Marie’s Perfect Breasts Ch. 05


Marie had been invited to pump her nipples with Nancy on Sunday morning as she’d done the prior week but couldn’t come due to travel plans. On Sunday, she texted Nancy from the airport, “Thinking of you. Looking forward to Tuesday!”

The message was sincere. Still following a daily schedule of nipple pumping, Marie had carried her pump on her one night trip. Getting up very early on Sunday, she’d pumped her nipples in the loneliness of her hotel room and thought back to the previous Sunday with Paul and Nancy. That had been a very different experience. She’d also thought of their recent afternoon together when she and Nancy had teased, abused and pleasured each other for hours. That day had stretched into the evening when they had teased Paul. The three of them had lay down together naked and the two women had caressed Paul’s cock and balls while giving him a sexy verbal description of their afternoon activities. Nancy had then used her mouth to get his cock to the brink and then made him calm down for two full minutes before he was invited to tit fuck Marie.

Tuesday was the appointment at the leather shop. Nancy and Paul were treating Marie to a custom made leather body harness. Marie couldn’t wait to meet Mary, the shop’s kinky owner.

When Tuesday arrived, Marie drove to Paul and Nancy’s. As instructed by Nancy, she was wearing her slutty vinyl boots, a thong, and slinky cup less corset under a blouse and skirt. With her bra-less DDs bouncing and swaying, she felt naked.

When she arrived at Nancy’s, Marie was greeted by warm hugs from Paul and Nancy. Paul complimented Marie on her slutty boots and Marie noticed that Nancy had on high heeled leather boots under a short skirt. Marie surmised the boots were Nancy’s “pony girl” boots.

Nancy said, “I didn’t tell you but when I spoke to Mary she outlined some new rules for your appointment. Just trust Paul and I. You’ll have a good time.”

“First, you have to strip. Everything goes except the boots. You’ll be wearing my raincoat for the drive to Mary’s.” Paul reached to Marie’s blouse and Marie started unbuttoning it. She then removed her skirt and asked, “Even the corset and thong?”

Nancy nodded, and said, “Mary also wants you to wear this posture collar.” Nancy brought a tall, shaped leather collar toward Marie’s neck. Marie had read of such collars but never seen one. Nancy said, “I’ve never worn one of these but I tried it on this morning. It’s a bit uncomfortable but sexy.” Marie felt her head being forced upward as the collar was closed around her neck. She couldn’t look down at all and turning her head was uncomfortably restricted.

“Put on my raincoat. Mary wants your hands cuffed behind your back which can only be done after the coat is on.” Nancy then locked leather cuffs around each of Marie’s wrists and hooked them together. Unlike the last time, there was no chain between her wrists; they were bound directly. As a result Marie could feel her arms were drawn back further and her chest was pushed out dramatically.

“Okay. Let’s walk to the car and then we’re going to blindfold you. That’s another dictate from Mary.”

“Oh my,” said Marie, “This is a bit more than I anticipated.”

“It’ll be great,” assured Nancy. “As I’ve told you, Mary is a character but she’s also a gifted artist; she knows how to get into your head and make your visit a memorable experience.”

As they walked to the car Marie asked, “Won’t the police stop us? Won’t they think you’re kidnapping the blindfolded, cuffed woman in the car?”

Nancy replied, “Well, that’s a risk but you’re going to be lying down in the back of Paul’s SUV, covered by a blanket so the odds are no one will see you.” Nancy smiled at Marie’s shocked expression.

Nancy and Paul blindfolded Marie at the rear of the car and helped her crawl in. With her cuffed wrists Marie could only sit and then use her legs to push herself further into the cargo area. With Paul’s help she then rolled onto her side and instinctively pulled her legs up. Paul then covered her with a light weight painter’s drop cloth. He said, “Marie, your job is to lie still. The cops will stop us for sure if they see my drop cloth moving.”

As they drove, Nancy told Marie it would be about a 10 minute drive. She said, “Mary is always a little unpredictable but just put yourself in her hands. After two visits you’ll have some sexy memories and a custom fitted harness that you’ll enjoy for a long time.”

When the car stopped, Nancy told Marie to stay still. Paul said, “I’ll check to see if the store is empty or if we need to make our delivery through the rear door.” Paul got out of the car and could be heard walking away. A few minutes later Marie heard the rear hatch opening and felt the tarp being pulled away. Paul then reached to Marie and helped her through the many short crawling movements needed to exit the car while bound and blindfolded.

