Festival Girls Pt. 02


“Holy fuck.”

The blonde girl in the door way stares at Lena and I, her mouth popped open in shock as she takes in the situation she just walked into.

To my surprise, I’m not embarrassed that a stranger just walked in on me and my best friend mid fuck session. We should’ve known better, really. After all, a public bathroom at a festival is hardly the most appropriate place to do such a thing. But it was convenient, which is exactly what we had thought at the time.

As a matter of fact, I’m quite the opposite of embarrassed. I actually find myself growing wetter as I shamelessly check out the blonde girl’s long tanned legs and ample tits.

Lena is the first to break the silence, a lazy yet seductive grin curling at her talented lips. “Hey there,” she purrs, the lilt of it sending shivers straight down between my legs. “Can we help you?”

The girl looks flustered, her cheeks heating to a lovely shade of pink as she leans into the door closed behind her. Her tongue darts out between her plump lips and I suppress the urge to groan out loud.

“Nah,” she says breathlessly, finally finding her voice. “I mean, you two can keep doing what you were doing. Don’t let me interrupt.”

Lena’s lips spread in a Cheshire grin that promises I’m going to thoroughly enjoy what happens next. “What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“Harper,” she says automatically, tucking a wayward strand of hair behind her ear.

Lena’s hands grope my ass, grinding my hips into hers and rubbing our pussies together salaciously as she had been before. But her eyes are on our new friend. “You like to watch, Harper?”

Harper’s eyes are glued to us, glancing between Lena’s glinting eyes and the spot where our hips are rocking together. She nods.

“Lock the door then, would you, gorgeous?”

I watch as Harper obliges, sliding the deadbolt into place on the bathroom door, a convenient thing Lena and I had forgotten when we’d rushed in here. But, given the turn of events, I can’t say I’m mad.

My focus returns to my best friend as she begins rubbing against me harder and faster, and a delighted moan escapes me. The feel of our bodies moving against one another is pure ecstasy.

But, before the sensation can build any further, Lena disentangles us and I immediately let out a dissatisfied whimper.

Lena’s lips are on mine immediately, drowning out the sound as her tongue invades my mouth and her hands grope at my tits. Before I know it, she has my top on the floor and she’s pinching my nipples between her manicured fingers. I squeal against her mouth and she smiles.

“You like that?” She asks as she pinches me again, and I squirm. Pulling her mouth away from mine, she latches onto my breast and takes my nipple in her mouth.

With her free hand, Lena kneads my other breast, but my attention is focused solely on the way the cool metal of her tongue ring feels as she suckles hard. My fingers knot in her hair as to keep her locked against me, but I have to loosen my grip when she switches sides.

A familiar ache is building low in my belly, and I pull at her hair in order to force her mouth back to mine. With a giggle, she goes easily and I suppress a groan. “I’m so damn wet,” I tell her, my lips moving against hers.

I feel her grin and a hand quickly falls between my legs. A single finger prods at my aching pussy before retreating. “You certainly are.”

“I need you,” I moan, my hips moving automatically as if in search of her hand, “again.” Casibom

“Then lie down,” she instructs me.

That’s when it kind of occurs to me that we’re kneeling on a dirty bathroom floor, and I grimace. But Lena looks at me expectantly with her mirthful eyes, and I obey without complaint. But that doesn’t mean I don’t do my best to situate my ass, at least, on my discarded top and shorts.

Lena spreads my legs as soon as I’m on my back, and I help her. Kneeling between my legs, she inspects the scene before her, and without further preparations, thrusts two fingers inside of me.

My back arches off of the floor and I hear a groan that isn’t mine. When I look up, I realize it was Harper. Her denim skirt has been hiked up, and I’ve been given the perfect vantage point to watch her desperately rubbing her own pussy a few feet above me.

“Do you like that?” Lena coos, but I’m not sure if she’s referring to her finger fucking or my lovely view.

Either way, I answer, “yes.”

She rams another finger inside me and I screw my eyes shut, crying out in delight. With her other hand, she starts rubbing her thumb in deliberate circles around my clit.

