Cute Flabby Nurse Aid


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Cute Flabby Nurse Aid

As an outside contractor I am used to not being trusted and working in a nursing home was not so much different. I had a job to do and needed to be everywhere…literally. So the administrator gave me a bodyguard. She was just there to see to it that I didn’t steal anything too big or expensive and that I didn’t molest any of the sexy senior citizens…as if that would happen.

Kimberly was a cute but flabby Certified Nurse Aid. She had a round face, a bit of a belly, and an ass that rolled around in her white nurse uniform pants. Everyone wore the same thin white pants with a variety of colored tops to distinguish importance. Kimberly wore green tops while the Registered Nurses wore blue tops and housekeeping wore pink tops.

Every day I would wait for Kimberly to arrive and then start my day. You see I am very punctual and always arrive on the job early, Kimberly however is not that punctual and just barely punches in on time. That frustrates me to no end.

I decided not to piss her off too much about it and just tease her a little to see if I can improve on her timing. Besides I like to look at her ass when she walks, when she bends over, and anytime else that I get a chance. I’m not usually attracted to chunky girls but Kimberly certainly was cute enough to over look the extra flab.

For the first three days I had enjoyed seeing her granny panty lines through her white pants. She always wore white panties unlike some of the other girls. There was one girl working in housekeeping that wore some of the brightest panties that I had ever seen and then bent over for me every chance that she got too. Now, that I could really go for, and she was closer to my age too. She was about thirty-five while Kimberly was still nineteen years old.

Like I said Kimberly wore white granny panties and then on the forth day she wore white thong panties. Of course I had to say something about the drastic change. Kimberly blushed then told me that her period had ended. She told me that since she has to wear white that she double protects herself with tampons as well as pads and that pads don’t fit very well under a G-string. I smiled and agreed with her.

Throughout the day my housekeeping girl, Janet, would show me her ass with her bright orange panties with big pink polka dots on them. I whispered my pleasure at seeing them to Kimberly. Near the end of the day Kimberly whispered that she didn’t own any flashy panties to wear in for me. I handed her a fifty-dollar bill and told her to buy some. She said that it wouldn’t be right to accept money from me. I smiled and told her that she could give them to me after she wore them, then I winked. It took her a moment to catch on but then she blushed again and put the money in the small pocket on her left breast.

The next day I was even more excited to see Kimberly walking in from the parking lot. She was actually ten minutes early. When she saw me she blushed and then I knew that I was in for a treat that day.

My first few stops were rooms with people in them. As hard as I tried I could not see Kimberly’s panties. I was getting frustrated. Then the next room was a storage closet of sorts. I just came out with it and asked Kimberly about her panties. Blushing she lifted her green top and lowered her white stretch pants a few inches. I got a good view of her big smooth belly and then the top few inches of her bright orange G-string panties. Kimberly grabbed a hold of the waist string, pulled it out, and let it snap back. Then she turned around with her top still up and her pants still down a few inches. darıca escort Her panties were just a thin bright orange string around her waist and down her butt crack connected with a small metal heart. No wonder I never saw anything showing through her white pants. I also saw a cute horizontal tattoo just above her waistline that was a scroll of sorts. As I looked closer it was actually her name. Kimberly was spelled out with vines.

I just had to ask if her bra matched. She turned to face me blushing quite nicely as she lifted her top up to her shoulders. Her bra did match but it was unlike any bra that I had ever seen before. It too was a G-string. The two tiny cones that tried to cover her areolas were only being held there by tiny bright orange strings. Kimberly’s breasts were much bigger than I had thought. She was a good D-cup and those cones hardly covered five percent of her boob flesh. My mouth watered and I think I started to drool when Kimberly finally lowered her top. About all I could say was, “Kimberly you are just about the prettiest girl that I have ever seen.” I meant it too. Kimberly blushed.

After that, every time we found ourselves in an empty room, I would beg Kimberly for another peek. She would blush and grant me a look. Eventually her pants reached her knees and her top stayed at her shoulders. The small triangle did not cover her love mound. Kimberly was shaved bald from what I could tell.

