Game Day Pt. 02

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Game Day II (c) 2020 Nicolo Parenti

[This is the continuation of my earlier story, “Game Day”, which you might want to read first. But here’s a recap: John is awakened from a Saturday nap by Marie, the wife of a philandering co-worker. Her husband is off with his ‘fuckable’ secretary and Marie’s looking for reassurance and maybe some payback. By the end of the day she’s been double-teamed by John and his friend Tommy. She insists it was a one-time thing. Then one Saturday John’s phone rang…]

Game Day II: The Legend of Curley’s Pussy

The caller ID blew me out of my weekend funk like a sharknado. It was a call I’d often imagined but never really expected.

“Oh, hi John, it’s Marie. Oh, hey, I was just wondering if, maybe um, if, oh god I can’t believe myself, if maybe you were having a… a few guys over to watch a game today?”

Whoa. I guess it had been on her mind too, these last few months.

I hadn’t planned a party but I’m, you know, flexible. And maybe I could get Tommy. Ah, kidding. He’d be over here in ten seconds if he had to skip his mother’s funeral. Not that she’s dead, I’m just saying.

“Oh, Marie, there’s always room for Jell-O. Come on by. Tom will be here for sure. And… do I understand what you’re asking? How many is ‘a few’?”

“Well… ten would be too many, right?” I could just about hear her blushing. God, what a fine combination of demure and horny.

“Yes, honey, ten would be way over the top. I know you can out-fuck me and Tommy, so maybe another two-three? We could make it a surprise for the new guys if you’re up for that.”

“Oh. That would be good. I wouldn’t want them to think they were just coming over to meet some slut. I’m not a slut, am I, John?”

“Marie, you are a desirable and liberated woman with compelling memories of filthy sex with multiple men. Yes, you’re a slut and you should be fucked like one. Be here at noon. No underwear.”

I thought I heard a gasp just as I hung up. She’d be here.

Tommy was all in, so I had him phone a friend. “Find a guy you’d be OK with, someone who’d be into it. I’ll find one too. Corey, I’ll get Corey. I’m sure she can handle four. Yeah, one for each hole and one to get snacks. But don’t let on what the deal is, just ‘watch a game’ or something. It’s what, quarter to eleven now? Tell him twelve-fifteen, with beer. You get here before.”

Tommy and I knew Corey from the gym. I reached him before he made plans for the day and he was on board — he just didn’t know for what yet. Tommy got Steve, a work pal whose divorce status matched ours. I knew him casually and figured he was a good addition to the scrum.

We were all pretty much of a type, six-foot plus and fit, but Corey was bigger, and Black. Everyone called him Curley because he shaved bald (how original). I didn’t know if he was as hung as Black guys are thought to be, but I knew he had brains and stamina, and he liked pussy. So, well qualified.

Marie didn’t hold off until noon. At a quarter to I answered the door expecting only Tommy, but they were both there. Marie was as fine as ever. She’d done something with her red-blonde hair, it was, I dunno, cuter? She wore a satiny sheath whose drape outlined her breasts, leaving no doubt that she’d observed the ‘No Underwear’ sign. Tommy? Still not cute.

She gave us a brief hug and a cheeky kiss, like buddies meeting for lunch instead of three people who’d swapped DNA. It had to be awkward for her, because she really wasn’t the slut I’d told her she was — that was just to get her hot. Mostly she was a lady who’d had her horizons expanded. Along with her sphincter.

I guided us to the sofa, where she settled back and tucked her legs under. Tommy and I flanked her.

“Man, you look terrific. You been doing OK? I gotta say, that time with you was off the hook, but we really never expected a rematch.” Tommy nodded in agreement. Expecting’s not the same as dreaming, right? “I mean, you didn’t know what you were getting into then. Now you do. What changed?”

“Me. I changed. That was a ‘before and after’ day. Before I didn’t know what I needed. I didn’t know how much and how hard I could come with more than one… man.” She blushed demurely. A slut would have said “cock”, right?

“Mike and I tried. He said it was over with what’s-her-cunt. I never told him what we did but he had to know something was up. I was on his dick like a demon. We fucked every day. I wanted him in my ass, I was insatiable. He loved it, for a while.

“But it wasn’t the same. Oh I came, a lot, but I’d hear myself asking, ‘Is that it? Where’s the second stage of the rocket?’ The newness wore off, like a honeymoon. I think Mike was glad when I stopped pestering him for sex. I hadn’t stopped wanting it, I just needed what one man couldn’t give me. But anytime I even hinted at bringing in another guy, he blew up.

