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It was a hot, steamy day in Texas. It’s always hot in Texas, but today was also steamy. Professor Johann Raddrick was teaching his normal college history class on this normal Wednesday. Then his favorite student, eighteen year old Alisha Vestabulas walked in. He had been watching her for months now with lusty eyes, but he’d never make a move; too dangerous. Alisha had seemed disinterested in his class lately, which made Johann sad because she had always been his top student. What he didn’t know was that Alicia was just distracted by his sexy German body. Johann asks Alicia to stay after class on this very Wednesday to inquire why she seems so uninterested.

“Miss Vestabulas, I’m sure you know that you’re my top student, but lately you’ve been staring blankly at me during class. Is there anything wrong?”

“Oh no, Mr. Raddrick, I’ve just had some things on my mind.”

“I see. Is it anything that I could help you with?”

” er.. I don’t think so.”

Alisha is squirming around in her chair like a horny schoolgirl. Johann sees this and becomes horny like a school teacher. He is afraid that Alicia will see his giant bulging pants and so he quickly grabs the first thing on his desk to cover his obvious cock. He just happens to grab a recent gaming magazine.

“Ooo, Mr. Raddrick, Kartal escort you like video games?”

“Huh? ::looks down:: Oh.. uh.. yes!”

“Awesome! I guess I’m somewhat of a video game chick. Hee Hee.”

“Ah, yes.. so what is your favorite console?”

“Gamecube, currently. But Dreamcast was awesome in its day.”

“My sentiments exactly! Anyone who likes these newer Sexbox.. errr.. X-box machines doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

“::GIGGLES:: eheheheh, Mr. Raddrick.”

Johann thinks, “Boy I’d love a piece of her sexbox. I’d console her all night. I bet she’d love my joystick.”

Alicia thinks, “Oh man. I want his sex now.”

“Anyway.. so Miss Vestabulas, back on topic. Is there anything I could do to help you in class?”

By now, Alicia has secretly seen Johann’s bulge because he moved his magazine and didn’t realize it. She is exceptionally turned on by now and decides to just go for it. Alicia rises from her chair and moves in close to Johann. She puts her face right near Johann’s face and begins whispering in a hot voice.

“Why yes, Mr. Raddrick. I think you know what you can do for me.”

Johann’s mind goes through all of the reasons why this is wrong, but eh, it looks and feels so right so let’s do it.

“Oh Kurtköy Escort yes, Miss Vestabulas. And what is that?”

Alicia reaches down and gives his cock a squeeze. Johann moans.

“Ohhhh Miss..”

“Call me Alicia. “

“Ohhh Aliciaa”

Alicia quickly undoes Johann’s sexy German pants and drops to her knees. Johann isn’t wearing anything underneath his pants so Alicia has a clear view of his 8 inches of goodness.

“Ohh, but Alicia, I want you to be first.”

Alicia flicks her tongue out at Johann’s giant happy camper and says, “Are you suuuure?” Johann staggers to his feet and with a quick pulldown of Alicia’s skirt, the answer is known. Johann picks Alicia up and lays her back down a second later on his desk. He almost moves the tests he’s grading, but he decides that they would be better as sexy tests. Johann pulls off Alicia’s shirt and flicks his tongue on her nipples. Alicia moans, “ohh Johannnn.” Johann licks his way down her torso and then reaches down and pulls her pink panties off and begins to lick her thighs.

“Ohhh Johannn”

Johann licks all the way up to her nicely shaved sexpot. With a flick of his tongue on her pussy, he begins oral sexing her. Alicia moans like she’s never moaned before. Lots of good things are brewing Maltepe Escort between Alicia’s legs, and it’s not German beer. It’s German sex. Johann sucks and flicks at Alicia’s clit and she cums twice before he introduces his finger. It’s feels really super good. She latches her hands on to Johann’s curly hair and screams. She cums about five more times before she decides that it is now Johann’s turn.

“Mmmm Johannnnn darling, I believe it’s time for you to have a go.”

Johann has actually already cummed on the floor due to hearing Alicia’s moaning and because of the feel of her cumming and becumming tighter and tighter around his fingers and tongue. Johann drops back in his chair and Alicia hops off the desk and onto her knees.

Alicia takes in all of Johann’s eight inches at once. She moves her mouth up and down as she licks. Alicia has no gag reflex. Johann lets out a Huzzah at the realization of this fact and then a giant German moan. Alicia knows all the right moves and she gently caresses his balls and continues on with the Sucking. Johann cums and Alicia opens her mouth and lets some get on her face. Johann is amazed with how completely Hot she looks with him on her face and immediately turns Alicia around and enters her from behind. They have a lot of hot German sex and a lot of moaning and cumming.

Afterwards they accidentally fell asleep in the classroom. The time is just about 7.28pm.

“Oh no, Johann! What will we do now?”

“We better get cleaned up. How about a shower?”

Johann winks.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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