he stopped me. “No, face the other way.” I knew what he wanted. I spun myself around to face his cock. I had seen it before sure, and had even had the pleasure of touching a few times, but never with my mouth.

Oh God. I don’t know how to do its! What if I’m terrible at it? I’m probably terrible at it. He’s going to think I’m awful! What the fuck do I do!?

I had no more time to think about it, his tongue was already buried in my wetness. I felt my ability to move slowly draining away, I had to act. I gripped the base firmly and lowered my mouth onto it. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. It tasted right. I did my best to imitate what I had seen from watching hours of porn. He forced my head down lower as his tongue went deeper. He licked my clit feverishly. My ability to move drained quickly. His tongue was feverishly exploring areas I didn’t even know I had. As he sucked on my clit I knew I was close. I felt my hips convulsing and the orgasm hit me like no other had before. I jerked and moaned and choked on his cock a little, an amateur move. Saliva dribbled down his shaft. I wanted to put his cock back in my mouth but he rolled me over and got on top of me. This was the part I had been most nervous about.

You are about to boldly go where no man has gone before… what can I say… I’m a nerd

He positioned himself over me and kissed me once more. I was already dripping wet, so he had no trouble slipping in. It was an odd sensation. Full, Maltepe Escort big, complete, and just right. He pinned me down and I felt insanely naughty. He shoved himself deeper into me and let out a small moan, his first for the whole encounter. I braced my hand on the headboard as he began to thrust deep into me. It was a jostling, and amazing feeling. I started letting out involuntary little screams. I felt my pussy contracting around him, pulling him in deeper. I wanted all of him in me.

Suddenly he flipped me over again and buried my head into a pillow. He propped my hips up and came in from behind. It was deeper and fuller this way, more animalistic. He thrust became harder and deeper and with each one my little screams turned into louder ones. Fireworks going off in my head. It felt like I was getting used, it felt fantastic. I had always been a dirty slut, but I had never let it out until now. I was a cock loving woman who wanted nothing more than to be fucked long and hard.

Another orgasm hit me, this time in waves. One after another, I felt my hips convulsing around him as my body involuntarily tried to meet his thrusts. The moisture from me increased and so did his speed. He was now pounding into harder than I ever thought possible. He breathing increased, and he let out a deep moan. I felt his cock throbbing inside me, and then it exploded. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. His cum dripped down off my pussy and onto the sheets. He pulled out of me and wiped his cock on my ass. A symbol of dominance or control or whatever, but I loved it.

Congratulations self…you’ve been officially fucked…

Finally, the crazy, horny, nymphomaniac beast within me had been fed.

What followed was awkwardness to putting on clothing and avoiding eye contact. I did look him in the eye once, but I couldn’t bring myself to say what I wanted to say. Instead it simply came out as, “Thank you.”

To be continued… I hope…

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