“And he hadn’t gone off sex completely, just at home. Yeah, he’s still not a one-woman man. Last night I told him it was over, GTFO and find a hotel. And I gaziantep bayan escort decided, fuck it, I need another turn on the tilt-a-whirl. But I can’t just go and pick up guys, not two at a time. You gave me the ride of my life, turned me out, and it changed me. So here we are.”

Tommy and I looked at each other. Maybe this would’ve been better with just us, but that bus had sailed. There were two more guys coming. And just as I had that thought, the doorbell rang. Tommy got up to answer it.

“Well, Marie, it’s show time. These two are just expecting TV sports and cold beer. Last chance to back out. You can be our guest, or you can be our whore. What’ll it be?”

Her hooded eyes gave me an old, old look. “Sex,” she said. “All of it.”

I smiled and reached out to tweak a nipple. “OK then, off to the bedroom. I’ll come and get you when it’s time. Stay hot, get yourself loose.”

Tommy let in Steve and Curley, sorry, Corey. Both had brought beer.

“‘Sup John. What’s on today? I didn’t see any good games.”

“TBA, buddy. Unscheduled event. You know Steve, right? Stevie, you remember Corey from that thing, yeah? And everyone knows Tommy.”

Mutual know-the-guy was acknowledged, brews were distributed and we all gravitated to the sofa. I took a deep breath.

“Okay, so, we lied a little. I’ll get to that, but there are ground rules. First: what we do here, what we say here, stays here.”

Steve looked puzzled. “This a twelve-step meeting?”

I’d started badly. “No man, it’s just, like Vegas, okay? If you can’t keep shtum you gotta split — but the beer stays. Are we cool on that? Nothing, forever?”

They nodded tentatively. “Oookay, Johnny. Mum it is. This better be good.”

“Oh it’s good,” Tommy said. We related the story of our afternoon with Marie. They started out skeptical but were soon convinced that we really did have an afternoon of wild sex with a hot and lovely lady.

Steve asked, “So, what? You took movies and you want to show them now?”

“Nope, and that gets us to rule two: no pictures, no recording. Phones off, in the drawer. Rule three, no pain, everything is consensual.”

The light was beginning to dawn. Steve blurted, “Wait. Are you saying what I think you’re saying? You’re going to do this again, and we, what? Get to watch?”

Corey was sharper. “No, Steve. He’s saying we get to help. And I for one am so ready to sign a copy of those rules.”

“OK then. Loosen your belts and get comfortable. Someone wants to meet you.” I led Marie out of the bedroom. Heads were on swivels. There was a hum of disbelief. Whatever they were expecting, it wasn’t as nice as Marie. Her eyes were downcast, her pose submissive, but she wasn’t fooling me. This was her stage. And if Black was a surprise she didn’t show it.

I laid my hands lightly on her shoulders and turned her to face our friends. She almost vibrated as anticipation wrestled with trepidation. And no surprise, lust pinned fear to the mat in one fall. It’s never a contest. It’s why some people risk sex in public places.

Remembering how she’d once responded to my humiliating patter, I announced, “Gentlemen, meet Marie, your fuck doll. She’s the one who invited you here. I hope you’re all fully charged because she needs every inch of your cocks in each of her holes, every squirt you can muster. She loves to fuck, and today she’s yours.” Her knees buckled as a shudder ran through her. She might have had a small orgasm right then. Well, if not it wouldn’t be long.

I unzipped her silky dress and slipped it apart and down. It caught briefly on her nipples then dropped to the floor, exposing her completely. She flushed from neck to belly as I presented her to them, stroking her arms, sides and breasts, rolling and tugging those pebble-hard buds. She’d never looked so lovely, or so wanton.

I spun her and bent her at the waist, displaying her once-private parts to the crew. I spread her moist pussy and leaned in to whisper to her, “They can see your cunt, Marie. And you know that’s not all.” She whimpered. I pressed one finger into her pussy and eased another into her snug little asshole. “If they didn’t already know it, now they can see you’re ready for anything. They’re going to fuck you, Marie. Everywhere.”

With that crude whisper and one little pinch of her budding clit she came like lightning, unable to stand. I propped her up and eased her toward the bedroom, stripping off as we went. I was naked before you could say ‘jaybird’ and quickly as hard as a judge. No one looked away, which boded well. No snickers, even better.

“OK, guys, I’ll start. Join us. Viagra and condoms in the bathroom. You’ll need the V, trust me. You can’t outlast her. Condoms, strictly up to you, but she does love the cream.” Nobody grabbed a condom, but the vitamins went like candy.

