Surreptitious Love Ch. 27

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Nguyet had given birth to her son on November 2. We had talked on the phone a few days later; everything had gone well. She was already back at her parents’ house. I had also seen a cute photo of Thuy on Facebook; she was sitting next to Nguyet on the hospital bed with a huge flower bouquet between them, which was probably from their company. The picture triggered an urge to get in touch with Thuy for another little adventure.

Now, in early November, the rainy season was in full swing. Most days it rained so much that one didn’t want to go anywhere, as water was standing in the streets, and we only had two motorcycles as a family but no car. Ngan, my young colleague, was still present in my mind, as I saw her at work every day. We had actually arranged to see each other during the rainiest week, but she had called it off the last minute because of the torrential rain.

One day the sun was shining again, however, and I went to the local supermarket to replenish the shelves at home before it would rain again. I went upstairs to the cosmetics section, which had unfortunately been separated from the grocery store. Now, when you needed groceries and soap or shampoo, you had to go to two stores and wait in line twice.

I never needed much time for my shopping, though, as I knew what I wanted. Unlike my wife, I never considered a trip to the supermarket to be sight-seeing. I liked to go shopping around noon, as everyone was taking a nap after having lunch at home. Right now, there was only one other customer up here at the moment, a young woman who I had only seen from the corner of my eye. I crouched down to look for bargains low on the soap shelf.

Now, the young woman was standing next to me. When I saw her calves, they seemed familiar. I looked up and, sure enough, they were Thuy’s. I stood up, and she recognized me. She seemed a little lost in thought, but when I extended my hand, she smiled. Her smile was getting wider and brighter now, and we were looking at each other. Neither of us had dressed up for the occasion, of course, but I didn’t like excessive make-up anyway. Thuy had some freckles, which she had painted over the first four times we had met. She was wearing a polo-shirt with her company’s logo, just like Nguyet had on our second meeting, when we went to a hotel for the first time. Thuy’s skirt ended just below her knees but it seemed to have been tailored for a taller, larger woman.

All in all, however, Thuy was an eminently attractive and likeable young woman. She was pretty in her own way. Her brown hair had gotten longer again, and she held it together in a ponytail with a cute black-and-white hairclip. I asked her in my clumsy Vietnamese how Nguyet was doing and what she thought of the baby, which triggered a fairly lively conversation. She had a bottle of shampoo in her basket, as well as some simple flesh-colored stockings. Her bosom was heaving quite a bit as we were talking, and I had the suspicion that maybe the same thought was developing in both of our minds.

I asked her if she was still working in the model home, where we had had sex about seven weeks earlier, and if she was still by herself there over lunch, but she shook her head and said there was another lady now, too. From what it sounded like, Thuy had been relegated to the back to do paper work.

“We can’t go there,” she added in a hushed voice.

That was disappointing, but it did sound like ‚now and today’, didn’t it? But she could have meant the near future, too. Not to get too straight to the point, I just asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me. It was around half past eleven, and she agreed. Before I went to the checkout counter, I took a little detour to the men’s section and got some condoms. She wasn’t paying attention to what I had in my basket, but the pack was clearly visible on top of everything.

As the lady was ringing up her items, I asked Thuy about the stockings, wondering if she was cold. Even though it was rainy season, the temperature was still about 83 degrees, but she told me her office was nippy because of the A/C. The checkout girl put on a knowing smile when she scanned the condoms but didn’t say anything, of course. Outside the store, still up here on the second floor, Thuy fiddled a pair of stockings out of one package, handed me her bag, and went to the restroom to put them on. Technically, that step was unnecessary, but then I also liked taking stockings off a beautiful woman.

When atakent escort she came back, we went downstairs, where I had wanted to do some more shopping, but that had to wait now. We drove about 150 yards to a chicken-and-rice place that I used to frequent back in the day. As we were eating, Thuy told me everything about Nguyet and the baby, and I was sure she wanted one too, the way she spoke. I didn’t want to get into that topic, however, as there was another woman—a friend of my wife whose husband had had cancer—who wanted me to help her conceive a second child.

While we were eating, I took a look at Thuy again. I loved her high cheek bones and her lively small eyes. Her teeth were perfect, while her skin had some blemishes. She looked a little like an albino, with her whitish areas around her face, which was that of a thirty-year-old woman, while her body looked at least ten years younger. Some of her eyelashes were white, curiously. All in all, however, she was wonderfully unpretentious and warm-hearted. She looked really innocent, had a pure soul, and would make a fine wife one day. My dick was getting larger in my pants, and I asked myself more seriously now if I could get her to come to a hotel with me for an hour.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Thuy was putting in eye-drops. For that, she had moved forward on her chair and spread her legs lasciviously. The hot thing was that she had done it inadvertently. I saw her bra through her polo-shirt, and her thighs were absolutely tantalizing. I wanted to kneel down right here, lift up her skirt, sniff her crotch, take off her stockings and panties and bite in her pussy like in a large, juicy doner kebab. Good Lord, she was turning me on today!