I invited her out to dinner that evening. At quitting time she went into a patient’s room that was not occupied and used the bathroom. Moments later she came out displaying the bright orange G-string panties. She smiled and handed them to me. Then Kimberly lifted her top a little and dropped her pants just enough to show me that she had a small patch of dark brown pubic hair on her love mound. I walked closer and knelt down. One corner of her patch was missing and there was a tiny tattoo of a stick man mowing the lawn. It was the most adorable thing that I had ever seen. Just then the door closed. I turned around to see the cute housekeeping girl, Janet, standing with her back to the door. She told us that we should really be more careful. She was right. I was too overcome with emotion to realize that I had left the door open. Kimberly froze and Janet came over and knelt next to me. She saw the panties in my hand and admired them, she saw the tiny stick man mowing Kimberly’s pubic hair and smiled, and then Janet grabbed Kimberly’s flabby ass and held her tightly as she buried her face in Kimberly’s pussy. As I watched I grabbed one of Janet’s breasts in my hand and slipped my other hand down her white stretch pants and into her panties. I kept going until my fingers were between her legs opening her moist pussy lips and feeling around inside her love hole like a two headed snake. When Janet broke contact with Kimberly’s pussy I slipped two fingers into her moist love hole too. I knelt there with those two women, finger fucking them and neither one of them objected.

I stood up taking Janet with me then I lifted Kimberly up onto the bed. With extreme ease I penetrated Kimberly. I made love to girl that had teased me all day long even though Janet was the girl of my dreams. Kimberly had been so cute, had showed me her panties, and even given them to me as I had asked. With Janet in the palm of my hand, literally, I just had to make love to Kimberly first. As I fucked her pussy Janet fondled her big flabby breasts and kissed her full on the lips. Then Janet would kiss me and I would kiss Kimberly. The three of us were making love in bed together. It was my first threesome izmit otele gelen escort and it was in our place of employment…and the door was not locked. As my heart skipped a beat my cum shot into her. I pumped every last drop into her. When I finally separated from Kimberly, Janet told her to go into the bathroom and get cleaned up while she changed the bed. Janet was very efficient and it was done long before Kimberly come out. Janet kissed me and thanked me for allowing her to join us in bed. She also asked if it could happen again. She had been admiring Kimberly for quite some time herself but had never acted upon it. Then Janet left.

When Kimberly came out of the bathroom all clean and refreshed, I told her about Janet’s request. As we stood in line to punch out Kimberly invited Janet and I over to have dinner at her place. We both accepted.

I arrived about fifteen minutes early with two bottles of wine. Not knowing what we were having I bought a bottle of red and of white wine. Janet opened the door for me. She had arrived a half-hour early. Janet had on a light summer dress that showed some cleavage and was quite short. I had never seen her bare legs before and they were spectacular. She was a tall slender blonde with a ponytail halfway down her back. She was a total opposite of Kimberly who was basically short, stocky, and had curly dark brown hair to her shoulders.

Janet led me to the kitchen where Kimberly was bent over looking into the oven. Her black miniskirt was up to her crotch and both of us admired her bare pussy lips from behind. When Kimberly stood up and turned around I was speechless. She had on a transparent white blouse that showed off her bare breasts perfectly. In her case, what I saw was what I got. I couldn’t help but wonder what Janet had on underneath her yellow summer dress.

The ladies insisted that I open both bottles of wine so I did. After drinking their first glasses, dinner was served. Kimberly was a pretty good cook. I guess I should have known that from her weight. Janet was a very light eater and a heavy drinker, again I should have know that from her weight.

The dirty dishes were left right on the table. Then Kimberly got two cans of whipped cream out of the refrigerator and asked me if I was ready for desert. I followed them into her bedroom. The bed had been covered with a rubber sheet that had obviously been borrowed from the nursing home.

Kimberly removed her transparent white blouse and her black skin-tight miniskirt. Janet removed her yellow summer dress. There was nothing underneath. Then the two girls undressed me. I was then placed on the bed to have certain areas of me covered with whipped cream. It was freaking cold but as the girls took turns sucking on my cock it was all worth it. Besides paybacks are good and I knew exactly where I was going to stick those two nozzles.

