Mrs. Mills’ Predicament Ch. 26


Mrs. Mills and I walked back to the beach house, and no more than a few words were spoken during the short trek. This gave me a few minutes to reflect on what had just happened on the beach… As well as to ponder what would be in store for us tonight.

It felt, to a certain degree, that Gloria had a plan in place this afternoon on the beach… But that wasn’t really possible. She would have had no idea that Maggie and Cassandra would join us.

More likely, she probably got a little carried away with the moment when she discovered, that really, she controlled the entire event on the beach today. The girls had sought her permission and approval before they did anything… And, had she said ‘no’ to me at any point, I would have stopped. I guess our roles had reversed a little bit today… She obviously enjoyed being the one in control as much as I did.

Gloria did not seem to have any regrets… As we walked between the dunes towards our house, there was a cheerful bounce in her step. She was absolutely radiant, and throwing off an aura of comfortable confidence. She seemed as excited as I was about our dinner date tonight.

When we arrived at the house, we dropped all of our outdoor gear under the house and took turns rinsing our feet and legs in the outdoor shower. We stepped into the house and I closed the door behind us. As soon as Gloria dropped her beach bag, I grabbed her around the waist from behind, and spun her around… Now facing her, I firmly, but gently pushed her backwards, until her back was pressed solidly against the door.

She gave me a curious smile, and let out a timid giggle… I think I surprised her with my aggression. I reached up and cradled her cheeks in my hands, and gave her a deep, meaningful kiss.

I pulled my lips away from her, and looking into her eyes, I whispered, “You know I love you, right?”

She stared back at me in stunned silence… And she didn’t say a word for several agonizing seconds. During those fleeting moments, all kinds of uncomfortable thoughts crossed my mind… I shouldn’t have said it… Maybe she didn’t love me after all…

But then, with tears welling up in her eyes, she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, and said, “I love you too,” before kissing me aggressively.

As we probed each other’s mouths with our tongues, I felt Gloria’s hands, at my waistband, trying pushing my swimsuit down. But I stopped her, pulling her arms back up, and around my midsection.

I reached down around her with both arms, and lifted her up, my hands under her rear end supporting her weight… I carried her up the stairs, and gently set her down at the top of the stairs.

From four steps below, I knelt down on the carpeted step. I leaned forward towards Gloria, and took hold of her bikini bottoms on each side of her hips and gently pulled them off and down her legs.

Gloria gave me a shy smile, and slowly parted her legs… Teasing me, she closed them back up… Then she’d spread them further… Giving me a quick peek, before quickly clamping her legs back together and giggling at me. I began to rub my cock over my swimsuit.

Then, she leaned back, her arms dropping back on the floor and supporting her. She spread her legs again… As far apart as her body allowed, and laid back on the floor behind her.

Gloria’s pussy was completely exposed and open in front of me, where I was still kneeling on a step a few feet below her… My cock was rapidly hardening as stared between her legs… Completely bald, the gaps between her pussy and legs was soft and smooth… The shaved, smooth skin extended all the way down to her tight anus, which was clearly visible. Her labia was noticeably swollen, and I could see right up into her pink, glistening vagina.

I leaned forward, and eagerly pushed my face between her legs… I slid my tongue gently into her vagina, softly probing into her for several minutes… Next, I moved my mouth to her swollen pussy lips, gently teasing them with just my lips…

Gloria began to squirm, and buck her hips upwards as I moved to my right, and slid my tongue softly along the crease between her leg and pelvis… Before I repeated the action on the left side… Gliding my tongue up and down the crease.

Moving back to her pussy, I parted her lips with the fingers of my left hand, giving me full access to her clitoris… I leaned in and gently began sucking it, occasionally flicking it softly with the tip of my tongue… As I pushed my lips down harder, I sunk my right middle finger into her wet pussy… and slowly pushed it into her.

Gloria lifted her legs up higher, and spread them even further apart… Until her heels were flat on the floor of the landing at the top of the stairs, her toes dangling over the edge of the top step.

She was now moaning loudly between sharp cries of pleasure… Now aggressively sliding my tongue up and down over her clit, I pushed my middle finger in and out of her… accelerating, izmit escort like a piston gaining speed.

