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Twenty-two year old Josh looked up from the sketch he was doing of the girl who he had a crush on. The moment she had walked into class, Josh had the urge to draw her, even though he wasn’t the greatest artist. But he remembered how she had moved the previous night at Sword Team, as graceful as a dancer but with a hard edge to her–exactly what samurai sword called for–and he suddenly wanted to draw her. Josh watched her now, her slender body now slightly hunched over the computer in concentration, her caramel hair pulled high to a ponytail on the crown of her head, her face a little flushed he guessed from the cold wind that she had walked through outside.

She turned, as if she felt him watching her. Josh held her blue-green eyes for just a second, before he hunched over the drawing he had started of Catie.

Twenty-year-old Catie had felt Josh, her asian TA, watching her the moment she walked into the room. She could feel his dark, slightly tilted eyes almost burning a hole into her neck, but it still sent shivers down her spine. She remembered how they had sparred the night before, and brushing up against his body to avoid the blows of the foam swords they used. He had a long, lean body, and now, he sat on the far side of the room, his jet black hair pulled back into a low, flowing ponytail, his goutee surrounding lips that could be easily made to smile. She turned to look at him, before he went back to sketching and she went back to her coding.

Computers weren’t her forte, and the fact that the computer class Catie was in was learning a newly made program (this was the guinea pig class), didn’t help her at all. She soon got stuck trying to figure out a section and raised her hand. She kept her eyes on the screen, trying to figure out what she did wrong.

“What seems to the be problem?”

Catie felt Josh against her, and suddenly, her breath quickened.

“This part, trying to make both the person and the ball roll. I thought I had it, but it’s not working.”

Josh sat down next to her, his body brushing against hers, as he looked over her coding.

“Ah! Here’s the problem. You forgot a comma.”

“I figured it was something simple. Don’t go yet, as soon as I fix it, I am done and I need this marked off by either the professor or you.”

“I am glued to the seat,” Josh joked.

Catie fixed the problem quickly, giggling at the comment. She found where the comma needed to go and inserted it. She ran the program and it went smoothly.

“Nice work,” Josh said, and marked her module sheet.

“Thanks. Well, that’s all I need, so I am going to head out. I will see you at Sword Team tonight?”

“Yeah, I will see you then,” Josh smiled. He saw Catie blush, and a shy smile cross her lips.

Josh was watching the sparring session, particularly Catie. For some reason, she seemed exceedingly aggressive, which was almost a 180 from how she was that afternoon. He was worried she was going to hurt herself, and within five minutes, his fear was founded.

The foam sword of Catie’s partner went wild and hit her in the face hard. She stumbled, and almost fell over. Josh ran over to her side.

“You OK?” he asked, steadying her.

“Yeah, give me a second to get my bearings,” Catie said, shaking her head and blinking her eyes hard. She gave Josh the impression that she had had worse hit her in the face. But when she straightened herself, Catie swayed a little and clutched her stomach, like she was sick.

“OK, I think I am going to take you over to the health center,” Josh said, making up his mind. He helped to get off the rest of her sparring gear, and gathered her stuff and his (sword team was ending in a half hour) and put his arm around her to help her out.

If Catie hadn’t been so dizzy, she would’ve bee enjoying the feel of Josh’s arm around her. The cool night Bostancı Escort air hit her face, and helped ease her nausea, even though the walk from the gym to the health center was a short one.

He stayed with her as a nurse looked Catie over.

“She looks fine, but she might have a concussion,” said the nurse.

“Please tell me that doesn’t mean I have to be awakened every two hours, just to be on the safe side,” groaned Catie.

“You have done this before,” joked the nurse as she handed Catie the piece of paper with instructions on it. She looked over at Josh. “Are you going to be watching her?”

Josh froze for a second.

“She is going to need someone to wake her up every two hours and keep an eye on her or even keep her awake all night.”

“Sure, I can watch her.”

“Good. If she doesn’t wake up at one point, call 911.”

Josh and Catie walked out of the health center, their sword team clothes not withstanding much of the cold outside. Catie started to shiver.

“Let me take you back to my place so I can keep an eye on you,” Josh said. The last thing he wanted was for something to happen to Catie.

“You don’t have to do this, Josh.”

Josh looked Catie in the eyes, and while she had protested, he saw that she didn’t want to protest, that she had a look in her eyes that made her want to stay with him. And in the back of his mind, he wanted her to stay with him.

“I’m insisting that you do. Last thing I want to tell Professor Wanda is that you ended up in the hospital from a concussion.”

