Road Trip Shenanigans Pt. 02

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It’s been over 4 months since I had last seen Alex. We’ve kept in touch through FaceTime, Snapchat, and text. I know for most people that may not seem so long, but for me it felt like a year. Not because of wanting to be with him sexually, but just to be with him. I’ve made a lot of new friends since I started my new job, but I’ve been missing all my friends back home especially Alex. Mainly because he is the first person that would make me go on a very dangerous hike or actually go exploring nearby places.

Alex is scheduled to come over later today at our hotel and I was beyond excited to see him again. I had just clocked out of work at 7 and began to fill up my water bottle. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around.

“You’re so drunk right now.” Alex said with a big smirk on his face. I filled up my water bottle and put it in my backpack before giving Alex a big hug. I placed my head into his chest.

“I missed you so much dude. You have no idea. There is so much to catch up on.” I said softly.

“I know man, don’t worry, we’ll talk tonight.” he replied.

Once again the reassurance he gave me, put a big sigh of relief for me. After he got checked in, I waited in the lobby for him to come back out. After about 5 minutes, he was wearing his dark khakis, the same ones from our road trip in April, a tank top with our school logo on it, and a light travel jacket.

“You ready?” asked Alex. I just gave him a facepalm stare because I was still in my work uniform, but I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

“No. I have to go back to my place and get changed.” I answered.

“Lead the way then.” he responded. We took off and while we were walking, we caught up on so many things that have happened between us since our trip in April. We didn’t talk about anything that happened at the Microtel in Denver, I didn’t want to bring it up because maybe he regretted that he fucked me. We had just gotten to my place, I opened up the door and let us in to my room.

I began to unbutton my shirt and unbuckle my belt. I pulled my shirt off and put on one of my light hoodies. I pulled down my pants and boxers hoping to get some kind of reaction from him. That was when I felt a big smack on my ass and knew Alex is still interested. I pulled on some light sweatpants and a shirt and jacket that I usually wear during hikes.

“I’m ready to go.” I stated. Alex gave me a nod and I grabbed my backpack and water bottle before heading off to my car.

“Where do you want to go? I asked.

“How about Broken Cascades? It’s just about a half mile hike and will take us like 20 minutes to get there.” Alex asked me.

“I’m game dude!” I responded. It was only about a 7 minute drive. We continued to talk about things that have happened to us since April until I pulled into the parking lot and noticed that no one was there. We looked at each other and gave each other a smirk. I parked the car and we got out and began to walk towards the trailhead.

I let him take the lead on the trail because of his experience and also I wanted to stare at his ass again. He began to walk ahead of me not to far, but just right enough where I can see his ass bounce in his khakis and thinking how I couldn’t wait to eat his ass again.

The whole hike was silent except for a few conversations here and there. I realized that I grew a boner during the hike and had it pointing out of my sweats.

I must have lost track because I ran into Alex and my boner poked his butt temporarily.

“Hey, watch it!” Alex stated.

“Oh sorry dude, lost my balance for a bit.” I confessed.

“You’re so full of shit, you were staring at me.” As Alex started laughing. My face, redder than being sunburnt.

By the time we got situated, got kaçak iddaa our cameras set up, we were right up there with golden hour for sunset. It was pretty breathtaking to view the 89 foot falls and the peaceful river that flowed through. I sat down next to a tree and just wanted to enjoy the view. Alex ended up sitting next to me and we both made eye contact.

I leaned over to him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Alex moved his arm and pulled my head closer to him. I lay on the side of his body as I stuck my hand down the bottom of his tank top to feel those nice abs and soon reached further up to squeeze those hard nipples.

I began to move my tongue in Alex’s mouth as we were battling for dominance. I moved my hand from his nipples and slid down to below his khakis and groping his full hard on. I pulled my hand out of his pants and began to feel his boner through his khakis again. I went ahead to unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his zipper and fondled his cock through his boxer briefs.

I stopped kissing Alex and began to lift his tank top off, lightly kissing and biting his nipple before making my down south. I got to his belly button and began to tongue it, causing Alex to squirm all around. I stopped and continued to go down and stuck my hand through the pouch in the briefs and pulled out his cock. The head was almost purple and already leaking precum. I looked up at him.

“When was the last time you came?” I asked.