Within just a few seconds, Gloria let out a gasp, followed by a low, long moan… I felt her juices streaming over my hand as she bucked her hips wildly, as I gradually slowed down my finger.

Looking up at Gloria, I could see her flat stomach expanding and contracting, as she heavily exhaled and inhaled, trying to catch her breath.

Before she could rise up of her back, I raised myself up of the step and knelt over her. She smiled at me in between breaths, and laughed lightly… seemingly still in a euphoric state. She pulled me down into her and we laid together on the carpeted floor at the top of the stairs, playfully kissing and touching for another 10 or 15 minutes, before finally getting up.

We again took a shower together… It included lots of spirited petting and lustful kisses, but we resisted more loving making for the time being. We had to get to the store and pick up some things for tonight. So we rinsed off, dressed, and headed out.

Once at the grocery store, we split up… Gloria headed for the deli area to pick up hamburger and buns… I went straight to the beer aisle. After grabbing a couple of 12-packs, I wandered towards the back of the store to find Gloria, so we could finish shopping for a few other things.

Eventually finding her, I approached her from behind, and set the beer in our shopping cart. Just as I did, I realized she was talking to the woman standing next to her… They both looked at me when they heard the beer hitting the bottom of the cart.

Gloria had a worried, slightly anxious look in her eyes. The woman next to her was nondescript, and appeared to be in her late 40s or early 50s. I had no idea who she was. She curiously looked at me. I smiled at her and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Shawn,” I said.

“Hello, nice to meet you,” she replied, then looking at Gloria, she said, “You don’t look old enough to have a son this old.” She was smiling at Gloria, I think proud of the complement she thought she had just given her.

Before Gloria could respond, I interrupted… I said, “Oh… No… We’re cousins… I just came down to visit for a few days,” adding a mock laugh.

Gloria nervously said to the unknown woman, “Well… It was good to see you… Crazy that you recognized me, especially so far from home,” trying to wrap up the conversation.

Gloria quickly turned, and as she pushed our cart in the other direction, I whispered, “Who was that?”

Gloria replied, “She’s the mom of a kid at school” she continued, “At first I had no idea, but then it hit me when she came up to me acting like she knew me. Her kid is a regular in the attendance office… He misses quite a bit of school, and I’ve spoken to her a number of times when she’s dropped him off late.”

“Oh, OK,” I replied. As far as I was concerned, this was no big deal… And really, not much of a surprise. Lots of people from our area vacationed here.

But Gloria still seemed a little shook up. And when I thought about it, I thought I might have an idea why. She was just getting comfortable being seen with me, and she was really letting go… Being recognized probably brought her down to earth… I think she realized that we would be returning home soon, and being uncomfortable with me in public would once again become the norm.

The question about me being her son probably didn’t help either… We had just declared our love for each other a couple of hours earlier, and now, I’m sure she was thinking about our age difference again.

She was quieter than normal as we finished up the shopping and I knew what she was thinking about. Once in the car, I turned to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“She thought you were my son,” she replied, half in disbelief, and half in anger.

I sat and looked at her, thinking about what to say to make her feel better. Finally, I replied, “Anyone who would think that is a moron. I mean look at you, you’re beautiful. You barely look any older than me.”

Quickly realizing that what I had just said probably wasn’t the pep talk Gloria was looking for, I continued, “Gloria… I don’t care what some lady, or anyone else says or thinks… And, I don’t care about our age difference. I love you.”

Mrs. Mills looked touched by what I said… She smiled at me, and put her hand on my arm. But I could tell she was still bothered.

I said, “Look… We’ve got just a couple of days of vacation left and I’m here with the woman I love… Let’s enjoy the moment… Whatever happens, happens. When we go back home, we’ll figure out a way to make things work… But let’s not worry about that right now.”

As soon as I got the last word out of my mouth, I realized that these were the exact same concerns I had running through my mind out on the beach the night before… Before I decided to stop worrying and enjoy what I had. I was hoping Gloria would heed to the advice as well.

