Why I help at Parents Evenings

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It was the summer, and parents evening for the Year 7’s.

I was a prefect, and we were asked to help. We all had our own reasons for helping at these evenings, some did it so they could get the experience, some found it enjoyable, but I myself liked it so that I could look at all the amazing attractive teachers in the school. The summer was a time which the teachers got out of their standard tights and jackets, and began wearing tight skirts and tank tops. I just drooled at the sight of the amazing legs and breasts of all the attractive teachers.

Teachers began to fill the hall, and then in walked the prettiest teacher of them all. Ms Davis.

She was not the fittest, but she was definetley the most natural, and beautiful of them all. She was 24, a English teacher. She was a mere 5′ 2″, and had fair blonde hair, which would normally go down about half of her back, but should would tie it in a tail. She had small breasts, a size 32B, and small toned legs which are beautiful. In the winter, she normally wears knee high skirts and blue tights, with a blouse, but on this summers day, she wore a black tight fitting dress above knee height, with a yellow tank top, and her hair down one side in a plait.

She took her seat at her desk, and crossed over her legs, as she placed her books down on her desk. As she crossed her legs, I saw her white panties. I immediately became hard, and told my friend what I just saw.

The parents began to fill the room, and we directed them around the hall to teachers as they talked about their child’s progress. The laborious activity of handing out drinks to the teachers became so simple, I began to play games with the other prefects.

We would see who could güvenilir bahis get to the most attractive teachers first to ask for the drinks. This game began to pass the time extremely well, and teachers soon began to leave the hall in need of the restroom. So we then started another game, to see if anyone could get pictures of a teachers pussy while she was in the toilets. My friends had already got pictures of Ms. McCall and Ms. Olivia, and it was now my go. I went into the ladies toilets, and sat in one of the 2 toilets, and locked the door.

Within a few moments, I heard the door open, and the lock shut on the adjacent cubicle. I slowly placed my phone under the dividing wall, and snapped a few photos as fast as I could. It was then that I noticed that it was in fact Ms. Davis in the adjacent cubicle.

I immediately became 7″ at the site of her pussy, and amazing thighs. I waited until she had finished in the toilets, and left as quickly as I could to tell my friends.

Once I got back to the hall, to my surprise, most of the teachers (including my friends), had left. A few stragglers were left roaming the hall in search of the last minute appointments.

It was then that I was called over by Ms. Davis, who was in need of help. I quickly tucked my wood under my belt to not arise suspicion.

“Hey Ms. Davis, what can I help you with” I said.

“Could you take these books up to my room for me Ben, I would be most grateful”.

This is it, I thought. This was my chance. I nodded, and then walked over to the stairs to begin my ascent up to her classroom on the top floor.

I began to climb the stairs, and half a flight behind me, I heard the noise of Ms. Davis’s heels as they too climbed türkçe bahis the tall staircase.

Once I had reached the top, I stopped and waited at her door. It was then that she emerged round the corner, key in hand, to open the door. I walked into her class, and placed the books on her desk. Out of cowardliness, I then immediately left, afraid that she may get me in trouble. She then stopped me as she said “Thanks for the help Ben, I’ll pay you back sometime”.

I then walked back in and said “Do you realise why I helped out at the parents evening tonight Miss?”

She said “Yes, it’s because you want to help the school.”

“No, its not that Miss. It’s because of you.”

“Me?” She said, “What do you mean me?”

“You are a very attractive woman Miss”

“I’m flattered Ben, but you shouldn’t be saying this to me, you are too young’.

“But you are Miss, I dream about you all the time, your beautiful legs, how I wish I could just place my head between them and lick your pussy dry”.

“I beg your pardon Ben, please leave this once” She cried.

I then went over to her as she was facing the other way, and placed my arms around her, and cuddled her.

“Let go of me Ben!”.

“You are too beautiful Miss, I just want to lick that Pussy dry”.

She then slapped me, and tried to leave the room in search of help. I immediately overtook her, closed the door, and turned around to face her, and I stuck my tongue down her throat.

She began to gag a bit, but I wanted this so much.

I grabbed her head, and began to stick my whole tongue in her throat, it was so lovely and warm.

I then turned her around and she began to splutter, and pulled down her skin tight güvenilir bahis siteleri dress, revealing her lovely white panties. She then cried “No no no, please don’t do this Ben”.

Without any hesitation, I pulled down her panties, pulled down my own trousers, and shoved my warm throbbing cock into her ass. She began to cry. I pounded her back and forth, as I caressed with her lovely breasts up her tank top. She started trying to scream, but I then withdrew and placed my member in her warm soaking mouth. She began to gag as I shoved it down and down as far as I could. I said to her as she gasped for air “Suck it!”. Knowing that she could no longer win, she gave in, and began to poorly suck my cock. No matter how bad she did it, it felt amazing. Her warm saliva on my cock felt amazing, as I just stared at her beautiful face and legs. As I got close, she began to here me moan, and thought that it was near to over. However…

I then decided to place my penis in her dry, unmoisturized cunt. She began to squeal “PLEASE NO, I’VE NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE!”. At this cry, I forcefully shoved my cock into her vagina, and broke her cherry. She began to scream loudly, but I placed tissue in her mouth. She began to pant and pant, squealing at the pain I had inflicted upon her. Close to orgasm, her pussy began to moisten, and the sensation became more and more satisfying. I began to lick her beautiful legs, as she carried on squealing with the tissue in her mouth. It was then that I noticed that these squeals were no longer squeals of pain, but in fact squeals of joy. Suddenly, a rush of sensations filled my body, as my hot cum filled her cunt. She began to now scream in joy, as she also reached orgasm.

After this day, we then began to have sex each day, experimenting new methods, and we married each other 2 years later. After that day, she realised why I helped at parents evenings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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