Splish Splash


We paddled out into the middle of the lake in our rental boat. The boat was an old rowboat, but despite that, it did the trick. Reaching the center of the lake, we dropped the anchor, watching the line pay out. When it stopped, I tied it off; making sure the boat wasn’t going anywhere. I turned back to you and nodded that we were ready. We started to re-check the gear, especially the tanks. This was going to be our first dive with these tanks, steel 120’s. Not to mention, it was to be our first dive in this particular lake. I heard about it from another diving friend of mine, and so, decided to try it.

Once the gear was ready we got dressed in our “shortie” wet suits. (Did I mention the water was warm?) Joking with my wife about a story I had read the night before about a couple of divers having sex underwater, I watched as my wife peeled out of her T-Shirt and shorts revealing her body to me. Her breasts, while not the largest I had seen, were a natural C-cup. Even though my wife was thirty-five, her breasts didn’t sag, standing firm and proud on her chest, held tightly by her bikini top. (I think she buys her tops a size small just to make her chest look bigger.)

Letting my eyes wander appreciatively over the rest of her five-foot-six, firmly-muscled body, I watched as her short strawberry blond hair glistened in the sun. She pulled on her wet suit, (filling it out nicely I might add), and I marveled at our still being together. In this age of “throw away” marriages, we were still in love and lust with each other, even after being married for ten years. Maybe it was her cheerful personality, her slight exhibitionist streak, or her willingness to try just about anything that kept us happy. I don’t know, but whatever it was, it worked for us.

Once we were ready, we looked at each other, sat on the transom of the boat, and back-rolled off, one after the other. Once I hit the water, I let myself sink to about ten feet, then moved away from the boat to give my wife room to get into the water. When I was clear of the drop area, I turned around. First hearing the muffled sound of a splash, then seeing the large cloud of bubbles in the water, I knew my wife had joined me in Neptune’s Realm. She soon came gliding out of the bubbles to hover there beside me in the 85° water.

The water at this shallow depth was slightly murky, with about 20-foot visibility. I had been promised by my friend that once we hit 30 feet, it would clear up. Watching my wife, I waited until she signaled that she was okay. Then I pointed downward. Popping some of the air out of our Buoyancy Compensators, we started slowly gliding down into the depths.

As we approached the 30-foot mark, I noticed the water seemed a little more murky below me, as if I was flying into a bank of thin clouds. Passing through this, I was in some of the clearest water I had ever seen. The visibility was incredible, at least 100 büyükçekmece escort feet. Not only that, but because of the shape and design of the lake’s bottom, the light had actually increased, and it was warm, like a bathtub. Looking at my gauges, I saw the water temperature had risen to 90°. Oh, did I forget to mention this was a thermal lake? Sorry.

Nearing the bottom, at 50 feet, my wife and I slowly popped air back into our B.C.s’ until we stopped completely, about five feet off the sandy bottom. Looking to my right, I could clearly see the anchor for the boat. Swimming over to it, to check on how it was holding, I turned away from my wife. Not a problem, as she was doing well, and the water was so clear.

After inspecting the anchor, I turned and started swimming back to my wife, casually looking around me as I went. There was more plant life than I had expected, with huge schools of fish. This was definitely not a dead lake.

Reaching my wife, she mimed wiping sweat off her brow. She was right, it was warm down here. No wonder so few people dove here. You could cook yourself.

Suddenly, my wife got my attention. She motioned for me to head for the bottom. I thought, O.K. why not? When we were both kneeling on the sand, she motioned for me to grab her B.C. Doing this, I watched as she first undid the straps, then slid out of her B.C. Reaching down, she removed her fins, and clipped them to one of the D-Rings on her B.C. Next, she removed her weight belt and set it on the sand, while holding onto the B.C. with the other hand. Once she removed the weight belt, she was slightly buoyant, and didn’t want to make an ascent to the surface.

Reaching up to her throat, she grabbed the long zipper that held her wet suit closed and pulled it down. Struggling slightly, she removed her wet suit and rolled it up. She strapped her weight belt around it to hold it on the bottom of the lake. Once she removed the wet suit, she was as close to neutral buoyancy as you could get.

Doing this revealed the coral-red thong bikini she was wearing under the suit. Reaching out, she slid back into her B.C. and snugged down the straps again. Turning to me, she motioned that I should do the same. Thinking about it, I realized she was right. So, holding my regulator firmly in my mouth, I shrugged out of my B.C., and handed it to my wife.

Floating to the sandy bottom, I removed my weight belt, placing it across my lap. Then, I began to remove my wet suit. It was a struggle, but with patience and some work, I got it off. At this point, I was wearing just my fins, a brief bathing suit and my mask. Holding on to it, I wrapped my wet suit in the weight belt, correctly assuming I wouldn’t need the weight, but the suit would, in order to keep it on the bottom. Setting it down, I re-donned my B.C. Seeing what I was doing, my wife fatih escort did the same with her wet suit and weight belt.