Paul and Nancy each took one of Marie’s arms and helped her walk into the shop.

Marie heard Avrupalı porno a new feminine voice- which had to be Mary, say,”Stop there and take off her coat so I can see what you’ve brought me.” Paul unhooked the cuffs, removed the coat and reattached the cuffs. The voice continued, “Stand up straight.” It took a minute for Marie to realize that the words were directed to her and she straightened her back.

Marie could sense that Mary was walking around her- studying her. She was embarrassed to think of herself naked except for her slutty boots and posture collar being examined by a stranger. She soon calmed as she remembered that Mary was a friend of Nancy’s and her exhibition was intended to be a new sexy experience. As she acclimated to that thought Marie could almost feel her pussy getting damp with arousal. It was an erotic experience.

Mary said, “Nancy has told me a fair amount about you. I know you’re Paul and Nancy’s friend but here you will speak only when spoken to. I am to be called ‘Mistress.’ The others here are ‘Mistress Nancy’ and ‘Master Paul”. I will speak to Mistress Nancy and Master Paul. It’s unlikely that I’ll have anything to say to you but if I ask you a question I’ll expect an answer with appropriate respect. Do you understand?”

Marie hesitated and then replied, “Yes, Mistress.” Marie had never thought of addressing anyone by such a title. It was at once humiliating and arousing.

Mary reached out and fondled Marie’s breasts. Marie jerked in surprise but then stood still. Mary’s hands weighed the mass of Marie’s large breasts and said, “Nancy, these tits are just about like yours. Very nicely shaped. You told me she’s been pumping her nipples. I can feel them responding. When you pull on them they pop right out.” Marie winced as both nipples were pulled and twisted by the woman she’d never seen.

Mary said, “Paul, have you thought about piercing these? Nipples like this just cry out for adornment. That’s the best way to emphasize them all of the time and it opens up all sorts of bondage possibilities. I was right about Nancy’s nipples, wasn’t I?”

Paul responded, “You know I love Nancy’s piercings. We’ve only been close with Marie for a couple of weeks. We haven’t explored all of her potential yet.” Marie drank all of this in and didn’t know whether she was frightened or excited by it.

Mary grabbed Marie’s left breast with two hands and lifted it, squeezed it and held it up for 10 seconds or so before lowering it. Marie knew she was being assessed very carefully and felt self conscious. The feeling continued as Mary ran her hands down Marie’s body slowly. When she reached the hip area she reversed direction and slowly brought her hands up to roughly cup Marie’s breasts. “Stay right here,” she said. “I have some things to discuss with Master Paul and Mistress Nancy.”

Marie could hear the others walk away. They apparently stopped at the other side of the room. Marie could hear coffee being offered. The click of cups and spoons could then be heard. Marie couldn’t hear their conversation but picked up an occasional word. The words were isolated and thus meaningless except for the words “piercing” and “corset” which were arousing since she assumed her body was the general context.

Marie heard someone walking back toward her. Mary then spoke, saying “I’m back. I’m going to be touching you so don’t jump.” Marie then felt something- probably leather, surround her left breast. She decided it felt like a wide strip of leather; as she focused on the strap it was lifting her breast. Marie now felt her breast being held about 2″ above its normal “at rest” position- much as a shelf bra might do. The elevated position lasted for perhaps 30 seconds and then her breast was dropped back to its normal place.

Mary’s hands were then fondling Marie’s breasts for a minute. Thereafter, Marie felt what she guessed was a tape measure in Marie’s hands. A measurement would be taken and then Marie’s touch would end for half a minute as presumably she was writing down the information. The measuring sequence was repeated many times. It seemed that there were dozens of measurements taken from Marie’s neck, all around her chest and down to her hips.

Mary said, “Nancy, let me talk to you in private.” The two women walked to the other side of the room and Mary continued, “You’ve pumped your nipples for a long time and been pierced for at least a year. Have you ever used a nipple stretcher?”

Nancy replied, “No, I don’t even know what that is.”

“It’s a device used on pierced nipples with barbells. It’s a small metal rack that is placed over a nipple. The nipple is pulled out and the ends of the barbell are put onto small hooks on the stretcher. The stretcher is held in place against the breast by the nipple’s being stretched.”