As we drove back to our beach house, Gloria seemed to relax a bit. But I was sure she was still thinking about what happened at the grocery store. We got back home, and before I could open the door of the car, Gloria turned to me and put her hand on my shoulder. She said, “I don’t know how you got so smart… But, you’re right. I’m not gonna worry about what anyone else thinks… I love you.”

She leaned over and gave me a long kiss. When she pulled away, she had a smile, and a sense of relief on her face. I knew she was OK… we were OK… At least for now.

We spent the next hour doing a quick clean-up of the house and preparing food. While Gloria was in the kitchen, I put on my bathing suit, anticipating an exciting soak in the hot tub after dinner.

When I returned to the kitchen, Gloria said, “They’re probably gonna be here soon… I need to go get changed.”

I continued where Gloria had left off in the kitchen, slicing the fruit she had out. Gloria was in the bedroom for at least 20 minutes and I started to wonder what she was doing. I was about to go check on her when the bedroom door opened and she walked out.

I watched her as she entered the great room… She was wearing her floral sundress… And, she had even put makeup on, though she really didn’t need it. She looked absolutely radiant.

“Wow,” I said “You look amazing.” I was openly staring at her as she held her arms out in a pose.

Then joking, I said, “You know I’m gonna have to rip that off of you tonight, right?”

Shyly smiling at me, she replied, “Well… When you do, I’ll be ready for the hot tub.” Then, she grabbed her the dress from the bottom, and lifted the front of it up over her head, exposing her body wrapped tightly in her bikini.

When Gloria dropped her dress back down, my mouth was hanging open in surprise and we both broke out in laughter.

Not long after, Gloria was finishing up in the kitchen and putting a couple of bottles of white wine in the refrigerator. I had just walked in from the deck after pulling off the cover of the hot tub, and raising the temperature of the water. I also filled our cooler with beer and ice while out there.

There was a soft knock on the door. Gloria seemed excited, but also a little anxious. She said, “That must be the girls… Shawn, can you go get the door? I need to clean up this mess I made on the stove.”

“Sure,” I replied, and started down the stairs.

When I pulled the door open, Maggie and Cassandra were standing there smiling… Cassandra was holding a bottle of wine and Maggie had a large, brightly colored handbag over her shoulder. Both girls looked stunning… They had even dressed up a bit… Still beach casual, but I could tell that they put some extra thought into their outfits.

Maggie had on a short black dress… It hung loosely, almost flowing over her body. It had a deep v-neck that gradually tapered down, leaving a significant amount of her chest exposed between her breasts. The dress was super short… barely covering her upper thighs. In addition, she had on heels… Maybe 3 inch heels? I didn’t know for sure, but between the short dress and the heels, Maggie definitely knew how to accentuate her best physical feature… Her long, tan legs were maybe the most beautiful pair of legs I had ever seen.

Cassandra was equally striking, though dressed completely different. The first thing I noticed is that she had added additional red highlights to her dark blond hair… A simple bright red streak where her hair hung down over her right shoulder. She wore a sexy halter top that emphasized the shape of her perfectly rounded breasts… Her shoulders were exposed, and her top only went down to her mid-stomach, showing off her navel, and gold belly button ring. She also wore a pair of faded denim shorts… They were quite short, and hugged her tightly, her fit thighs almost popping out of them. She had a pair of simple beach sandals on her feet.

As I had seemed to be doing way too often, I stood and stared… Way too long… Maggie & Cassandra knew that I liked what I saw, and seemed pleased with my reaction as they looked at each other and smiled.. Finally, breaking out of my stupor, I greeted them with quick hugs, led them up the stairs.

Gloria was waiting for us in the great room, and she greeted them both with a hug and a peck on the cheek. We took them on a tour of the house. Then Maggie, Cassandra and I settled in on some chairs on the deck while Gloria retrieved some light appetizers and fruit that she had put together on a platter. Gloria set the platter on the table between us, then sat down on my knee, and settled back into me.

For the next two hours, we ate, talked, laughed, and generally just had a great time. I had a lot in common with Maggie and Cassandra… We were all within a year’s age of each other, and we were all trying to push through college.

They also both seemed to be quite smart… Maggie was an Economics major and Cassandra studied Nursing… We talked quite a bit about college, and what our plans were afterwards.