I rock my hips in time with the thrusts of her fingers, and I feel the wave of another orgasm creeping up my body. Fast. When my eyes flutter open, I see Lena’s beautiful face watching the girl behind me. Sure enough, when I tip my head back, I see Harper’s fingers delving into her own pussy in time with Lena’s.

And that’s when I lose control, ecstasy flooding my veins as my back arches and I let out a moan of sheer pleasure.

Lena continues moving her fingers in and out of my pussy until I’m a satisfied, panting mess. Then she hold them up in front of her face, three of them glistening in the awful lighting, and looks at Harper from beneath long lashes.

“Why don’t you come give her a taste, gorgeous?” Lena purrs, using those same fingers to beckon the girl closer.

Harper is on her knees before Lena in a heartbeat, lips parted and eyes glazed with desire. I watch as Lena slowly pulls the girl’s lips further apart with her wet fingers before sliding them into Harper waiting mouth.

She cleans them in no time, sucking and licking my wetness from Lena’s fingers. I watch her for a heartbeat before I’m sitting up and reaching to grab a handful of her long blonde hair.

“Do I taste good?” I ask her in a low voice. A shiver runs down my spine when she nods, and Lena pulls her fingers out of her mouth so Harper can speak.

“That was so hot,” Harper says breathlessly, her voice husky with the same desire painted all over her face.

Lena’s grin is wide. “We’re not done yet, gorgeous.” She leans in and kisses the blonde girl roughly on the mouth.

My teeth sink into my lower lip when Lena starts palming Harper’s breasts through her thin tube top. The fabric barrier seems to only annoy Lena though, and she yanks it down around Harper’s waist to reveal her ample tits.

Her puffy pink nipples are already hard, and I pinch one of them between the fingers of my hand not currently tangled in her hair. I playfully tweak her one nipple while Lena begins sucking at the other.

“Oh fuck,” Harper groans, her lashes fluttering and her mouth popping open in a silent “o”. Her bee-stung lips look like they would feel amazing on, well, any part of my body.

After a moment, Lena seems to have the same idea. She lets go of Harper’s nipple with an audible pop and looks Casibom Giriş up at me through her think lashes. “Do you want to watch me fuck her face?”

I shutter as the raunchy words pass her lips. I’m mildly surprised at just how appealing the idea of watching my best friend sit on a stranger’s face is.

That appeal must be obvious, because Lena instructs Harper to lie down and she does so without any hesitation. Lena moves to straddle Harper’s face on her knees, leaving the girl with a glorious view of Lena’s smooth, wet cunt.

I watch as Lena lowers herself with deliberate slowness, her bright eyes never leaving mine. By the flutter of her lashes, I know when Harper’s plump lips latch onto her pussy.

Lena doesn’t spare much time, quickly starting to rock her hips and grind herself against Harper’s pretty face. I can’t see her face, but the blonde appears to be enjoying every minute of it way she clenches her bent legs together.

“I wanna watch you fuck her,” Lena moans, nodding to the hidden treasure between Harper’s clenched legs.

I move so that I’m kneeling by Harper’s feet, and spread her legs wide in front of me. My eyes are still on Lena’s. “Tell me how.”

Lena’s distracted for a heartbeat, her eyes closing as she lets out a pleasured moan that has me palming my tits. “Eat her out,” Lena pants softly. “I wanna see you eat her pretty little pussy.”

I don’t need to be told twice. I settle in on my stomach, the floors forgotten, and take a good look at the pretty little pussy in front of my face. With a single fingertip, I stroke the thin landing strip of hair before I spread her lips between my fingers and dive in.

Harper bucks her hips the second my tongue makes contact with her warm, wet cunt. I sweet my tongue between her lips a few times before going straight for her clit. As I swirl my tongue around her clit and nip at it gently with my teeth, I look up from beneath my lashes to see Lena grinding her pussy desperately against Harper’s tongue. The chorus of their moans and the sound of Harper greedily tongue-fucking my best friend sends me into double time as I wrap my arms around Harper’s thighs and bury my face in her delicious cunt.

I hear Lena cum first, her screams sending heat pooling between my legs. She must raise herself off of Harper’s face, because when I thrust two fingers inside the blonde, I hear her curse loudly and profusely.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Harper yells, rocking her hips faster and harder against my face as I thrust into her. I wrap my lips tightly around her clit and she swears again. “Keep— God, yes, right there. Holy shit, I’m gonna cum.”

