College Roommates Meet Ch. 12

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By this point, Devante’s pubes were covered in precum and his dick was throbbing. It was obvious that he could bust at any second. Spencer grabbed his dick again and started pumping. Moan after moan escaped Devante’s mouth. Out of nowhere, Spencer leaned over and planted a kiss right on Devante’s cheeks.

Devante’s whole body tensed up. As Spencer began to separate from the kiss a shot of cum landed right on his cheek. Then another shot blasted from Devante’s cock landed on Devante’s shirt. 4 or 5 more intense ropes of cum shot out of Devante’s dick followed by 3 or 4 more volleys.

This sight sent everyone else in the room over the top. Jeff quickly grabbed a tissue from the box next to him, whereas Spencer and Lance barely had enough time to pull up their shirts and allow the cum to shoot onto their chests. The scent of cum was strong in the air and everyone was breathing hard. It looked like a scene from the end of a porn.

Chapter 12:

A couple days went by with no discussion of the weekend’s escapade. Lance had done a great job of avoiding the boys, and to be honest they were doing the same. Devante and Spencer had not even talked about the incident anymore and Jeff had taken this opportunity to meet some new people on campus.

Waking up on Wednesday morning, Devante looked over to see that Spencer was still asleep. He used this opportunity to sneak out and take a nice relaxing shower. He stood and slipped off his underwear and wrapped his towel around his waist before heading out into the hallway towards the bathroom.

As he turned to head into the bathroom, he saw Lance. Neither was really prepared to see the other. They exchanged a pleasant smile and both continued on with saying a word.

Once in the shower, Devante just stood there and let the warm water run over him. There was something about the shower that was oddly peaceful for him. He used it as his place of deep thought. As he stood there, images of the previous weekend began flooding his mind. Thoughts of being naked in front of a room full of guys, having his roommate and college best friend jack him off, the fact that he kissed him. It was all too much for him.

He finally snapped himself out of his trance and lathered himself up with his shower gel and actually began to wash his body. He quickly finished up and rushed back to his room. He was relieved to see that Spencer was still sound asleep. He contemplated waking him up so that he didn’t miss his class, but he figured that he didn’t really want to interact with him at the moment so he just let it be.

Devante changed into his outfit, grabbed his book bag, and flew out the door. His classes went by pretty quickly, especially since he only had 2. Leaving from his last class, he sat on a bench outside thinking of things to do. He didn’t want to go back to his room because it brought back those memories that he didn’t want to think about and he didn’t have many friends because he mostly hung out with Jeff and Spencer, and he had never really taken time to see what else campus had to offer. He thought to himself, “There’s got to be something to do on this big ass campus. Guess it’s time to go exploring.”

Devante stood up and set off to find something to do worthy of his time. As he was walking past the Rec Center, he saw that they had signs up advertising try-outs for the club swim team. He had swam a little bit when he was younger but never anything competitive and definitely had not conditioned since then, but he thought to himself “Why not give it a try? At the very least I can kill an hour or two and get a workout in.”

With that he went inside. He walked up to the registration table and signed the waivers and get everything squared away. When he was done, the girl at the end of the table handed him a key. He looked at her confusedly.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“That’s the key to your locker, the number is on the ring. You can change into your suit in the locker room and store your things in the locker. The locker room is down this hallway to the left” she responded Sakarya Escort and smiled politely.

Up until that moment, Devante had totally forgotten that he was extremely underprepared, namely have not brought a suit.

Just as he was about to hand her the key back and cancel his try-out, Theo walked past.

“Hey man, wassup!” Theo said as he threw his arms around Devante to greet him.

“Aye man” Devante responded still in their embrace.

“You know you bogus for the way you stood me up on Friday right? I invite you and your freshmen friends to an upperclassmen party with hot half naked chicks, and you don’t even show? What kind of shit is that?”

“I guarantee you, it wasn’t on purpose!”

“Then what was it… on accident?” Theo said jokingly.

“Yeah man actually it was.” Devante said attempting to end the conversation without too much more interrogation. “But I’m finna get out of here I left my suit at home so I guess I can’t try out. But I’ll hit you up later man.”

“What, you need to borrow a pair of swim bottoms?” Theo asked.

“From who? I don’t know anybody here.”

“I got a pair if you need some.”

Devante thought to himself for a second. He definitely needed a pair of trunks if there was any hope of him trying out today, but at the same time did he want to wear a pair of someone else’s used swim trunks?

“Naw man, that’s ok. I don’t like wearing other people’s underwear and stuff. But thanks for the offer.” Devante said politely declining.

