Sheltering in Place


My sister lives on the East Coast, and shares an apartment with another girl. She had flown to Europe for business, and called me to ask if I would drive from western Pennsylvania where I live, and stay at her place. It seemed that her roomie was nervous about the pandemic, and wanted to catch a flight out, and go stay with her boyfriend. Sis needed to someone to watch her dog, her roomie was antsy and wanted to leave, it was a crisis, so I stepped up and agreed to help her out. I had time off coming, so with that arranged, I threw two suitcases in the trunk of my Toyota, and set out on the five hour plus drive east. I had never met her roommate, so I was a bit curious to do so. At the same time, my curiosity was tempered by the knowledge that she had a BF. Traffic was light, to my surprise, and no cops were around either. Even so, I kept the radar on as I drove a little faster than I would have otherwise.

It was after dark when I pulled into the garage under her apartment building. I decided to leave my stuff in the car, and go up to her apartment so the roomie could get going. After I knocked, the door opened, and I saw a very attractive Asian girl. She stood around 5′ 4″, slender, with long black hair parted to one side. She reminded me of a younger Michelle Yeoh.

“Tommie?” she asked, looking at me from behind the door.

“Uh yeah, that’s me, although I really prefer Tom. My sister still calls me Tommie.” I shrugged, wondering if she would let me in. She made a slight smile, and opened the door.

“Okay, I’ll call you Tom. Beth let me see a picture of you, so I’d know it was you.”

“Cool, was I still in diapers?” I cracked. She looked at me, confused, then burst out laughing. She’s really pretty, I thought.

“No, no, you were all grown up. Here, let me get you the key, and I’ll show you where the dog food is.” She gave me a quick tour. Sis’s little terrier was glad to see me, looking a little older and fatter than last time. I made a mental note to get her some exercise.

“All right, that’s that. I’m going to get myself to the airport. Thanks for helping out, I really appreciate it, and I know Beth does too.” With that, she swept out the apartment. An hour later, I received a text from my sister, that her flight was cancelled, due to the virus outbreak. She was hoping things would settle out in a couple of days, did I mind staying? I had anticipated this, having listened to news reports for the past few days. There was a lot of panic in both the US and Europe, and had made arrangements at work so I could work from my laptop. I told her it was fine, and she sent me her thanks, along with a promise to take me out to eat when she returned.

It was after midnight, when a noise woke me up. A light was on out in the apartment, and I could hear banging around. I jumped up and ran to the door to see May, the roomie, taking off her coat. She looked startled when she saw me.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked. She shook her head, her black hair falling over her face.

“My flight was cancelled.” she said, brushing back her hair. “I waited around trying to get another, but they were all cancelled. And get this, they don’t know when they’ll reschedule. It’s crazy.” She stared at me, then her expression changed.

“Uh, maybe you should get some clothes on?” I was suddenly, and painfully, aware that I was standing there in boxer shorts. She had her arms folded, and giving me a funny look.

“Yeah, I’ll be right back,” I stammered, rushing back into my room, were I threw on a t-shirt and sweat pants.

“Much better.” she said with a smile and an approving nod. I helped her carry her bags back to her room, and made some tea. We sat and talked about what was happening. She had sent a text to her boyfriend, but had not received a response.

“It’s kinda odd, you know. I texted him to ask if I could come stay him him, and got back a one word answer. So, you know, I assumed he was busy, whatever. Today I sent a text to tell him I was going to the airport, and another that my flight was cancelled. I hope he’s not mad.” My radar was telling me that something was really wrong here, but I didn’t know her well enough to say anything. She was a very smart and funny person, in addition to being very pretty. She had changed into a t-shirt and flannel pants, and apparently had on no bra, because I was getting glimpses of nipples poking against her shirt. It was difficult, I was attracted to her, but she already had a boyfriend. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to look. She didn’t seem to notice.

The next day, the news was full of sheltering at home, the government asking, and some cases requiring, people to stay home unless they were essential. I was fine, having a good internet connection, and was knocking out all the tasks my company was sending me. May was still trying to get a flight, and also trying to get a response from her boyfriend. I was pretty sure he was ghosting her, but had no proof, so kept my thoughts to myself. After a fruitless morning, she gave up on both, and communicated to her employer that she was not leaving town after all. The rest of the day, we worked in silence at our laptops. etiler escort At 6:00 I shut down, and offered to fix a meal for us. May wanted to work for a while, but said that sounded good, so I went to work, whipping up a cobb salad for each of us. Sis had some nice wine that I decided would make adequate payment for dog-sitting. May perked up when she saw the meal, and we had a nice conversation over dinner, getting better acquainted.