Once we were ready, we swam over to the anchor line, and tied our suits to it. This way we would be able to find them later. While I was busy tying my suit to the line, I happened to glance at my wife’s wet suit. There was something red on it. This caught my eye, as my wife’s wet suit was black and yellow. Looking closer, I noticed a piece of cloth that looked like a bathing suit bottom.

Looking around at my wife, who was hovering behind and slightly above me, I noticed she wasn’t wearing anything other than her dive gear. (It was kind of hard not to notice, as my mask was about six inches away from her freshly-shaven mound.) Looking further up her body, I could see her smiling around her regulator. Pointing towards me, she motioned I should join her in this nude diving. Liking the idea, I too was soon wearing only my gear. Now we were ready to continue with our dive.

Checking our consoles, we saw we still had plenty of air, and we chose our direction. Swimming along, we glided above the smooth, undulating, sandy bottom of the lake, noticing the fish and vegetation. The feeling was incredible! Never before while diving had I felt like this. For the first time, I was diving, unencumbered with clothing; feeling the movement of the water as it swept across my body.

Looking ahead, I saw my wife had passed me. Looking closer, I could see that the water was also having an effect on her. The lips of her sex were suspiciously puffy, and slightly spread, allowing me to glimpse her inner lips every now and then as her legs worked in slow steady kicks.

Increasing my kicks slightly, I swam up beside her. Looking closely, I could see in through the arm holes of her B.C. and could see her nipples were as hard as I had ever seen them. Liking the looks of this, I did something I had never done before. I reached out, slid my hand inside her B.C., and fondled her breasts.

Startled by this sudden attention, she stopped and looked over at me.

The effect of this novel experience was instantly obvious to her. Reaching down, she firmly, yet gently grabbed hold of my hardness. Removing her regulator for a second, she smiled at me, and then licked her lips. After replacing the regulator, she rolled over, swinging her legs so they were straddling my hardness.

Pulling gently, she guided me into her warmth. Now I was behind her, with my dick wedged firmly inside her. Grasping first her hips, then her tank, I slowly pushed my way further inside her, until finally I was completely in. This was incredible! We were floating in total weightlessness, about ten feet off the bottom of the lake, nude but for our dive gear, and getting it on.

Gently, I pushed on her tank, and felt myself slowly sliding out of her. esenyurt escort Before I had come out completely, I pulled again, sliding my way back in. Obviously she liked this. I could hear faint moans coming through her reg.

Suddenly I could feel a hand on my balls. On one of the out strokes, I looked down and saw she had reached down, and was alternately playing with herself, and me. Only in this environment could she do this comfortably.

After doing this for a while, she turned once again, without letting me slip out of her, until she was facing me. Wrapping her legs around my hips, she laid out straight. Seeing this, I grasped her hips, and pulled her to me.

Liking the feel of this, and wanting me even deeper than I was, she slowly released her grip on me, and spread her legs, giving me more room. Alternately pushing and pulling her, I was soon sliding deep inside her again. This time I could watch as her breasts were swept back and forth by the movement of the water. This was great! We were having sex, and didn’t have to worry about gravity’s affect on our positions.

After trying several more different positions, we again went back to the face-to-face method. Soon, we were riding each other to orgasm.

I could feel the walls of her sex first tremble, than clamp down on me when she started having her orgasm. The feeling of her pussy getting even tighter than normal brought me to the edge, and with a muffled roar, I let loose deep inside of her. Floating there, we rested with me inside her, in complete bliss. After several minutes, I recovered enough to wonder about our air.

Looking at my gauge, I saw I had about a quarter of a tank left. Reaching out, I grabbed her console and checked her air, about the same.

Looking at her, I motioned it was time for us to head back. Signaling that she understood, she pulled away from me. Getting our bearings, we slowly swam back to the anchor line, knowing we had to, but not wanting this interlude to end.

Too soon for me, we were back at the anchor. Once again I checked my air. Damn, we were getting lower than I liked. Looking at hers, I saw she had about the same amount as I did. Pointing to the air gauges, I motioned we should start our ascent. Looking at our suits, she shrugged and pointed up. After a slow and steady ascent up the anchor line, we reached the boat. Popping my head up for a look, I saw there were no other people around.

Helping my wife out of her gear, I got her into the boat, then handed up all of the gear, including mine. Needless to say, the view I was getting as she leaned over the gunwale, then bent over in the boat to set gear down, had my whole-hearted approval.

Soon enough, I climbed into the boat with her. It was only after a quick hug that I pulled the anchor in. Once we had the anchor on board, we were able to again get dressed and show a respectable face to the world as we rowed back to the dock next to the Catholic Church whose property this was.

Smiling to ourselves, we loaded our gear back into our van while dodging parishioners as they exited from mass, while promising ourselves we would return. Only next time, I would bring both my digital still camera and my video camera….and we wouldn’t bother with the wet suits.

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