“Well, it would save me a call if that did happen.”

Josh guided Catie down the campus streets to his apartment, just outside of the back entrance of the college, the streetlights giving a mystic glow to the darkness. Each time the light passed over them, Josh looked at Catie from the corner of his eye, the light casting elegant shadows along her slender neck.

They arrived at Josh’s place, and both of them almost ran in from the cold. They got inside the door, and Josh flicked on the light, turning towards the sound of Catie’s teeth chattering.

“Let me help,” he said, his hands starting to run up and down her arms, to help warm them. He could feel Catie’s body shivering, and he wondered if it was just from cold alone. He had started rubbing her arms hard, just to try and help her, but his hands slowed, starting to caress her arms through the jacket top she wore. He felt her body start to warm, and her teeth stopped chattering. As his hands slowed, he found himself looking Catie full in the face, and saw a slight longing in her eyes. He wanted to reach down and kiss her gently on the forehead.

“Do you have anything to change into?” Josh asked, trying to avoid the awkward silence.

“I have on a T-shirt and leggings underneath the hakima and keigogi,” Catie answered quietly.

“You can take off the top layer in the bathroom, if you want. You might be more comfortable. I will find you a blanket,” Josh said, regretfully letting go of her arms.

Josh found a banket, after shedding his own clothes, and donned sweatpants. He sat on the couch, and turned on the TV, slightly turning when he heard the door to the bathroom creak open.

In the glow of the TV, Josh saw Catie’s slight frame head towards the couch, and sit next to him. Josh shook out the blanket, and brought it up around Catie’s shoulders, and pulled her towards him.

“Let me check your eyes. The nurse said I needed to do that when we got back to check if they are dialated,” Josh said, putting a finger under Catie’s chin and turning her face towards him.

The TV glow half lit Catie’s face, making it hard to see her eyes. Josh leaned closer to look, and found himself barely an inch away from Catie’s face. He could feel her breath on his skin, and the look of her parted Kadıköy Escort lips was too much. He leaned closer, and gently kissed her.

Catie’s breath caught in a small gasp as Josh’s lips pressed against hers, and she gently kissed back, while she felt his tongue slip into her mouth, and his arms wrap around her body. Catie was pressing against his chest, and she felt disappointed when Josh pulled his lips from her. He looked at her, a spark of wanting lighting his eyes, and seeing her face with a look of pure passion on it.

“I have been wanting to do that since I met you,” he whispered.

“I wish you had done it sooner,” she answered.

Josh leaned back down to kiss her, a little harder this time, and gently pushed Catie back so she was laying down on the couch, his body pressed against hers. His hands ran down her side, and his lips moved from her lips to her neck, gently biting her skin, causing her to gasp, and involuntarily arch her back, so her hips pushed against his.

Josh groaned, and began to push his hips against her, feeling Catie grind back. One hand ran down her side, until it was grasping her hip, while the other one gently cupped her breast. His fingers kneaded her 34B breast through her t-shirt and sports bra, causing a low moan from Catie’s mouth. Slowly, he moved both hands down to the edge of her t-shirt, and gently lifted himself up, lifting her shirt and sports bra with his movement. Catie now lay half naked on the couch, and Josh ran a hand lightly from Catie’s cheek down to her stomach, his light caresses causing goosebumps to raise on her skin.

Catie ran a hand down Josh’s chest, reaching the waistband of his sweatpants, going lower until her hand cupped Josh’s groin, his hard prick throbbing gently in her grasp. Josh leaned down and took Catie’s hardened right nipple into his mouth, suckling gently. Catie’s grasp on Josh’s dick hardened, and lightly stroked him through his sweatpants. Josh gently pulled away from Catie’s grip, and slowly began to trail his tongue down her body.

Josh’s tongue circled both of Catie’s hardened nipples, and lightly caressed the sensitive skin of her stomach. His fingers hooked on the band of her leggings and pulled them down, exposing her white cotton thong. He cupped her mound, feeling the heat of her pussy on his palm. Catie’s hips pushed down against his hand, a moan of need escaping past her lips. Josh’s lips moved to her right inner thigh, nipping and kissing the sensitive skin around Catie’s pussy. Josh’s mouth closed around the fabric of Catie’s thong, and gently pulled.

Catie could feel her pussy getting wetter when she felt Josh’s breath against her engorged lips. She was sure that Josh could practically taste her. She felt the fabric of her thong slip down, and her eyes rolled back when she felt Josh’s tongue flick against her clit, the juices of her pussy running out of her. Josh put more pressure on her slit the second time he licked her and Catie could feel his tongue ring tease her.

