Sudden Urges-3


Sudden Urges-3

Sleep did not come easy and I tossed and turned through the night. The wild adventures stirred desires deep in me. Confusing my life with the erotic and humiliating events which are not yet over. My wife was coming home tonight. The house was a mess, I was a mess. My mouth sore and my ass bruised and worn from all the sucking and fucking. Dennis was taking complete advantage of me during my time of weakness. Still, every time I thought about what he was doing to me it turned me on in a strange and demented sort of way. I had to tell him this has to end. Now!

I checked the front door on the way to get coffee and there again was a note. Opening the door I noticed the paper bag on the door mat. I grabbed the note and the bag and went inside. The note read, ‘I hope you liked the pictures. I’ll call you at ten.’ The bag contained the open box of condoms, lubricant, the egg shaped vibrator and cock ring and a candy marshmallow. All memories from yesterday’s wild adventure.

It was already late as I wandered around the house trying to straighten up before my wife returned. Promptly at ten, the phone rang. It was Dennis, “Good morning bitch!” I blurted out, “My wife is returning tonight! This has to stop!” The line was quiet for a moment until, “Huh,” he snickered, “Just as well. I was getting tired of using you anyway.” I didn’t know what to say. I felt dejected for some reason. Even after all the things he had done to me, humiliating things, exciting things. Oh my god, am I going to miss sucking and getting fucked by his cock?

He continued, “We’ll just have to have one final bang. I sent you another email. Then I’ll call you in an hour. Watch for my van.” After that the line went dead again. I just held the phone to my ear and felt like crying. My emotions were a mess. I couldn’t deny I wanted it to stop. But something told me I didn’t want it to end. Slowly I went to clean myself up. My body was aching and my mind was numb. Finally I went to check on his email.

“Bill, you cocksucker. Put the vibrator in a rubber, then put in your buddy (meaning my butt plug), lube it up and put it where I know you want it. Wait for my call.” Oh fuck! It seemed so erotic and dirty. The thought of that vibrating machine and my toy drove me into a sudden urge. I did as he instructed and sat in my chair looking out the front window. The phone in my hand suddenly rang just as his van pulled up in front of the house. I nearly dropped the phone as I answered, “Yes?” “Did you follow my instructions?” he asked. “Yes…” I could hear an echo in the phone as he continued, “Move close to the window so I can see you.” I did. “Good. Now strip and turn around so I can see.” I did.

My face flush. There I was again in front of the whole world and obeying his commands. “Now bend over. I want you to show me your ass plug.” I did. “Turn on the vibrator.” I did and gasped as the vibrator and plug shook my sensitive hole. My ass bobbed and shook. I could hear a faint ‘fuckin yeah’ over the phone. Dennis continued, ”Do you like that?” I was shaking and gasped into the phone. “I bet you would like to suck my cock now wouldn’t you?” I could only groan with the thought of his big meat pumping my mouth.

“Turn off the vibrator and meet me at the door.” he ordered. I waited naked on my knees at the front door as he walked in. My body still vibrating from the first experience of the new toy. I immediately reached for his pants to find his dick. “Hand me the controller.” Now both my hands were free to fish out his meat and put it in my waiting mouth. Dennis leaned back against the open door forcing me to position myself in the middle of the open doorway. Good thing his van was blocking the view from the neighbors. For I was framed perfectly by the bright door trim as my naked body reached for his dick with my mouth.

As soon as I started to suck his cock he turned the controller back on which Halkalı Escort sent me off. I sucked and stroked with frantic abandon forcing his hardening rod deep into my mouth. “Massage my balls, bitch.” I let go of his rod and reached for his hairy balls. I rubbed them and pulled on them as I sucked more of his cock into my mouth. The vibrator shaking me to my core. My ass clinched with spams and I reached back with my free hand to rub the plug and my ass. I must have looked crazy as I pulled myself all the way to his pubic hair. One hand rubbing my ass the other on his ball sack.

Suddenly, the vibrator stopped and I could feel Dennis’s cock swell in my throat, “Here it comes. Swallow it, cocksucker!” My body quivered as I sucked hard and swallowed with every pulse of his squirting meat. I couldn’t breath but I didn’t care. His cock kept pumping juices there in the open doorway as I gulped, receiving his spunk. It was hot and salty. The sensation drove me to have body spasms and I floated there as he finished. It didn’t take long before he laughed and pulled me off his spent weapon.

