Bitter Sweet 03


Chapter three
An evening to remember.

We didn’t have long to wait.

“Monitor,” ordered Angla when the annunciator chimed. “Let him in, Timmy,” she carried on as the screen displayed her caller.

I was surprised to see he already wore a balaclava like mine. The rest of his clothes — a dark suit, shirt and tie — marked him as a businessman.

He came in on his hands and knees, glancing up once to take his bearings. He crawled to Angla’s feet and kissed them.

“Up, bitch!” she ordered.

“Undress in my presence, you miserable worm!” she shouted as he stood.

He hurried to comply, but took the time to fold his clothes. He looked in his fifties, and suffered from middle age spread — his waist soft and doughy as it overlapped his waistband. When he dropped his trousers, I was mildly shocked to see pinkish welts on his ass.

Angla looked him up and down as he stood naked before her. “Back down in your place, worm.” She waited while he knelt before her. “Have you brought your harness?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well, give it to Timothy then,” She instructed.

“Yes, Mistress,” the guy said as he pushed his briefcase towards Timmy.

Timmy picked it up and opened it to pull out a tangle of leather straps

“Good. Stand up so he can fit it.”

The guy stood and Timmy dressed him in the harness. As he did so, Angla stood and started walking around him.

I wondered how much he was paying for this. I paid for women sometimes, but that was to let me dominate them. Being turned on by serving them was something alien to me.

The last thing Timmy put on the guy was a black collar and leash.

Angla took it from him and tugged it down. “Back on your knees, and take that smirk off your face!”

As he fell to his knees, Dafne stood and Angla started for the dungeon door. I followed as Timmy turned and headed for the stairs. They turned to the cupboard, Angla selecting a whip and flail, while Dafne picked up a coil of rope and a crop and started placing them on the trolley.

As Angla wheeled the trolley, the noise of her heels seemed to echo.

“Give me your leash, big boy,” Dafne demanded.

I handed the loop up to her and fell back to all fours as she walked me towards the mystery shrouded objects. Pulling the cover from one, she revealed a cross like an ‘X’.

“Stand!” she ordered

When I got to my feet, Dafne held out her hand. “Arm!” She said brusquely.

I lifted it, and she crowded me back against the cross then lifted my wrist to clip the cuff to a short chain. She did my other wrist and then my ankles before standing and taking a pace back to look at me.

“Good,” she said, seeming to unconsciously mimic Angla.

Dafne turned and walked back to where Angla had the guy leaning in on the bench from about seventy five centimetres out.

“One,” I heard him say as Angla lightly stuck his ass cheeks with the whip.

The count continued up to twelve before she stopped.

“Lie on the bench,” Angla ordered.

He climbed on and positioned himself with his head on the top edge and his legs dangling off to either side, his feet touching the seats/footrests.

Dafne gave her little giggle as she began to tie him up.

The cross had me leaning slightly back with the ‘V’ pressing into my back, I tried to ease the discomfort by bringing my elbows down but that served only to shift the discomfort to my arms. Giving up, I looked back to see Dafne playing with his cock and felt a touch of jealousy. Angla had climbed up on the bench and was face sitting him, looking like she was enjoying it.

After a short while, Dafne turned to the trolley and picked up the ball of string. I smiled as I remembered her doing that to me. He welcomed it.

She slapped his balls and cock a couple of times as she tied him up. She gave a giggle as she straightened up and took a pace back. Turning, she picked up her crop and began teasing his cock and balls with it.

On top, Angla was now wriggling and leaning slightly forward, her hands on his nipples.

If it had been a film, I’d have changed channels. He was getting off lightly to the way Dafne had treated me, and I found his whimpers and groans disquieting.

I closed my eyes and thought about tomorrow, when I could get back into circulation and still have a bit of fun before work on Monday.

The hour, if it was that, passed slowly. At the end, they had him ejaculate onto a small tray, then Angla used her finger to feed it to him. With his time over, all three of them went back into the lounge and I was left to await Dafne’s return.

It must have been twenty minutes or so till the door opened, and two pairs of stilettoes clip-clopped their way across to the cupboard. I could only see the women’s backs and hear the mumble of their conversation as they put things away and loaded new items onto the trolley.

The sounds of their heels was accompanied by the rumble of the trolley as they walked towards me. I braced myself as they approached, scanning the top of the xnxx trolley to see what was there. I could see the can of lube and a box with wires. Next to them was what looked like a microphone.

