Mckayla, The 18-Year-Old Goddess


Friday 17 February 1995 2:45. I have just arrived home from a fabulous sexual experience. After work I decided to have a “massage”, so I went to Emily’s there but as there were no women available, so I decided to try out Bobbie’s. I loved the look of the place from the inside and the only young women available looked attractive. Her working name was McKayla, even if she did not know how to spell it. She was slim but with a great figure and looks, but very young. She was only 18. I had a drink and went upstairs with her, had a shower and she had one after me. She was standing along side me just outside the shower when I noticed that she had lovely breasts that stood up for themselves. I first thought that she had breast implants, not because they were big, but because they did not sag, but I realised that they were fresh young, beautiful breasts. She has a very good body, slim, but well shaped and firm, with brunette with short hair. She did look very young though. I did notice that she had a tattoo of a peacock on her right hip, which she said that she had had for two years. She must have had that at 16.

I lay face down on the double bed and she started to give me an excellent massage. I talked about massage with her. She is also a hair dresser trainee and is learning massage as well. She has only been working at Bobby’s for three days, so giving a nude massage and charging for sex with a stranger was new to her. We talked about massage and her work while she was massaging my back and I learnt quite a bit about her. I had to bring her out, as she was reluctant to start the conversation herself. I could tell that she did not have a great deal of confidence, but also I did not want to take advantage of her. She sat at the side of me when she was massaging my back and I could tell by her strokes that she knew about massage. She must have massaged my back and legs for at least 20 minutes that was so relaxing. I had not had a proper massage for many years, May 1989, I think. However, the last time I had a massage, it was on a popper massage table and the woman who gave it to me was not nude. But here I was, with an attractive young nude woman, giving me an excellent massage at a “massage” parlour. I was not here just for the massage. I fancied her and I wanted to make love with her, yet, I had made no suggestions to her or she to me. She had not even given me the odd erotic caress or anything like it, so I let her go at her pace and just enjoyed the massage. Unfortunately, I was not able to look as her while she was doing this. I wanted to kiss her all over as she was so delicious.

When I was asked to turn over, I suggested to her that when she gives an erotic massage that she should sit astride the person. This would straighten the back and make it easier for her. At this suggestion, she then sat astride me while I was on my back. Very erotic and it was the first time that I could look clearly at her. It was not until then that I noticed that she had shaved pubes with a bit of stubble there. (Clearly she was in need of another shave that I would love to do for her.)

I then asked her what her other talents were and she said that she went with the flow. I asked her about extras and she said that it was $80.00 for all or $60.00 and $40.00, which meant oral or a hand job. I asked if I could eat her and she said I could so I said that I would go for all of it. She then came and lay down along side me and we started kissing and cuddling. She was not too keen on deep kissing but it was much better Sinop Escort that what I had experienced before. She even put her tongue into my mouth, but only briefly. I stroked her body and breasts while kissing her, her neck and breast before moving to her vagina. I was looking for her clitoris to arouse her. Also, her breasts came in for some oral attention. Her sex opened and became moist and she seemed to be enjoying it. I did this for several minutes and while I was, she took my growing penis in her hand and began to stroke it. If I had left her stroking me like she was, I would have come very soon. This was not my intention. I then moved down to eat her and although she was a bit prickly, she tasted wonderful and clean. I ate her for several minutes, and I asked her if she liked it and she said she did. She did not make any moves in my face at all, but I stroked her body as she stroked my arms. After about five minutes, she then stiffened up, her legs clamped on my head and her pelvis pushed into my face. I knew that she must have had an orgasm. I continued for several more minutes until she had another one. I must have been eating her for at least ten minutes. I could have kept going for much longer and I could have like to have tried a 69er with her. Perhaps next time.

I then wiped my mouth and moved up and lay down beside her. She showed no inclination of putting a rubber on me so I moved on top of her. McKayla put her hand down and guided me into her warm, very wet, willing cavity and I slipped inside her so easily. All her lubricants were natural and I had got them flowing. It was wonderful to be inside such a beautiful woman without any hindrance. Although I have been inside 18 year old vaginas before, this was the youngest one that I had been inside bare back in relation to my age. She is 27 years younger than I am. Exquisite! There is nothing in this world like being bare back inside a warm, wet willing fanny. I could have it at least once a day, and sometimes more often. I moved gently into her and settled myself inside all the way and then began slow gentle movements. I did not want to rush this experience and I wanted to make to most of this tight young vagina that was wrapped around my penis. McKayla did not move very much with me, just in small ways. Although she has had six years of sexual experience, as I found out later, she did not have any idea of how to move when having sex. I was inside her for about ten minutes before I came, but I kept up my movements, and kept some of my hardness. I really did not want to stop. I wanted to stay inside her and start all over. But we were well over time.

I stayed inside her and pushed myself up on my arms and talked about it with her. I asked her why she had let me enter her without a rubber and she said that she just hadn’t thought about it. I said that I probably had more chance of catching something from her than she from me, so she asked me why I had not wanted to wear protection. I said that as I thought that she was very new to this game, I was taking a small calculated risk. I asked her if she had let any others, and she said that she had not, as they all had worn a rubber. I said that she must get all the other to wear rubbers and say “No rubber; No Sex.” That is except me. I said she should get tested regularly and insist on rubber, excepting for me of course and that I would get tested as well. I said that I would like to be a regular, about every second week and she said that she would like that. I asked her if Sinop Escort Bayan she did have an orgasm, and she asked what that was. I explained and she said she had and that she had enjoyed it. She said she had never had one before. I was pleased that I was the first to ensure that she did have an orgasm and I had given her her first two orgasms. She had not had an orgasm in the six years she had been having sex since the age of twelve. She is unsophisticated in sex, and she has a lot to learn. I hope that I can teach her some techniques to help her enjoy it more and to bring off unpleasant client earlier.

