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A Great Relationship is about two things. First Appreciating the Similarities, Second Respecting the Differences/

Marina at 35 is still niave and innocent about sex, she has never been with a man willing to explore her fantasies.
In our brief relationship, she is learning to trust me as I bring her fantasies true. I discuss bondage as a sexual fantasy for us; submission is hot. I explained we will proceed slowly and if she wants to stop then I will stop. I ask her fantasy; dress-up? Marina is shy and my question embarrassed her. One evening the conversation turned into light bondage. Sparking a small flame deep in Marina, she opens up about how she felt on this subject. She had always wanted to experience being tied up and used for his pleasure as he gets his complete and total way with her. Marina didn’t know how far she would submit to this, she is scared of letting it go completely. That is a big step to be vulnerable and have to trust completely in the person your with. Marina knew she has expressed so many thoughts with me, she found it very easy to reveal certain passions that could never have been expressed and taken to heart before. Marina is nervous about allowing me to take her virgin ass and she would be tied up. This intrigued her and made her nervous, she knew those would come when she arrived and it came time for her to surrender to my complete control.
How would I take her tight ass? How was I going to help her in getting her ready to take my long thick cock? She has longed for so long to have her ass loved patiently, but most of all pleasurably. Marina has had friends who have experienced orgasms and listened to her friends describe it. She wanted that and wanted it badly. Marina always loved the thought taking your time and great care to have your ass played or “fucked” could only be pleasure if done right.

The thought of being blindfolded and tied up under a trusted master’s control has always been a hot fantasy to her. She didn’t know how much she would submit, being she is shy and niaeve. She very much hated to be under another’s control. Her ex-husband was controlling. This part made her a nervous, because once she said yes and she knew she would, there is no going back. Her spirit would not let her turn back. She feels something deep in her being that needed to experience the road she is walking at this particular time in her life with me. She can’t explain it any better than that. Finally the time comes, I open the door as soon as she arrives. I guide her in and she follows me to my bed. Soft silky rope are accurately tied to the head board. She didn’t see the ropes at the bottom of the bed. She takes a deep breath and falls into the moment and my kiss. I begin undressing her letting her stroke my hard thick bayan escort gaziantep cock through my silky shorts. God how she loved to see this sight in front of her; She desperately wants to fall to her knees and taste it, but knew that would not be allowed. I direct her to lie on the bed with her arms spread. I get out my Velcro cloth cuffs and wrap her wrists and latches her to the ropes. Marina is beginning to get very anxious, feeling the out of control trigger being flipped inside her. She has to trust me now, she thinks to herself. I finish tying her ankles apart at the bottom of the bed. Marina is becoming to feel a bit embarrassed and totally vulnerable in her naked sprawling body, and then I tell her to close her eyes. I place a snug blindfold on her. She didn’t expect this but found it to be incredibly hot, with the sense of sight taken from her. She lays her head back and relaxes to feel this moment. She didn’t want to miss one sensation, smell, breath, or words spoken.

She hears me fiddling around in a drawer and placing some items on the bed. I did tell Marina to bring her toys from home. She asked no questions and brought the toys. She tells me they are in her briefcase. Marina is beginning to squirm and I pick up on her nervousness as I gather my pleasuring tools. Softly I tell her, ” Its okay, do you trust me, Marina”? She gasps at my words and feels my hands on her breasts as I pinch her pink eraser like nipples. She loves being my slut in this way; a very safe way. I close down on her mouth as my fingers immediately dip between her swollen lips exploring her succulent clit. I love how wet she is despite her nerves. I had been with other women and didn’t really have a problem making a woman wet, but Marina, her nectar flows smoothly and sweetly. When she is turned on like this, she lets all her defenses down and gives into me like she did no other. I’m so going to use my slut and show her all the pleasure for the first time, taking my virgin, and making her mine. In the end, she will also not have that choice. I’m going to make my divorced, independent professional siren my slut; she will submit like she has to no other man. The best part is she doesn’t know it yet, I slyly thinks to myself. She of course can’t see my fiendish grin, but definitely knows it’s there.