Though the conversation was dominated by talk about college, Gloria was very involved in the discussion… Though she mostly observed and listened, she had lots of ideas and suggestions for us. I think it was almost instinctual for her… She was a mother after all. Much of what she said was nurturing, comforting and protective… Really, almost maternal.

There was, however, one potentially uncomfortable moment of the conversation. At one point, Cassandra asked how Gloria and I had met… At this point, Maggie and Cassandra had to know Gloria was quite a bit older than me. Though, not how much older… She certainly didn’t look anywhere near 15 years my senior.

But, Gloria surprised me by quickly answering her. She skipped over the details, but simply explained that we lived in the same neighborhood, and were friends. Then, after she divorced her husband we continued to be friends… And one thing led to another…

Something else not mentioned about our time on the deck talking… There was a lot of nervous energy. A feeling of sexual tension, especially early on…

Myself? I was nervous, excited, and extremely turned on… There were three beautiful women with me. And the reason they were here was to pick up where we left off at the beach.

Gloria? I was pretty sure she was excited about her newfound sense of control. And, thinking back to our time with Brooke, she was also probably looking forward to being with Maggie and Cassandra.

Maggie and Cassandra? They were into me, but they were probably also attracted Gloria. They were very touchy-feely and affectionate with each other. I was sure they had some sort of sexual relationship… I mean, just this afternoon, Maggie exposed Cassandra’s pussy so I could fuck her.

It was now dark, and the beers, the moonlight, and the sound of the waves had calmed my mind. Maggie had matched me beer-for-beer, so I knew she had to be feeling the effect as well. Gloria & Cassandra had been drinking wine, and they were well into their second bottle.

At this point I figured it was time for the hot tub. I stood up, and dragged the cooler over so it sat next to the tub. Then, I asked, “Wanna take a soak?”

Cassandra answered first. She said, “Our suits are inside… In Maggie’s bag. We’ll go put them on.”

As they stood up, Gloria stood up with them. She said, “You can use the bedroom to change.”

While the girls were inside changing, I grabbed a few beers, and poured a couple more glasses of wine. While Gloria was gathering towels, I took of my shirt and climbed into the water, setting our drinks in the cup-holders around the edge of the tub. The girls emerged from the house a few minute later wearing the same bikinis they had worn the first day I saw them on the beach. As they climbed into the hot tub, they looked at Gloria curiously. She was still wearing her sundress.

Putting on a show, Gloria slowly lifted her sundress up over her head as all three of us watched… She wiggled it up over her head, flaunting her body, as her bikini came into view. I noticed Maggie and Cassandra couldn’t take their eyes off of her as dropped her sundress on the chair before climbing in to join us.

The hot tub was large… It would fit six, but it would have been a little tight. Four was quite comfortable. Gloria and I sat on one side, facing the ocean, and Maggie and Cassandra sat across from us. We settled in, getting used to the hot water and sipping our drinks. We continued talking for another half hour or so… I think we were all nervous, and waiting for something to happen.

Finally, Gloria initiated things… She leaned into me, and gave me a soft kiss on the neck, before placing her hand on my upper thigh, just below my swim trunks. Maggie and Cassandra immediately noticed Gloria’s hand sink beneath the water. They grew silent, slid closer together, and watched us.

I extended my right leg out, searching out contact with a foot. Finding Maggie’s, sitting directly across from me, I softly ran my toes over her foot, and behind her calf. Then, I extended my left leg out, I slid it across the bottom of the tub until it met Cassandra’s foot. She immediately lifted it and ran her toes over mine.

While I played footsies with the girls, Gloria became bolder… She stood up, and sat on my lap, facing me, back to the girls… She leaned in and aggressively kissed me while grinding her pelvis down into my rapidly growing cock. I could feel the girls running their feet up over my lower legs. Peeking over Gloria’s shoulder, I saw that Maggie and Cassandra were tightly nestled together… Cassandra’s head resting on Maggie’s shoulder watching us.

After just a few minutes of Gloria gently grinding her hips down into my crotch, I was fully aroused… And, knowing that we had an audience watching our every move only increased my excitement. I could feel my cock straining against my bathing suit beneath the hot bubbling water.

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