My Dark Angel Ch. 05


“I’m going to kill that bastard! Who does he think he is? My father? I don’t fucking need a babysitter! Where’s Alex?”

The guy hired to babysit me by the “king of assholes” himself, looked at me like I was crazy. Hell yes, I was! Crazily mad! I felt insulted! I was not two years old anymore! Even when I was eight, I knew how to take care of myself… But that asshole didn’t feel safe leaving without making sure I had a babysitter.

If it was anyone else than him I would have thought he was concerned for my safety… But remember the time the bastard tried to kill me?

He’s still trying to kill me… Believe me… Who do you think poisoned my food? Pushed me down the stairs? The hill? Who do you think shot me? Guess who?

Now that I’m really thinking about it… Why couldn’t he just changed into his wolf form and cut my throat out if he really wanted to kill me? And as the one destined to kill me, wouldn’t he know that nothing but him cant kill me? Fuck! That man was a mystery! A fucking mystery that drove me nuts! “Master Alex isn’t here yet.”

I looked at my babysitter. The man I hated more than Alex or my father… Tony. The little fuck my Alex was fucking. Yeah I know he’s not my Alex yet… But he’ll be as soon as I get rid of this piece of shit! The bastard was in love with Alex! Tony is a sweet guy! Poor him! Too bad I don’t like sharing!

“Master Alex?” I snickered. “Oh my! Master Alex… What escort mecidiyeköy kind of fucking name is that? I can imagine you say: “Master Alex, would you like to fuck me?” Of course not he wouldn’t. Give up, pet, Alex won’t feel anything for you! You’re just one of his fuck toys. You will never be anything but a fuck to him. You want to know why? Well I’ll tell you why, because Alex is mine and only mine… He’ll never want a fuck like you just as bad as he wants me… You’ve seen the way he looks at me, didn’t you? The way he smiles at me? The way he says my name? You’ve seen all that, didn’t you? You…”

He slapped me. The bastard slapped me… I could feel the animal inside me boiling of anger. It wanted to kill. It wanted to be let out. Tony. Sweet little tony slapped me. Well I didn’t expect that.

“Did you just slap me?” I yelled incredulous, stating the obvious.

“Didn’t Alex warn you to never touch or hit me?”

“He did… But since I’m going to kill you anyway… He won’t know… I hate you so much, Ethan… I hate the sight of you, I hate everything about you… You’re always trying to hurt me… I thought that we could have been friends… But you did nothing but belittling me… I’m tired of that.. I hate you. I’ve tried to get rid of you so many times I can’t even count… But you refuse to die… But today I promise you it will be your last day on Earth… And then Master Alex will be completely mine… escort şişli He’ll adore the ground I walk on… I know he’ll love me when suddenly you disappear… I’ll be there to comfort him… He’ll be mine…”

Oh… I didn’t see that coming… Who does this guy think he is? So Tony was the one trying to kill me… Why didn’t I think of that? Remind me to look for one of those books entitled “How to deal with crazy sadistic people?”… Or maybe an “How to act when you’re being threatened?” book…

Tony was looking at me with so much hatred, it startled me… I was a pretty nice person, wasn’t I? Yeah, I know… I bitch sometimes, but doesn’t everybody? I mean once in a while I had belittled him… Yeah, I know that’s cruel, but I was jealous… He always had something that I wanted: looks, obedience, and he knew how to pleasure and keep Alex… I don’t… Did my feelings for Alex transform me into a monster? I was always nice to people… I’d never hated anyone except my father… Maybe I should just give up on hoping that he will love me?

“You can have him…” I said leaving, shocked by the tears on his face.

Such a sweetheart!

Sometimes I wonder why people do such stupid things when they are in love… Love… A simple word which always complicates things. When you fall in love with a person, you become weak and your personality changes completely. You stop doing certain things, having one goal, forgetting escort taksim about the rest of the world, thinking only of that one person who you’re trying to make happy. You envision a life of happiness, a loving family, and a happily-ever after ending. But life isn’t a fairy tale…

Love… Something I would be happy without… There’s no manual explaining the “why, how and when” people fall in love… It just happens in the most ironic way… Mother Fate like screwing with us humans… The one I am supposed to hate, the one I am supposed to kill, is the one I stupidly fell in love with…

Someone once told me that loving someone is the best feeling in the world… That person was wrong… It’s a pain in the ass… It’s a feeling I would have done without…

Lover… Painfully rhymes with “OVER”… Maybe I’m just being pessimist… Maybe, just maybe… But still I want to understand why I fell in love with the one whose been holding me captive for three months now…

Love… Such futile feeling… With love comes jealousy…. With jealousy comes murder… And I won’t stamp so low…Tony was a sweet guy… He’s just blinded by his love. I don’t want to be like him, I don’t want to become my mother. Someone who will do anything-even murder-for an unrequited love… I so don’t want that to happen… My mom killed Ellen because she loved Father more than necessary, she also tried to kill me… I don’t want to become like her… Alex doesn’t love me, so why hurt another one for the sake of his love? I can’t do that… I’m not someone like that… I have a duty towards the humans… For the sake of humanity, I will kill the one I love…

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