Breaking Brian’s Butt

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Breaking Down Brian’s Lazy Butt

The time had come that my friend and housemate Brian had to be dealt with. I had tried loving him, mentoring him, encouraging him, giving him ideas and examples, and he just didn’t seem to want to put forth any effort. Essentially, Brian was lazy. Short on effort. Scared of rejection or failure. Or maybe he just thought the world would be handed to him on a platter while he sat around playing the X-Box and smoking weed. At any rate, it had to end.
A little background. I’m Allen, 29 y/o gay white dude…regular masculine guy…firefighter/paramedic for a large, urban department in the south. 6’4”, 220lbs well toned but not a gym freak, mostly naturally smooth, little bit of hair on the chest, dirty blond, 7.5”c cock that every guy I fuck says is “so thick”…smooth round butt….and a kinky (imaginative) sex freak….as long as it is safe, I’ll try it. Versatile with most guys, very dominate with younger guys.
Brian is literally the all-American kid next door. I was friends with his brother Brett who was my age all through high school, when they moved into our neighborhood. So of course, I knew Brian too, as Brett’s kid brother. He is 25 now….and I’d gotten to know him much better when he was 18 and my pledge in our frat. However, I will save those details for another time. These days, he is 6’2”, 180lbs of very cute looking boi. Still has that great smile, blue eyes, and baby face…toned body as smooth as the day he was born except for a small patch of pubes and a little fuzz on his legs…a nice cut cock that was about 6” limp and 8” hard with nice low hanging balls, and a smooth bubble-butt made for….well made for many things, as he was going to find out.
He moved into my house about a year ago, after losing three different jobs under different circumstances. His parents and siblings would no longer take him in because of his dishonesty and sloth. He didn’t have any friends that would tolerate his level of smoke (which was like, smoked out almost all the time now). The worst part was, he was moving down the ladder, not up. For the past almost six months, he has been unemployed completely. He hadn’t paid rent, bills, nothing for six months. Worse than that, he kept lying to me. Saying he was starting a new job then he wasn’t. Sleeping all day when he was supposed to be looking for work. Staying up all night smoking weed, snorting blow (when he could steal it from me), and playing that fucking x-box. This left him owing me over $7,500 USD. I had talked to him, warned him, and threatened him. Hell I even went back to the old frat rules and paddled him twice when I caught him lying. Well the time had come to do something different….he was going to “work” for me so to speak. And he was going to have to both pay off all his debt to me and get a real, verifiable, full-time job if he wanted to change what his behavior was bring to him.
So here is the plan. Brian has always professed to be very straight, but I know from personal experience that he is open-minded, bi, curious, or a closet fag. I also know that his tight smooth pink boihole was not virginal….I personally saw to that during his hazing and initiation, and his cock was always curiously hard before we were finished.
He is also frequently embarrassed by being naked or near naked in public, yet he didn’t seem to have any problems around the house hanging in his boxers, or going down the hall bare assed. It was time to put the plans in motion. Add that to the fact that I am truly at the end of the line when it comes to him being lazy, not paying his own way, and lying constantly about work…well, if he wasn’t going to go out and earn his own way in the world….if I was going to have to provide for both of us, then he was going to work for me. And I need a good house boi…no doubt, the time had come for boi-brian to be punished for his laziness and lying, and to pay off his debt…with his butt.

The Plan Begins

I had spent the week making sure I had everything I needed together. My paddles (one black leather, one about 18”, ½”thick with 8 holes drilled through beveled on one side for maximum effect, very limber brown leather belt, short leather slapper w/holes, and a riding crop. I also gathered a few dildos of various sizes & lengths (including the Falcon “Manrammer – Size Large”…I mean, can’t really expect to cram the XL up his tight hole just yet. And I picked up a Colt “Anal Trainer” kit that consisted of three different traditional buttplugs of increasing diameter and length. I also found the large Colt triple bump buttplug, which I always found very “stimulating” and an inflatable vibrating plug.
On top of that, an anal speculum, enema-tip kit to use with a shower shot, which included everything from a long normal kind of tip to a fairly large, full-metal-jacket buttplug attachment. Add in some boi-butter lube, and some “hot” wet lube, a few other izmit escort miscellaneous items, and pretty much ready to go.
