Jared’s Sexy Adventue


“Oh yeah baby, keep going. Just like that…uhhh, yeahh”

Jared leaned back in the couch as Kelsey’s lips were wrapped around his cock. She moved her head slowly back, up and down as he enjoyed the view. Her back arched away and curved up to her hot round ass. He reached back and cupped her ass cheek as she continued sucking his throbbing cock. He squeezed her cheek, softly at first and then more firmly.

“MM” Kelsey warned, as she lapped her tongue around his dick.

God fucking damn it, thought Jared silently to himself. Fuck it, every time I even get near this ass she turns into a bitch. It’s like I can’t even touch it.

Jareds cock was still stuffed down Kelsey’s throat though the ass touching was making her reconsider her efforts. Maybe it was time to get herself some attention on her neglected pussy. She opened her mouth up and started to let Jared’s sloppy wet dick fall out.

Fuck, if she’s never going to give up this ass to me, I may as well enjoy myself, Jared thought to himself. Oh what, she’s stopping? Now? Oh right, she just wants me to eat her pussy, or fuck her pussy or something. Not today, if I can’t have this ass, we’re gonna finish this blowjob the right way.

“Get back on this dick,” Jared ordered. “I’m not done with that throat.” Jared stood up from the couch and reached out to grab the back of Kelsey’s head pushing her back down onto her knees and pulling her mouth on to his hard cock. “That’s it, give me that throat,” as her started to fuck her face, slowly at first, and then with more energy.

“Yeah, that’s it. Take this cock, let all that spit out on me, you know I like it wet.” Kelsey was slobbering all over his dick, spit was flowing down her face and dripping onto her tits.

Jared closed his eyes as he face fucked his girlfriend like he had 100s of times before. They knew just what each other was fine with, where the limits were. How did it come to this, he thought to himself. Here I am fucking my chick’s throat, we don’t even like each other. She tolerates my dick in her mouth so that I’ll fuck her loose pussy. It’s so loose sometimes I don’t even cum, I just fake an orgasm and wait til she’s asleep so I can go watch some anal porn – some real good ass fucking. What was I watching last night? Oh yeah, it was this tiny white chick bouncing on this huge black cock. She fucked this guy for over an hour on the video and not once did he put his huge dick in her pussy. It was anal missionary, anal doggy, anal cow girl, anal reverse cowgirl. So fucking hot, just ass fucking over and over again until his cock started throbbing and he started pumping his huge load deep down her anal canal…Jared started to cum down Kelsey’s throat without realizing it as he fantasized about the pornstar.

“Whaa, bleeeh!” Kelsey gagged and shoved Jared away, her teeth scraping against his cock’s head the haste. She spat the thick white goop out on to the floor. “What. The. Fuck!? What the fuck did I say about cumming in my mouth!”

Oh god, he fucked up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean – “

“Oh, you didn’t mean to?!?! Did I fucking stutter the last time this happened? I said you can fuck my mouth, rub your dick over my face, whatever, but don’t you ever cum in my mouth!”

“Ok, you know what, I’ve had enough of this, I am so done” Jared started picking up his clothes off the floor. He couldn’t find his underwear so Jared just pulled on his jeans going commando. He slipped his t-shirt on, picked up his shoes and left the apartment, hustling down the 1 flight of stairs to the street level as fast as he could. Once outside he put his shoes on and walked quickly down the block.

What a bitch, I’m so done with her. First it’s bossing me around in front of her friends, then it’s fighting me at the restaurant every time we go out to eat. And now this, exploding at me every time I cum in her mouth. And I actually didn’t mean to this time! She should take it as a compliment she gives such good head, I couldn’t help myself. Well, maybe it was that sexy blonde getting railed in the ass that I was thinking about that really put me over the edge. But still. Good riddence. I’ve had enoguh of Kelsey and her shit…

Jared walked a few more blocks and reached the edge of the park separating the neighborhood Kelsey lived in from the one where his apartment was. Instead of going around like he usually did, he decided to take the scenic route and cut through. Because of where his house was it was actually a longer walk to go through the park, but it was a warm night, and he wanted some more time to clear his head.

As he was walking deeper into the park he decided to take a detour up through the hill in the center. Maybe he’d sit and relax for a while in the quiet night. The main part of the park was fairly empty right now, but there were still a few people walking around. Up on the hill at this time of night it should be completely empty. Maybe he’d watch some porn on his phone and jerk off a bit, that could be fun. https://sokkan.org Try and forget about Kelsey for a moment.