He closed the door and instructed me to stand in front of the window again. He bent me over and told me to prop myself up on the back of the couch with my face at the window. Dennis grabbed my cock like yesterday and started spanking my ass hard. My dick getting harder as he continued to spank my plug and ass. “Look. The neighbors are watching as I spank you.” he said with his dark character. Then he turned on the vibrator again and I shook all over. My knees went weak as I looked out the window wondering who was watching as my ass bobbed up and down. I heard the blinds rattle and shortly after the van door open and close.

“Look! There’s Rick the painter. He’s watching you now.” I looked to see him standing there staring at us from the sidewalk. He was stockier then Dennis and more muscular too. “You know, he worked on your painting project too. You screwed him on the project. Just like me. Maybe he would let you suck his cock too. If you ask him nicely. Turn about is fair play. Right?” I couldn’t think, my body shaking and my mouth slack. The more I looked at Rick the more my mouth salivated. “Wave at him. Invite him in.” I tried as I teetered there on my weak legs and arms. Rick sprinted up the walk and entered without knocking.

“Ask him, bitch! I know you want to suck his cock.” I turned to look at Rick who had already dropped his pants and was stroking his dick. His meat looked longer than Dennis’s and uncut. As he stroked it Dennis spanked me harder, “See? He has something you want.” Oh god, I thought, it is bigger. The foreskin had rolled back forming a ring around the base of the head. It was swelling up and looking like a real mushroom. I struggled to talk, “Can I… would you… suck your… fuck!” Dennis laughed and made me turn sideways but stay in the front window.

Rick walked over and pointed his dick toward me saying, “Yeah. Ok. Fuckin go ahead.” My mouth drooled as I looked at the bulbous tip already turning purple. Dennis turned off the vibrator, “Go ahead cocksucker, do it!” My mind was blank and all I could think of was how his mushroom head would feel rubbing the inside of my throat. I clamped down on the head and rubbed my tongue all around it, sucking and stroking it with my mouth. Dennis spanked my ass forcing me forward and I pushed down on Rick’s shaft.

As I was pushing that bulbous head deep into my mouth Dennis turned the vibrator back on and he went back to spanking and jerking my cock. Again my body shook and a spasm weakened my resolve. Rick pushed as the head worked it’s way into my throat. I sucked and sucked as Rick pumped in and out of my throat. The head working deeper into my throat then Dennis’s had every reached. When my nose reached his pubic hair, Rick grabbed the back of my head. His dick swelling as he readied to cum. “What a blowjob! Escort Bayan He’s making me cum already Dennis.”

Dennis squeezed my cock saying, “Drink it all. Swallow his dirty cum.” Just as Rick began to expel his juices into me I also came, pumping my juices all over the floor, again. Dennis turned off the vibrator and let Rick finish spending his spunk into my stomach. I could hear the couch move and Dennis saying something that I couldn’t quite make out as I collapsed on the floor, coughing. The room was fog gray as I caught my breath and shook there on the floor with my sperm. Then I felt Dennis and Rick grab my arms and pull me up to my feet.

My plug and the vibrator were pulled out and I was positioned between the couch which had been turned to face the window and the picture window. I could barely focus on what was happening next except that Rick was laying on the couch and I was being instructed to suck his cock. I went right to it without thinking, my body seemed to be responding by itself. Rick was laughing as I wobbled there sucking on his rod. I could feel Dennis putting something cool in my ass. Something slick, maybe lube. Then they handed me a rubber to put on Rick. Then I was ordered to ‘climb on.’

I didn’t care. My body was electric and tingling as I climbed on to ride his cock like I had Dennis’s the last couple days. The head was bigger and my ass took a couple tries to engulf it. Once in, I could really feel the head as it worked in and out, deeper and deeper. Dennis was standing next to the couch and as I started pumping up and down on Rick he said, “Come on cocksucker. Two for one.” and he pulled me willingly to his limp meat. I was rocking up and down trying to get all of Rick’s huge rod into my ass as I started to lick and suck Dennis. He was right, ‘two for one.’

As we all found a natural rhythm I could feel Rick’s thick bulbous head pushing up deeper then every. Dennis was grunting as he pushed his dick all in, his pubic hair against my nose. I tried to brace myself with one hand as I massaged Dennis’s balls and sucked. Rick was pounding my ass, Dennis was fucking my throat, “That’s good. Now show Rick how you like to milk his cock!” My ass started squeezing for every thrust, milking the thick meat. Rick grunted, “Fuck! That’s amazing! He can milk a cock better than most women!” I was swimming, floating between the two cocks. In and out, up and down. My body struggling to keep up. As the two of them got closer to cumming, they began thrusting at the same time, sandwiching me in the middle.