I slide my tongue between her spread lips sucking in her hood. Flicking my tongue directly on her clit; Marina gasps and brings her hips off the bed to meet me. Feeling my fingers spread her hood to gain direct access she begins to quiver and hold tight to her restraint. Marina has never experienced her pussy being eaten like I feast on her juicy sweet peach. My fingers easily slip deep inside her begging velvet box, God is she hot! Her walls clinging to my finger, smelling her scent flowing out causing my fingers to glisten in the soft light. I have to plunge my throbbing hard cock in her deep and now. I place my swollen head at her quivering opening; suddenly impaling her with my spear. She cries out as I pull out watching her pussy slide back up my shaft. Marina’s hands took a tighter grip on her bindings. My thumb work her on her sensitive clit, fucking her pussy pulling out so I don’t cum. I have so much more planned. Marina feels me start to play with her ass. Her rim begins to tingle at my touch. Feeling the coolness of the lube I let run down making her ass slick and wet. By this point Marina is having a hard time breathing and her mouth is dry. Her body is tingling with anticipation and pleasure taken from her. I softly push my slick finger in her ass; she tenses at this invasion, trying to relax. I softly begin massaging her rim and clit, it only took her a few seconds to accept me in to her ass, and she begins begging for more. Marina is so turned on at this point knowing her ass is going to get seriously fucked today. She has longed for this moment for so long and now it is coming to be. She completely trusts me to make her ass completely mine.

Marina hears the soft moan of a vibrator. Knowing the sound of the vibrator she had brought, this is something new. She feels a slick tip beginning to vibrate her rim. Slowly I make her accept this ass toy. She would accommodate my thick long rod; by the end she would be begging me to fill her ass with my white hot creamy seed. I work the toy deep inside her ass and I let go. It begins to slip out and I instruct her to hold it in her ass. She makes her ass grip the toy tight. I thrust my cock in her pussy, biting softly at her nipples. Marina moans in complete ecstasy, feeling what it would be like to have both her holes filled. The vibrations and ribs on the toy that is buried deep in her ass had to feel damn good on my swollen sensitive head as I fucked my sexy slut. Going hard and deep then slowing as I pull out and thrust deep once again, over and over; Marina explodes in an orgasm that rocks her body. She pulls against her restraints as I fuck her harder, knowing how sensitive she is. ” God how he loved to make this shy nieave woman quake and totally surrender to him and his touch,” I think to myself as I’m watching all of her reactions. Marina begins to panic inside as I play with her ass. She needs me to talk with her. I tell her she is my slut and I will only pleasure my sweet slut’s hot wet pussy and tight ass. I love that my cock will be conquering her ass making it totally mine to pleasure and explore. I tell her how sexy and beautiful she is. Finally I place my swollen head to her rim and enter her slowly. Taking all my cock in her ass I tell her she has all of me inside her as I begin to thrust in and pull out of her slowly, then back in deep and slow.

Gradually I step up my rhythm, telling her how good her tight ass feels clinging to my raging hard cock. I tell her, ” Your ass is all mine my naughty slut”. I tell her I’m going to unhook her hands and feet. Telling her to get on her hands and knees, leaving her blindfold on, Marina can only do what I say. I again hook her ankles to a steel ring with four leather straps. I clip her hands between her legs, so her ass is sticking up in the air and her head is lying on the bed. I squat down behind her straddling her ass and placing the bullet I gifted to her on our first meeting deep inside her aching hot wet cunt. I turn the bullet up on the highest speed; she begins moaning and gyrating uncontrollably. Marina can’t believe how good this all feels to her. She is completely able to take my hard cock deep in her ass with out it hurting. This is mind blowing to Marina. I place my cock at her rim and thrust deeper into her ass. Plunging deep inside her as the vibrator works her cunt; Marina can take no more and begins begging me. Begging me to fill her ass with my cum, make her ass and body mine for that moment in time. Marina never thought she would be begging a man to be his cum slut and to fill her ass with his hot seed. Having all of me in her tight dirt box, she gets her wish. I fill her ass completely with my cum, grunting as my cock throbs in her virgin ass. My body begins quivering and shaking uncontrollably with my intense orgasm. Marina can only lay there, thinking about what she had just said to me, never did she ever think she would submit to a man like this. Begging to be used as his toy and to be completely pleasured in this patient and loving way. She knew she would submit over and over to me. I unhook Marina and she gets in the shower. She can’t say anything, her mind, body and soul are reeling from this incredible experience.

She lets the hot water consume her and tries to catch her breath. Marina begins processing all of this. She gets out and gets a glass of wine as I slip in the shower. She is dressed by the time I get out. I come up to her asking how she is feeling, all she can says is ” stunned.” Never did she ever feel she would get used like this and love it; let alone like it. It is an incredible journey for her and silently she hopes it was for me too. She sits sipping her wine, she can’t stop her mind from the thoughts, the sensations, the surprises, the intense pleasure and fucking she has just received. She feels totally sexy and beautiful with the thoughts of how she thoroughly fucked the day before. She knows her smile is not going to go away any time soon. She also knows she is on a road of pleasure, safety, and fantasies with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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