Jared wound his way through the trees on the small walking path until he found a stone staircase. He walked up the twenty or so steps and found himself in a small clearing at the top of the hill, surrounded by trees. Off to one side there was a clearing with a bench where you could sit and look out into the park and even see some of the city skyline glowing in the background. The moon was bright enough it didn’t matter there weren’t any lanterns up here, it was easy enough to get around, though he did walk into a pricker bush on the steps coming up. I guess the park maintenance people haven’t cleared that path in a while, he thought, as took a seat and picked some of the thorns out of his socks.

What a nice night. Wish Kelsey was here with me, I’d make her suck my cock right here and now. No-one around, yeah, I’d pull out my hard cock right here and shove he throat right down on to me. Uhhh, yeah, that’s what I want. Keep making her suck until I’m cumming right down her throat. Filling her up with my cum. Cumming and cumming until she can’t take it any more. Push her down on her knees and pull out my cock and keep jerking off into her mouth. She’d look up at me pleading for more cum, and I’d keep cumming and cumming. She’d stick her tongue out and I’d cum onto it, the white gooey liquid sliding back into her mouth which is starting to fill up. Filling up so nicely, oh yeah.

Jared was rubbing his cock through his pants. He was still a bit soft because of actually cumming eariler, but a few minutes of day dreaming and he’d be rock hard again. If he was actually having sex he could usually cum 2 or 3 times without stopping, and sometimes even 4 times with a break.

But that bitch Kelsey hates cum in her mouth. The events from earlier came flooding back; Jared’s cock softened in his pants. Fuck. Maybe things just aren’t gonna workout between us. Kelsey would totally suck me off in the woods here, but she’d never let me cum down her throat. She’d never sit there on her knees with my cum in her mouth, swirling it around, waiting for me to keep jerking off and keep cumming in her mouth, filling her up like a bukkake slut. Ahh, fuck, there I go again day dreaming….Jared’s cock was confused, getting hard, soft, and then hard again.

I dunno. I guess we’re just not good for each other. I’m sure there’s someone out there as depraved as me. Someone who likes sex in the ways I want. I just have to find them…no idea how to do that, but maybe if Kelsey and I break up it’s for the best. And then there’s the ass question. Kelsey’s ass is just so fucking hot. Its bubbly and juicy, and I just HAVE to fuck it! But she barley lets me touch it and she’s made it abundantly clear my cock is never going anywhere near it. I don’t even know if girls like anal. Does anal only happen in porn?

Jared was about ready to start dreaming about pornstars taking giant dildos in their asses when he heard a sound near by. Some leaves were rustling behind him. It was probably just squirrels running around or burying nuts or something, but being alone in the park at dark, even for a guy, was a bit scary. Jared peered out into the darkness. He was about to call out and ask if anyone was there when he heard a quiet moan. It sounded like a woman. She probably thought she was alone up here just like he did. He didn’t want to scare her, she would probably be more scared than him to find out she wasn’t alone. But also, how was he supposed to leave without making his presence known. He squinted out into woods trying to see where the sound was coming from.

As he focused his ears he started to hear more what was going on. Vague whispers “uhh……fuck……uh, uh……yeah……” It was impossible to tell where it was coming from. Jared strained his eyes, but couldn’t see anything.


Were there two people out there? Probably not, two people would be louder, right? Jared decided to test his luck and try and get a closer look. He stepped very slowly around the bench, right onto a stick on the ground. “SNAP”.

In any other situation it would have been the quietest breaking twig, but in that moment it felt like the loudest sound he’d ever made. The moaning stopped immediately. Jared stood frozen, cursing himself for being so careless. He didn’t even make it one step before alerting his invisible park buddy to his presence. He waited a minute, then another, barely breathing. But he couldn’t hear anything. Surely the other individual was still there, right? He slowly walked towards the tree where he thought the sound could have been coming from, but there was nothing there. Clouds were starting to move over the moon now and it was getting even harder to see anything in the woods.

Someone else was still here, right? She couldn’t possibly have gotten away so silently, right? Or maybe bursa eskort I’m just a clumsy elephant, walking around swinging my big dick trunk everywhere, looking for tight pussies to fuck and blow my big load in, but never finding any because I scare them off with my tree trunk feet crashing around, crushing trees left and right.

