Shower Sex


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Nikita groaned, dropping off her gym bag inside the front door, her hair still a little damp and a little sweaty, small, fine strands clinging to the nape of her neck. Even though her blonde locks had been tied up for the gym, the soft, fluffy hair at the back of her neck could not escape the mark of sweat, even if going to the gym very much was worth it for her.

“Matt?” She called, glancing back. “Are you coming or what?”

He scurried in after her, his blonde hair a little lighter still after being bleached by the summer sun, but it was just as much of a mess as his girlfriend’s hair was. Matt’s eyes didn’t leave Nikita’s body for a moment, the thickness of her buttocks showing through clearly through her gym trousers, more like yoga pants with how closely they fitted her form, and the shirt that barely came down to the top of the high-waisted pants. It was a wonder that he got anything done in the gym with her at all, going there after work, what with how she looked and just how much Nikita drew his attention.

“Yeah, I’m here,” he said, smiling — it was so easy to smile around her. “Shall we go shower?”

She smirked softly, batting her eyelashes at him, though only briefly. She would not be so forward or so cheesy as to hold that for too long, after all.

“What, together?” She said pointedly, even though that hadn’t been what Matt had been saying at all. “I think that’s a great idea…”

Of course, he went along with it. Whatever Nikita wanted she got from him — and having a shower together was very much going to be something that he wanted too! He all but chased her up the stairs, laughing all the while, though things were light and easy between them, just for a moment.

For it was easier still for things to be simple between them as they ducked into the bathroom together, Nikita keener than ever to get into the shower. Steam filled the white-tiled room, fogging up the mirror, as they stripped down and Nikita dragged her hairband from her ponytail, letting her hair back down.


He should have focused more on her, though Matt’s eyes constantly went back to his partner as he set the shower to the perfect temperature for her, which was still a little too hot for him. That was okay, as long as he got to spend time with his girlfriend, time where he was pressed up against her, slippery and wet, Bostancı Escort though he should have been concentrating on cleaning her, on helping her.

Still, not everything had to be perfect and, even then, Matt did not have to be perfect, not as he watched his girlfriend step inside, water washing over her naked body, her curves from head to toe.


He stepped into the shower cubicle behind her, though, thankfully, it was large enough for both without anyone having to be pressed up to the chillier side of the cubicle. He groaned subtly in the back of his mouth, swallowing his arousal, though not even Matt could hide his shaft away, not as it plumped up, making itself known just a little bit more.

He took the shower pouffe, however, ignoring his needs. Her back was to him and she rolled her shoulders back appreciatively into his touch, her shoulder blades pushing together.

“Mmm, that feels good…”

Matt smiled.

“It’s supposed to.”

Not his smoothest sentence, of course, but not everything had to be smooth and simple and easy, not then. Sometimes, things only had to be exactly as they were and no more than that.

He ran his hands over her, all soaped up, though Nikita more easily took care of washing under her arms and the sweatier parts of her body. Already, he felt better for being under the running water, even if only half his hair was splashed and wet, needing to be further under the stream of water to truly reap the benefit.

And yet… other things were more alluring than that, such as adoring his girlfriend’s body. He dropped to his knees slowly, so as not to bump his knees too heavily into the floor of the shower cubicle, but he just wanted her, the sweetness of her pussy on his lips.


Nikita shuddered as he pressed his lips up to her pussy in the most intimate kiss that anyone could have given her, though she did have the presence of mind to turn around and rock her cunny up to his touch. She smiled down at him, brushing her damp hair back from her face and letting it slick down the back of her head, steam wafting softly around her. The water pattered down, streaming gently, yet was not quite enough still to cover them both.

“Mmm… And I never thought you’d take the hint…”

She giggled, not coming off as either saucy or seductive, but things could be fun too. Matt groaned into her sex, letting the moment sweep him up and away, panting lightly into her pussy. His tongue drove deep, parting her folds and dipping into her pussy, dragging up over her G-spot, though he had to press deep to tease that most sensitive patch of nerves inside her.

She moaned. Her clit was a better and easier target for his tongue and Matt allowed his jaw something of a break as he lapped up and swirled around it languidly, his hand closing softly around his cock. Matt’s erection throbbed to full attention, though he was Ümraniye Escort the only one giving it any attention at all, his hand stroking lightly back and forth. He didn’t mind Nikita reaping the spoils of his attention, after all, for he lived to give her everything that she wanted, easily lapping up her arousal from her pussy as it showed through, slicker than ever. He moaned against her, a hand gently sliding up the inside her of her thighs, parting her legs a little more, all so that he could get in closer to her.