I think Rick spoke first, “I’m ready to fill his hole with my juices.” Dennis snickered, “I told you he was a good fuck. He’s going to suck my cock dry.” He grunted, “Come on cocksucker. Show us how much you like it.” I could feel their cocks grow and pulse as they began pumping their juices in from both ends. I spontaneously came, dumping my weak sperm on Rick’s belly as we all jerked and grunted. Dennis saw that and said, “See. He must really have enjoyed it. Cum doesn’t lie!” I was filled from top to bottom that day. Rick agreed, “Twice in one day. Dennis, you lucky bastard. We’ve got to do this again!”

“We’re not done yet.” Dennis said as he pulled my vacuum lips off his cock. Rick was still pumping my ass. My body rocking to the rhythm. My mind lost in the feelings of humiliation and lust. Dennis pulled me off Rick, “Clean him up, Bitch.” I pulled the full condom off his weakening rod and sucked the last drops of cum from his meat. Rick pushed me down as his cock slid right into my throat. As I sucked Rick’s bulbous head began to rise again. I could feel the vibrator start up again. This time Dennis strapped it around my cock before stepping in front of the picture window to put his cock into my face, “Come on cocksucker! Lots to do before your wifey gets home.”

With a cock in both hand I took turns with each of them and sucked them istanbul Escort hard again. “Put these on us and get on all fours, doggy style.” I did as I was told and shook when Dennis pushed his stiff rod into my sore ass. I groaned and squeezed his shaft. Rick pulled my hair up and offered me his condom dressed dick for me to suck, “You do like that don’t you? Come on then, suck it!” Dennis was getting deep and I was fading. Rick’s cock was inviting and my mouth just engulfed it as Dennis pushed from behind. Filled at both ends and my cock vibrating out of control. I was loosing it. My eyes closed. They were both thrusting in sandwiching me again and again.

Dennis spoke up again, “Switch with me.” Then I could feel them both pull out and shuffle around. When I was sandwiched again I could taste the dirty condom. The thought seemed disgusting but I couldn’t stop the action as Dennis said, “You’re a dirty cocksucker, Bill. Do it!” Not that I could have stopped him, I sucked his ass tainted dick deep and swallowed my own dirty juices. He laughed and Rick gasped, my ass clinching his mushroom headed cock as he pumped, ”Yeah, fuck! He’s going crazy man! This is a wild ride!” Rick started spanking my ass as he fucked it. The vibrator bringing me closer to another orgasm. My body on automatic and my brain was gone and feeling like it would never be able to return.

I don’t remember them leaving but I found myself naked on the couch in front of the picture window. The blinds still open. The dirty condoms on the floor next to me. His van was gone, leaving me exposed to every passerby. I closed the blinds in embarrassment, humiliated by my own weakness. Slowly I got the house cleaned up and back to normal before my wife made it home. Later that night I checked email to find a new message from Dennis which read, “Cocksucker, It’s been fun. Rick and I are looking forward to fucking you again. Now that your wife is home you can come here. She doesn’t have to know. Your choice. I’ll call and tell you when and where. In the mean time here are some reminders.”

There were more pictures. One, a closeup from the street of me in the doorway sucking Dennis’s cock. A couple of me bent over in the living room window being spanked. One with me passed out on the couch with both of their dicks by my face. The rest were video clips of the view through the front window. You can imagine what those look like! They probably had a video camera running in the van, taping the whole thing! Oh my god. With evidence like that. I thought about the last three days as my mind kicked in to hide the messages where they won’t be found by prying eyes. My ass twitched on the seat, this isn’t over yet, I thought to myself. In the back of my head I wondered when.

A week passed without incident. My wife hadn’t suspected a thing. Still, the first part of the week was tense. I didn’t know if any of the neighbors had seen anything and were going to say something to me, or worse, my wife. It took me a couple days to relax and my ass to stop hurting. Today she went for a walk around the block and I was checking email when a new message from Dennis arrived, the subject read, “You’re a Star!” I opened the message which read, “Cocksucker, You’re getting popular. Everyone really likes the show.” and a link. Cautiously I clicked on the link. It opened a web page to my favorite video porn site and there on the main page under ‘New Arrivals’ was a clear picture of me through the front window straddling Rick on the couch and sucking Dennis’s cock.

My face went pale and my stomach heaved. In that moment all my fears returned, I began to sweat. My eyes glanced over the statistics; 5,000+ views, 92% likes. Just then I heard the front door open and my wife’s voice, “Honey? I just bumped into Dennis. He said you two hung out while I was gone. I thought you said he didn’t like you?” I quickly closed the web browser and email programs as she turned in to the den, “Honey? Honey what’s wrong!? You look ill.” My mind was reeling. Even with the sickening feeling and the humiliation, I couldn’t help but wonder when they were going to call next.

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