House Guest Ch. 01


Joey was roused from his sleep by a knock on his bedroom door.

“What do you want?” he screamed.

“Come down to the living room” the voice on the other side of the door said.

Joey groggily stood up from his bed. He had a splitting headache the result of his and his pals late night drinking session. As Joey got out of his room walking like a zombie towards the living room he heard voices coming from the living room he can relate the voices to the persons in the living room but there was one voice that he cannot put a face beside it. It was a sweet and elegant voice. Before entering the living room Joey steadied himself and cleared the cobwebs from his eyes and slightly straightened his shirt and shorts, a vague effort from him to look presentable, then he entered the living room.

“Joey I’d like you to meet your Aunt Vicky?” His mom introduced.

Vicky then stood up from the couch to meet Joey and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Aunt Vicky!” Joey greeted her trying to act polite. As Joey sat down opposite Vicky his mom explained that Vicky and her were old high school classmates and that Vicky Gaziantep Anal Escort would be staying at their house for a while because she has some business in town. As his mother was blabbering about the good old times she and Vicky had Joey was checking out their visitor he thought to himself aunt Vicky, considering she is his mom’s classmate, is maybe in her late forties but she did not look a day older than 30 because there is a certain aura of elegance around her it’s maybe in the way she dresses. Joey’s inspection of aunt Vicky was interrupted when his mom told him that Vicky would be sleeping in his room and he has to sleep on the couch while aunt Vicky is in town. That proposition got Joey really mad but being the polite boy that he is he agreed to it.

“Joey please take your aunt Vicky’s bags to your room.” his mom requested him.

So Joey headed for the bags beside Vicky and as he grabbed the handle of the bag Vicky placed her hand on top of Joey’s hand and then said

“Thanks for letting me use your room.”

“No problem aunt Vicky!” Joey replied trying to act chivalrous.

So he picked up the bags and then went straight to his room and placed the bags just beside the bed seeing that his room was a mess Joey cleaned up his room and then went outside and informed his mom that he was going to his friends house.

As Joey went out the door Vicky commented to Marge

“What a polite boy you have there.”

“He’s only trying to impress you.” Joey’s mom told Vicky in jest.

The whole day Vicky and Marge caught up with each other’s life stories. And that evening when Joey was about to sleep he remembered that he forgot to get his alarm clock from his room so he went to his room. As Joey was about to knock, he noticed that the door was slightly open so he peeked inside and saw Vicky sitting in front of the dresser in her white negligee. Joey looked around if someone was still awake when the coast was clear he peeked into the room again this time he saw Vicky putting lotion on her arms and then Vicky lifted one leg on top of the chair and applied some lotion on her legs and her thighs rubbing them slowly, exposing her creamy white thighs and occasionally her white panties to the lustful eyes of Joey who was now having a raging hard on. After Vicky finished applying lotion on her body Joey knocked on the door and got his alarm clock.

That night Joey could not sleep because he kept on thinking how can a forty eight year old married woman arouse him sexually coz this has not happened to him before.

Vicky always had that effect on men although a very conservative woman Vicky took pride in her body, she would go to the gym every day evidenced by her well trimmed body, she has little flab’s on her belly, although her tits were not that big but, considering her age, it was not sagging and her legs are very slender and firm. Vicky is married to a man 10 years her senior and they have been married for 20 years and they have an eighteen-year-old daughter. Although Vicky’s husband had become impotent because of excessive drinking of liquor and had not slept with her for 5 years now Vicky remained devoted to her husband and not once did she entertain any thoughts of having an affair or just a one-night fling with another man. In the 48 years of her life the only cock that she ever saw was her husband’s. But that was about to change; as she will be confronted with an 18 year old obsessed with her.

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