“Almost 2 weeks ago. Been stuck with my family and no privacy. What about you?” he answered.

“About a week ago. Did you want me to blow you or let you fuck me?” I asked.

“You choose.” he stated.

With that, I pulled down my sweatpants and boxers down around my ankles, pulled down Alex’s briefs to his ankles, got on top of Alex and began to straddle him. I felt his precum coat smear over my ass. I guided his cock until I felt it at the entrance of my hole. I lowered myself onto his cock and felt a slight sharp pain causing me to wince. Alex noticed and pulled me closer and we made out again. His tongue entered my mouth as I let him take control of the situation. It made me more relaxed and allowed his cock to slip deeper inside me. Finally he was fully inside me as I felt his balls against my ass.

“Still so fucking tight Sam.” Alex remarked as he broke up our kiss.

I began to lift up until just the head was inside and slid back down. I started to go at a slow pace, lightly teasing him. Hearing him moan a lot louder was pretty hot, but what made it hotter was that we were in the middle of a heavily used trail during the day. I started to moan in unison with Alex as I rode his cock faster and faster with his balls slapping my ass every thrust.

“Oh fuck Sam. I’m about to cum. You better get ready ’cause it’s a huge load!” Alex shouted.

“Mmm yes. Cum deep inside me dude! Can’t wait to feel it!” I replied. Encouraging him to go harder.

I started squeezing my ass on his dick, almost trapping his cock in me. He pulled his hand around my head, pulled me in and smashed our mouths together while doing one more pullout before going balls deep in me and unloaded.

I could feel my insides get flooded in his cum, shot after shot kept piling in me. I already started to have some of it leak from me because of how much cum Alex just put in me. I think I felt about 16 loads of cum pump inside of me.

We were still making out and using lots of tongue as Alex’s cock began to soften out of me. After a bit, he finally left me and it gave me an empty feeling as his cum poured out of my hole.

“That was amazing dude!” I said as I broke up the kiss.

“Turn around, let me eat you out.” Alex replied.

I obliged and turned myself around and had my ass in Alex’s face. kaçak bahis I felt his wet tongue start to lick around my cum covered ass. I started moaning again from his tongue cleaning out my ass from his cum. He stopped eating me out and I turned around to notice that his mouth looked a lot fuller so I got up and faced him and leaned in till our lips touched. I forced my tongue into his mouth as I started feeding myself his cum. It tasted so salty, but so delicious as I swallowed it all down my throat.

“Did you still want to fuck me?” Alex asked.

“Yes, but we will go at your pace.” I answered.

“Okay.” Alex quietly responded.

I lay down on the ground and let Alex get on top of me. He pushed his ass right up to my face. I spread his cheeks apart and saw that tight pink hole that I missed. I spat in it causing it to tighten even more. I stuck my tongue out and began to lap around his hole. I darted my tongue out, loosening up around his hole, while continuingly squeezing his bubble butt cheeks.

After I felt like he was lubed enough, I began to poke at his hole with my middle finger, lightly brushing it. I stuck my finger in my mouth and lubed it and took it out, and slowly entered Alex.

I heard a slight whimper come from Alex as my finger entered him. I just held my finger there letting him get adjusted to it. After a few minutes I didn’t hear Alex whimpering and he kinda just gave a slight nod of approval to continue. I moved my finger further inside of him till I was fully inside of him.

“Holy shit dude, you are way tighter than any guy I’ve ever been with.” I said as I started fingering him.

Alex was squirming from me fingering him so I took out my finger, got both of us to stand up for a brief moment, told Alex to lay on his back. He did as I requested and I lifted up his right leg as far as I could place it and stuck my finger back in his tight hole. From this view, I could see his facial expressions as I fingered him.

Alex looked so fucking sexy right now. He was completely naked, my finger inside him, his cock had gotten hard again and was leaking precum already. He barely had his eyes open and was consistently moaning from the fingering, I smashed our lips together and inserted my tongue immediately into his mouth. I felt around to see if there was any cum still leftover from when he ate me out. Unfortunately there was none, but I could feel his tongue trying to dual with mine and we tongue tagged each other. I felt my finger start to slide through his hole a lot easier, so I decided to opt into having a second finger join.

