His Visit Ch. 2


He slipped from the bed to stand beside her. Bending to pick up her tee shirt and panties with his left hand. He gently took her by the hand with his right and lead her back to her bedroom. Her bed was a queen size and would afford them more room and comfort than the twin he was sleeping on in the guest room.

Once in her bedroom, he turned to face her, after laying her clothes on the night stand. He pulled her closer as his lips lowered to hers. It started as a gentle passionate kiss until he felt her arms move around his neck, then their tongues began to dance together. He explored her mouth with his tongue, tasting his cum from moments ago and the sweetnes of her combining into a delicious taste he couldn’t get enough of. Drawing back slightly, he licked and nibbled at her lower lip as he heard a soft sigh escape from her.

Her hands were kneading the back of his neck and shoulders as she leaned into him. He felt the warm smoothness of her skin against his chest. Her hard nipple pressed into him arousing him all the more. His hands slid from her waist up the sides of her body until they cupped her breasts. He gently teased and rolled her taut nipples between thumb and forefinger as he continued to kiss her mouth and face.

Sexual excitement coursed through her body feeling his fingers tweak her nipples over and over again. She felt his cock beginning to stir against her belly. Moaning slightly she pulled herself closer to press his cock firmly between their bodies.

Instantly his hands swept down her body to cup her rounded ass. Slowly guiding her backwards until her legs were against the edge of the bed, he then gently lowered her on to the bed. His lips left hers to trail little nipping kisses and licks down her chin, neck and chest until he moved to slowly lick circles around her right nipple. She arched her back moaning, her hands found his head and held him close as he feasted on her nipples. Moving from one to the other and back as if he couldn’t make up his mind which one tasted better.

After several minutes of teasing and tasting her nipples his mouth began to descend down her body again. He stood between her legs, his hands on her hips as his tongue left a warm, wet trail down her belly to tease and lick at her navel. Flinching and gasping she giggled…”That tickles!” she told him.

He stopped long enough to look up at her and smiled as he assured her, “This won’t.” Using his wet tongue to guide him, he kissed down over her lower belly as his hands caressed and spread her thighs wider. He placed his hands around both her ankles and helped her lift her feet up to the edge of the bed. He knelt beside the bed viewing her pink wet pussy just inches from his face.

Again he looked up at her and smiled as he licked his lips and moaned. “Baby, I’m gonna eat you like a dessert.”

Slowly, he began to lick and kiss her right inner thigh moving from knee to the junction where her thigh met her pussy. In anticipation she arched her back to raise her pussy up to his mouth. Briefly he placed a gentle kiss on her wet pussy lips before moving to kiss and lick his way down her left inner thigh just as he had the right.

All the while he alternated from watching her face to watching her pussy gaziantep escortları juice flow down over her ass cheeks and onto the bed. He saw her clit was now swollen and peeking out from it’s hood begging for attention.

Placing his hands on her inner thighs he pressed gently to spread her lips open wider for him. He started by placing soft kisses on her clit, breathing in the musky scent of her as he did so. Being unable to resist any longer he began to take long, slow licks starting at her asshole to end up over her swollen clit with the flat broad part of his tongue. Each time she moaned deep in her throat as her hands found his head, resting there to stroke her fingers through his hair.

Finally unable to take anymore she began to hump her pussy against his mouth. Trying wordlessly to communicate her need to him.

“Tell me what you want Baby. I’ll give you anything you want. Just tell me.” He whispered. His breath hot against her pussy.

“Suck my clit. Make me cum.” she whispered back to him in a breathy voice.

“MMMMMM. My pleasure Baby.” He grinned at her maintaining eye contact as his mouth descended to her clit. His lips closed over it, as his tongue licked the hard nub.

Her reaction was instantaneous. She bucked her hips up against his mouth. Moaning loudly, she held his head closer to her pussy so she could grind her clit into his mouth.

“Oh God yes, suck me!” She cried out, her head thrashing from side to side. “Oh fuck!” she yelled. Raising her head she watched him intently sucking and licking her clit in his mouth. His hands were now cupped under her ass. He had an ass cheek in each hand helping to lift her up to his hungry mouth.

Harder she bucked her hips. Her breathing coming in fast quick gasps. She moaned louder and louder as her orgasm approached. He could feel her pussy juice flowing down his chin as his sucked harder on her clit.

He briefly released her clit as he looked up at her and said. “I want you to cum in my mouth Baby. I want to drink all your honey.” Then he quickly returned his attentions to her hard clit. Sucking hard as she was grinding against his mouth.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. She continued to cry out as her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of intense pleasure.

He felt a sudden rush of cum flow from her pussy. He greedily began licking and sucking the juices from her, feeling her body tremor and quake with the intensity of her orgasm. He felt her honey wet his cheeks and chin as he dipped his tongue into her vagina as deeply as he could, pressing her pussy tight against his face with his hands on her ass.

As soon as he felt her begin to calm from her orgasm, he went right back to sucking and licking her clit. While his mouth and tongue teased her clit, he brought his right hand from under her ass to insert his two middle fingers deep into her pussy, feeling the wetness allow his fingers to freely move in and out in a fucking motion.

His mouth and finger started pushing her toward her next orgasm. He could feel her clit begin to swell in his mouth, her pussy contracted to grip at his fingers as he fucked her with them. Faster and deeper his fingers probed. Her juice flowing generously easing the way for him until his entire hand was wet with honey from her pussy.