It was her breathy moaned and how she leaned back to brace on the wall that did it for him, even if there was very little that they could do in the shower. Even though it was a reasonable size in the steamy cubicle, big enough for both even when the door was closed behind them, it was not hugely roomy. They would have to, one day, find a bigger house and bathroom for something like that, though Matt would have done anything she wanted, even though it was Nikita, more often than not, who led the way.

It was good to feel her clean, the sweat washed from her skin as the water ran over her, fresh and clean and fruity as he drove two fingers into her pussy. He wanted to look down too, to take in her neat, small feet, even to slide his gaze back up her body to the fullness of her breasts. Oh, there was too much for Matt all at once, too many needs coming up against one another, pushing and prodding, but he knew in his heart that he would get what he wanted too.

That was how he stood, lips parted, kissing sloppily up her body, all the way to her face. Their lips met in a messy kiss, water streaming over their faces, running into their mouths, but neither cared one little bit about any of it, not as he ground against her, humping desperately.

Nikita laughed into the kiss, breaking it lightly, even as she shook her head at him.

“You’re so needy, Matt…”

And yet she obliged him anyway, her lust up, grunting as she braced against the back of the shower cubicle wall and rolled her hips back to him. Matt grunted, grabbing them, his hands roaming her hips and backside, though Nikita already made her need well enough known as she ducked her head down between her arms.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, though it was a hard word for her when sweetness usually brimmed through. “I… Mmm… Matt, I need you!”

But he liked the edge of desperation in her tone, even as he fulfilled both her need and his own at the same time, filling her tight pussy with his cock, using every inch he had. The rock of his hips picked up the pace, thrusting in the heat of the shower as if they had not fucked in weeks, even though it had only been a couple of days. It just felt too good to be inside her, thrusting and grinding, the slap of his hips against her buttocks filling the bathroom, even over the rushing hiss of the water streaming down and down and down.

“Unnff… Yes…”

Even Anadolu Yakası Escort then, it was easy to lose himself in the moment, as if nothing at all existed other than the two of them there, right then, in the shower cubicle. His girlfriend’s moans were the most beautiful music to his ears as she groaned out his name, a subtle part of her demanding more even as she rocked and pushed back against him, asking for every thrust. Though Matt was more than willing to give her everything that she craved and more as he thrust and thrust, his hands on Nikita’s hips to draw her back onto his length with every thrust.

His breath caught in his throat, tight in his chest, though he longed for the moment, every push and grind. He wanted to savour it, as quickly as he raced towards his high, a hand coming around to the front of her pussy to tease her clit that had been forgotten for a moment while his cock did its work. Nikita groaned and bucked against him, though she seemed lost for words as he fucked her, harder and faster, fingers rubbing her clit. Cooling air prickled at her skin, though they needed it, ached for it, panting heavily, though there would be plenty of time for both to come down from their high, to enjoy the softening moment between them.

Still, they were learning the ins and outs of their bodies, together. Still, they were learning what they enjoyed, what new kinks they could lean into. But that would all come, with every thrust as he sped up, increasing their pleasure. Even as Nikita panted and cried out his name, orgasm taking her, pushing back against him with every thrust, ecstasy claiming her.

Matt kept right on rubbing her clit as he fucked her through it, but the moment was right for him to take what he wanted too, her pussy so wet and tight around him that he didn’t want to hold back. Not that Nikita wanted him to hold back either, not as that cord of tightness inside him spiralled down and down and down, to a point right where it had to be addressed.

He heaved out a long, low moan as he climaxed, letting orgasm sweep through him. Thrust after thrust brought further throbs of pleasure, spending his seed bareback inside her, though neither Matt nor Nikita had anything to worry about there. It was just another way for them to enjoy their time together, adding to the soft lust between them, her lips parted even as his head rang with pound after pound of blood, heartbeat drumming in his ears.

“Unff… Yes… Nikita…”

He moaned out her name, wanting more, even as things simmered down, his legs rather a bit shakier than he would have liked them to be at that time. But his softening cock still slipped from her pussy as he pulled her back against him, hugging her wet body tightly to his as his hands slipped and slid up over her breasts, teasing and massaging the soft, full flesh.

“Mmmph, Matt…”

She moaned, though all was right, a cheeky grin on her lips as she glanced back at him. There would be more to come between them, later, but the time to get clean, in a less sexy way, was upon them too.

Though Matt was keener than ever to follow his girlfriend up into the shower whenever she came back from the gym next too…

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