May was Korean. Her parents had come to the US to work before she was born, and had settled in Seattle, where she was born. She had lived there most of her life, until her parents retired and moved back to Korea. She had recently accepted a job offer on the East Coast, and was trying to get her boyfriend to move out here too. She and Beth had met at work and become friends. She helped with the dishes, and when I returned from walking the dog, she was curled up on the couch with a movie, beckoning me to come watch too. I sat at the other end of the couch, not wanting to be forward and make her uncomfortable.

Another day passed, and May was becoming increasingly concerned with no word from her boyfriend. She tried contacting mutual friends, but none of them had any news, except that he was fine when they had last seen them. I still thought he was trying to break it off with her. It pissed me off a little, because she was getting to the point of being frantic, thinking something had happened to him. Of course, maybe something had happened, and I was the one being a jerk. That night, I woke up, having heard a strange sound. Sitting up, I realized it was May, and it sounded like she was crying. Remembering to put on pants, I went to see what was wrong. She was on the couch, rocking back and forthwith her arms folded, sobbing. She looked up at me, shook her head, and burst out in a fresh flood of tears.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Can I help?” She shook her head, and held up her phone.

“No, no, nothing can help.” I took the phone, and she put her face in her hands. The phone was on a Facebook page for a girl. The top picture showed the girl in the arms of some guy. They looked very happy. Scrolling down, there were other pictures, selfies at bars mostly, and one of them kissing. The top picture’s caption was, My Lover, he’s the best. Uh-huh, I was looking at confirmation of my suspicions.

“This guy your boyfriend?” I asked. She was looking at the floor, her tears had stopped, and gave a single nod.

“You know the girl?” She gave a harsh laugh.

“Oh yes! She is, was, a good friend. The bitch, she posted those pictures, knowing I’d see them.” She looked at me, her eyes flashing.

“Kind of a shitty way to do things,” I said, handing her the phone. She shrugged, and sat back in the couch. Like the first night, I got up and fixed some tea. She took her cup, and I sat back down, waiting for her to lead the conversation. She talked for a while, about their relationship, interspersed with tears, until she finally wore out. I lay awake for a while, wondering about the whole thing. I could see how he might change his feelings, with her so far away, but the way he handled it was fucked up. We continued to work from the apartment at our jobs, and took turns with the meals. At first we took turns walking the dog, but then started going together. I became more and more entranced with her, but I hesitated to say anything, with her feelings still very raw. I decided to be patient, since we weren’t going anywhere for a while.

A couple of weeks passed, and we had fallen into a comfortable routine. May had moved from grief and pain over the breakup, to anger, and I spent a couple of evenings listening to her vent, knowing it was what she needed in order to move on. Of course, my motives weren’t pure, I had hopes we might become a couple, but I also felt bad for her. So I listened, and added my thoughts when it seemed appropriate. After one such session, she paused to catch her breath, and looked at me.

“I really need to forget about him, don’t I?” It was more of a rhetorical question, but I nodded, and decided to voice an opinion.

“Given how he handled things, ghosting you, and then posting pictures on that girl’s page, yeah, you need to forget him. I haven’t said much up to now, but I see how this has hurt you, and it pisses me off. You’re a good person, May, and you deserved better. Breaking up by text or email is cowardly, but that still would have been better than dumping on you like he did.” I stopped, thinking I’d pushed too hard. May looked at me with interest, a smile slowly brightening up her face.

“So it makes you mad? Wow. I thought you were just being supportive, and don’t get me wrong, I really, really appreciated what you’ve done, being here for me. After all, I was a complete stranger, but you were nice from the beginning, polite, non-threatening, a real gentleman. Gotta say, you’re the first one of those I’ve met, except for my dad.” She laughed, and I laughed with her. The ice was broken. We talked for a long time, about our hopes, fears, and dreams, and when we went off to our bedrooms, I eve gelen escort felt like the groundwork had been laid for a closer relationship. I was still going to be careful, I didn’t want to spook her and ruin things.

