A Neighborly Rendezvous


A normal Saturday night for Deanna was nothing special. She usually spent them sitting on her couch, watching a mindless sitcom or a movie that would drown out the reality of her own life and offer her the escape from it all she needed. She found herself most comfortable in a pair of long legged thermal underwear and a t-shirt, and curling up under her favorite blanket for the duration of the night.

Though tonight was not a normal Saturday night, but in fact something she had been looking forward to all week long. On the previous Monday, Deanna had been asked out by one of her coworkers, and aside from the fact that he was smart and funny, he was also quite good looking. She had taken notice of him strangely enough by the cologne that we wore, as it was intoxicating to her and she would secretly attempt to catch a whiff at every chance and opportunity she had.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her body still glistening from the shower that she just took and as she ran a brush through her long blonde hair. She looked herself over, seeing that her nipples were hard and erect upon her petite breasts that hardly filled her bra, her vagina was clean and baby smooth which was something new for her as tonight was the first night she attempted to shave and was pleased that she had done such a good job. She smiled to the woman in the mirror and thought to herself that tonight she was going to put an end to the long draught she had been experiencing. Tonight she was going to get laid, and although she was not one to usually jump right in the sack with someone, especially on the first date, she found herself overcome with the uncontrollable urge to fuck. She slid her hand down to softly touch the sensitive skin between her legs and found it to be quite warm and eagerly wanting attention.

She pulled a towel off the rack, wrapping it around her body and then walked into her bedroom and into the closet. She perused through the items hanging there and wondered what she could wear that would really draw attention to herself and make her date’s head spin. When she came across the black dress, the one she had only wore once before on a very bad date, she thought she might give it yet another chance and opportunity. She pulled it off the closet rod and carried it back into her bedroom, laying it upon the bed to admire what a stunning piece it was.

As she pulled away the towel, letting it cascade down her body and fall upon the floor, she slowly removed the dress from then hanger and then slipped her arms through the small straps and let the dress fall against her body. It was a soft silk dress and she loved how it felt upon her naked body beneath. It fit quite snug, and as well as she had remembered, even with the fact that it was quite short. Much shorter than her other dresses she owned, and dared to even wear. As she looked at herself in the mirror yet again, she saw that her nipples could be clearly seen through the fabric of the dress, forming the smallest erections as they tented the fabric. Tonight was a night she was not going to worry about such petty things as she turned towards her dresser. She opened the top most drawer where she kept all of her panties and hesitated. Here was the usual selection of her white and colored cotton panties, and a single black thong which she took a hold of and slowly pulled from the depths. She wondered what a reaction it would get if her date found her to be wearing nothing beneath her dress, especially with as short as it was. She laughed at this thought, but tossed the thong back into the drawer with the others and slammed it shut, smiling to herself and feeling a growing excitement building in her stomach.

Checking herself one last time in the mirror, she turned herself around, viewing every angle and becoming quite pleased at her appearance, knowing that her date would hardly be able to keep his hands off of her, which was entirely the plan. She added the finishing touches to her ensemble, adding on a little make-up, which she was not one to wear, so she used it sparingly. She brushed through her hair one last time, leaving it down so that it flowed over her bare shoulders, which was not something she normally did either. Tonight was a night to be anything but herself, and she planned to do just that.

As she looked at the clock resting on the bedside table she saw that it was 30 minutes prior to their agreed meeting time and she knew that she must be going. She wanted to be there waiting for him as he arrived, and in order to do just that, she had to leave now. She walked from her bedroom and down the hallway into the front closet where she kept her shoes. As she scanned over numerous flats, tennis shoes, and even a pair of raggedy old boots, she knew that none of these would work for a night such as this. Although, the one pair that was, were a pair of black strappy heels with a 4 inch heel. She had bought them months ago on in hopes that one day she might have a occasion in which to break them tecavüz porno in, she was certain that tonight was the night. Deanna was a short woman of only 5’2″, but as she slipped on the heels and stood upright, she felt more commanding and ever more powerful. She was amazed at what a few inches could do to one’s self esteem, not to mention how pretty her feet had now become and showed off her carefully painted toenails.