I backed Marie to the side of the bed and tipped her over with a finger. I would have spread her open but damn, she was already splayed. I wouldn’t get another chance to eat her out before she was too gooey for my taste, so I attacked her crotchal area with lips, tongue, even a little tooth.

In a few moments she arched off the mattress, clamped my ears and ripped out a climax, already her second or third of the day. The new guys had been transfixed, but that unfroze them.

Corey and Steve were soon naked and randy as roosters. This wasn’t new to Tommy, who stroked his cock while waiting for an opening, but the others didn’t quite know where to look or what to touch. They’d soon get over that, I knew. Not long ago I’d been reluctant to get sexy in front of Tommy. But the prospect of fucking this woman would quickly dispel any timidity.

Their hands were all over her body, stroking, probing, pulling. She was in overdrive, squirming and clasping for cocks. Time to step up. As host, it was my privilege and my duty.

I stood between her spread legs and aimed for the sweet spot, now even slicker and more open. As I slid into her she raised her head and shouted “Fuck! Yes! God yes!” and bounced her hips up to meet my thrusts. Her eyes squeezed shut and she moaned.

As fucking goes it was pretty normal. I mean, you’ve seen movies at least, right? As the momentum built I went deeper and harder, knowing how much she liked a caveman fuck. Bone to bone, baby, skin to skin. Eventually she opened her eyes and sought out the other men in the room.

Just like in Lake Wobegon, all the dicks were above average, but Corey’s stood out, so to speak. Not all that much bigger, really, but the purplish-black sheen of its bulbous head made an impression. Especially on Marie.

“Oh, please, bring that here!” Her words came out in punchy breaths as she continued to play Wilma to my Fred Flintstone. She urged him to her face and started nuzzling and licking and sucking, struggling to fit him into her mouth. She wasn’t going to get all of this one, but thankfully for Curley she got the good part in. I mean Corey.

I fucked her until she came out loud. She lost contact with Corey, who popped out with a ‘poit’. I hadn’t come yet but I yielded the remainder of my time to the gentleman from Wisconsin, meaning Tommy. He wasn’t shy about sharing a warmed-up cunt. Technically it wasn’t even sloppy seconds, though I had worked her juices into a bit of a froth.

Marie went crazy, and this was only man number two. I’ve mentioned before that we didn’t do caveman quite the same, but Tommy’s style was as good as any at stoking Marie’s fire. She was building toward another peak.

Steve had replaced Corey as her pacifier. He didn’t make it very far, poor boy, flooding her mouth within a minute or two. Marie didn’t try to swallow his explosive effluence, instead letting it run down her chin and drip onto her pale, slim body. She used her free hand — the one not tugging Corey back to her mouth — to rub it into her pert B-cup cones. This was the first semen of the day, so it was special.

The second batch wouldn’t be long in arriving. Tommy pounded away, pushing Marie closer to her next orgasm. His job was tougher than mine, because even though she could come and come, the first one was always the easiest.

And there it was. Tommy froze deep inside her for a moment, then with a few short strokes at her entrance pumped out a quantity of spunk. This triggered Marie, and she almost spit out Corey’s cock again. Woman can’t be trusted.

Steve motioned me aside as the sex hit a temporary lull. It didn’t seem to bother either of us that our dicks were dangling.

“Man, we can’t keep up this pace. Even with the medicine, I’m good for maybe half an hour. And I get the feeling she’s expecting to fuck all afternoon.”

“High hopes, for sure. When it was just me and Tommy we took breaks, joked around, had snacks. This time, you’re right, it’s starting off way intense. Maybe I should have gotten ten guys like she wanted.”

“Ten! Jesus, that’s like, a disease. And you’d need a ballroom.”

“Heh, ball room, right. So, you had an idea?”

“Maybe. I’m seeing this girl Katie, and I mean girl. She’s like nineteen. She’s been saying we should open up, do threesomes. I could get her over here no sweat. She’s a fireball, dude, cute and sexy. She’ll fuck anything.”

“Uh, no offense Steve but more pussy is the last thing we need right now.”

“Oh! No, I mean three with another girl. She could fill in, take up some slack. Katie’s eaten a pussy or two. Anyway, a little girl-girl action could be, uh, invigorating.”

Can’t argue with that. “OK, sure. No idea if Marie would be into it, but I do know once she gets going she’s an orgasm machine. Tell you what — give this Katie a call, see if she’s interested. Even if Marie doesn’t bite it can’t be bad to have a little nymphet in the house.” We grinned.

“My phone’s in the drawer, man.” Right. We fixed that.

