My Daughter-Law Sam


My Daughter-in-law Sam By Pappy27 Copyright© 2008 by Pappy27 Many thanks to Sharon for editing this story without her love and support this story would never have been published. An older man who had lost his sexuality through mental castration by his sick spouse, his sexual identity is restored through the loving kindness of his daughter-in-law. Note: This story is fictional and is written for the enjoyment of adult readers only; it is strictly the product of the author’s imagination. The author does not condone sexual activities as described in this story. If stories of incest and pedophilia offend you or you are under the age of eighteen please delete this story now. Hello I’m Harry Woods I’m older than 62, my wife and I have three children and eight grand children. The story I’m about to relate concerns only my younger son Peter, his wife Samantha her daughter Jane from a previous marriage, and their daughter Sandy. My son had a son from a previous marriage who is presently serving in the US Army. Peter is forty-two years old and loves his family very much. He is also a computer nerd; he has a degree in computer science and several computer certifications of one kind or another. If he is not working on computers he is playing games on his computer or interactive games on the internet and sometimes he reads porn. Samantha is a forty year old red haired large woman who is six foot tall yet very attractive, especially when she dresses up for special occasions like a night out on the town. Her breasts I would describe as DD’s, soft and well shaped, they do not sag much when she is not wearing a bra all in all as big a woman as she is (I don’t mean fat) her sexuality comes through loud and clear when she dresses properly. But she can dress to look like a slut as well. In other words Samantha is a very attractive and voluptuous lady. Jane is thirteen years old, very intelligent, and she is also a large person like her Mother she is as tall as Samantha, if not taller. She still has some of her baby fat, yet Jane is becoming more sexually attractive as her body matures into adulthood. Her breasts are probably a size :A” or “B” and she does not need a bra to hold them up, her nipples are very well developed for such a young girl and when not wearing a bra or the weather is cool enough, and not wearing a coat or sweater, her nipples will pop right out. Her nipples can be described as very succulent. She is a very shy girl and although Jane is not aware of how sexually attractive she is, she attracts second looks from older boys and men alike and when they see her youthful face and maturing figure, most men will give hear a second and closer look. Sandy is an attractive and precocious eight year old who wants to be included in all adult activities that she can talk her way into. She is still a child who is trying to grow up too fast, and at the rate she is going, by the time she is ten, in her mind she will believe that she is truly an adult. Sandy is very active and loves to play outdoors, but when she is at home she likes to shed her clothes off and walk around the house naked, she is a true naturalist. She probably gets this desire to be in the buff from her Dad who does not like to wear any clothing around the house. Samantha did convince him to at least wear his boxers when the girls are around My wife Martha is a bitter old woman who cares only for her Bingo (which she is addicted to) and when she is at home she will play games of chance on her computer while watching the Game Show Network or watching movies she has seen maybe a hundred times. There is very little communication between us These are the main characters in my story. There are a few minor characters, and some will play only minor roles in this story You will learn more about them as the story unfolds. Enjoy! A little over a year ago I got a phone call from my daughter-in-law Escort Ataşehir Samantha, (we call her Sam) asking if she and the family could stay with us until Sam and my son Peter could find jobs and get back on their feet. I told her: “That it would mean that I had to move out of my bedroom and into my computer room while Sam and my son Peter would take my room, and their two daughters, Jane age thirteen and Sandy the eight year old would sleep, one on a roll-way bed and the other on an air mattress in the den. I then asked Sam, “If she had any problems with those arrangements.” She said: “No, as they were desperate and her parents lived in a single- wide, two bedroom mobile home and did not have the space to accommodate the four of them. “Okay.” I told Sam, “When do we expect you here?” “In a few days, we need to pack our stuff and get a U-Haul and my Dad is going to let us have the money for the U-Haul.” She informed me. I told my wife Martha, what was happening with our son Peter and his family and that they would be living with us for a short time, that is until Peter and or Sam could find jobs and save enough money to rent a place of their own. Martha burst out laughing and said; “I bet that they will be here more than six months” Boy was Martha right, they ended up living with us for almost seven months, although it was rough living with