She grabbed her purse, her keys and locking the door behind her; she walked down the stairs from her 3rd floor apartment towards her car, anxious for the evening to start and wondered where and how it would end.

Erik sat in his favorite chair, watching TV, but not really paying attention to it all that much, for his attention had been turned towards Deanna who just walked out the front door and headed to her car. He had always found her to be quite an attractive woman, but tonight as he watched her walk down the sidewalk he found that his eyes could not be pried away. She wore such an amazingly short black dress that fit her body well, complimenting every curve of her body and truly showed off her legs, which prior to now he had never had the opportunity to see. He noticed that she was wearing heels, which was also something that Erik could not remember her ever wearing, and had a thought that she was definitely going out tonight for a good time.

He had his own plans for the evening, and in about an hour he was meeting one of his good friends at the bar they visited quite frequently. He checked the time and saw that it was about time that he started to get ready. He slowly stood from his chair, heading back into the bathroom where he turned on the hot water for his shower. He checked the stubble on his face and gave it a once over with his hand razor, and then after stripping the sweats and t-shirt that he was wearing, he got into the steamy flow of water.

45 minutes later, he was slipping on his shoes, grabbing his keys and walking out the door headed to his van, knowing that he had deserved this much anticipated night out after such a brutal week at work. He slowly pulled out of the parking lot and then drove the short distance between his house and the bar. A few minutes later, he was pulling into the parking lot of the establishment, finding a spot that was relatively close and exiting his van he locked it and stuffed his keys into his pocket.

As he walked up to the bar, he took a quick scan around looking for his friend, but what he did see was that Deanna was sitting at the end of the bar, with a look of disappointment and sadness upon her face. He ordered his drink from the bartender and then slowly walked down to the end of the bar. She was stunning as she sat there in her black dress with her legs crossed. Her legs softly glimmering in the soft light of the bar, his gaze traced down to her heels, which was a huge turn on for him.

“Deanna, what brings you here?” Erik asked as he stepped up beside her and took in how good she smelled, as her perfume wasn’t overpowering but gave his knees a bit of weakness.

“Hi Erik, what are you doing here? I was actually supposed to be on a date, but he should have been here nearly 30 minutes ago, and there is still no sign of him,” she said looking rejected as she voiced the realization that she had been stood up.

“Well, if you would allow me, I would like to buy you a drink, I mean we are neighbors after all,” Erik offered, hoping that she might take him up on his suggestion.

“That would be nice. It should of been my date buying me drinks, but at this point I would let just about anyone,” she replied and smiled a small but sincere smile.

“Sounds like I found you at the right time then,” Erik laughed, silently thanking his fortune for good luck.

As he got the attention of the bartender and flagged him over, he ordered a long island ice tea for Deanna and received his own draft as the bartender quickly began to mix the drink.

“So what brings you here?” Deanna asked as she watched the bartender pouring bottles into the glass that lay on the countertop.

“Well, I am actually meeting a friend here. Something we do once a month, you know, just to get out and catch up,” Erik replied as he reached down for his phone fixed to his belt to check if he had any missed calls.

He saw that indeed he did and as he looked he saw that it was his friend whom had called, and had left him a voicemail as well. Erik put the phone to his ear, covering his other ear with his hand to omit the volume of the bar and listened. Once the message was over, he closed his phone, returning it to the pouch on his belt and then smiled at Deanna.

“So, when will your friend be here?” Deanna asked as her drink was placed in front of her and upon taking the cold glass into her hand, took a long slow swallow on it, noticing the amount of alcohol that was mixed into it.

“It would seem that you aren’t the only üvey anne porno one that has been stood up tonight. He won’t be able to make it as he had something else to take care of,” Erik informed her, and although he was disappointed that his friend could not make it, he was secretly thankful with circumstances being as they were.