“Hey, let’s give Nguyet a call,” she said now, tapping on her phone.

Sure, why not?! Nguyet could translate, and as we had already had sex multiple times, I wasn’t embarrassed to ask Nguyet if Thuy wanted to fuck at a hotel. Thuy’s English was pretty much as bad as my Vietnamese, so Nguyet could really help here. Sometimes, simple things could get relatively complicated because of the language barrier. But I’ve also found that difficult matters turn out to be easy all of a sudden, as there was no room for concealing, deliberate ambiguity, or having to read between the lines.

The Vietnamese loved video calls, and so we were looking Nguyet breastfeeding her son all of a sudden. Needless to say, she was surprised to see us together, and Thuy told her how that had come about. We looked at the baby smacking his lips on Nguyet’s huge breasts. I would do the same soon, I was sure. Tuyet probably too. Anyway, I asked Nguyet what her son’s name was, but she told me that he didn’t have one yet. There was going to be a big celebration after one month and then he would get one, as is customary here. As horny as I was, I promised to visit her as soon as her family would be okay with it.

It was strange to see Nguyet, the woman who I had wanted to marry for so long, breastfeeding her baby. Well, things had turned out differently, and now I was sitting across from her friend, about to fuck her—if everything worked out. I asked Nguyet to translate.

“Hey, I know you’re busy, but can you ask Thuy if she wants to join me at a hotel for an hour?”

The two ladies were speaking quietly now, but I could see in Thuy’s face that she liked the idea. I caressed her wrist tenderly, and she looked at me, but then Nguyet wanted to talk to me.

“Thuy will go with you, but only for an hour, as she’s got to work.”

“Sure, I understand. I gotta work myself later. Can you ask her when she had her period the last time?”

The two of them chatted again, but it seemed relatively long for that one small question. I wondered what else they could be talking about.

“She’s supposed to get her period today, basically. But, Ben, one more thing: she wants you to bang her hard today. She said you were ‘awfully nice’ the last time.”

I swallowed and tried to remember what we had done.

“Of course, I was nice to her in bed,” I defended myself half-heartedly.

“Yeah, I know,” Nguyet said. “But she has this fantasy that you do her like she’s been bad, like you’re punishing her for something. Just fuck her harder than you usually would, ok?”

Thuy was looking at me and nodded. She sure knew what Nguyet had just told me. I couldn’t believe that this angelic young woman akbatı escort was dissatisfied with what we had done last time. I remember exhaustion, wincing, panting, one or two orgasms, pussy juice galore … oh, well. If the little country bumpkin with her bow legs and potato tits wanted to experience the full force of my 240 pounds on her 90-pound frame, fine. I could shift gears and shag her like there’s no tomorrow. At least, she didn’t ask for brutal things.

“Well, I gotta go,” Nguyet said, as her son had started to cry.

I paid for the food, and we hit the road. There was cheap hotel at the next corner, where I had lived for about seven months before I got married. Hang, the hairdresser had visited me there several times. I couldn’t think of a better place, as we didn’t have much time.

As we were waiting at the reception, I looked at her again. I couldn’t really enjoy her butt, as her skirt was too big, but I had seen it before. So, she wanted to ‘get banged properly’, like all the things we did together at her or Nguyet’s house meant nothing. Well, ok, I’d fuck her senseless, in her cheap stockings, alright. I’d show her a good time. That little 4-foot-10 bunny … her tits were relatively large. I couldn’t wait to squeeze them. And to eat her pussy.

The dude behind the reception wasn’t the same anymore, but I hadn’t expected that. The owner, on the other hand, greeted me like an old friend, which I was in many ways. He told us to leave our motorcycles parked right here at the desk, as we would only be gone for an hour.

I took her hand, and we walked up the old, wide staircase. The two old carps in the small pond were still desperately gasping for air. I put my arm around her waist and squeezed her butt cheeks. I could wait to push her onto the bed. Fumbling with the keys outside the door to our room, we kissed passionately, and I could smell her skin and hair. She probably hadn’t taken a shower since this morning or even last night.

Inside, we were standing across from each other, and I put her hair behind her protruding ears. Immediately, I reached for her tits and squeezed them like balloons I wanted to burst. I also massaged her pussy through the three layers of fabric. I bit her earlobes and lips and pressed my nose into her hair one more time. I pushed her onto the bed, where she sat looking at me as I got out of my pants.

When I presented her my dick in front of her face, she took off her polo-shirt but then immediately took it my dick in her mouth. When I saw her flesh-colored bra, I was oddly turned on by how ugly it was. She was sucking forcefully, ready to shift gears herself. While I had my hands on her shoulders, she moved her head faster and faster, like a sewing machine, like she couldn’t wait to get my cock stiff.

When I reached that point, I ripped off her bra and massaged her tits again, which were nicely heavy and relatively large. Her nipples were solidly brown and the size of very small saucers. I couldn’t get enough of this country girl’s coarse yet nimble body. Desire washed all over me, as I was squeezing every inch of her. She reciprocated by sucking my cock as if she wanted to rip it off my torso.

