Sweet Young Kaylie Pt. 02


The next day I decided to work from home. I spent a couple hours on the computer, got on the treadmill for an hour, and went to the market. While I was out Kaylie texted me: “Is 7 o’clock tonight okay?”

I’m sure my devilish smile in the middle of the market gave something away, and my dick definitely jumped a little in my pants at the thought of Kaylie’s sweet tasting pussy and young body.

“Sure” I text back. “See you then.”

“C u later!” was the reply.

I got home as the cleaning lady was leaving. She asked if I had spilled something on the bed. Said the bedspread was soaked. I grinned and told her I must have spilled some water on it, of course I knew it was from Kaylie cumming several times last night.

At almost 7 exactly my doorbell rang and when I opened the door it was Kaylie looking even more gorgeous than I remembered her. After she had left last night I went over the evening in my head over and over trying to convince myself that it did actually happen.

“Come in beautiful!”

She was wearing those black leggings that all the girls wear. When she turned around to remove her coat and hang it on the coat rack I got a great look at her tight ass. She must work out or at least walk a lot. Probably walks to classes at school. She turned around and I see her tight fitting top making her C cup tits look even bigger.

“So do we go to the bedroom right away or what? How does this work?” she asked a little nervously.

“Whatever you like sweetheart. I’m very happy you’re here. I want to move at a comfortable pace for you.” I’m still be purposely accommodating and making her feel as safe as possible.

“To be honest, I’ve been kinda horny all day thinking about you eating me out. I’d like to go to the bedroom now if that’s okay.” she said with a beaming smile.

“Great. Let’s go.” I reply and lead the way to my room.

When we got in my room she jumped right up on the bed. I’m thinking she must feel comfortable and safe.

“I liked when you undressed me. Would you do that again?” Kaylie asked.

I’m thinking “FUCK YES, THANK YOU!!” but I wanted to sound like a beşiktaş escort mature adult so I said, “sure sweetie. I’ll start with your socks.”

I pulled each sock off and kissed her beautiful small perfect feet. Then I felt my way up her legs to her waist. I slowly pulled her leggings down over her hips, as she lifted her ass to help, and I stared at her tiny panties that appear from the front to be thong style as I continue sliding her pants down and off. She has a very small, almost unnoticeable wet spot on her panties, I’m assuming in anticipation of what she knows is about to happen.

“I’d like you to take my shirt and bra off too please.” Kaylie says almost like she thought I might say no.

“Yes dear” I say as I move around to the side of the bed and gently roll up her top from the bottom exposing her flat stomach and almost air brushed perfect naval. When I get her shirt high enough she sat up and I pulled it from the top over her head. She had a lacy push up bra on, as if she needed it at all!

I unclasped her bra and her firm boobs pushed the bra away from her body. Her nipples harden right away in the free air.

“You may have the perfect body,” I probably sounded like a teenage boy trying to bed his young girlfriend.

She laid back down, her long blondish hair covering a good portion of the pillow, her boobs hardly moving at all, nipples fully erect, legs slightly spread, and a big smile on her face. As much as I want to explore her body with my mouth and tongue I ask want to just sit back and look at her. This 18 year old body. My God!! Did girls have bodies like this when I was 18??

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She seemed to be ready. “I see you’ve got a hard on already. You can take it out if you want but just to be clear, we’re not having sex. I just thought it might hurt you being all cooped up.”

In any other situation I probably would have assumed I was going to fuck her. But I could tell Kaylie was serious. She truly wanted to accommodate me and my manhood. Maybe wanted to catch a glance as well but beşyol escort I was certain she didn’t want to fuck.

“Thanks dear!” I said as I removed my pants. I had boxers on which gave me plenty of room so I left them on.

Then I climbed on the bed and got between this young specimens legs. I kissed and licked up and down each of her smooth calves and thighs several times. She quivered as I got closer to her pussy and the wet spot on the front of her panties grew by the minute.

“May I kiss and lick on your upper body as well Kaylie? Nothing above your boobs,” I assure her. In my head I’m hoping I didn’t cross a line or just sound plain stupid.

“Yes. From my boobs down is all yours.”

I must have spent the next 20 minutes kissing her stomach, licking her tits, and breathing in her scent. Both the scent of what must be her body wash and the scent of her increasingly wet vagina.

I was drunk at this point. My head was foggy and I was so hyper focused on this young fox in my bed that I orgasmed in my boxers. She felt me tense up and asked if I had cum.

“Yes I did. You’re so fucking sexy I can’t control myself!” Now the teenage boy inside is coming out!

“I’m ready to cum too! Please eat my pussy now!” She begged.

While my nose hovered above her stomach I took the strings on either side of her hips and quickly pulled outward, away from her on each side, tearing the little panty strings. She shuttered and I pulled the shreds of what was a thong away from her and tossed them aside.

I lowered my head slowly and soon felt her hands on the back of my head guiding me down to her honey hole. I breathed in her sweet aroma and kissed her outer lips. She jumped. Then I stuck my tongue out to break thru her labia and into her pussy and she tightened her grip on my head. She pushed my face into her pussy and rubbed herself against me. Very quickly her legs trembled and she let out a groan.

“Fuck!!” she shouts. “You made me cum already! Keep going please!”

No need to tell me twice!

I took her clit in my mouth beykent escort and squeezed with my lips and started to hum a little giving her some vibration. At the same time I was flicking my tongue on the top of her button and feeling her tits with one hand. It wasn’t long before she came again.

Kaylie isn’t a squirter by any means but when she cums she gets really really wet. My face at this point was getting that glazed donut look.

Between her moans she manages to throw in a “fuck” or “dam” or “yes like that”.

I just continue to live in what feels like a dream being buried between the thighs of this hot young lady. I swear I could do this all night. Like actually all night. She smells so good and tastes even better. I was literally intoxicated by this girl and her body.

After what seemed to me like 20 more minutes went by, she stopped me and pushed my head away.

“Sorry! I’ve cum so much that I’m too sensitive now.” She sounded as sad as me to have to stop.

I looked at the clock and it was nearly 9 o’clock!! I had kissed, licked, smelled, and sucked on this young lady’s hardbody for nearly 2 hours! Of course in my head I’m thinking “I could easily go two or three more.”

“You can use the master bathroom to clean up and get dressed and I’ll go to the one down the hall.” I tell my sweet young sex pot. “Sorry about the panties, would you like a pair from my wife’s drawer?”

After I heard that come from my mouth I wondered did I just sound really creepy. Offering my wife’s panties to the beautiful young girl I just went down on in my marriage bed!

“Yes please! I might soak thru my leggings otherwise.”

Whew! So I grabbed a pair of bikinis out of the top drawer and tossed them to my naked friend. Kaylie slipped into the bathroom and shut the door.

I grabbed some fresh underwear for myself as well and picked up my clothes and headed down the hall to the guest bathroom. When I was done I went to the living room and waited for Kaylie to come out. When she emerged from my room she had that look in her eye, you know the one, the one you get when you’ve been satisfied sexually.

“I’m so glad that you could come over again Kaylie. I had a great time.”

“It was my pleasure. Believe me!” She assures me. “I’m starving now. This may seem kind of weird, but do you want to grab something to eat?

“First things first,” I say as I hand Kaylie $200. “Now, let me grab my coat and we’ll go where ever you want.”

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