four females in the same house, in a sense it was a most exciting seven months. The only reason they left was due to the fact that the couple from whom we rented had to sell the house as they were getting divorced. And I had found a part time position in another part of the state. The next day I cleaned out my room and moved my clothes and other personal items to the computer room. I had a single bed to sleep on, for when we had a guest for a few days, or if my sister came for a visit. They would sleep in the computer room. Two days later, they arrived at the house we were renting, which was a three bedroom double wide manufactured home with a den, living room, dining area, kitchen and two bathrooms, with a truck load of furniture and other household items packed in boxes along with their van filled to the capacity with clothes. About two weeks after Sam and my son’s family had moved in, Sam found a job in a Retirement Center for rich folks working in the kitchen helping prepare the food and also working on the serving line. It was not the best paying job but it was above minimum wage. About two weeks after she had started working at the retirement center she helped her Mother Pamela and my wife Martha get jobs in the dining room helping clients who were handicapped get their food to their tables and serve them their beverages. They also had to keep their assigned tables and area clean at all times. That meant that Pam had to find a place to live if she was going to be working at the center. So Sam volunteered for her Mom to stay with us. That was not to my liking at all, because Pam had lived with us for a few months after Sandy was born. I then had to remind Pamela that she had overstayed her welcome of six weeks. Pam is a very domineering person and believes that she knows everything, all you need to do is ask her and she’ll tell you; and if you can do something well she has done the same thing even better or someone in her family has done it better. Not only is she domineering she is also very opinionated. No need to say that Pam is not one of my favorite persons. Pam also has a very loud and aggravating voice. Martha lasted about two weeks. Martha is somewhat handicapped due to an injury to her back when she fell in a street while crossing it with our daughter. She has been retired more than ten years on disability from her state nursing job and also placed on Social Security disability before the age of sixty-five. Yet she was Ümraniye escort fired because they did not think she could do the work (or as they told her “they thought she was not retirement center material”) although she was hired after she had told them of her disability. Sam lasted about two months, and got fired for visiting with a client while Peter was doing some work for the client. After Sam was fired for visiting a client, personnel decided that Pam also had to go, so they used some flimsy excuse saying that she had harassed some Hispanic women who worked there as well. A couple of weeks later Sam found another job as an executive assistant for an insurance agency in a neighboring city. The agency was getting ready to relocate to a larger office complex, so they hired Peter to set up a new computer network for them. Many times Peter and Sam were alone in the offices because all the agents were out in the field trying to get new clients or to add new benefits to the company’s plans that were already in place in different work environments. After she had been with the agency for a while, Sam started to come into my room at night to chat with me; I had never closed the door so she would just put her head in the doorway and ask me if I wanted to chat, I always said yes. The chats became a welcomed diversion from whatever I was doing at the time and I got so used to these nightly visits that I started to look forward to them. I always enjoyed our conversations. One night Sam came into the room and asked me if she could ask me a personal question. I told her yes. Sam, not wasting any time asked me; “How long has it been since you’ve slept with Mom and when was the last time you had sex.” I don’t know why I said what I said, but my response was; “Over fifteen years.” “Wow that’s a long time to go without sex.” She said and then asked me “Why”. I told Sam. “Martha thought I had been cheating on her about the time I stopped sleeping with her, although I had not cheated on her. Even to this day Martha still believes that I was cheating on her and that’s what I believe has turned her into a very bitter woman.” I then proceeded to tell Sam: “I’ve been a Diabetic for almost Thirty years now and I have had ED (Erectile dysfunction) for almost Twenty years due to the Diabetes.” Sam then asked me, “What do you do as a substitute for the sex you’re not getting?” I told her: I enjoy reading action books, psychological thrillers, porn stories and I also watch porn movies and that way I could still have a sort of sex life if only in my imagination which does not include physical intercourse and is not as satisfying as the real thing of course.” Sam said; “What type of porn do you enjoy the most.” “You’re getting pretty inquisitive now Sam, I don’t believe that’s any of your business