Jared walked around not bothering to try and be quiet, but it seemed like whoever had been there had vanished into the night. He was starting to get cold and decided to give up and just go home. Who was that, who could it be? What were they doing? Were they rubbing their clit? Were they watching porn on their phone? Jared got lost in thought as he walked back down the hill, totally unaware of the eyes peering out at him from the dark, watching his departure carefully.

Jared woke up late the next morning, having slept through his alarm. Ah fuck, I’m going to be late for work. God damnit. Jared pulled on the same jeans from yesterday, grabbed a shirt off the floor and gave it a deep sniff. Satisfied with the results, he put it on before grabbing a hat with little wings attached to the sides above the ears, and a black scarf with a repeating pattern of small white birds all around the edge, from his desk. He pulled on his sneakers that were still tied, and ran out the door.

Jared arrived at the Dull Beak Cafe 15 minutes late, his co-worker Jewel was behind the counter preparing a latte of some sort.

“Ca-CAW! Ca-CAW!” Jared announced himself, and swooped down under the folding countertop separating the cafe staff from the customers. “This bird is reporting for duty!”

Jared straightened his winged cap and positioned the scarf with one end hanging over his shoulder and looked out across the cafe. The large fake American Eagle stood watch over the door eyeing everyone inside.

“Oh shut up, you’re lucky you’re cute or I’d tell all the hunters in the area where your nest is, and they’d be eating you for dinner faster than you can prepare today’s special Condor Coffee”.

“Condor Coffee you say,” Jared said, raising an eyebrow. “That wouldn’t happen to be roasted in California would it? Home to the great Californian Condor?”

“Why yes it would. And did you know that Californian Condors can weigh up to 26 pounds and have wingspans of nearly 10 feet?”

“Incredible. I knew there was a reason I came to work today. To learn all about these amazing birds from my best bird buddy.”

Jewel smiled and walked back to the register and the man waiting behind it. “One Condor Coffee and one Blue-Jay-Berry muffin, that’ll be $6.75”

“Here’s a $10, keep the change,” said the man, giving Jewel a wink as he walked away with his bird themed breakfast. Jewel came back over to Jared and spoke softly.

“I think this guy is hitting on me, he was trying to talk to me before you came in, and he just tipped me $3 and winked at me.”

“Well, do you think he’s cute? Wanna suck him off in the bathroom while I keep watch? I’ll make sure no one goes in after you.”

“How are you gonna do that when your face’ll be glued to the key hole trying to see in?”

“Hey, I wouldn’t do that….immediately. Maybe if things were taking a bit too long I might need to investigate, you know, to make sure you were ok.”

“Oh, are you insulting me now? You don’t think I could make him cum in under 3 minutes?”

“Is this a bet? Are you telling me you really think you can make this guy cum in 3 minutes after closing that bathroom door behind you?”

“Of course I can, I could probably do it 2 if I’d come prepared.”

“Prepared? What does that mean?” Jared eyed her suspiciously. What could she mean by that.

“Oh never mind, the point is, what do I get if I win the bet?”

“I’ll cover your shift for the rest of the day. But you better believe I’m watching the whole time.”

“Oh for fucks sake, of course you’ll be watching the whole time, that’s what makes it fun! Ok, whole day off sounds nice. I could go shopping, I could go home and masturbate all afternoon. And what do you want if you win the bet?”

“Well obviously I want to have my own turn in the bathroom.”

“Ha! What, and we let the man watch? Wait, aren’t you still with what’s her face? I can’t just be sucking you off all the time, you’d be cheating!”

“Nah, we kinda broke up last night,” Jared explained what had happened the previous evening at Kelsey’s. Jewel and him shared almost everything with each other, they also constantly flirted at work, but hadn’t ever actually done anything physical, not even a flash of some titties or anything. It was as if they were constantly trying to raise the stakes to see who could take the flirting farther. The whole conversation about sucking off the customer in the bathroom was completely unserious and just their normal work time antics to make the day pass, but Jared was surprised to notice Jewel continue to glance over at the man in the corner.