As I lay there enjoying myself I felt the edge of the bed and smiled. Janet must have made the bed. She rolled up bath towels and placed them around the perimeter of the bed before placing the rubber sheet over them and forming a shallow swimming pool. Soon it was my turn to be on top and as I had planned, I placed both nozzles in their pussies and fired a ridicules amount of whipped cream into them. It was a white foamy douche. We all knew that dairy products like that could cause yeast infections but none of us cared. Janet helped me clean out Kimberly’s pussy and then Kimberly helped me clean out Janet’s pussy. I just watched as they got into a sixty-nine. Kimberly was doing it for my benefit but Janet was simply enjoying izmit merkez escort herself. That time I fucked both girls but cum in Janet.

After a shower and the bed got cleaned up I was treated to a warm oil party. The ladies worked together to form a slightly larger shallow pool on the floor of the bedroom using more rolled bath towels. A whole quart of extra virgin olive oil was heated to ninety-eight point six degrees Fahrenheit, body temperature. Then one by one we were covered from our neck to our feet by the other two people. The remaining oil was poured all over the pool bottom. Then the fun really began. We started to wrestle. We quickly found ourselves on the floor twisted into a human pretzel. Fingers probed everywhere including in my ass and that was a new sensation for me. In retaliation I got two of my fingers up into both girls rectums and almost four fingers into their pussies. Then Janet with her slender hands put one entirely into Kimberly’s flabby pussy then she fist-fucked the poor girl into submission.

Kimberly was almost exhausted from constant orgasms when she agreed to letting me butt-fuck her while Janet fist-fucked her at the same time. The poor girl had no choice in the matter. She was going to get it one way or the other and Janet was not about give in. Kimberly struggled to get onto her hands and knees even with our help and Janet’s hand in her snatch. Since she had taken two of my fingers in her asshole earlier I knew that she could take my cock, then I remembered Janet’s fist blocking the way. It really would be a stretch. I smiled at Janet as I aimed the head of my cock at Kimberly’s sphincter muscle. The head popped in and Kimberly hardly noticed. She was in a constant state of orgasm from Janet. I slipped my cock in and fucked her to my hearts content. With the olive oil everywhere there was almost no friction to stimulate me so I had to clinch my own hand around my cock and sort of masturbate into Kimberly’s rectum. When I was finished and had pulled out Janet removed her hand from Kimberly’s pussy. Kimberly curled up in the fetal position and wept. Janet and I both tried to console her. She fell asleep.

Later that night after Janet and I had cleaned everything and everyone up, Kimberly awoke. Before we could apologize for our actions she thanked us both for the most outrageous sexual experience of her lifetime. She said that nothing in the next seventy or eighty years could ever top that. Janet agreed with her.

Then Kimberly tried to tell us what she had gone through. Janet could relate to a few things and I could relate to a few things but neither of us could imagine the sheer pleasure and torture that Janet’s fist had given Kimberly. Apparently her G-spot had taken a beating and kept on ticking. Janet had experienced multiple orgasms before but nothing like a hundred or more in a row with the intensity that Kimberly described.

We spent the night together cuddled in Kimberly’s bed. Before I left in the morning to shave and change for work Kimberly had a bowel movement. She let out a shriek and Janet rushed in. When she came out Kimberly told me that her rectum was tender but that it would be okay if I wanted to butt-fuck her in a couple of days. I never expected an offer like that from her.

Both ladies arrived for work together. Throughout the day Kimberly would flash me her bra and panties in unoccupied rooms. Janet would do the same whenever she caught up with us. Work became very interesting and I didn’t want the job to ever end…but it did.

Now I am in a different town and in a different place of work I can not take my mind off my blonde bombshell housekeeper and my cute flabby nurse aid. Janet moved in with Kimberly and I had a standing invitation to stop by whenever I was in town.

I told myself to take any job offer within fifty miles of those ladies no mater what the pay was.

The End
Cute Flabby Nurse Aid

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