Oh ya, I raided Brian’s room for a tight sleeveless t-shirt, traditional white jockstrap, and his personal fraternity paddle, which I had used so many times previously to burn his smooth butt. I had also gotten a good supply of some cola, tina, a little oxy, a little K & G (isn’t that a menswear store?), and good old Viagra to help make an em-bare-ass-ing point….ok, so part of it is a trick to humiliate him and see where he really stands. If he is high from G/K, horny as fuck from cola and tina, and his cock harder than hell from a “hidden” dose of V…well that has to plant more than one though in a boi’s mind.
I arranged to make sure one of our mutual friends took kept him out of the house from around 2PM until about 7PM on Friday night. Oh ya, I made sure he gave him the little dose of G in his last drink. While they were gone, I padlocked his room shut. Erected the spanking/fisting bench in the basement, along with some restraints in various places, and got myself together….it was going to be a very long night, and at least one of us was going to enjoy it a great deal.

Punishment & Payoff Begins
When brian got home, he was a little bit buzzed, a little bit stoned. I told him to sit down that we had some very serious business to take care of starting now. He got very quiet and looked a little bit scared. I think he knew this moment was coming.
I laid it all out to him. The debt. The laziness. The dishonesty. I told him it stopped tonight. Reminded him that his parents would not take him back in, knowing what had been going on. Brett would not either, and was in fact in total support of my ultimatum, seeing it as the only way to save Brian.
“You have no where to go, no money, no one who will take you in. I have had your car impounded, and for the moment all your possessions belong to me. You owe at least $7500, but I am rounding it to that number for simplicity. You have two options. One, you can walk out the door right now with nothing more than the clothes on your back, and try to make it on the streets on your own. A very unpleasant prospect.” Tears began to well up in his eyes already.
“Your other option is this. You pay off your debt to me by becoming my houseboy / slave for the next 75 days. You work your debt off at $100 per day. During that time, you will have no rights, no say in what goes on. You will spend all your time doing exactly what I tell you to do. You will take care of everything around this house. You will be engaged in a program of self-improvement and a search for employment that will end with you in a good, productive job at the end of the 10 weeks. And I will instill in you the discipline, ethic, and attitude necessary to keep the position.”
“You will also be expected to entertain me, and to take care of my needs as I see fit. Do you have any questions?” “ Please Allen, don’t put me out. I will do what you say, and I will make you and my family proud” brian stuttered as he fought back the tears. “I don’t understand the last part though.”
“I mean that you are mine. My boi, just like you were when you were my pledge in the frat. ANYTHING I want is what I get. And we are going to start by punishing all the dishonesty, deception, and lying that has been going on around here. Are you clear?”
He simply nodded a very timid yes. “I am spelling this out one more time for you. For the next 75 days, you are my slave. You work for me. You obey me. I will discipline you. You will take care of all my needs. Otherwise, hit the door right now. You will be a better man for this, but right now, this is what your behavior has brought you. Go downstairs to the basement, stand at attention, and wait on me.”
He got up and timidly went down the stairs. I can only imagine his anxiety when he surveyed the room. I fixed up a couple different things for him. The first was a slam with a very short acting sedative to kill his anxiety for a few minutes, along with some nice cola. The other was a BIG booty bump made up of tina, cola, Viagra, and vodka. I went downstairs and told him it was time for the punishment to begin. “Drop your jeans and assume the position.” He did so without hesitation, as he knew this drill. What he didn’t expect was for me to come up behind him, slap a pair of handcuffs on, and pin him bent over the bench. My weight in his back made it easy to slip the needle into his vein….instant relaxation. I quickly stripped him completely naked and secured him to the spanking bench….chest down, knees spread wide, ass up, and cock & balls hanging right there for my use.