“Is our bitch boy ready?” Angla asked as she halted in front of me.

I looked up at her, seeing the soft smile on her face. Glancing across to Dafne, I watched as she picked the microphone up and pressed the button on it. It buzzed with a low hum. She pressed the button again to switch it off, then looked over to me as she came forward.

The smile on her face hardened as she looked down to press the vibrator against the tip of the cock cage. As she pressed the button, she glanced back up to my face.

The buzz started and I felt the vibrations sending a thrill through my cock. It thickened, and I felt the pressure of the rod as it stiffened and grew alongside an exquisite sensation driven by the vibrator. The pleasure outweighed the discomfort and it wasn’t long before a moan escaped my lips and I heard Dafne giggle.

She switched to my balls, and Angla moved in and applied some lube as Dafne rubbed the vibrator’s spherical head over and around them. There was more pain than pleasure with the tightness of my ball-sac making my balls ache every time she pressed on them.

It didn’t last long as she moved back to stimulating my cock, the pleasure surging back as the ache of my balls faded. She giggled again and stopped when my hips shivered. I was left panting gently and mentally begging her to give me release as the pleasure faded and the pressure of the cage became the dominant sensation.

They both turned away, Dafne replacing the vibrator on the trolley and then turning back to me.

“Right, big boy, we need the cage off next,” she said as her hand went to the keys dangling around her neck.

She crouched and I saw Angla looking on. Leaning in, Dafne undid the small lock and left it dangling from the key as she started to remove the contraption from me. I felt the relief as my balls swung free, and was grateful when she slid the cage off and my cock straightened.

She stood and moved back to the trolley, lifting the key from her neck as she reassembled and relocked the cage. She had a pair of clamps in her hand when she turned back, and I gritted my teeth as she pulled on my nipples and clamped them. She pulled on the chain connecting them, then turned back to the trolley.

When Dafne turned back, she had the steel rod in her hands along with the lube. I gave an involuntary shudder when I saw it, and I heard Angla chuckle.

Dafne put the lube down, and scraping some of the gel from my balls with her fingers, she grasped my cock and began to masturbate me. Even knowing what was coming, I was helpless to stop it from rising. When she had it erect, she released it and picked the can up to apply a dollop on my pee hole and more on the rod.

I closed my eyes and leant back as she inserted it, feeling the discomfort creep lower as she twirled it and inched it deeper. Angla gave an approving “Mm,” as Dafne released me and, though it couldn’t bend, I felt it sag with the weight.

I opened my eyes to see her lifting the box with wires, and felt my heart start beating faster as she turned to face me. Her smile was overlaid with a look of concentration as her eyes focused on my cock and she squatted before me.

She waggled the rod in and out a few times and then clamped a wire to it. Standing, she caught the chain between the nipple-clamps and tugged on it a few times before attaching the other wire to it. As she lifted the box, I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, ready for the first shock.

I barely noticed the tingle on my nipples as a pins-and-needles feeling set my cock throbbing and sent a perverse wave of pleasure through me.

Dafne clicked the setting up and pressed a button to send another surge of tingling pleasure through me. The third setting had me jerking my hips as the jolt hit me; this time the pleasure had a painful edge to it.

She turned it back down and gave me a few more shocks before she changed settings and gave me a rapid series of pulses that made me writhe and pull on my wrist chains in despair. She giggled and did it again, Angla chuckling as my hips jerked and thrust. I grabbed the eye bolts to stop myself from sagging as my knees went weak.

After a few seconds, I felt my cock lift, and opened my eyes to see Dafne lifting the rod and unclipping the wire.

One more electric shock and I would have come, though how I could have ejaculated with that rod inside was a problem I was glad to have avoided.

Leaving the rod and clamps in place, she returned the box to the trolley.

“Let’s get tidied up. You can do the CBT upstairs,” Angla said.

“Oh wait, there’s something else I want to try,” Dafne replied, picking the vibrator up.

“Oh, your bitch will love that,” Angla said enthusiastically.

Dafne turned back to me and squatted, her hand on my groin with my cock held between her finger and thumb. I heard the buzz as she thumbed bakire porno the vibrator on, and then felt the tingle shooting deep inside me as she touched it to the rod.

