How I Met My Husband Ch. 06

Big Tits

It’s been more than a year since the last chapter of this story, so I thought I’d finally follow up and tell you what happened next…

Next we all headed for the cuckold room, after all it was the most relevant room for Dan. I wanted so badly to make Dan witness me getting fucked and preferably by his mate David.

But first I wanted to fuck Dan, I had been walking about with this fucking strap on getting in the way all night, now was time to use it.

In the Cuckold Room there were several beds, each with a chair at the side. Only one of these beds was occupied, with a young man banging the arse off a much older woman, while another man, presumably the woman’s husband sat beside the bed and stroked his rather tiny penis.

It was like any Cuckold scene you’ve ever watched, like a stereotypical advert for cuckoldry, but it was hot.

Dan couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. The woman leaned out to kiss her husband every now and then, as her lover plunged eight inches of thick meat inside her. it was mesmerising to watch.

The husband was naked and I noticed as we got closer he had written across his chest in marker pen the words ‘please humiliate me’

Orlene casually strode over to the bed.

“What have we here?” She said in her usual intimidating voice. “You want to be humiliated?”

“Yes please mistress Orlene.” Said the man. Everyone seemed to know who Orlene was, she obviously commanded a lot of respect.

“My god look at that.” She said pointing at the mans cock. “It makes Daniel’s look normal.” She laughed. She then lent over and grabbed his balls. “Are these filled with anything?” She asked. “I doubt it.” She said letting go.

The mans wife meanwhile, was moaning loudly as her lover continued to plow into her at a rate of knots.

Long story short he eventually Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort shot his cum deep into the woman after making her orgasm several times. “Now clean your wife’s beautiful cream pie up with your tongue.” Instructed Orlene. The husband duly obliged.

Once they had vacated the bed, Orlene demanded that Dan jump on it. There was a huge wet patch in the middle of the bed, which Orlene pushed Dans face into. “That’s it Daniel, put your ass in the air so you’re beautiful woman can fill it up with her big plastic cock.

I positioned myself behind Dan and got my strap on ready, as Orlene began to finger some lube into Dan’s arsehole. “All yours.” She said, nodding at me to penetrate my submissive.

I slowly eased my strap on inside Dans arse, making him moan as I did so. “That’s it,” said Orlene, standing beside the bed and stroking my thigh. “Give him what he deserves.”

As I began to get into the swing of things I felt a pair of hands around my waste, then suddenly I felt something big push up against the outside of my vagina. ‘Christ.’ I thought as it slowly parted my pussy lips and entered my cunt hole. ‘It must be David.’

“Oh FUCK” I shouted as this monster penetrated me for the first time. “JESUS CHRIST!!”

“I told you, didn’t I?” Said Orlene smiling.

David’s rhythm soon got faster as I began to accommodate his cock, thus forcing me to fuck Daniel harder also. I was the meat in their sandwich, with David dictating the pace in which his friend got fucked, by fucking me himself.

“I wish you could see your girlfriend getting fucked by your friend’s beautiful cock Daniel.” Said Orlene, reaching underneath Dan to stroke his cock. “It’s a truly magnificent sight.”

Dan was moaning louder than ever as my big plastic cock filled his tight arse. I didn’t think I could feel more kinky than what I’d already experienced that night, this was the icing on the cake!

Then Orlene told us all to stop for a second, instructing Dan to turn around so he could see. Dan lay with his legs in the air as I slid back into his arse, David then stuck his meat back inside me and we recommenced.

Orlene then positioned Carl over Dans head so his balls were on my mans forehead, and began to stroke his stiffening member. I leant over as far as I could and took Carl’s cock in my mouth, inches from Dans face.

It wasn’t long before Carl began to twitch, like he was going to cum. I did the best I could to suck his dick as I was getting fucked and fucking Dan’s arse at the same time. I opened wide and jerked Carl’s pulsating cock into my mouth, and over Dan’s face.

Carl moaned out as he ejaculated over the both of us, before his orgasm subsided and he let his softening dick rest on my cuckold’s face.

As Carl got up and shuffled off the bed, I lent in to kiss Dan, still with plenty of Carls salty spunk in my mouth, Then it was David’s turn to announce he was about to cum.

Orlene instructed us all to reposition. I took my plastic shaft out of Dan’s arse and discarded of it for a moment. I turned around so his head was underneath my cunt, while David plunged into me, just inches from his friends face.

As his rhythm intensified, I pushed back into him to feel the full length of his cock. Then he grabbed my hips firmly and began to grunt as he filled my well stretched fuck hole with his juicy seed.

I, in turn began to orgasm as he fucked me, possibly deeper than I’ve ever been fucked. His beautiful fucking penis was shooting a huge load deep into the far reaches of my pussy. ‘It’s a good job I’m on the pill’ I remember thinking to myself.

He seemed to cum for ages and I wondered how much he must have in that big ball sack of his, until eventually he slowly released his amazing prick from the grasp of my tight vagina and allowed me to relax.

Naturally I let my limp, shaking body down on my cuckold’s face for him to taste his friends ejaculate, while eating me to another climax.

The others took a time out and went to the bar, leaving Dan and I lusting in the post exhibitionist thrill of what we had just done.

After I’d cum over Dan’s face I decided would be nice to let him have me. I lay on my back and looked him in the eye as he mounted me in the missionary position.

Dan stuck his cute penis in my messy, swollen vagina and commenced his sloppy seconds. I told him how amazing his friends cock felt as Dan made love to me. It was a strange, yet beautiful moment in our budding relationship.

I had been so lost in the melee of our romp that i’d almost forgotten where we were. I happened to wipe the sweat off my brow and take a second to reconnect with my surroundings. The surroundings of a ‘Cuckold Room’ in a fetish club.

I talked dirty to Dan as he shagged me, I asked him how my pussy felt after it had been used and stretched by his friend, how it felt to have his friends sloppy seconds and how his friends cum had tasted.

I could tell he was on the verge so I instructed Dan to cum, looking him deeply the eyes as he thrusted his pecker into my cummy hole.

“I want you to fuck me like the dirty whore I am, I want you to add to your friends cum and mix it all into my filthy little cunt.” I said loudly, so others in the room could hear.

With that he ejaculated into my spent hole with all the might of his friend before me, only this time I couldn’t feel a thing.

“I love you!” He said as his dick fell limp inside me.

“I love you too.” I replied, nestling his head into my bosom.

More to cum (pardon the pun.)…

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