“Wow,” replied Nancy. “That sounds pretty devious. It’s like the collar I have but better since the pulling is straight.”

Mary said, “I have a friend who makes Video porno nipple jewelry and other things. He can custom make a stretcher for you but that’s not why I brought it up. My friend and I have worked out a design for a stretcher that works with non pierced nipples. I’d like him to come in and measure Marie’s nipples and then have him fabricate a set of stretchers to incorporate into my design. Is that okay?”

“That sounds great. Please call him.”

“I’ll call him right now. He lives nearby and knew we were meeting. He may be able to come right over.” A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Mary welcomed her friend, John, and introduced him to Paul and Nancy.

Marie heard someone entering and heard a new male voice. The presence of a stranger raised her embarrassment level significantly. Mary approached her and said,”Marie, my friend John is about to touch your breasts. Don’t jump. He’s going to be working on a part of my project for you. He needs to measure your nipples when they’re erect so stand still and let him do his work. Do you understand?”

Marie blushed. She knew what response was expected but was embarrassed at using the words with a stranger present. After hesitating, in a small voice she said, “Yes Mistress.”

Marie felt her left nipple being fondled by two or three fingers in an obvious effort to make them erect. After 10 to 15 seconds the stranger pulled hard on her nipple and held it out from her breast. She then felt something cold and metallic at her nipple. She couldn’t visualize what it was but was on edge with the remote possibility that she was about to be pierced without her consent. The metal device seemed to be on two sides of her nipple and felt like it was closing against her- firmly but not painfully. After a few seconds it was gone.

The stranger’s fingers were soon at her other nipple. Again they worked the nipple to become erect. The metal device touched her and squeezed her nipple for a little while and then was removed. Marie sighed with relief when she felt no sharp pain and was reasonably sure she was not going to be pierced. She then speculated that perhaps the device was used for measurement. She visualized a caliper that she’d seen on TV and imagined how it might feel if used to measure the diameter of her nipple. Thinking of the device as a measurement tool was comforting.

After a minute or two of inactivity, Marie felt something soft surround her nipple and then felt some suction. It wasn’t painful. In fact, since it wasn’t threatening, it was rather erotic. The suction continued at a constant level- firm but nothing as powerful as her nipple pump. Her other nipple was then enveloped and similar suction began there. There were no hands or other contact- just steady suction on both nipples. Marie thought of the small suction cups she’d used on her nipples before starting her serious pumping. Her nipples could be under suction from something like those. She was immediately aroused at the thought that a strange man had apparently attached such suction tools to her nipples. She was sure they had grown blatantly larger under the suction and were still swelling. She wished she could see them and see the man’s cock. She could only assume his cock would be swollen with lust at the sight of her great tits topped with her now huge nipples.

Marie had no sense of time. The suction continued for what seemed like a long time. Marie heard conversation at the other side of the room but couldn’t tell if her mystery man was standing there or next to her. Finally, she felt fingers at her left breast. The suction device was removed. A few seconds later the metallic tool was at that nipple. She felt more confident now that it was probably a measuring tool.

Her second nipple was then removed from suction and the metal tool applied to her. Then she sensed the man had moved away from her and she was left standing alone for awhile. After a few minutes she heard movement in the room and felt people getting closer to her.

Mary said, “Paul, I know you have a busy schedule. Can you bring her back this Saturday? Okay? Great. I’ll have some pieces rough cut to do a preliminary fitting. Bring her the same way- except I’d like to see her in 5″ heels. Her legs and ass will look even better. Put her coat on and take her home as you brought her. Needless to say, keep our discussion to yourselves. You know how I am about controlling the mood.”

Paul and Nancy brought Marie home cuffed and blindfolded under the tarp. They removed the blindfold in their garage and helped her out of the car and into the condo. There the cuffs were opened, the raincoat removed and the cuffs reattached. This left Marie naked except for the posture collar and her boots.

Once inside, Paul said, “You heard Mary’s instructions. We’ll expect you here on Saturday at 9 and we’ll proceed to Mary’s shop as we did today. If you don’t have boots with 5″ heels, Nancy can tell you where she shops or go with you. I’m sure you have questions about Mary and her plans. We’re not going to discuss anything about Mary or our visit there. You can just wonder about such things until Mary decides otherwise.”