but I’ll answer your question anyway. I love mostly; Incest, Father and young Daughter, Mother and son, brother, sister, and grandfather with granddaughter although I’ve never had sex with any of my family members except when I was fifteen I did fuck a cousin.” I replied. “Which type in particular?” Sam asked me. I said; “I guess Father with young daughter, and grandfather with granddaughter. I don’t read much of the cousin stories or the Aunt and Uncle stories. I never read the Gay and Lesbian family stories”. A few days later when Sam came into my room for our nightly chat, she informed me that she and Peter had discussed our conversation and that Peter approved it for her to be intimate with me even including having sex with me. I said; “Why I’ve never indicated that I wanted to have sex with you.” She said; “No but I’ve seen how you have been looking at Jane, and Jane told me that several times you had made some sort of sexual advances on her and she also asked me to ask you to stop doing Bostancı escort bayan it.” “I’ll stop making advances on her but I won’t stop looking at her.” I told Sam. Then I continued. “Hell even if she would agree to my advances, I can’t do anything other than oral sex and by the way, I always enjoyed it when I had an active sex life.” I continued; “There’s nothing like going down on a hairless pussy and lapping up all its juices and sucking the clit and making her cum using only my mouth and tongue. So even if Jane was willing to make love with me that would be all I could do.” Sam said; “I haven’t known many men who could make me cum by just eating my pussy, and I’ve had a lot of men in my sex life since I started having sex when I was eight years old.” She then told me that her Daddy, Roger, was the first man to make love with her and that he had taught her how to suck Cock, and how enjoyable it was to have her pussy eaten and when she was ten he fucked her for the first time, she then described how at family reunions on her Dad’s side of the family she had become the center of attention in their family love fests and also had become an accomplished cunt lapper being taught by her Aunts. Pam never joined in the family love. She told me that after Pam had either heard about or caught Sam with her Dad it was never made clear how it happened. Pam found out about her and her Dad. From that point in her life Pam and Roger’s marriage had become stressed. Pam also started to treat Sam like a maid and had Sam doing all the housework. Sam told me that Pam was never satisfied with the way Sam was doing her work. Sam vowed then that as soon as she could she was going to leave. Over the next few nights she told me about the many encounter’s with her Dad’s friends she had made love to and how that by the time she was in her teens she had become an accomplished and addicted sexual person. Many of our conversations during that period Sam would describe the sexual episodes that she and Peter were engaging in during their work hours. He would have Sam remove her bra and panties even when their co-workers were present in the building. She also described how Peter would get her on the table in the conference room and fuck her; other times she would describe how he would fuck her in the ass. She had me so horny that I wanted to throw her on my bed and eat her pussy until she would scream like a banshee and cum in ecstasy. My wife Martha being addicted to Bingo went regularly three or four nights a week. So Sam and I decided that the next time Martha went to Bingo, she and I would get together and make love. Although Sam and I had talked about having sex we still had not done anything about it until then. The following day Martha was off to Bingo, We sent Peter and the girls to the town’s park to play and not to return for at least an hour. After Peter and the girls left we wasted no time getting naked. We then got on the bed and I started kissing Sam, our tongues danced a dance of fertility. I proceeded down to her huge breasts and sucked her nipples as if I could get milk from them, then slowly I worked my way down to her cleanly shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were very wet from her juices leaking from her cunt and even her clit was showing its head from its hood. After licking and lapping Sam’s pussy I went to the top of her pussy and took her clit between my lips and sucked on it as if it were a small cock. Sam started to get vocal and shouted “Oh my God!” Oh my God!” over and over. Then she started to squirt in my mouth. I raised my head and said; “Go on cum in my mouth, cum as hard as you want.” I then returned to sucking her clit and to fuck her cunt with my tongue. It was not long before Sam shouted. “I’m cumimg, Oh God! I’m cummmmmmmming, Oh Godddddddd, I’m cuumiiinnnnggg, don’t stop I’m cuuuummmiiiiinnnnnnnggggg.” She then became silent and limp. I then rose up in the bed and lay beside her kissing her softly and caressing her nipples until she had come down from her climax and was relaxing right along with me. I asked Sam; “Well was it what you expected from this old man?” She replied. “More than I expected, I’ve never cum so hard from…

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