“Get over it dude. I just washed them so they are clean if you are worried about cooties or something.” Theo said as he laughed out loud.

“Five minutes until the warm-up drills begin” someone announced over the loud speaker.

“Dude do you want them or not?” Theo ask rather demandingly. “I have to get back to work, I can’t just stand around here chit chatting with you all day!”

“Fine!” Devante said as he stormed past Theo. Halfway down the hall, he turned around and looked at Theo “Are you coming or not? I know you heard them just say that I only have five minutes.”

Theo followed Devante to the locker room where he went to his locker and grabbed the swim trunks. He came back over to the locker that Devante was assigned and took a seat on the bench as Devante began to get changed. Devante unbuckled his belt to take his pants off with Theo staring on in.

“Do you mind?” Devante shouted.

“No I don’t mind actually… Why do you think I’m sitting here” Theo said jokingly without moving.

“Fuck it!” Devante said as he dropped his jeans and boxer briefs. As his dick flopped out, he quickly turned around to hide it.

“Boy get over yourself” Theo said as he got up to leave and get back to work

Quickly, Devante finished dressing and rushed out to the deck. Everyone else had already begun stretching, but instinctually Devante first ran over to the pool and splashed himself with some of the pool water to get his body acclimated. He stretched with the rest of the students for a minute or two and then the captain came out and commenced the official warm-ups.

They were put through a battery of physically challenging exercises. They swam laps, they dove, they had a relay, they did every swim exercise imaginable.

After it was all over, they were told that the results would be announced early next week via email. They thanked everyone for attending and dismissed them to the showers.

Devante headed into the locker room but was stopped.

“Hey man wassup”

“uhm… Hey” Devante replied looking at this guys with a confused stare.

“You were pretty good out there”

“Is that a joke?” Devante asked in disbelief as they entered the locker room. “I was barely keeping up.”

“Ok, now you’re exaggerating! You weren’t doing that bad at all. Did you see that one guy that looked like a flailing dying whale?” asked the guy as he burst into laughter.

“That’s true, but I definitely wasn’t any Michael Phelps out there.”

Devante got to his locker and the other Adapazarı Escort guy kept walking to his locker. Devante began to change back into his clothes as the guy walked back over.

“I know you’re not gonna try to go home without showering. That’s so gross dude!!!”

“Yeah dude, that’s disgusting” chimed in another guy who was walking their way.

At this point Devante couldn’t help but to stand there and look dumbfounded at these two guys.

“Oh my bad, this is my friend Rodney.” The guy said. Rodney was a decent looking guy. He had short blond hair with piercing blue eyes and was about 5’10 with a muscular build. He definitely was not hard on the eyes.

Devante continued to stand their looking confused until he finally said “How do you introduce your friend before you introduce yourself?”

The tall stud stood there confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, have we met or something? You cool and all but who are you?”

“You gotta be fucking kidding me Devante. I’ve sat next to you in English all semester and you still don’t know who the fuck I am?”

Devante stood there for a second and realized that he actually did kind of recognize him. “Oh shit! I’m sorry do. You look a lot different without your shirt and pants… no homo…”

“Bullshit!!! What’s my name then?”

“Uhm…” to be honest, Devante knew he didn’t know the guy’s name but he did now recognize him. “It’s right on the tip of my tongue. I can’t believe I am blanking right now.”

“Chase… My name is Chase. I can’t believe this! I’m hitting the shower.” Chase said as he walked away.

Devante felt like a total douche. He stood there another second then headed into the shower. He hung his towel up on the hook as he headed in. When he rounded the corner, he saw just how busy the shower was. After the try-outs all the showers were in use, not to mention that it was a communal style shower with no curtains.

The only open shower was the one in between Chase and Rodney. With his tail tucked between his legs he walked over and began showering.

As he shampooed his hair he could hear Chase, “Dude, don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’re probably just bad with names.”

“Bad with faces too” chimes in Rodney

“Shut up!” Devante says playfully. “I bet I won’t forget your name again.” Devante opened his eyes after washing the soap from his hair to see himself surrounded by a variety of penises of all shapes and sizes. Instinctually his penis begins to swell.

“What the fuck!” he thinks to himself. This is the absolute worse time for this to happen. He attempts to conceal his growing pecker by turning in toward the shower. Both Chase and Rodney continued the conversation with him as if this was not an awkward place to hold a conversation. Devante finished showering quickly and exited back into the locker room.

After he finished dressing and was about to leave the locker room he heard Chase yell out, “Hey dude! I’ll see you in class.”