I moved my index finger to join my middle finger at the entrance to Alex’s hole. I tried to slip just the second finger in, but Alex whimpered even more than the first finger.

“You have to relax dude.” I said to him as I kissed him again. Kissing him seemed to do the trick as his hole opened up and my finger slipped in to join my middle finger. I got both fingers all the way inside of him, before I just kept them there. I started to do a scissor motion with my fingers causing Alex to go crazy loud moaning in my mouth. After a few minutes of me fingering and scissoring him, I felt like he was loosened up enough for the real thing.

“You ready for the real thing?” I asked Alex.

“I think so.” was his reply.

“Don’t worry, we’ll go at your pace. If you feel uncomfortable at all, just tell me.” I assured him.


I pulled my fingers out and get down on my knees. Alex gets up and moves to all fours, and positions his ass right on my cock. I take my cock and gave it a few tugs, before placing it near his hole. I gently pushed my dick through his hole lowered and with the sound of a pop, my head went in. I could see the reaction in Alex’s face illegal bahis that he was in a lot of pain.

“Relax dude. It will hurt at first, but you need to relax.” I reassured him again. Alex gave me a nod and I let him get adjusted to my cock being inside him. After a few minutes of just my head being in him, Alex started to move back. I slowly pushed more of my cock into him, until I felt my balls rest against his ass.

“Are you ready, or do you want to take a moment?” I asked.

“I’m ready.” was the answer I wanted to hear.

I pulled my cock all the way out except just the head and slid back in all the way. I start to do some slow rhythm thrusts just to make sure that he’s okay with it. After a bit, I started to hear him moan, so I took it as a sign to go faster. I sped up my thrusting and soon my balls began to slap his ass constantly.

Alex began to moan a bit louder when I started hitting his prostate with each thrust of my cock. I placed my hands on his hips as I continued to go in deeper. I moved my left hand to his leaking hard cock and grabbed it to give a few tugs.

“Oh fuck Sam, this feels incredible dude!” Alex exclaimed.

“Man, you’re so fucking tight. I fucking love your hole so much.” I shouted.

I leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his back, then began to suck on his neck. After a few minutes, a hickey began to form on the back of his neck. I began to pump my cock more and more into him. The sounds around us consisted of the waterfall, insects chirping, and the sounds of moaning as my balls continued smacked Alex’s ass.

After a few minutes, I moved my hands to his shoulders and pushed him downwards. Alex didn’t seem to mind this kind of aggressive from me.

“Fuck me harder now. Give it all you got dude.” Alex gasped.

I complied, pulled out, and slapped his ass real hard leaving a large red hand print. Alex moaned in delight when I pulled out and thrust back into him, so I pulled out all the way, gave him another slap and shoved my dick back in. I heard him moan in pleasure and grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off.

Jerking his cock off, I began to go faster on him because I knew he was about to bust another load real quick.

“Oh fuck!” Alex said ecstatically.

I felt my hand start to get covered in cum, and covered his face with it. With him cumming, his ass tightened more on my dick and I felt that familiar feeling when you’re about to cum so I let him know.

“Alex, I’m about to fucking cum so much inside you. I hope you’re ready dude.” I stated.

After one final pull out, I thrust back in, balls deep in him and unload. Shot after shot was released from my dick and into Alex. I could feel my cum continue to fill up Alex as my dick grew softer. I slowly pulled out and some of my cum started to leak out of his ass. I immediately got down there and started to eat his ass out. I lapped up almost all of my cum before I pulled us up and we made out again.

I shared my cum with him as our tongues swapped each other’s cum. I swallow all that he gives me and he swallows all that I give him. After a while, we break apart and I rest my head against his chest, my hands wrapped around his stomach, his hand around my shoulder. I just wanted this moment to last forever, just us 2, away from everyone else. Unfortunately we had to get back to our rooms and I stood up.

“You ready to go back?” I asked

“Do we have to?” was the answer.


As I was about to pull up my boxers and sweats, Alex stopped me.

“Here take mine. They still have some cum stains on them.” he said as he handed me his boxer briefs. I grabbed them and began to put them on, they seemed to fit like a glove. I felt my dick start to stir again as I pulled up my sweatpants and jacket. Alex put on my boxers and the rest of his clothes. We picked up our cameras and put them away and began to head back. Our arms around each other as we head back to my car.

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