My Dinner With Angel

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Big Tits

The following is entirely a work of fiction. Well, not entirely. The names are the same, but the event never took place. But maybe after she reads this….. I learned some techniques from another author, and it should be noted that I use those techniques in life, as well as this story.

* * * * *

Wow. How do I start? Well, I guess I should describe her. She has hair that is blacker than a raven at midnight- long and flowing… it makes me woozy just thinking about it. She has full, round, beautiful lips. Lips that were made to be kissed with all the passion that a human being could summon. Until last night, I couldn’t tell you what color her eyes were- not that I don’t pay attention to her, far from it. It’s just that, knowing that she has NO interest in me, and I’m all consumed with her, it just made my life easier to think about her in an abstract way, rather than focusing on all the details that make her so real. If I concentrated on just her body, with out her personality, I wouldn’t feel depressed when I realized that I would never be with her. Or so I thought.

Sorry, back to the description.

She’s about 5′ 3″, small in all the right places. Not that she’s with out curves- she has curves alright. Her breasts are on the small side (she thinks that’s a problem) I’d have to guess that they are about a 32 B, but that’s not a bad thing. I really like small breasts. Her ass- my god, I could write a song about it, it’s sooooo perfect! It’s slightly rounded- just enough to give it some shape- and it looks really firm. I hoped someday I could find out for myself. Did I tell you it’s inked? I’m not even sure what they are. All I know is that within 2 hours of first meeting her, she showed me. She had on a black thong, I remember that, but I was just entranced with her ass the moment I saw it. I can’t describe it- if you like asses, then you’d understand.

Anyway, back to the story. Two days ago, she called me (something she NEVER does) and asked me if I would like to come over for dinner. I was shocked. Naturally, I said “yes” and asked if I could bring anything. She said I could bring some wine if I wanted (I know what she likes) and if I felt like bringing a cheesecake, she wouldn’t turn it down.

Of course she wouldn’t- it’s CHEESECAKE.

Well, I decide to make her a really special cheesecake- one that she would fall in love with. I figured, if she couldn’t love me, she could at least love what I can do. Well, ok, it’s one of my favorites as well. A Lemon Chiffon Cheesecake with candied lemon peels as a garnish. I added about 18 ounces of lemon liqueur to give it a kick.

Yea, I’m good.

Anyway, after it was done, I let it cool and got ready to go. I made sure the Riviera was washed and clean. I knew that she liked it- she said it looked like a Jaguar. When she said it, she had this look in her eyes… I can’t describe it. I stopped off at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Black Tower, and a bottle of PA Renaissance Faire merlot. Then I stopped and got her a dozen roses, half white, half black. On the way to her apartment, I started to let my mind wander….. What would she be wearing? Would she be making dinner or are we ordering out? Would she put her hair up, or leave it down? Would we watch a movie after dinner? Would she finally let me kiss her? But most importantly- WHY DID SHE CALL ME? After all, I had no chance with her, she had always made that clear, but she was so damn NICE about it, I couldn’t get angry.

When I finally got to her place, I was a nervous wreck. I rang the bell, and told her I was here. On the way up the stairs I could smell tomato and basil gravy. I hoped it was coming from her place. When I opened her door, I knew it was. One question answered- she was making dinner.

She was wearing a black silk dress, floor length, with a silver dragon down it’s entire length. It was slit high up the sides- high enough that Urfa Escort she had to wear long black silk pants under them. Her hair (god, her hair!) was long and flowing, like an ebony waterfall, cascading over her shoulders and down her back. That answered 2 more questions. Simply put, she was absolutely beautiful. But then, to me, she always is.

“Hey you! Glad you could make it! I see you brought me some goodies?” She said. I completely forgot that I had armloads of stuff for her. I gave her the flowers, and she was a little taken aback. “Whoa, you didn’t need to do this! These are awesome, thanks!” she said as she put them on the table while she went to find a vase. “I see you brought wine, thanks. We can have it with dinner. And, is that a cheesecake?”

I told her it was, a Lemon Chiffon cheesecake, and that I had made it just for her. “you are such a sweetheart! Here, put it in the fridge, we can have it after dinner while we watch a movie” One more question answered.

All through dinner she was talking about her book, asking me what was going on in my life, did I like my job, etc… and then she asked something that I never thought I’d hear from her: “So, are you seeing anybody?” At first I thought it was a joke, since I’m never seeing anyone. But I looked in her eyes, and I knew that she was serious.