As he started to come around, I eased the booty bump into his tight hole. A bit of a moan, and a definite spasm in his cock, which was already hardening from the coke. I loaded him with the kocaeli escort bump, and watched that hole start to twitch. I took his fraternity paddle, told him it begins now, and quickly slammed ten hard swats onto that smooth ass. He was already fighting back the tears. I reminded him that he earned everything he was going to get, and asked him if he was going to submit to everything or if I needed to continue with the paddle. He begged me to stop the paddle and said he would do anything I said to do.
I reminded brian that his body was mine, and if he went back on his word, there would be no end to his punishment. He again begged and pleaded like a true 20something boi to stop the paddle and let him up. So I released the restraints after a couple nice pics of his bright red ass. His cock remained sssoooo rock hard…8”c of perfect collegeboi smoothness…
I guided him over to the large shower area in the basement bath….one equipped as much for play as for cleaning. I had him spread his legs as wide as possible after grabbing the overhead bar with his arms spread, effectively he was standing spread eagle in the middle of the shower. Under no circumstances was he to let go or it would be back to the paddle.
At this point, I started in with the clippers, removing all his pit hair, the little bit of fuzz on his belly, and his small blond patch of pubes. All this had happened before, and he knew what to expect. I could see the humiliation in his face. After the clippers, I got him wet, and out came the menthol shaving cream and razors, to remove every single hair from his crotch, cock, and balls. I told him he was to remain totally smooth for the duration of his punishment. At that point, I bent him over the shower chair, and shaved what little bit of blond hair was in the middle of that beautiful, round, smooth bottom. He remained rock hard, and only grunted and protested a bit when I used my thumb up his hole with nothing but a bit of spit to control his movement.
I told him to stay exactly where he was, while I turned on the shower shot and got it to the right, slightly warm temperature. brian knew what it was, and started begging me not to make him take enemas in front of me. That earned him a quick, hard 5 smacks from my hand right between his cute cheeks and on that pink round fuckhole. That quieted him down, and I made him reach around and spread his cheeks as wide as possible. After wetting things down a bit, I forced the metal nozzle up his hole, causing him to moan and almost yell in pain. I told him this punishment was to cure that shitty attitude he has had.
As the water filled his guts, I slapped those smooth cheeks a couple times. Then I pulled the nozzle out, and told him to keep his cheeks spread, and NOT spill a drop. You could just watch that boihole straining to hold it all in. Did I mention that beautiful cock was still hard? I commented that he must enjoy being punished since his cock had been hard since we started. brian didn’t know how to answer this one, but he blushed bright red in humiliation again!
I took a medium buttplug and lubed it up, told him to pull his cheeks further open so I had clear access to his hole, and that I was going to give him some help keeping the enema inside for a few minutes. With that, I slammed the plug all the way in, his hole having spasms at the sudden pain and intrusion, which also caused him to cry out in pain. I reminded him that he had been a major asshole, so he was going to endure a few weeks of major asshole punishment to remind him of his misdeeds. I made the boi stand up, turn around to face me, where I did give him a long hug that evolved into a deep kiss, and a whisper into his ear that all of this would make him a better man, but right now he needed to sit down on the chair and wait.
brian winced and grimaced hard when he sat down, red cheeks on the chair, plug forcing its way up his hole, and the enema still inside. After a couple minutes, I let him up and left him alone to empty out. We repeated that process again, and then I made him kneel in the shower for about three smaller enemas, him holding his cheeks wide open, head down, ass up, to show me that his boicunt was nice and clean. I’d never seen him turn redder than listening to me comment on his cute fuckhole, and how hot it was making me to see him shoot water out of that tight boipussy.
I moved brian back to the main room, and asked him if he needed to be tied down for the continuation of his punishment, or if he could take it like a good, strong boy. Holding back the tears, he told me he could take it. I sat down in my jock and t-shirt, obviously sporting a nice 8” thick hard-on, and told him to bend over my lap. How humiliating is it for a 25-year-old boy to be bent over the knees of a 29-year-old friend waiting to have his ass spanked? brian looked like he couldn’t be more embarrassed, and that was part izmit escort bayan of the point. Behave like a brat, get treated like one.