Devante nodded back at him and walked back across campus to his dorm room.

Once back at his dorm he unlocks his door to see that Jeff and Spencer were in the room. “Hey man wassup” Spencer greeted.

Devante turned around to leave.

“Where you going man” asked Jeff.

Devante looked over his shoulder, “I don’t want to disturb you guys… I’ll come back later.” He then began to walk again.

Jeff stood, “I see you guys need to talk. I’m gonna head out” and left.

“Naw man, you don’t have to go” Devante said turning around.

Jeff didn’t even acknowledge him and just kept walking. Devante turned around and walked over to his bed and dropped his stuff. He then walked over to his closet and changed into some sweats and a tank. He didn’t speak a word to Spencer and definitely made sure not to make any eye contact as he walked back to his bed and crawled in.

In an attempt to break the silence, Spencer asked “So how was your day today?”

“I’m sorry man, I’m really tired and just wanna turn in. I’m not much in the mood Serdivan Escort for talking tonight” then turned over.

The next few days were a lot of the same. There was very little if any conversation had between the two roommates and whenever Jeff would come by to visit Devante would always most certainly leave. There had also been no trace of Lance either.

The more Spencer tried the more push-back he got from Devante. This had given Devante the opportunity to make some friends outside the dorm and get to see what other things that the campus had to get involved with. That Thursday, for example, he stopped by and toured the campus TV station where he met Steffani and Mark, the two student managers. They had even offered to let him host the nightly news cast a couple of times since they were short on volunteers and he seemed natural behind the camera.

Spencer, on the other hand, had not changed his routine at all. He still spent the vast majority of his time in their room with Jeff or working out. Their little incident had had a very minimal impact on him.

Finally, on Friday is a desperate attempt to start conversation Spencer remarks to Devante, “this room is filthy!”

“It is!” Devante responds. “You should clean it.”

“We were supposed to clean it last weekend but that never happened, but we are definitely going to do it tomorrow.”

“How you know I don’t have plans already?” Devante asked.

“You’re right, you haven’t really said two words to me all week so how would I know?”

Devante didn’t respond. He didn’t much want to talk about it.

“So do you have plans?” Spencer asked.

“Naw, it’s cool. We can clean up tomorrow.” Devante said nonchalantly.

“Fuck this shit!” Spencer yelled. “Why the fuck are you sitting here giving me the silent treatment like I did something to you. I get it, you mad about the shit that went down the other day and that’s fine but just say it. I’ll admit shit got a little out of control, but you making it seem like I did something to you on purpose. Get over yourself dude!!!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Devante said turning around swiftly to make sure that he was looking Spencer in the eyes. “Do you fucking hear yourself right now? You sound really crazy. Things got a LITTLE out of control, well isn’t an understatement? You were jacking my fucking dick dude. That shit’s gay!”

“Yeah says the man who was moaning like a little BITCH!”

“Like a bitch? Man get outta here. I would like to see how you react to a hand job when you’re horny. It don’t matter if it’s a man or a women if the shit feel good then it feels good.”

“Exactly! So you are clearly admitting that you enjoyed it, and it ain’t like we been running around the school telling people about it and shit. It’s embarrassing for me too! All I’m asking is that we try to take things back to the way they used to be.”

“And that’s just it, before you hadn’t touched my dick and Lance hadn’t seen me getting a hand job from you and now that’s not the case so things can’t go back to how they used to be… They just can’t. It’s impossible”

“Fair enough, but can we at least try to be cool again. I miss my old roommate!”

“I mean I’m not doing this to punish you or nothing so I’ll try but I can’t make any promises.”

“And that’s cool with me.”

Devante sat down at his desk and opened up his laptop while Spencer got into bed.

“Oh shit!” Devante yelled.

“What is it a roach or something” spencer asked jumping up out of his bed.

“OH sorry. I didn’t tell you this, but I tried out for the swim team and they just emailed me on if I got in or not.”

“Did you?”

“Let’s see” Devante clicks on the email and starts reading. “Devante, thank you for trying out for the team. This year we had a record number of swimmers… blah blah blah… your time and form were truly remarkable… blah blah blah… Unfortunately, however, at this time we are unable to offer you…”

“Aww… sorry to hear that bro!”

“It’s ok. I’m not sure that I was actually all that interested in doing it anyway.”


Well, that concludes chapter 12. I know that there was a long wait so I hope that this was worth it.

As always, I love love LOVE to hear from my readers. The good, the bad, the ugly, or even the kinky send it my way. Happy jerking!

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