I said “of course not” as if it actually needed to be said, and then she did the weirdest thing- she SMILED. Well, now I thought I had the answer to why she called. Only one question left…..

After dinner we decided to put in a movie. We had both had about half a bottle of wine, and were feeling rather relaxed. I put in “Innocent Blood” and sat down on the couch while she cut us some cake. That was strange enough, since Angel is the type to tell you to get your own damn cake, but when she came and sat down next to me instead of, well, ANYWHERE else, I was getting a little nervous. What the hell was going on?

While she was eating the cheesecake, she kept licking her lips and rolling her eyes back in her head and moaning “Oh god, this is awesome… you are the best chef” but I stopped listening after “best”. I must admit, I was getting turned on. Now, I’m always turned on around her, but this was a much more physical reaction. She dipped her head and looked at me out of the top of her eyes- it was almost cat like- and said “Damn, this is incredible. You can make me dessert anytime” I said, “yea, I could, but what would I get out of it?” I was obviously flirting with her, like I always do. But this time she said, “well, you get to know that you made me feel really good…” and as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she knew she walked right into it.

“Yea, but there’s only ONE way I want to make you feel really good, and baking isn’t it”. Sure, it was cheesy and predictable, but the old standards always work. She let loose an “OOOOOKAY….. On that note….” and got up to leave the room. I asked where she was going and she said, “never mind, I’ll be right back. Just watch the movie”

On the screen, Anthony LaPaglia was driving a beautiful French female Vampire – who, I might add, had just jumped out of a 10 story window and landed on the roof of his ’88 Caddy – to a hotel. So unrealistic. PU-lease. Like a cop could really afford a Caddy.

I was just getting back in to the movie when Angel came back into the room- and then I was so dumbfounded I forgot to breathe.

Angelina had taken off her silk pants, and was now just wearing the dress, and what was obviously a bright pink thong. I swear I couldn’t breathe. She was breathtaking–LITTERALLY! I was blatantly staring at her right leg, the leg that was revealed by the slit of the dress. I followed it from her naked toes up past the ankle, over the firm calf, past the silky, creamy thigh, to the hip bone. The hip bone with the pink satin thong strap on it. She hates pink- why is she wearing Urfa Escort Bayan pink? A better question is, why do I care?!?! She’s in a THONG in front of me!

She said “You have told me several times that there is one thing that you like to do more than anything else. Is that what you want to do to make me feel really good??” She was either teasing me or she was serious. Either way, she had me. “yea, that’s what I want to do” I said… barely able to form the words from the lack of oxygen. I thought she would laugh and say “Fuck off” and walk away, but she was getting excited, I could tell. She was rubbing her thighs with the palms of her hands when she said “Well, I told you I would think about it, right? So, I’ve thought about it.” And with just the smallest hint of nervousness in her voice, she walked to me and straddled my thigh.

I just about exploded right there.

She walked right up to me, bent down, and kissed me. Softly, gently, sweetly, She kissed me. Last question answered. She leaned back and said, “ok, I know you can use your mouth, so… use it.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I started to kiss her, slowly and gently, putting my hands behind her neck and caressing her softly. As I kissed her face, I began to lick her earlobe. She really liked that, so I kept going. I slid my left hand down to her waist, and started rubbing her hip, making small circles around to the small of her back. I could feel the top of the thong through her dress. We were both breathing a little heavy now, and I was getting rather confined in the pants area, so I put both hands on her waist and leaned her over on to the couch. I started kissing down her neck and chest, and when I got to her cleavage, she grabbed my head. She made sure that she had a tight grip, then lifted my head up to her face. “Later. Now just eat me”

Who am I to argue? I slid down to her waist, pushed the dress aside, and looked at what I had been dreaming about for almost 2 years. The Holiest of Holies. Clad only in the smallest pink satin triangle was the object of my obsession. I leaned down, inhaled deeply, and kissed her right in the middle of the satin. She inhaled deeply, and squeezed my head in her hands. I slowly licked her straight up the middle of the panties, using just the tip of my tongue. Moving in little circles, I found the elusive hot button, and paid attention to it for about 30 seconds, all the while Angel was breathing hard and bucking her hips. I think I was doing ok, but I needed to do more- I mean, I had no idea when this could end. Angel could just freak out and say she changed her mind, and throw me out. So, before that could happen, I went a little further………