“Well, that is a shame. I think that after this drink, I am probably going to head on back home. There really is no reason to stay here. I don’t feel much like being out all that much,” Deanna confessed as being rejected was not something she was all too familiar with and was quite sour with it.

“Oh come on now. You practically just got here, you look amazing, and dressed like that, it would be a shame to let you go back home. You should stay and let me buy you a few drinks. I mean, we can keep each other company, especially since we both got stiffed,” Erik offered, and hoped that she might accept his offer to allow him the pleasure of her company.

“You think I look amazing?” Deanna asked inquisitively.

“Hell yes! I mean, usually I see you wearing a pair of jeans or sweat pants, it isn’t every day that I get to see you wearing a short black dress, and a pair of heels. You are definitely the sexiest woman here,” Erik candidly said and hoped that his compliment wasn’t too boldly stated.

“Well, how could I leave after getting a compliment like that,” Deanna smiled and blushed, finishing her drink and saw that Erik was already flagging down the bartender for a second round for the both of them.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” She giggled and said, feeling the warmth of the alcohol already taking effect as she was never one to be able to handle too much of it, but was enjoying the feeling that it was giving her.

“And what if I am?” Erik replied with an evil glint in his eye.

“Well then I would say keep them coming,” she suggested as she gulped down the second glass that the bartender placed in front of her. “I can’t believe that I was even considering what I was tonight” she finished as she took the last drink in her glass and flagged down the bartender herself.

“Just what were you considering tonight?” Erik asked, although he was certain of the answer with her dressed and smelling the way that she was.

“No, nothing, I probably shouldn’t tell you, and even if I did, I would hate to think of your opinion of me,” she said.

“Deanna, I am not one to judge, and you and I have been friends for quite some time now, there should be no secrets between us. So just what was it that you were considering?” Erik asked as he took a drink of his beer.

“Well, I mean I know it would have been my first date with this guy, but a girl sometimes gets in a certain mood, and well, I was going to let him have me if he wanted,” She replied noticing that Erik nearly lost his handle on his beer before carefully placing it back upon the counter.

“Oh is that right? He must have been some kind of guy if you were willing to let him have you in that way. Frankly he would have been one very lucky guy if he had such an opportunity to have you,” Erik stated as he hoped yet again that he was not being too bold.

“Well, he was good looking and all, and mostly it was his cologne that I found arousing, but I haven’t had it in so long, I was going to make tonight special no matter what. I didn’t even wear panties for the jerk,” she confessed and found a full refilled drink awaiting her.

As Deanna took a hold of her drink, Erik leaned in a bit closer and placed his hand upon Deanna’s soft bare leg and slowly began to trace his fingers across it. She felt a bolt of electricity running through her body, which was probably amplified by the alcohol, but nonetheless she was enjoying his hand being there and hoped against everything that he would not remove it.

Erik looked into Deanna’s eyes, seeing that he was not being too forward with her as his hand lay against her thigh and fingers traced circles against her soft and smooth bare skin. He slowly began to move his hand steadily upward, feeling the fabric of her dress and gently pushed his hand beneath it.

Deanna slowly uncrossed her legs, feeling Erik’s hand moving gently against them, tracing a path up beneath her dress and growing quite close to the spot between her legs that in the last few moments was beginning to increase with wetness and heat.

Erik slowly urged his hand further, sliding his fingers gently between her thighs and applying a slight pressure upon the hot, wet spot that was eagerly anticipating his arrival.

Deanna felt so alive and the rush of the moment was overtaking her as she sat on the stool, her legs slightly spread, with Erik’s finger gently pushing against her pussy which was now screaming for attention.

“I think it is much too crowded here to continue this,” Erik whispered into her ear as he slipped his finger slowly past her burning üvey erkek kardeş porno lips and gently into her.

“And just what are you planning on continuing?” Deanna moaned, loving the intensity of the situation, the risqué location and the forwardness of Erik as he slowly was easing his finger deeper inside of her.