When I pulled out, I went down and started to eat her again, and she tasted saltier, which must have been my fluids. It is the first time that I have eaten a woman after I have left my stuff inside. I loved it and will do it again with her next time, which I will make next week at the latest. We showered and dressed. McKayla was wearing conservative clothes; black bikini panties, a long straight dress and a sweat shirt type thing on top.

I am glad, as well pleased that I have met her. I will keep in touch with her. I hope that I can become more that just a punter, perhaps a mentor but not one that expects free sex. I hope that I can get to know her much better and perhaps even go out with her. I do not think that she can be living with her parents as they would wonder what she was doing out until 05.00 in the morning and then going to work at 08.00. She almost makes me feel like a teenager again. I hope I can get together with her in private. I will find out if she does massage at work and if she does, then I will have a straight massage from her at work. Or at her home if she will let me. I will pay her exclusively the going rate for herself. I will reserve the time we have together at the parlour for deep intimacy. I will help her as much as I can and as much as she will let me. I will encourage her to kiss more deeply and intimately as I can, but time will tell. It may not work out between us and she may not want to have anything more to do with me other than a punter. We shall see.

Sunday 19 February 1995 2:12. I have again returned from my second sexual experience with McKayla. She is very very good and I enjoy making love with her. I made an appointment for a massage with her at 0.15 hours and turned up a few minutes early. Mckayla had a different dress on this time, which I thought was more becoming and she looked much better in it. More sensuous. This time she was more talkative from the start and I had a cup of coffee before we went upstairs. We both had showers and when she dried herself from hers, I handed her a packet that has two pairs of black bikini panties. She asked what they were for and I said that I wanted to get them. She tried them on and they fitted well.

I lay down on the bed and had her come and lie down beside me. As much as I would have liked her to give me a massage, I wanted to spend the time with her. We talked and stroked a bit, but nothing heavy for several minutes. She again seemed reluctant to kiss be, so instead, I started to kiss her all over, moving down her body. I was stroking her all over as well, but I deliberately kept away from her pubic region. She had shaved her pubes again but it felt as though she had a day’s growth on it and it was prickly. I moved further down until I was eating her in earnest. She had her arms almost folded across her chest and at first was staring at either the ceiling or the TV screen. She Escort Sinop stiffened up twice, but did not attempt to caress me at all. I noticed that she had her eyes shut at this time.

I then moved up and lay beside her and asked her if she did the same. She said yes, but said would I mind if she used a rubber. I said that I would prefer it without one, but she put one on me anyway. She started along side me but I said I could do it to her as well so she manoeuvred herself over me and we did it to each other. She was not an expert in this but she wasn’t too bad either.

I then had her lie down and I moved on top of her and tried to enter. It just would not move freely; I seemed to almost stick in there somehow because I still had the rubber on. I said to her that if she did not object I was going to remove the rubber, which I did and I slid back in so easily. Whereas before, I was having some trouble, possibly because the lubrication had been sucked off the rubber, now it was slipping in so beautifully. There is really nothing in the world quite like slipping bare back into a warm, willing, tight vagina. Amazing. She was so smooth and slippery when I had removed the rubber. It was so delightful.

We continued this way for sometime and I then had her get on top of me. When she was on top, she did move much more freely then she did when I was on top of her. While she was on top of me, my finger was probing around her anus. When she did not object to what I was doing, I inserted one finger into inside. I asked her if she minded and she said that she did not mind but that it did not do anything for her. We continued in this manner for several more minutes. Then I put my arms under her legs and sat up, and lifted her right off the bed and stood up. I felt that she was a little bit too heavy for me then to continue standing up so I move her down on the bed without losing my place, and continued. This time I had her legs over my arms so she was wide and open, and I could get in deeper than I had before. The only trouble was that she sounded as though she was farting with the air being pushed back and forwards in her. This did not sound erotic, even if everything else was, that I let her legs drop down.

I asked her if she would prefer if I came outside her, and she said she would. I still did not feel like coming just then but I knew that our time was almost finished. I quickened my pace until I was ready to come, pulled out and pressed on her mound to come. I would have liked to have come in her mouth or between her breasts, but perhaps that will happen another time.

When I came, and moved off her, McKayla got up and went straight into the shower. I showered after her and when we were both dresses, I asked it I could photograph her. She consented and I took two shots of her. I would have preferred to photograph her nude but that will come later. Before we left the room, I gave her a copy of my writings about her, and hope that she would contact me. Time will tell.

Wednesday 1 March 1995 10:08. I phoned Bobbie’s after work last night to see if McKayla was working that night. I did not intend to have a massage but I was going to go around and find McKayla’s car, a Toyota Corolla, and write down the registration plate so that I could trace the owner. However, the receptionist told me that they had taken her off their roster as she had missed the last three nights that she was supposed to be there. They had not heard from her and felt that she was probably too young and immature and they did not expect her back. I do not think that I can trace her through the hairdressers, as there are so many in the yellow pages. I probably could trace her through the nightclubs as she lives opposite one of them. It is a long shot, but it may work. We will see.

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