After that serious massage of her breasts, I reached for her skirt again, which I lifted up to reduce the layers covering her pussy. Her panties looked like those of a much younger girl; under her stockings they seemed orange or maybe they had a yellow and red pattern. I massaged her pussy through the material and knew she was already wet. Her panties and stockings clung together. I made her hold her skirt and pulled her stockings and her panties half-way down her thighs and pushed her fully onto the bed.

Now, she pushed herself towards the middle and wanted to spread her legs. Not a bad idea but they were tied by her stockings and panties. I pressed her knees forward towards her head, and she held them around her knees. Her wet pussy glistened. I had seen a thread of nectar a minute ago that had stretched from the pussy to her panties. About ten inches. Her pussy lips were pretty plump and shaped like small bananas.

Bundled up in front of me, I would fuck her like that until half-time. The way the rubber band of her pantyhose squeezed her thighs, was hot. Her cunt must be super-tight, I thought, but what had Nguyet said? Ok, I was gonna give it to her. I placed my glans at her wet pussy entrance and pushed. About halfway in, I started aksaray escort to thrust. Not quite a full throttle at first, but like I meant it. She was tight indeed, but I had no problem, pushing further and further in ruthlessly. Perhaps her periodic discharge provided the necessary lubrication.

Thuy was moaning, chortling, snorting and making all kinds of other noises while she was being fucked. She did seem to enjoy it, though, as there were no signs of struggle on her face. With every thrust, she let out a quick ‘orr’, ‘orr’, ‘oorr’, which cascaded higher and higher, until my dick had completely disappeared inside her. Had I been younger, I would have come right then. Good Lord, was her pussy tight!

The only disadvantage of this position was that I couldn’t see her face. Her legs were between me and her head. As short as she was, her face was somewhere below my chest, while her feet were next to my ears. Since we weren’t able to fuck twice today but I also wanted to see her while I was banging her, we had no other choice but to change positions after fifteen hefty, juicy minutes.

I pulled out but the little mermaid turned somewhat awkwardly onto her belly. I reached under her and pulled her up at her hips to get her on her knees and fuck her from behind. We briefly looked at each other and I asked if everything was okay. Her face was red, but she nodded and put her cheek onto the bed to cool it. Her little ass was high up in the air now, and when I looked down at my dick, I saw it was laced with the purple remnants of the periodic lining of her uterus.

I kneeled behind her and pushed my dick back inside. As her stockings still prevented her from opening her legs, she was super-tight again but luckily perfectly lubricated, which was the best of combinations. I still couldn’t see her face, however, nor her breasts, but at least I could massage them now. In the end, I just held her hips and kept thrusting, squeezing her tight little butt cheeks as hard as I could.

As requested, I kept pounding her hard and fast, ignoring anything that could have been interpreted as pain or a wish to slow down. She wanted to get fucked properly, and that’s what we were doing now. Her moaning was louder and more intense than last time, and I reached down and pulled her pantyhose up a few inches, which forced her thighs even closer together.

My ball sack was dangling against her stockings for a while, but then I pushed them down again. I licked my middle finger and played with her ass. Thuy yelled, squealed, squirmed, winced and did everything one could wish for. My legs and hip were hitting her ass with every thrust and, as a final move, I reached down her thighs in the front with my hands to give my dick a slightly different angle.

Now she had to spread for the final. I pulled out and removed the stockings and her panties, which did have little red bikinis and yellow straw hats printed on them. The aroma that enwrapped me after half-a-day of work was subtle but still titillating. Her pussy lips were brown, which provided a nice contrast to her yellow skin—a little bit like vanilla and chocolate ice-cream.

Now that we both were naked, the best part began. She was lying on her back, but this time she was holding her knees next to her chest. She was presenting me her pussy like a gift and invited me to lie on top of her. Her lips glistened purple and I enjoyed the sight of her relatively large breasts on her small body. Her soft little belly was heaving, while her brown bush with its long hair was wet and sticky, dressed with little pearls of pussy nectar like a Christmas tree.

I pushed the full length of my dick inside her at once, which was easy, as she had her legs wide open for once. She yelled enchanted and closed her eyes. With her head turned to one side, she blew up her cheeks and let out some air through her clenched teeth. I kept thrusting, while I was watching her. Eventually I lied down on her and reached behind her shoulders to press her against my chest. I fucked her for another minute or two and them exploded in her formidably, with a primal scream. I splashed quiet lavishly, while Thuy gasped, reared up, twitched and squealed horrifyingly.

Eventually, my dick slipped out, and I rolled over next to her. I put my arm under her head and pulled her closer. Thuy nodded and smiled, perhaps because we had done it right. After a little while, she sat up and looked at her phone. She decided to take a quick shower before she would go back to work. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when she walked back into the room. She came over and was standing between my legs. I let my hands travel tenderly around her bellybutton, around her back, butt cheeks and, finally, her pussy. I took her nipples in my mouth for one last time, and we promised each other to do it more often.

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