She giggled as it firmed up, turning her hand so her fingers could stroke my balls. Within a few tens of seconds, I groaned with pleasure, worrying about the rod as I felt my orgasm coming on. Dafne stopped, and that brought another groan from me, a plaintive one this time.

She twisted, grinning to Angla as she stood.

“You nearly had him coming,” Angla admonished.

“I know,” Dafne replied happily, taking a quick glance over her shoulder at me as she moved to the trolley.

She had a broad smile on her face when she turned back to me. She removed the rod with one smooth pull, then straightened to hold the chain while she eased the clamps from my nipples.

I caught a whiff of her perfume and was reminded of her beauty as her lips pouted slightly with concentration.

They left me hanging there while they cleaned and put all the stuff away, then Dafne walked back with the cock cage in her hand as Angla walked out the door. My cock still felt ‘funny’ as she pushed it inside, then I had to endure her stretching my balls as she clamped them with the band and locked it in place. She gave them a jiggle and turned to free my ankles and then my wrists.

Her heels tapped loudly as she led me out on my hands and knees.

The thing I feared most was next — the CBT. With my balls strapped the way they were, they felt very vulnerable.

The cage felt awkward as I scrambled to keep up with a hurrying Dafne. My knees and toes were sore when we got to the upper lounge, and I was glad for the moments rest when she sat next to Angla on the sofa.

Angla was on her pad and only nodded in acknowledgement.

Dafne dropped my leash and relaxed, her eyes jumping to me as I shuffled to get more comfortable.

“Diana is coming around later,” Angla said conversationally as she put the pad down.

“Have I met her?” Dafne asked.

“I don’t think so. She runs the Rubber Doll on fifth and seventh.”

“No,” she said with a chuckle. “I’d remember her if I had.”

“You’ll like her,” Angla said, turning in her seat to face Dafne.

“Down, worm!” Dafne barked. “Can’t you see that Angla wants to rest her feet?”

Startled, I turned and launched myself forward onto my hands.

“Thank you, Dafne,” Angla said, sounding amused.

I felt the weight of her feet between my shoulder blades then Dafne’s at the bottom of my spine.

As if on cue, the door opened and Timmy entered with a tray. Dafne shifted her feet off me as she reached for her cup, surprising me again by resting it briefly in the middle of my back before sitting back and putting her feet up again.

“I want to save his sperm when I let him come,” Dafne said.

It took me a second to parse it.

“You what?” asked Angla, confused.

“I want to freeze it and have a boy by him when I’m settled.”

I wondered if it was legal.

“What a sweet idea, He is rather a hunk,” Angla said encouragingly.

“I know,” Dafne answered with an excited giggle.

I was still wondering about the legality and if I had a right to object. Even at the simplest level, it was stealing my genetic code and depriving me of a benefit.

Angla lifted a foot and prodded my shoulder. “Hear that, bitch? You’re going to be a daddy.”

Dafne laughed. “Oh, not for a while yet.”

If I said anything now, they might claim I was disobeying them, and that was not something I wanted to risk, it added to my annoyance, and it was a big frustration to swallow, but I suffered it in silence.

No more was said for a few minutes.

I listened to the sounds of coffee being sipped.

Luckily, I hadn’t gotten to spend much of my money and that would pay for legal advice as soon as I was free. I wanted it stopped, but barring that, I wanted some say and contact; that was a universal right.

“So, it’ll be an extra careful practise this time, will it?” Angla said, amusement colouring her voice.

“Yes,” Dafne replied gaily.

“Let’s make a start then and get it out the way before Diana gets here,” Angla said, lifting her feet from me.

Dafne lifted her feet then nudged my ribs with one foot. “Move around,” she commanded.

I turned in, facing the empty square, swinging my feet around till they touched the sofa.

She kicked my thigh. “Wider!”

I opened my thighs wider, and noted that it was a stockinged foot.

“Head on your hands,” she instructed.

I bent my arms and lowered my head, letting my forehead touch the carpet. Once again, I steeled myself, waiting for the first blow to fall, hoping she’d err on the side of caution if she wanted my seed.

The kick, when it came, was more like a prod. It had enough force to hurt and make me flinch. Bap! Bap! she bounced my balls off her toes as they swung back from the first blow. The pain made me jerk.

“Stay still!” Angla ordered.

I bedava porno felt the toes softly brush over my balls, the silky feel of the hose erotic despite the painful throb. Just when I was a little relaxed, Dafne flicked her ankle and her toes bounced them against the cage, the throb spiking back to pain as I flinched again.

