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Nice to think us guys when younger can get our cocks up and raring to go all the time, but nature doesn,t always work that way. Before I married I Didn,t get as much pussy as I hoped for, but when the chances came I passed the test and almost always Rose to the occasion. Of course after marrying sweet once innocent Sarah all that changed. On our three day honeymoon “Mr. Hairy Cox” the name she called my penis was ready again and again to bring us loads of joy and loads of spunk for her pussy and mouth, but when we eventually lived together it Wasn,t always so easy to get my trousers snake in the mood for love. Working long hours Didn,t help of course and there are those annoying times when the old prick just hangs between my legs and ignores efforts to get him to rude health! Soft porn magazines back in the 1960s-80s did help a bit and silly dreams and fantasies came into,their own, hardcore videos from the 1980s were very helpful, but there were times when extra stimulation was needed. Sarah then came into her own as she was a very sexy woman with her height, deep blue eyes, stylish blonde beehive hair style, long dancers legs, beautiful big 40DD cup titties with large nipples and aureole and ample sexy buttocks not to mention fleshy hairy juicy snatch that needed constant attention. When she needed to intervene she,d first give me a sloppy hot kiss sucking my tongue like it was my cock which sometimes woke it up. If not then she,d next lift one of her marvellous mammaries to her lips and suck her own nipple switching from one titbto the other which helped get her going as well. If that Didn,t work then she,d finger her own fanny with her right hand while fondling a big boob with the other which certainly added more juices to her normally juice filled twat. And if my cock still showed no interest it was time for her lips and mouth to get to work. Of course our bodies sometimes let us down and there were rare occasions it just Didn,t want to know. When that happened I,d then eat her pussy as a reward for her efforts and voila now and then that did the trick and “fat boy” would rise to the challenge. On the rare occasion even eating Sarah’s tastey fanny Didn,t work the only thing to do was leave it for later when it was more agreeable. Eventually it would pick up without warning or from just innocently “messing around” without sex as an incentive. Strangely enough when I was away working nights my cock often had a mind of its own and would tent my trousers even when I Wasn,t having sexy thoughts. For that reason I carried a few soft porn magazines in my tote bag and would sneak off somewhere private for a wank. Of course I had temptations at various places and as my wife loved to hear of my adventures to the point they worked as an aphrodisiac to her so as I,m human I sometimes had affairs always being very careful to be discreet and of course make sure my partner and I did Not get caught at it. I did hear of a work,s colleague who was a bit of a hunk Did get caught out fucking the Managing Directors married personal secretary, but he got a telling off and simply moved to another office block where he assured me he continued to service the ladies. These affairs certainly did spice up my sex life with my wife as well as give my cock extra pleasure and my tongue got lots of extra use as well. Eventually I got Sarah a large vibrator and big supply of batteries for her pleasure and she adored it. The first time I used it she had such an intense orgasm she passed out and worried me as she took ages to recover then purred with delight about the sensations it gave her. She eventually wore it out so Imgot her a new one that she Didn,t like as much. When I started putting the vibrator in her ass while fucking her quim she nearly exploded and began to pant like a Labrador bitch in heat and grunting instead of groaning as my cock thrust in and out with her juices squirting out almost as far as my spunk when I shot a load on her face or tits! Again once she,,d got her breath back she said that was by far the best orgasm she,d ever had. We fucked like that often after that, but she never seemed to reach the same heights again. At my age now on a rare occasion my cock will get hard Surfing porn, but thanks to reasonably priced sex tablets it gets Very hard and still shoots heavy loads of sperm. It,s such a shame Sarah has no desire to fuck with me any more, but now and then she takes pity on me and sucks me off for old times sake! Sad But True!