Humiliating My Wife


Both me and my wife really get off on situations which humiliate her sexually. I don’t know why, but it just makes both of us super horny. I’ve started setting up humiliating situations for her without telling her.

– When she is sunbathing nude in the backyard, I will give someone who is repairing something in the house an errand to do that brings him face to face with her. I have several videos of these encounters – its very sexy to watch her cover herself up.

– When a delivery arrives, I’ll make her answer it while dressed in a sexy teddie.

– We are about to have a party. As my wife as getting dressed, I hide all of her bras. She ends up having to go bra-less in the least scandalous dress she can find. I see a lot of the men sneak peeks at her breasts.

– Sometimes I will spank her on the bare bottom in front of someone else. I’ve done this in front of her best friend. My wife explained afterward that she really gets off on this, and her best friend asked to be present during more spanking sessions. Perhaps we’ll include her more as time goes on.

Another time I did this in front of one of our mutual friends – a man who was visiting us briefly, but who knew both of us for a while. I made her remove her skirt and panties, and had her stand in front of us in pantyhose and a blouse. It was quite exciting to see her pussy being so exposed to both of us. After a few moments, I bent her over my lap and started spanking her.

When I was done, she was so horny that she masturbated right then and there – in front of our friend.

– We used to have an exchange student living with us – a boy from Denmark named Hans. I made her walk naked into our shower when he was there, as if by mistake. I also made Gaziantep Escort İlanları sure that when was walking to our bedroom from the shower she dropped her towel “accidentally.”

After a couple of times like this, I decided to take it to the next level: once, when she was in the shower, I secretly took away all of her clothes she had hung up. When she yelled for me and asked to get her clothes, I said there is no need, as Hans has seen her naked anyway, so whats the point?

From that point on, I made sure to set it up that Hans sometimes walked in on her while she was changing. If she tried to cover herself up, I would not let her.

I also let Hans watched as I spanked her once. At times, I found it really erotic to watch her chat with Hans about something school related – knowing that he saw her naked so many times and spanked once. Its too bad he went bad to Denmark so soon.

– We were spending a summer at Costa Rica. Both of us had temporary jobs teaching classes to seniors at the local high school. As she was getting dressed one day, I picked out a dress for her that revealed quite a bit of cleavage. She refused to wear it, saying it was much too inappropriate. I put her over the knee and spanked her on her bare bottom – hard until she cried and agreed to wear it. Later, as we were having sex, she told me all the lewd remarks that she heard students make under their breaths.

– The coup de grace occurred during her last day of class as a teacher. It took quite a bit of persuasion to get her to disrobe in front of her class, but I did it. We were leaving the next day, so there was no possibility of getting in trouble.

I made her do this as part of an English lesson. She wore a grey skirt and a matching blouse which made her look quite sexy. She first pointed to her skirt zipper and asked if someone knew the word for it. When someone said “zipper,” she invited the guy to unzip it. He was unsure at first, but after encouragement from her he did it.

Next, she pointed to her skirt. Once someone got it right, she invited him to take it off. The class gasped, but this guy was quite happy to do so, and tried to rub her crotch as much as possible as he did it. Someone commented she was wearing nice panties, and she was – a sheer translucent pair I picked out myself.

Next the word was “blouse,” and soon she was standing in front of them in just her bra and panties. These students could not believe their eyes. Next, she pointed to her bra. Everyone got it right. She picked a student at random; turned her back to the students and let him take it off. She turned around with her hands over her breasts.

“What am I hiding?” she said.

“Breasts,” they all said in unison, and she let her hands go. Her breasts were really beautiful – quite substantial C-cup and very firm.

Finally, it was someone’s turn to take her panties off. She stood before them in only her pantyhose and high heels. When someone said “pantyhose,” she lied down on her back on her teacher’s table and invited him to take them off one at a time, which he did slowly and erotically.

Still on the table, she turned towards the class, and spread her legs. “What is this called?” she asked, while spreading her pussy lips wide. “Cunt!” “Vagina!” “Pussy!” various students shouted.

“Good,” she said. She slid off the table and turned around. “And this?” “Ass!” “Butt!”

“Good,” she said. “Now you know this is my last day of class here. I have very much enjoyed teaching you all. I would like to give each of you a goodbye kiss.”

She took a kid from the first row and brought him up to the head of the class. She gave him a sensuous French kiss on the mouth.

“Now since all of you had gotten pussy, breasts, and ass right, you may grope me in these places as you wish during your kiss.”

She turned back to the student and wrapped her hands around his neck. She began to kiss him. His hands reached for her tits; he began to play with them. He slid a finger inside of her, and, of course, she did not resist.

It was hard to get her to agree to this last part. Eventually, though, she did agree – she was after all incredibly turned on by this idea. I told her to kiss each student for at least one minute – with 15 students this part would take a while. As they were kissing her, all of them groped her naked body, some of them gently, others quite roughly. Each of them had one or two fingers inside of her at some point during the kiss.

There was one kid named Jorge who she really hated – he was a troublemaker and she gave him detention multiple times. I told her to save him for last and kiss him longer than the others – maybe two minutes. I also told her to grind her body against his during the kiss.

Jorge was pretty rough to her – slapping her ass hard, mauling her tits and twisting her nipples, and having three fingers inside of her at a time. She told me that he kept pausing to whisper “I always knew you were a dirty whore” into her ear.

When she was done, she threw on her coat, picked up her clothes and left – and the next day we were out of the country forever.

By the way, did I mention that I videotaped the whole thing? We watch the tape while having sex quite often now. Its the most erotic thing we’ve ever done.

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