He listened to her moans as they grew louder, her breathing faster and more raspy. She told him between pants how she wanted him to “fuck my pussy deeper” and to “suck my clit harder.” He felt her body begin to tense, her breathing quick gasps that he now understood announced her orgasm was imminent.

She grabbed his head with both of her hands humping her pussy hard against his face, as she screamed out again that she was cumming. He felt her body convulse with her orgasm and she screamed over and over again, “Oh yes, I’m cumming!”

He felt like a man who had been dying of thirst in the desert and suddenly found water. He drank deeply of her cum pouring from her pussy. His fingers no longer buried in her pussy as he pushed his tongue deeply into her, drinking her.

His fingers slid down the crack of her ass, slick with juices flowing down over her. When he touched her asshole she moaned loudly. Pausing there he began to circle and tease her asshole with his middle finger. Until soon he was pressing his finger into her. A loud groan and the feeling of her pressing down against his finger encouraged him more. He pushed his finger deeper into her ass with his tongue still deep in her pussy.

In reaction to his finger penetrating her, her left hand moved to her pussy as she began to rub her clit just above his nose. He watched her fingers as he tongue fucked her pussy. At the same time, he began a slow in and out fucking motion with his finger in her ass. He felt her tighten around his finger as he withdrew it as if to somehow prevent him from exiting her body.

The combination of him finger fucking her ass, his tongue licking at her pussy and her own fingers rubbing her hard clit proved to be her undoing. She arched her back as she bowed off the bed, screaming loudly and incoherently. He felt her orgasm as her pussy began contracting in waves against his tongue, her ass tightened constrictively on his finger.

He waited until she had calmed from her last orgasm before rising to stand. He reached down and helped her turn over on her belly and move further onto the bed. He climbed onto the bed right behind her as he helped her onto to her knees with her head resting on a pillow.

Taking advantage of her open upturned ass, he gently began to lick and nip at her ass cheeks. Bathing them with his tongue, tasting her cum that had flowed from her orgasms.

“Play with you pussy Baby.” He told her between the little licks and kisses he was placing over both ass cheeks. “I want to see you play with your pussy again.”

She moved her left hand down under her belly to reach her clit. She began alternately rubbing her clit and dipping her two middle fingers deep into her pussy. He watched mesmerized as she pleasured herself. His right hand on his now raging hard cock, slowly stroking himself as he watched her.

Soon he leaned forward and began teasing her asshole with his tongue. She moaned as she pushed her ass back toward him. He placed his left hand on her ass cheek to gently open her to his questing tongue as his right continued to stroke his cock.

Before too long he was using both hands to open her ass cheeks to his tongue. He pressed it harder against her asshole slipping the tip just inside. When he did this she moaned louder, her fingers began moving faster in and out of her pussy and over her clit.

He pressed his tongue deeper. As deep as he could by pressing his face against her sweet little ass. He felt her ass tighten around his tongue gripping him. As she screamed again that she was cumming.

Moving to kneel closely behind her, he stroked his cock again as he watched her fingers continue to pleasure her pussy.

“Do you know what I want now?” He asked her panting with his own desire. “Are you going to give me that ass?”

Her response was a moaned “Yeeeessss.”

Pressing closer, he held his cock in his hand as he pressed the swollen head against her asshole. Feeling his cock against her ass she pushed back as he pressed forward. Moving together slowly as he watched his cock head disappear into her ass, he heard a satisfying moan from her.

He watched until his entire cock disappeared into her ass and he felt her ass tight against his thighs. He held her by the front of her thighs against him as he reveled in the tight hot ass that surrounded his throbbing cock. Slowly he began to move as she did too. Sliding his cock in and out of her tight ass. He could feel her fingers brush against his balls as he stroked into her ass and she finger fucked her pussy.

Soon they were moving in rhythm, his cock fucking her ass deeply with every stroke. He could feel her ass work around his cock as she pushed back against him to meet his thrusts into her.

Her moans continued to grow as they moved faster. Soon he knew she would be screaming to him again that she was cumming with his cock buried deep in her ass. Even as he waited and listened to her detecting those signs she was about to orgasm, he felt his balls tighten as his own orgasm approached.

Screaming louder than she had before, she orgasmed. Her ass tightened around his cock squeezing him as he fucked in and out of her. It proved to be more than he could stand when he felt her wet hand reach back between their legs to caress and squeeze his balls, holding him.

“Baby, you’re gonna make me cum in your ass.” He panted. Faster he fucked her ass, loving the tightness of her, her hand holding his balls. “I’m going to cum Baby” he hissed between his teeth almost in warning.

He heard her tell him, “Yes, I want to feel you cock pulse and throb in my ass as you cum!”

It was all the encouragement he needed, As he gritted out, “Oh yes Baby!” his cum began to shoot from his cock into her ass over and over again. Totally draining him of cum and energy.

He bent over her back to wrap his arm around her waist as he turned them both onto their sides, his cock slid from her ass. He spooned them together with her back pressed against his chest. Her head resting on his upper arm and shoulder, her little ass tucked tightly against his lower belly. He had his knees bent up under her thighs and his arm wrapped around her waist hugging her.

As they lay there drifting off to sleep, in the afterglow of their sex, he planted tiny kisses on her shoulder. He placed his lips near her ear and she smiled broadly as he whispered.

“I very glad you invited me to visit, but I’m even more glad that we still have a week to do more of this.”

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