Slowly, Josh pushed his tongue up her wet hole, his nose pressed against her clit, taking in the full scent of her arousal. He slowly began to twist his tongue inside of her slick folds. Catie’s moans were loud and long as Josh kept pulling his tongue in and out of her, her hands entwining into his long, silken hair. Her pussy was afire, tingling sensations running rampant through her body. She could feel her body winding up, her pussy contracting for an impending orgasm. Her breath was coming out in harsh gasps, and her heart pounded as she looked down at Josh.

Josh thrust his tongue into Catie’s pussy mercilessly, as the edge of an orgasm rushed towards her, so powerful, like a white-hot fire.


Catie’s body twisted and shuddered as her juices flowed down her wet hole Göztepe Escort and onto Josh’s tongue. Josh licked up her creamy emissions, enjoying the sweet taste of Catie on his tongue. As he felt her body relax, he began to make his way back up Catie’s stomach and chest, before kissing her deeply, passionately, his mouth still wet from her juices. Catie could taste herself on his tongue, and enjoyed the taste.

Catie could feel a pressure against her wet lips. Josh kneeled up, his hands grasping her hips, keeping her pressed against him. He grabbed his cock, and gently began to tease her slit, running the head of his dick up and down Catie’s wet slit. Catie tried to push down, her pussy aching with a need to be filled.

Josh could see the need in Catie’s eyes.

“Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you,” he said, his voice rasping as the tip of his dick got wet with his precum and her juices.

Catie moaned, her voice strangling with want, “Please, Josh…please fuck me. I want you inside of me right now.”

Josh inched forward, slowly pushing himself inside her slick folds. He groaned as he felt her tight walls encase his dick. He reached the hilt, filling her, and held himself inside of her, getting himself accustomed to her tight sheath. Slowly, he began to pull out, beginning low, slow strokes in and out of Catie’s pussy. Josh ran his hands down Catie’s body, caressing her stomach, leaving light scratches on her skin. Josh moved his hands around to Catie’s back, and pulled her up, so they were face to face, and Catie’s hips slowly started to move up and down Josh’s thick shaft.

Josh’s hand trailed up Catie’s spine as her hips ground down against him, tangling into her hair. Gently, he pulled her head back, and thrust up hard, his lips pressing against her exposed throat. With one hand on her hips, the other in her hair, Josh began to lift Catie, trying to quicken the pace.

Catie’s felt the need of release in Josh’s pace. His hot breath against her skin, her heart was pounding. Her hands were grasping at his back, her nails digging into Josh’s back, gently biting at his ear. Josh’s hands moved to her ass, kneading the soft flesh. He smacked her ass lightly, enjoying the feel. He slapped her ass again, causing Catie to cry out. She felt her pussy tighten again, her body climbing towards another orgasm. She felt Josh’s body shake, his balls slamming against her skin with each upward thrust.

“Catie…” he panted. “Oh god…uhhhhh…You are….uhhhh….sooo tight…”

“I’m….gonna….cum…again…” Catie gasped.

“Cum for me…uuuuhhhhh goooood…”

Catie’s body began to convulse, white fire running through her body, as her body was racked with another orgasm. Her pussy squeezed hard around Josh’s cock, feeling every vein in Josh’s throbbing cock against her walls. Her eyelids fluttered, eyes rolling back. Josh felt sweat running down his spine and saw it glistening between Catie’s breasts. He kept thrusting against her, knowing he was going to cum soon. He pulled out and pushed Catie down, placing his dick between her breasts, and started to tit-fuck her.

A few thrusts between Catie’s breasts was all Josh needed. His body shook violently, his cock throbbing against the soft flesh of her breasts, his cum covering her. He felt Catie’s tongue flick out against the tip of his dick, licking up as much of his cum as she could, and teasing him at the same time. It felt wonderful, making him twitch as his orgasm subsided.

Josh’s breath began to slow as his body lightly shook from the force of the orgasm. He heard Catie still breathing a little hard, and felt her trembling against him. He moved down, and gently brushed his lips against hers.

“Well, I think this is a good way to keep me awake, don’t you think?” breathed Catie.

Josh nodded slightly. “I think we should just stay up the rest of the night.”

“Well, then maybe we should go clean up.”

Josh smiled, and got up off of Catie, and lead her to the bathroom. Already the thought of water running down Catie’s body was giving him ideas…

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