“Well, you wanted to give yourself to your date and let him have his way with you, why not give me that pleasure as I certainly would not want you to leave disappointed,” Erik boldly stated and thrust his finger hard into Deanna’s pussy and felt her shudder with excitement.

“Erik, are you saying what I think you are saying?” Deanna asked, obviously wanting confirmation of her thoughts.

“Oh, I think that I am Deanna. I want to take you from this place and fuck you good, hard, and long!” Erik said as his finger was thrusting deeply into her pussy now, feeling her wetness soaking his hand. He called over the bartender one last time to settle the bill, pulling his finger from Deanna and heard her moan of disapproval. He quickly signed his name to the slip of paper and then took her hand, helping her off her stool and led her through the bar towards the door.

Erik led Deanna to his van, which was parked just to the left of the entrance, but in a little nook that only one another car was beside him on the passenger side. He led her around to this side and then softly and gently pinned her up against it. He softly began to kiss her, her lips tasting like a mix of strawberry lip gloss and long island ice tea, and felt her reciprocate the kiss, pushing her eager tongue to find his own.

Deanna loved kissing Erik, and she considered the fact that one of her most secret desires was actually coming true as she did so. She had always found him to be quite attractive, but never once suggested, flirted, or teased with him as she felt that the feelings were never mutual. The more she kissed him, the more her mind raced, and to the point where her actions were taking over her thoughts. They were so overpowering that she slowly pulled away from their kiss and bent down to her knees and began to rub the mound in Erik’s jeans that had been steadily growing the entire time they were together.

Erik felt Deanna unclasping his belt and then eagerly pulling open his jeans and sliding her hand inside. Her fingers searching as they reached in further, finding what she was seeking as she moved against the shaft of his cock and quickly wrapping around it as he could feel the softness of her hands and fingers against him.

“Oh Erik, you are so hard,” she voiced as she pulled it out of his jeans and held it in her hand, right before her face.

“Of course I am, how could I not be with such a woman like you holding it in her hand?” Erik replied as he felt her squeezing the shaft.

Deanna didn’t speak, but brought her mouth to Erik’s cock and let her lips run over the hot smooth head of it. She noticed that Erik kept himself shaved as well, and as she slowly took his balls into her hand and gently began to roll them against her palm, she was aroused at the fact that they were baby soft and quite smooth.

Erik looked around, hoping that they would not be interrupted as Deanna engulfed his cock, running her lips up and down the shaft and her tongue sliding against the most sensitive areas along the way. He felt a bit exposed being outside as they were, but certainly did not want to say or do anything to have her possibly stop.

“Damn Deanna, you are so fucking hot. You keep this up you are going to unleash quite a force to be reckoned with,” Erik called out as he could feel the intensity and pressure building. He knew that he would probably not last much longer, but hoped that he had given fair warning to Deanna and what was about to come.

Deanna knew exactly what Erik meant as she could feel his cock pulsing with such eagerness, blazing with heat, and throbbing against her tongue as she continued her onslaught. She wasn’t going to stop for anything at this point, for all she could think about now was how good he would taste exploding into her mouth. She thrust completely down upon his shaft, resting her lips upon the smooth base of his cock as she gripped it firmly, and rolled his balls slowly and firmly in her hand. Her tongue was sliding across his shaft as she felt his body tense, and as he moaned with his release, her mouth was flooded with a massive explosion of his cum. She swallowed hard, eager and hungry for more as she began to furiously stroke his cock with her lips. With every thrust she made, she felt another blast of his cum pouring into her mouth and simply could not get enough.

Erik had nothing to brace himself with as he felt his orgasm exploding and shooting into Deanna’s awaiting mouth. He locked his legs as best as he could and watched as she sucked his cock hard, pulling every last drop of his cum from his cock and into her mouth until he was finished and then released him with a smile.

Deanna slowly stood and licked her lips, feeling the hotness that was between her legs and now was aching and eager to be filled. She had gone out tonight with the hopes of getting fucked, and now that was all she could think about as she looked down and took Erik’s semi-hard cock in her hand once again.

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