I wasn’t trying to listen in, but…

“Hey babe, you need to get over here. My buddy John’s place. No, I’m telling you, drop that shit and just come over. What? No, that doesn’t matter, you can clean up here. I got a treat for you. Remember we talked about, Sarah, was that her name? Yeah, it’s like that. But we, um I, need you here quick.”

He gave her my address and handed back the phone. “Fifteen minutes max.”

Corey had hoisted Marie onto hands and knees and was taking a position behind her. I’d usually say “doggy style” but as Marie looked back nervously at the fat cock, “donkey style” seemed more like it. He slicked his dick on the built-up juices and inched his club-like tool slowly into her.

Seeing a chance to finally get off, I offered myself as a snack. She gasped at Corey’s intrusion and hitched forward. This put me solidly in her mouth. When Corey reached periscope depth and started a slow pump, I could just kneel there and get the benefit of the motion. Sucked off by default.

We continued like that, with Corey stroking deeply at a deliberate pace, until Marie grunted something around my cock. I eased back a little so she could articulate.

“For god’s sake, fuck me faster! Your cock feels incredible but I need some speed!”

He turned it up a few BPM, which I didn’t think would make a difference, but Marie approved and slurped me back in.

This kept on for maybe ten minutes, with Corey ratcheting up until the warmth and friction of her mouth pushed me over the edge. It was the most passive climax I can remember, even more than a cowgirl ride. I splashed my seed in time with his thrusts, to Marie’s delight. She hummed it all out of me, and swallowed what she could. I fell back, drained for now. Corey kept going. Tommy took my spot. Marie purred.

As I retreated from the arena, I heard the doorbell. Steve was nervously pacing, so I put on a robe and went to perform my other hostly duty. Thank god Steve was similarly clad. We couldn’t completely hide our medicinally powered boners, but slouching helped.

I opened the door to a vision of youth and sex. Katie was a close body match to Marie, but in place of Marie’s strawberry blond locks and retrouss? nose, she had a mass of red hair and a classic Irish schnoz. Intelligence sparked from intense green eyes set amid a light dusting of freckles. Yow.

I could see why she’d hesitated when Steve said “come as you are” because she must have been working in the garden. There were smudges of potting soil on her tight tee and cargo shorts. For all that, she was a delight, and not just because she was so young. How she ended up with Steve, ten-plus years her senior, was a little mystery. Perhaps drugs were involved.

“Oh um hi Katie, thanks for coming right over. This is my buddy John, his place. Come on in, can I get you a beer? Or, I guess you want to clean up?” He was babbling a bit.

Katie gave me a direct look and a cute smile, offering her hand as if to be kissed. Classy. “Nice to meet you, John. I see I’m not the only one underdressed for the occasion. And… what is the occasion? Steve wasn’t clear, just ‘get over here’, but I got the idea this might be, sexual?”

“Sexual it is, Katie. We’re entertaining a sweet and horny lady and, though it pains my male ego to admit it, we probably can’t keep up. Here,” I gestured, “let’s take a peek.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and steered her to the closed bedroom, with Steve trailing. The sounds and scents of sex waxed full as I opened the door. Katie’s eyes went wide. She took in the sight of a big Black man pistoning into a kneeling blond who had a mouth grip on a largish white man. I think she got the idea, but to put a button on it Marie climaxed with a shout and a spasm. One of many so far.

Tommy, momentarily dislodged, looked up to see who had entered. He reacted with a ‘what the fuck’ look. I gave him a thumbs up, Katie waved hi. He shrugged and plugged back in. All in a crazy day’s work.

“That’s Tommy, with Curley and Marie. She’s usually quiet and shy, but once in a while she just has to cut loose. Wanna help out?”

“Fuck yes. Show me to the shower. And don’t be shy yourself.” She opened Steve’s robe to expose his still-erect tool, then did the same for me. She dipped her head to lick us in turns. “C’mon. Bath time.” Well, no hangups for Katie.

We used the shower in the guest bath. Katie didn’t hesitate to get naked, revealing by the small patch below that her flaming crown was all natural. What a sight, and what an attitude. I know she was supposed to be here for Marie, but maybe, with luck and time, I could get a piece too. Steve had found a treasure, but he’d have trouble keeping it buried for long. I’d have her number by the end of the day and then we’d see.

She twisted a towel over her hair. When the temperature suited her she stepped under the spray and invited us in. I held back for now, but Steve jumped in and slid the shower door closed.

The scene through the pebbled glass was almost art. The rippling shapes of their bodies danced as Katie soaped up, seeing to Steve’s parts as well. Before long he had her pressed against the glass and was obviously inside her. Her smushed tits were clearly visible to me now. The nipples and areolas were that lovely pale pink of a true redhead.

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