I slowly removed her panties, while she lifted her wonderful ass to let me get them off. When I had them off, she put her right leg up on the couch, and pulled her dress all the way to the left. I was staring at the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. Full puffy lips, neatly trimmed, naked on the sides, with just a small strip of hair above her clit. I was most definitely in heaven. I licked my fingers, making sure they were good and wet, and said “Angel, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your body sends me into a dream state that I feel I have no control of. I look at you, and realize that if I had ever wanted to be alone for the rest of my life, it would only be because I could never imagine anyone as wonderful, sexy and beautiful as you actually existing in my life. You are the stuff dreams are made of.”

I Gently pulled her lips apart and looked at her inner lips, licking them gently. I spread her lips more, until her clit was fully exposed. I put my head at the inner part of her thigh, and licked it. I kissed it, making designs on it with the tip of my tongue. I would come dangerously close to her pussy, then float away. I made her anticipate it. She was breathing Escort Urfa harder now, moaning a little. Then I licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy. I nuzzle my face into her bush, brushing my lips over her slit without pressing down on it to further excite her.

After I’ve done this for about 20 minutes, to the point where this lovely lady is bucking up from her seat and she’s straining to get more of me closer to her, I put my lips right on top of her slit. I Kiss her, gently, then harder. I start to use my tongue to separate her pussy lips and when she opens up, I run my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. I gently spread her legs more with my hands, as she pulls the dress up and over her head. Everything I did with Angel before I ate her was done slowly, methodically, and gently. Like when I tongue-fucked her. I’m told that feels divine. It also teased the hell out of her because by now she wanted some attention given to her clit.

So, I gave it to her.

Her clit had gotten hard enough to peek out of it’s covering. I started to lick harder now and press into her skin. I gently pulled the pussy lips away and flicked my tongue against her clit, quickly, causing her legs to shudder. When I sensed she was getting up there toward orgasm, I made my lips into an O and took the clit into my mouth. As I started to suck gently, I was watching her face for her reaction. Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and she was breathing loudly. She was digging it, so I sucked even harder.

As she lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm, I moved with her, hanging on, and keeping my hot mouth on her clit. I wouldn’t let go. Coincidentally, that’s what she was saying too: “Don’t stop! OH SHIT! Don’t ever stop!” Now phase 2 was going to start… just as she was in the throws of the FIRST orgasm, I slid my wet index and middle finger into her, by now, dripping wet pussy. She arched her back again as I entered her, and I slowly started to pump in and out, fucking her with them rhythmically, speeding up only when she did. As she started to peak with the second cumming, I pressed my tongue on the bottom of her clit, keeping my mouth planted firmly on it, while fingering her fast, then slow, then fast again, until she started to scream. Quietly at first, then louder, then loud enough that I could still hear her with my head squeezed between her thighs.

As I slowed my fingering, I softened pressure of my tongue on her clit, but kept my mouth pressed on it softly. While she started to calm down, she looked down at me, and was about to say something to me, but before she could, I blew cool air on her clit.

Her eyes rolled back into her head, and I swear she whimpered. Just as she was whimpering, I sucked her clit back into my mouth, licking it with my tongue, and quickly fingered her to a third, and I must say, mind blowing orgasm. She then damn near passed out.

When she was coherent again, I asked her if I did ok. She looked at me with glazed over eyes and said “That was the best head I have ever had. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the chance sooner! Think of all the other times you could have pleased me before now!! God damn!” I thanked her and asked her if we could do it again sometime. “Hell yes!” she said, and started to sit up, but had to lie back down again so she wouldn’t pass out. “you know, I can just imagine how uncomfortable you must be right now.” She was getting a wicked smile on her lips. ” Maybe in a few minutes, I can try to make you feel as good as you made me feel.” “Are you kidding?!?” I practically shouted “All I’ve been dreaming about for 2 years you just made come true. Anything else is just icing on the cake.”

“OOO, cake…. Now I’m hungry” She said reaching for the cheesecake. “well, you made me cum 3 times in about 40 minutes. What do you have to say for yourself?” My mind was spinning. I wanted to say a bunch of things, but I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t piss her off, thus ruining any chance I had of doing anything else. I was drawing a blank. “Well?” she asked again. I blurted out the only thing I could think of:

“Since when do you like pink?”

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