He bent over, resting his bare, smooth hard cock and balls against the bulge in my jock. I maneuvered him around just a bit, spreading his legs, making him rest his hands on the floor, and hooking one leg behind mine. Then we started. 100 hard spanks of my bare hand against my friends bare bottom. I covered is entire butt, from the top to the crease at his legs, from the outside of his hips to the middle of his cheeks. He never cried, but the tears started after about 50 or so.
I moved him from my lap to the spanking bench again, head down, ass up, knees spread obscenely wide apart with his cock, balls, and hole completely visible and vulnerable to whatever punishment or abuse was next. I snapped a nice leather cock ring around his boi-toys, with a 1.5” ball stretcher attached for fun. I then asked him what would be next. “Your choices are the leather belt, or the leather slapper with the holes. 50 strokes. What will it be brian?” “ I guess the slapper thing with the holes. It looks like it might not hurt as much.”
“brian, even though I am forcing you through this punishment and change, it is for your own good. I sill love you, and I am going to give you something to make this enjoyable, so to speak. It won’t stop the pain, but you will feel something else too. You might even like it, you little fucker.”
I told him to stay put while I went and mixed up a huge combo slam of coke, tina, and a touch of oxy. When I came back to him, I slapped his ass once, and told him to keep his head down, eyes closed, and give me his arm. I pulled it behind his back, tied him off and swabbed the vein quickly, and before he knew what happened, he felt the pinch, then the unbelievable rush!
“Oh jesus oh jesus fuck damn Allen. Oh goddamn, fuck ya. Fuck me! punish my butthole, use my cock, whatever you want. Damn, if this is punishment, I will take it 24-7. Keep punishing my butt Allen, just make me cum!”
I’d never heard that kind of kinky filth out of brian’s mouth, but he was going to get his wish. “Ok you kinky fucker, here comes more punishment!” With that, I started on 50 strokes of the leather slapper, concentrating on his lower cheeks, the sweet spot, and the last 20 all landed vertically down his sweet crack, right on that fuckhole. He screamed, but didn’t know if it was ecstasy or agony. His hole just swelled up nice and red, and twitched open and closed.
The second I stopped the slapper, I lubed up his hole with the hot lube, and slammed a nice medium dildo up that inflamed boipussy, causing him to cry out again, and a ton of precum to leak out of his swollen cock. After a couple minutes of that one, we proceeded to the manrammer, and then the large string of anal balls, which caused him to cum so hard that he covered his own face in jism.
I wiped it up with my fingers, and fed it to him. “Eat it brian, it is yours! Your asshole caused that to shoot out of your cock. Now swallow it back down.” He did so without hesitation, being so fucked up.
I then rolled him over, and tied his arms above his head, then his legs as widely as possible over his head also, leaving his now gaping hole, hanging balls, and dripping cock wide open. His eyes were as big as saucers, and I told him his punishment for the night was almost over.
I took the riding crop, and slapped it as hard as possible 10 times against his boipussy, causing brian to cry out in pain, and his hole to throb but also to tighten right back up. I applied 5 more softer but still stinging strokes each to his balls and to his once again hard cock, taking it in my hand, holding it where he could see it, and whipping it right on that smooth head.
That over with, I stripped off my jock, climbed above him, and in one painful, merciless stroke sunk my thick 8” balls deep in his boihole. He again cried out, and the tears flowed freely!
I leaned in, and kissed him hard as I slammed his fuckhole. I whispered into his ear that this is what I meant by taking care of all my needs. He would be punished as I saw fit. In whatever kinky, humiliating, creative way I saw fit, every night if needed. And he would take my hot cum up his hole every single night!
He simply nodded in submission as I started long-dicking his very sore, tender hole, pulling all the way out and slamming back in balls deep. After about 10 minutes, his hole again spasmed, and he covered himself in cum. That was all I could take, and I shot a huge load of my hot cum deep up his punished boihole. I kept my cock in for several minutes, making sure my load stayed deep in his battered rectum.
When I pulled out, I placed the large plug back in his hole, released the restraints, and handed him a tight white jock. “This is all you will wear for the next 10 weeks brian. Get use to it. Learn to love having your hole punished. Learn to do as you are expected to do. Learn to love having my load in your asshole, and I will see to it that you learn to be successful, and learn to love all these feelings.”

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