The next day was a Friday, and with it came the usual rush of things that other people had put off, and were demanding that had to be done, right now! I think May was dealing with some of the same, I heard her muttering under her breath a few times. At 5:00, I’d had enough, sent off the last email, and shut down my laptop. I had an idea for the evening meal, a surprise for May, and got to work while she was still slogging away at her computer. I had a recipe for samgyeopsal, a Korean pork dish, and soon had it going in the skillet. It smelled great, and while I was moving the strips of pork around with a wooden spoon, May came into the kitchen.

“Oh my God, you are making it! It’s my favorite, Mom made it all the time.” She came up next to me to look into the skillet, and pressed her shoulder into my arm as she bent over. It was just a casual touch that only lasted a few seconds, but it was very exciting, so much that I had a hard time not putting an arm around her waist. She put together a side, and opened a bottle of wine, and we were soon tearing into the meal. May said I’d used a bit too much garlic and pepper, but laughed and said it gave her an excuse to drink more wine. After cleaning up, we sat down to watch a movie, as usual at opposite ends of the couch. It had some intense scenes with a lot of gore, and she hid her eyes a couple of times, asking me when it was safe to look. In the last half, the movie ramped up even more. May stood up, a bit wobbly from the wine she’d been drinking at a steady pace, and flopped down next to me.

“Can’t handle it, Tommie,” she giggled, “You’re gonna have to hold me if I’m gonna watch the rest of this.” I was more than happy to oblige, and put an arm around her. She snuggled in close, and for the next hour, when the scenes became too much, she’d bury her face in my chest. For me, it was hard to concentrate on the movie, with the scent of her hair right under my nose, and her lithe body warm against mine. Of course, my cock got hard too. I couldn’t shift it to a more comfortable position, so I tried to ignore it, hooping it would go down. If May noticed, she didn’t say anything, even though the bulge was plain to see.

After the final credits had run through, and the usual string of commercials was blaring, May stayed tight against me, idly stoking my hand that was draped over her shoulder. I was pretty relaxed, and wondering how to move things along, when she solved it for me.

“You’re a hell of nice guy, Tommie Andrews.” she said, turning her around and up to look at me. I returned her gaze, and was about to say something, when she put her hand behind my head, and pulled my face down to hers. It was a soft kiss, that soon turned hot with hunger and need. May was moaning softly into my mouth as her tongue shot between my lips. I returned the kiss, putting my hand on her waist, and pulling her to me. It was a long kiss, and May finally broke it, giving me a funny look. When I leaned forward to kiss he again, she pushed me away and jumped up.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m drunk.” And with that, she turned and made her way to her bedroom, weaving a bit and bumping into a chair. At first, I was put off. What the hell, I thought. But, there was nothing I could do tonight, so I read a book for a while, and finally went to bed. I woke up early on Saturday, fixed coffee and had a roll, and was on the couch reading the online news when May came out of her room. She didn’t say anything, just went straight to the coffee maker. My eyes shot open when I saw how she was dressed, just a thin pale blue sleep shirt that clung to her body, and ended at mid thigh. As she padded to the kitchen, my eyes locked on her small round ass as it swayed, the thin material leaving little to the imagination. After pouring her cup, she stood and leaned against the door frame, sipping at the warm brew. Again, the shirt hid little, her nipples pushing out, making the material outline her small tits. I just stared, she was beautiful, hot, and sexy as hell. Her hair was rumpled, falling around her face, and her eyes burned into me over top of her cup. I started to say something, but she shook her head and held up a hand.

“I was drunk last night, maybe you noticed,’ she said with a wry grin. “But this morning, I’m not, just a little hung over. But my feelings are the same.” She sat down the cup, and walked across the room, then with a graceful move straddled my legs and sat on my lap. Her cunt was pressed hard against my cock, with only my sweats between them. I put my hands on her slender hips, and she cupped my face in her hands. We looked at each other for long seconds, her hips making tiny movements that ground her lips on the curve of my cock. I pulled her to me, making her gasp as her clit slid up on the hard shaft under it. Then we kissed, each knowing where this was going, and both wanting it bad. There was nothing fatih escort subtle now, just raw need as her hips swiveled, my hands holding her down to increase the friction.

She pulled her mouth away, her eyes wild and her mouth open. The shirt had ridden up, and I grabbed it, pulling it up over her head, leaving her long black hair a tangled mess. My eyes took in her soft skin and amazing body. Even thought she was slender, there were no ribs or hip bones showing, just a trim body with just enough flesh. Her tits were upturned, with puffy brown nipples, and to my surprise she had a well trimmed but still generous pubic bush. She saw the look of hunger in my eyes, and gave a soft giggle.