Sure enough, a few thrusts of my fingers and strokes of my tongue have Harper screaming my name and bucking her hips wildly. I taste the salty tang as she cums in my mouth, and I don’t stop fucking her until she goes limp and lazy from the thrill of her orgasm.

“Fuck, you’re a pro at that,” Harper tells me as I climb back onto my knees and wipe my clean hand over my mouth.

I laugh as Lena takes my other hand— the one I just pulled out of Harper’s pussy— and brings my fingers to her lips. I feel the cool metal of her tongue rig as she laps up whatever’s left of Harper’s juices.

A part of me wonders how I’m ever going to be around Lena without shoving my hand in her pants or tearing her clothes off. But as I watch her pull my fingers slowly out of her mouth, I tell that part to shut the fuck up.

Then her hand is in Casibom Güncel Giriş my hair and she’s kissing me roughly, sliding her tongue into my mouth with an open invitation.

“Wanna know what I want now?” Lena asks me, her lips leaving mine only long enough to get the words out. With her other hand, she palms my ass. “I wanna see her bend you over the sink.” A rough smack of her hand. “And fuck you from behind.”

I get to my feet, not breaking our kiss as I stumble over to the sink. Only then to I drag my lips away from her’s to look over at Harper, who is also on her feet, watching us with that same look of lust and overall horniness on her face.

Reaching over with one hand, I pull her against me and bring my lips to her’s for the first time. Her pouty lips are just as soft as I’d imagined, and as they move against mine languidly, I can’t wait another second to have them buried in my pussy.

I quickly bend over the sink, just as Lena wanted, and turn to face her where she stands off the the side. She’s pinching one of her pierced nipples between her fingers, and I mirror the action on my own tit.

Behind me, Harper puts her soft hands on my ass and spreads me wide before her. Then her tongue is delving into my waiting cunt and I let out a moan of pure pleasure.

I feel her tongue prod and stroke my wetness, dipping inside of me with ease. I’ve been wet since I watched Lena sucking her tits, and it feels fucking amazing to finally be, well, fucked again.

That feeling of ecstasy is just building in my stomach again when I feel Harper spread my ass even more. My eyes screw shut the second I feel her warm, wet tongue prodding my hole. “Oh fuck,” I moan loudly, rocking against the sink, the cold porcelain making my nipples peak.

I open my eyes as Harper continues licking my ass, the surprise of it fading into a desire that burns hotter with every stroke of her skilled, dirty tongue. Beside me, Lena’s leaned against the sink, her hand rubbing furiously at her own pussy.

“Make her cum, Harper,” Lena says huskily.

Harper obliges as I feel not one, not two, but three fingers thrust roughly into my cunt, and I scream her name. My legs start shaking as I reach a hand between my legs and begin rubbing my fingers over my clit in time with Lena beside me.

The fire burns quicker and hotter as Harper swirls her tongue and pounds her slim fingers into me with ferver. I can barely pick up the pace with my own fingers between my legs when my orgasm hits, and I feel my toes curl as I gasp Harper’s name, and Lena’s, cry out at the sheer ecstasy of it all.

I hear Lena climax shortly after me, and feel her fingers pulling my hair as we cum together.

When I’ve come back down, I feel Harper’s fingers slip out of my pussy and she strokes them through my folds a couple of times before pulling away completely.

Three sets of hands wander aimlessly as we huddle against each other. I give Harper a tired, thankful kiss and Lena licks my wetness off the blonde girl’s fingers. Then she’s joining in, our tongues fighting amongst each other as each of us kisses no one in particular.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Lena murmurs, her lips trailing kisses down my throat. Harper’s lips latch onto my nipple, and I moan softly at both of them.

I tilt my head back to give Lena better access. “Those were the best fucking orgasms of my life,” I reply.

We stand like that for a few minutes, kissing and groping and pawing at each other like we might just fall onto the floor and go at it all over again. But just as I slip my fingers down to stroke both of their waiting pussys, a fist pounds against the door and we jump.

“Open the fucking door, I need to piss!”

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