“Easy, sweetie.” Angla cautioned.

“It’s alright, I’m finished,” she said with an odd tone to her voice.

“I didn’t say stop,” Angla said quickly.

“No, I’ve done what I wanted. I think it’s time we let him come.”

“If you want,” Angla said, acquiescing.

“Stand and turn around,” Dafne ordered before replying to her. “Yes. Can you get Timmy to bring me a sterile specimen container, please?”

“Timothy!” Angla shouted.

I stood and turned, taking a half step closer as Dafne sat forward and reached for the key around her neck. She aggravated my balls a bit when she pulled on the lock to get the key in, the pressure from her knuckles rebuilding the ache.

Timmy appeared, and Angla instructed him to fetch a container. He walked swiftly out of the lounge.

Dafne freed me and put the cage on the side table. She had me lay on the floor, and she slipped from the seat to sit next to me, legs curled under her. She leant over me, putting an elbow on my thigh while taking my cock in the other hand. The head was still coated in the gel, and she used that as she began to fondle and play with it.

My cock rose rapidly and her hand slipped down to stroke more of my shaft as it stiffened, sending more thrills through me, letting me enjoy it with the knowledge that this time she was going to take me all the way. As I stiffened fully, she slowed, going back to fondling the head and giving me enough pleasure to sustain my erection while she waited for Timmy to return.

When he returned, Angla took the container and shifted to sit on my chest while Dafne resumed masturbating me. The knowledge that this time was for real let me surrender to the pleasure, enjoying every stroke as the pressure grew in my groin along with my anticipation.

I came with a groan, and heard Dafne’s giggle as my hips jerked four times before the fifth turned to a dribble. The orgasm felt glorious; it lasted much longer than it usually did and it felt like I had come gallons. For that moment in time, I felt happy.

I heard Angla order Timmy to put it in the fridge, and then felt her weight lift from me as she moved back to the sofa.

Dafne was slowly getting up, watching Timmy as he exited into the kitchen.

I was recovering and hoping that she wouldn’t put the cage back on.

“Back on all fours,” she commanded, her voice a little softer.

I assumed it was so they could rest their feet on me. I rolled and pushed myself up.

“Head my end,” she ordered as I began to turn.

I turned to her and sidled in to the sofa.

“Enough,” she said, lifting her legs.

One foot almost landed on my neck, and the other foot came up to stroke over the balaclava. Her foot was an annoyance as the fabric of the mask moved with it and scraped my skin when she pressed against it.

Angla rested her feet across the base of my spine, the sharp length of one of her stilettoes pressing into my hip. She recounted a story about Diana while Dafne’s foot drifted lower and she stroked her toes across my lips, then forced me to open my mouth as she pushed her big toe in. She didn’t have to tell me to suck. She may not have her crop handy, but it was likely I’d receive a kick to remind me of my ‘duties.

She twisted her foot and turned my head as she thrust more toes in, stretching my cheek in an effort to cram them all in. She pulled them out and lifted her foot to let me lick the ball.

I heard Angla, tapping on her pad, I presumed.

After five minutes of licking, my jaw and neck were beginning to feel the strain. Dafne had swapped feet twice, and I was beginning to wonder how much longer when Angla stirred, lifting her feet and freeing me from the pressure of her heels.

“Just powdering my nose, darling,” she said as she got up.

Dafne dropped her foot. “Okay,” she replied. Then she looked down at me. “Turn and face me.”

I crabbed my knees around, looking up at her.

She brought her feet back up. “Massage them for me.”

I sat back and took one in each hand, inching forward to position myself till I held them centimetres from my chest. With her legs the way they were, I could see down to her thong. I thought it a tease on her part and tried to ignore the way it moulded to her mound, showing the split of her lips.

I started to knead her toes, and raised my eyes to see both nipples peeping over the top of her corset. Unbidden, my cock started to swell. I drew my eyes higher to see the faint smile on her angelic face, and I felt a longing for her.

I wondered if she had a personal life outside this. I’d be willing to try having a relationship with her, even indulge her in one or two of the less painful acts if it turned her on and we had good sex after. I’d willingly father a child for her as well. I’d got the impression once or twice that she liked me, and her wanting my child seemed to reinforce that. I’d have to insist she tone down the Dominance thing in public.

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