“You have too many clothes on, Mister.” She got up, her tits jiggling, and pulled my t-shirt up over my head. Throwing it aside, she took hold of the waistband of my sweats and tugged. I raised my hips, and let her pull them off, revealing my hard seven inch cock. Her eyes flew open.

“Damn, Tommie.” she breathed, getting down on her knees between my legs, and taking my rod in her small hand. She fondled it, softly, inspecting it, like it was the first one she had ever seen. Then, she deftly opened her lips, and slid them over the head, sucking down on it and flicking it with her tongue. It took a lot of concentration to not cum after a few seconds of the tender loving she was giving my cock, but I managed to get myself under control. I didn’t want to act like a punk, not when things had taken such a sudden turn. She played with my cock for a while, gently stroking the shaft with her hand, and taking care of the head with her mouth,and it was getting pretty tense. I was about to tell her to stop, when she pulled off, licking her lips and giving me a knowing smile.

“Okay boy, your turn,” she said, getting to her feet. With a graceful motion, she let herself down on the couch, then spun so her legs were towards me. With a wicked grin, she threw one leg up over the back of the couch, exposing her cunt to me.

“Come on, Tommie, lick me, make me cum.” she whispered. I was more than ready to comply, and bent over, pushing the other leg up onto my shoulder. Her bush was trimmed so the lips had no hair around them, but when I dove in the pubes on her mound still tickled my nose. I didn’t care, though, she smelled great, and tasted better. Starting at the bottom of her slit, I pushed the tip of my tongue between the outer lips, and slowly pulled it up to the top, giving the clit a little extra attention on the way.

“Yesss…that’s it!” she hissed. I started at the bottom again, pushing more of my tongue inside her. With my hands, I cupped her small tits, and rolled the swollen nipples between my fingers. Her nipples were big, puffy and protruding from her firm tits. I wanted to see them jiggle as she rode my cock, but that would have to wait, I had work to do. After giving her several long slow licks, each one deeper, I fastened my lips on her clit, sucking it in and swirling my tongue around it. This made her lift her ass off the couch, but I stayed with her, never taking my lips off her clit. She kept thrashing around, making guttural noises, but I was determined to get her off, so I threw an arm across her hips, and held her down. Without having to chase her all over, I was able to quickly push her over the edge, leaving her shaking in the throes of an orgasm. Once she had calmed down, I moved up and kissed her, sharing her juices that had smeared on my face. After a long kiss, we paused, and looked at each other.

“My my, such a tiger in bed, I had no idea.” she laughed, tracing her finger down my cheek. I shrugged, and laughed too.

“I do what I can, always glad to help a lady in need.” She thought that was hilarious, and laughed so hard she made herself cough. After helping her regain control of herself, she hugged me close.

“So, are you ready for more?” she said as she fondled my cock. I looked down, it was hard and erect.

“Definitely ready,” I responded, pushing her back down on the couch. She wriggled under me, grinding her black bush against my hard shaft. She pulled her leg out from under me, and lay it up on the back of the couch again, giving me the signal she too was ready. With my free hand, I moved the head around, trying to find the hole at the bottom of her slit. May tilted her pelvis just a bit, and I found it, pushing the head in. Wow, she was tight!

“Oof, go slow lover, okay?” She was biting her lip, so I started to pull out, but she grabbed my ass and held me in place.

“No,honey, it’s okay, just go slow,” she whispered. I held in place, making tiny moves with my hips, working it in and out an inch at a time. May clung to me, moaning softly. I started going a little deeper, watching her face for any sign I was hurting her. It took a while, but finally I was in all the way, our pubic patches rubbing together. She shuffled around under me, getting comfortable, then crossed her legs behind me. I hoped she was ready, I definitely was, it was hard to keep holding back. Her cunt was stretched tight around my cock, and dripping wet. I slowly pulled out until only the head was in, then just as slow pushed back in all the way. God, what a feeling! As I pumped in and out, nice and easy, her cunt loosened up, not a lot, but enough my cock could move easier. Her face had relaxed, and she was moving with me. I picked up the pace, just a little, and was rewarded with her gripping my waist tight with her legs, and a hot wet kiss.

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