It orhangazi escort was a quiet morning, and except for the one customer, no one seemed interested in coming in even for a Hawk Chocolate. Jared started to think back to the woods the previous night, and the mystery woman. Maybe he imagined the whole thing. Maybe he had just been day dreaming and horny, that he imagined some sexy woman joining him in the woods and moaning in the bushes somewhere and she rubbed her clit furiously. Maybe she had been humping a particular nice, hard, piece of oak tree. Or maybe she found a nice cock shaped branch and had impaled herself on it, fucking herself in the night with Jared only a few steps away.

Jared snapped out of it as a her heard a faint “hoo-hoot, hoo-hoot” The cafe phone was wringing.

“Ca-CAW, Dull Beak Cafe, this is Jared, how can I help you?”

As Jared wrote down the phone order of 2 Lark Lattes and 4 Dove Donuts, he noticed Jewel had gone over to their guest and was chatting with him. He couldn’t hear what they were saying but it looked like Jewel was definitely flirting him, twirling her hair around her finger and laughing at what ever he was saying. Then suddenly she stood up abruptly and the Condor Coffee on the table that still had a little left in it went flying right into the lap of the man.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Jewel yelped. “I’m so sorry, let me help you clean that up”

Jared walked over to the register to get ready to hand Jewel some paper towels while the person on the phone asked if the latte’s were gluten free and if the donuts had any sugar in them.

“It’s quite alright,” said the man trying to compose himself.

“My fault really, I shouldn’t have put that mug in such a precarious place where it could easily fall.”

“No, no, it’s all my fault, here, let me help clean you up.” Seemingly out of no where Jewel produced a handful of paper towels and approached the man who was still sitting down in the cafe chair.

“Here, lets dry you up before it leaves a stain.” Jewel got down on her knees in front of the bewildered customer and started rubbing the towels all over his lap, paying special attention to his crotch area.

“Mmmm, oh, there we go, lets get you nice and cleaned up.” Jewel looked up at the man who was staring down at the sexy 23 year old hostess rubbing his cock through his pants. Albeit while holding some damp paper towels, but he was starting to get hard and if he didn’t stop her soon she would surely notice.

“Uhh, that’s quite alright, I really should be going.” He tried to stand up, but Jewel dropped the paper towels and put her hand right on his quickly growing hard on.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Jewel said seductively. “You see, I haven’t cleaned you up all the way. I can’t let you leave our cafe looking like this, what will all the customers outside think when they see someone coming out looking like this.” She squeezed her hand emphasizing ‘this’. “All my towels are wet, will you come with me where we can find some dry ones?”

Jewel stood up and practically dragged the older man behind her. She opened up the bathroom door, pushed him inside. Before following him in she turned around and looked directly at Jared for one second, raised her eyes to look at the coo-coo clock stationed above the counter, and then back to Jared. She then shut the door to the bathroom and Jared was left standing stunned, still holding the cafe phone.

What followed was the 3 slowest minutes of Jared’s life. There wasn’t actually a key hole on the bathroom door so he couldn’t spy even if he tried, but he actually couldn’t even move. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. Jewel was actually sucking off a complete stranger, a customer, in the bathroom, right this very second. Fuck. She, is so. Fucking. Hot. Jared thought to himself. He was rock hard imagining Jewel on her knees in front of the man, swallowing his cock all the way to the hilt, and then sticking out her tongue to lick his balls. She’d slowly lap at his ballsack, trying to reach as far around his drooping nuts as she could. Spit slowly drooling out of her mouth, making his sack wet and slobbery. She’d just stay there, cock all the way down. No gag reflex. Just holding his cock there, trying to suck his balls. Massaging his cock with her throat, holding it deep down, not moving her head at all. She’d start to moan, her pussy beginning to soak her panties as she willed him to cum in her mouth. He wouldn’t be able to last even one minute, staring down at the hottest girl to so much as bat an eyelid at him in years, someone he thought just half an hour ago he’d try and flirt with by leaving a small tip.

She got a tip alright. Jared laughed at his own dumb joke, and briefly forgot about imagining Jewel deepthroating the customer before he realized Jewel was actually standing in front of him and the man was hastily leaving the cafe.

“Hello, birdbrain? You there?” Jewel snapped her fingers in front of his face.

“Wha, what?” Jared shook his head quickly and blinked a few times. “Sorry, I was out of it. What just happened. Did that really just happen?” Jared glanced up at the clock. Two minutes had passed since Jewel had walked into the bathroom with the stranger.

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