Nancy said, “Paul, this is only Marie’s second time being locked into cuffs and her first time in front of you. She found the idea of being “locked in” very arousing. I’m sure being used by you would add tremendously to the eroticism. Don’t her tits look fantastic with her chest pushed out?”

“Yes, of course they do. I was about to address Marie’s tits. I just wanted to clarify Saturday’s plans before we got distracted.”

Nancy said, “Okay. How would you like to enjoy our friend’s tits today?”

Paul replied, “As you said, with her wrists cuffed her breasts look great and they’re totally at my mercy. I thought the tit press might be something new. Can you get it out of the box while I play with Marie?”

“Good choice,” said Nancy.

As she went to the toy box, Paul added, “Get a short length of rope and the collar you used on Marie the other day. I think Marie should see you bound and your tits lifted by the collar.”

Paul fondled Marie’s breasts and said, “Nancy was right. Drawing your arms back really does display your chest beautifully. I’m going to pull Nancy’s arms back too so I can enjoy both of you helpless and displayed for my pleasure. “

Nancy returned with a wooden device, the collar and a length of black satin rope. Marie had never seen nor read of a tit press but the name sounded pretty descriptive. She was anxious but excited by her friends’ imaginative play with her breasts.

Nancy raised the device to Marie’s chest. The posture collar limited Marie to a momentary glimpse of it. She saw 2 parallel pieces of wood- perhaps 15″ long and 2″ wide joined by three very long bolts- one at each end and one in the center. Marie could feel Paul at her one breast and Nancy at the other. She could feel them lifting each breast and could sense they were sliding her beautiful tits between the boards. Her imagination dramatically filled in what she couldn’t see or feel; if the bolts were tightened, her tits would be squeezed between the top and bottom board. The thought made her shiver.

Nancy held the press in place. Paul screwed down the wing nuts on the bolts- alternating among the three of them to keep the boards parallel. Marie could feel the boards compressing her breasts from the top and bottom. She gasped as the pressure turned to pain and Paul stopped.

“That should be tight enough,” he said. “The object is pressure- not pain. Just stand there looking sexy while I prepare Nancy.”

Paul stripped Nancy down to just her boots and harness. He then removed the cords that were hooked to her nipple rings. He tied her wrists together behind her back and said,”It may be uncomfortable but pulling your arms all the way back certainly does make your chest look great.” He then fitted the collar on Nancy’s neck and snapped the catch closed. He grasped one of the dangling chains and connected its clamp to a nipple ring. Using one hand to lift Nancy’s breast, he shortened the chain with the other hand. He then slowly lowered Nancy’s breast until the chain stretched her nipple and held her breast about an inch above its normal resting position. Nancy hissed through the pain in her nipple while Paul then repeated the same steps at her other breast. This prompted another pained response from Nancy as her distorted nipple held her breast up but she didn’t complain.

Paul stepped back and said, “Now, let me look at both of you. Very nice.” Paul then fondled Marie’s breasts and said, “They’re very hot and swollen. I’ll bet they ache but not as much as Nancy’s nipples.”

Moving to Nancy and putting his hands under her breasts, Paul gently lifted each breast a little until the distortion of her nipples visibly lessened. He then lowered her breasts again causing obvious pain to his wife. He repeated the motions two more times.

To Marie, Paul said,”You have to be very careful with this. There’s a lot of weight pulling on Nancy’s nipples. Imagine your nipples holding up the weight of your big breasts. It makes you shutter, doesn’t it? I’m going to release Nancy now and then come back to you. When your nipples are freed I thought that you and I could satisfy Nancy. When she’s climaxed, Nancy and I will go to work on you. Your hands will remain bound so you’ll be using only your mouth. When you’ve both been rewarded, you can both work to relieve the tremendous pressure that you two have created in my cock.”

Paul lifted Nancy’s left breast with his hand and unhooked the clamp from the nipple ring. He lowered her breast and moved to her right side where he unhooked that clamp. Nancy sighed with relief.

He quickly moved to Marie and loosened the wing nuts on the bolts of the press. Marie’s body shuttered. She wanted to see her breasts but the collar prevented that. She also wanted to caress her breasts but her restrained hands were useless. It was a relief to have the press gone but her breasts still hurt. She couldn’t wait for Nancy’s mouth to make her feel better. She rushed to minister to Nancy in the hope it would speed up her own pleasure.

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