A Walk in the Park


It’s a very warm summer night and we are both feeling a little restless, so we decide to go for a nice slow walk through the park. We walk the couple blocks down to the park and set off on the path that leads around the lake. I take my shoes off and carry them, preferring to walk on the side of the path through the grass. The sun has started to set, and people are beginning to clear out of the park. After we have walked a little ways, we hear the bells of an ice cream cart. It being a warm night, I decide I would like to have a popsicle to cool me down as we stroll along the path. We stop the cart driver, and I ask him for a cherry popsicle. I break it in half so that we can share, and we set out again.

You don’t touch your half of the popsicle, instead you watch me begin to eat my half. I know you are watching, so I decide to make it fun. My pink tongue swirls around the tip of the popsicle in slow lazy circles, then languidly brushes up and down the length of it, catching the drops as they melt, turning my tongue a deep red.

Then I take the tip of the popsicle between my lips and with deliberate precision I insert it all the way into my mouth, slurping loudly as I pull it back out. I look over at you and grin at the rapt look of attention on your face. I know you are thinking about me giving the same treatment to your cock.

I purposely let a few melting red drops of popsicle fall across the tops of my soft round breasts, watch them trickle down inside the front of my sundress before reaching down and scooping them up with my fingers and bringing them to my now cherry-red lips, licking them off of my fingertips slowly.

The cold drops felt so good against my skin, so I take my half of the popsicle and run it over the swell of my tits, dipping into the deep cleft between them and leaving a sweet sticky red trail along them. You can see my nipples harden through my thin dress at the coldness

You lean over and growl in my ear “I can think of better things to do with that mouth of yours, and with kuşadası escort that popsicle”. You grab my hand and pull me into the dark bushes just off the trail. You pull down the thin straps of my dress, exposing my full breasts and erect nipples to the warm night air. You bend towards my chest, your tongue following the sticky trail the popsicle has left across them.

With my half of the popsicle still in my hand, I make slow circles around each nipple. Your tongue follows the sticky path I am making. You suck hard on my puckered nipples, each in turn, cleaning the sticky sweetness from them, making them even harder.

Since you are following the directions of the popsicle so well, I decide to wiggle out of my dress completely, and trace a path down my belly towards my smooth, waxed pussy, stopping just shy of my now tingling clit. You pull me to the ground and your tongue follows the sticky trail. Shivers run through my body as your mouth closes over my pussy lips and sucks gently at them.

Then suddenly your mouth is gone and I cry out as I feel the cold wetness of your popsicle touching my pussy lips. You give a little evil laugh, and then move the popsicle down farther, running it slowly around the opening of my pussy, making me squirm before replacing it with your tongue and lapping up the sweet melted stickiness.

I moan softly, and then I realize that you are still fully dressed. I must remedy this. I pull myself into a sitting position and grab at your shirt, then greedily pull your shorts down, exposing your beautiful hardening cock to me. I push you onto your back and make a trail down the front of your chest with my popsicle before swinging my leg over you, and licking my way slowly down towards your cock, leaving us in a perfect 69 position.

As my popsicle chilled mouth closes over the tip of your hard cock, I feel the cold stickiness of your popsicle again being applied to my pussy lips, running in between them before circling around my opening and dipping ever so slightly inside of it. My hips buck at the sensation and I gasp again before closing my lips tightly around the head of your cock and flicking my cold tongue around the tip.

You begin to alternate between running the popsicle around my pussy and lapping at it gently with your warm mouth, inserting the popsicle into my hot pussy and then replacing it with your tongue or your fingers. Every changing sensation gets me more and more aroused, and soon my pussy is slick and wet and sticky.

In response, I begin to suck harder on your hard slippery cock, taking it deep into my throat, pulling back only to flick my tongue against the precum beginning to seep from the tip, spreading it around the head, tasting it greedily.

I let a few melting drops of popsicle fall onto your aching balls before taking them in my mouth one by one, sucking the cherry sweetness from them, massaging them with my lips, my mouth, my tongue before turning my attention back to your beautiful cock. Running my tongue up and down the shaft again before sucking you hard and deep into my throat

You have three fingers buried inside my hot wet pussy now, massaging my g-spot, thrusting hard against it. My legs start to quiver, then I jump suddenly as I feel the popsicle against my hot skin again, this time trailing a path from my pussy opening up to my tight little asshole, running it around the rim.

I moan loudly around your cock still buried deep inside my throat as your tongue again follows the sticky sweet path the popsicle has made, flicking slow circles around the tight opening of my ass, pushing it’s way a little bit inside. Your fingers come out of my pussy and bring with them the slick hot wetness, rubbing it around my tiny puckered asshole before returning to fuck my hot wet pussy.

As you slowly massage one finger into my asshole, my legs start quivering crazily, and my pace increases on your cock. My mouth is hungrily sucking up and down the length, one hand massaging your balls and the other stroking you when my mouth comes up to the head of your cock.

My hips are grinding down furiously against your hands. You have one finger in my ass, and three in my tight pussy banging against my g-spot. I pull my mouth away from your cock long enough to beg you to touch my clit, telling you I need to cum so badly. The finger disappears from my ass, and I feel the cold melting popsicle being applied directly to my clit, and it drives me crazy.

I instantly begin to cum, your three fingers still pounding my g-spot as my orgasm spasms wave after wave through my body and my warm fluid gushes over your hand, running down my thighs and into your waiting mouth. I pull my mouth away from your cock again, screaming “fuck fuck fuck” over and over again as I lose all control.

You quickly climb out from under me and pull me up onto all fours, one arm around my waist to hold me up as my orgasm continues to send shock after shock through my body. “I’m going to cum in your ass” you tell me. All I can get out is a desperate yes as you spit on my asshole a couple of times to lube it up enough before easing your hard cock inch by inch deeply into my ass.

You stroke hard against my ass, your balls slapping against my pussy. My orgasm builds again and I slam back against you desperately, crying out “fuck my ass, fuck it hard!” The tightness of my asshole gripping your hard dick feels too good, and you bury your cock deep in my ass as you begin to cum. I reach down and rub my sensitive clit a little and begin a second orgasm.

My ass tightens even more around your cock, milking the cum out of it as I cum hard again, shaking uncontrollably. I collapse against the soft grass as your hot load is finally spent inside my ass. You pull out and fall to the ground beside me, pulling me on top of you and holding me as my shakes subside.

We lay there for a while, both spent, happy, content to let the warm wind brush against our naked bodies. I lift my head up to give you a smile and tell you that that was the BEST popsicle I have EVER had.

This is my first go at a story. I welcome ALL comments, positive or negative. How else will I learn?

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