Bloodbath, Case #2 – Part 2

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Victim – Chase Cervera
Age – 22
Date of Birth – November 3, 1989
“Wake up, Chase. Wake up. We’re here my love. Nobody can keep us apart now.”

Chase groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Standing over him was a tall, muscular, blond man. He was smiling and caressing Chase’s smooth face with his hand.

“I’m so sorry I had to beat you up, my love. You wouldn’t go with me and it hurt me to see you with another man. But I took care of Ken, anyway. Now, it’s only us.”

The memories of the past hours came rushing back and Chase remembered what had happened. He and his boyfriend were just walking home when this freak came and assaulted them. His boyfriend had tried to defend him, but was stabbed and left bleeding on the ground. Then he himself was beaten up and strangled until he lost consciousness.

Chase tried to sit up, but his entire body screamed in pain. Then he felt his wrists and ankles were bound to bedposts. He was shackled…and there was no way to escape.

“What…did…you do…to me…you bastard…”

The man chuckled and stroked Chase’s brown hair.

“I tied you up so you won’t leave me. Chase, I’m really sorry for beating you up. I hope it doesn’t affect your performance later.”

“Performance? What the hell…are you…talking about?”

“Oh, you don’t know yet? I’m keeping you Chase. You’re going Şişli Escort to be my personal slave. It’s gonna be your job to comfort and please me. You do know what I mean, don’t you?”

Chase felt the man grope his crotch and squeeze it. The man rubbed Chase with one hand as the other went up his shirt.

“Mmmmm…I can feel your hard cock, babe. Do you want me to do more?”

Chase struggled with the ropes holding him down, but he only made them rub his skin raw. In desperation, he started screaming for help.
“Oh Chase, do we have to do this again?”

The man jumped on Chase and buried his knee into Chase’s stomach. The pain that coursed through Chase’s stomach came as a terrible shock and he stopped screaming. The air from his lungs was pushed out as the man applied more weight on his stomach. A pitiful whine was all Chase could do as the man removed his knee.

“Now, are you going to keep quiet?”

The man grabbed Chase’s shirt and ripped it open. What he saw made him gasp. Chase’s perfectly sculpted abs, firm chest, dark nipples, and light body hair mesmerized him.

“So this is what you were hiding under your shirt? Damn. Why were you keeping this to yourself?”

Angrily, Chase retorted.

“My body isn’t for you, bastard! It’s for Ken. Nobody else gets to touch me!”

“Oh, is that so? Well, you should forget about Ken. You saw I took care of him. Now your body’s mine and mine alone.”


The man smiled and lay down on Chase. He started rubbing his body against him and moaning. His hands moved down and started unbuckling Escort Bayan Chase’s belt and pulling down his zipper. Chase knew what was going to happen, but he wasn’t going down without a fight. Adrenaline was coursing through his body and he pulled hard on the ropes around his wrists. One of the ropes began to fray and unravel. Suddenly, the roped snapped and one of Chase’s hands was free. Chase grabbed the man as slammed his head onto the headboard of the bed. As the man held his head in pain, Chase untied the rope around his other wrist. He was about to release his ankles when the man recovered and grabbed Chase’s hands. Chase looked at him and saw his face contorted in anger.


The man snapped the ropes holding Chase’s ankles and lifted Chase into the air with one arm. As Chase struggled to free himself from the man’s iron grip, the man ripped his pants and underwear apart with his free hand. Chase pleaded for the man to let him go, but he just tightened his grip around Chase’s neck and slammed him down on the bed face first.

The man sat on Chase’s back with his full weight and grabbed a thick, metal dildo from the bedside table. Mercilessly, the man plunged all 9 inches of hard, cold, metallic cock down Chase’s tight hole. Chase screamed in pain and convulsed under the man. His body wasn’t designed to take such a violent shock and Chase blacked out. The last thing he felt before losing consciousness was the hard, metal pole raping him istanbul Escort and the trickle of blood as it flowed out of his ripped hole.

Ken lay there helplessly. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t shout, he couldn’t do anything. All he could do was see everything that was happening around him. He watched as the blond-haired man tackled his boyfriend and violently slammed his fists into his body. Chase was going to die if he didn’t get help, but there was nothing he could do. When Chase fell unconscious, the man dragged his body to a black sports car. He watched the man drive off with Chase as he blacked out.

“There’s a man back here! Get him to a hospital, quickly!”

“He’s lost a lot of blood. I don’t know if he’s going to make it.”

“Hurry! Where’s that blood pack!”

The faint sounds of his surroundings woke Ken up from his deep unconscious state. He opened his eyes slowly and saw a female officer watching over him. Her face wore a worried look and it looked as if she were up all night.


The female officer hurriedly went to his bedside and called for a nurse.

“Hey. How are you doing?”

“Chase…my boyfriend…”

The female officer looked down and sighed sadly. She brought out a cellphone from her pocket and showed it to Ken. Ken took the phone with a trembling hand and looked at it. The screen was cracked, but Ken saw the picture on it and began to cry. It was Chase’s phone and there was a picture of the two of them kissing. The officer put a hand on his shoulder and tried to comfort him.

“We’ll find Chase. We won’t give up until we find him.”

“Please…bring him back…please…”

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