It had been a long shift.

It wasn’t that it was a difficult night, nor that the function was overly stressful. Nothing like that.

He was just… distracted.

He kept thinking of something to say. Trying to be clever, witty.

He wanted something. He’d wanted it for a while, but he didn’t know how to ask. Wasn’t even sure he’d be given a chance. Everything seemed to be so different, and he wanted to let her know that he still thought about her, all the time. Worried about her.

Yearned for her.

It had been a fleeting moment that was permanently etched in his mind. A moment that kept replaying over and over. It haunted his dreams and made him weak at the knees. A night he wouldn’t ever forget. The night in front of the fireplace.

He remembered gently kissing her. Or did she kiss him? He wasn’t clear on that. He remembered reaching for her. Feeling her soft, supple skin with his warm hands as he reached up under her shirt. Undoing her pants and pushing them down her thighs, helping her to step out of them. He helped her out of her bra, gently caressing her breast as he drew his lips over her nipple, causing them to harden. Listening to her moan softly as he sucked on them.

He remembered helping her remove her panties. The heat emanating from her sex as he took her nakedness in for the first time. The smell of her arousal that piqued his own. He needed to make her feel good. That was all he could ask for. She sat back against the couch as he knelt before her, gently coaxing her legs apart. He teased her exposed and protruding lips with his fingers and marveled at their wetness. She was dripping. He leaned down and delicately ran his tongue along her pussy, savouring her sweet taste.

She tasted amazing. And he wanted more.

He ran his tongue along her lips once more, this time reaching up to massage her breast and flick her nipples, all the while sucking on her engorged clit. With a free hand he squeezed his rock hard cock in his pants, fighting the urge to unzip his fly and take her right there. He gently slipped two fingers inside her and worked her pussy, his thumb fucking her clit as he moved faster. He voiced his desire to remove his pants, and she dared him to do so…

But he showed restraint.

He continued to finger-fuck this girl. The object of his affection and desire. He wanted to make her explode with ecstasy, so he quickened his pace. He rubbed, probed, touched and caressed until she moaned loudly, and her pussy walls contracted around his hand as she came.

When her breath had returned to normal, and she had dressed, they exchanged pleasantries and she made a joke about the rest of the office furniture being of suitable height for further adventures. But after all of this, he wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen.

He regretted not taking her to another room in the building and fulfilling İstanbul Escort her every desire. He longed to take her in a passionate embrace and feel himself buried inside her, filling her up to the brim. He wanted to give her anything she wanted, to help her feel new levels of pleasure and do all of the things that she’d described to him to distract him while he was working.

But that was a few months ago now. A lot had happened since then. He wondered if they could ever go back.

The evening had ended at the office they both worked. He finishing up duties as a manager, she working the floor that evening, even though she too was a senior manager. He signed off the rest of the staff, bid them all good night. Then she was there, about to leave.

He asked to speak with her for a moment, about something work related, but they both knew he was stalling.

He asked her, outright. “If I reach for you, will you pull away?”

She said nothing. His breathing became quicker.

He reached for her. Slowly. Deliberately.

He placed a hand on her waist and drew her in. He knew they had to be careful, there were security cameras, after all, but he still drew her in. He kissed her, softly.

She kissed him back. She slowly parted her lips and gently began to massage his tongue with her own. He broke the kiss and beckoned her to follow him, and he led her to the room she had used when she had described her fantasies to him.

Once in the room, everything was private. They stared briefly at one another, both planning their next move. Then, he moved toward her, and as he did so, she stepped closer to him. She reached out and grasped the bulge in his pants, and began to fondle his erection. He moaned. Deep and heavy, her touch delighted him to no end. He took her jacket off as she continued to stroke him, looking deeply into his eyes as he continued to disrobe her.

He helped her out of her top, her pants, then her bra, exposing her breasts to the cool air. He took in her form and once again was amazed by her figure. She had moved her hands up to fumble slightly with his belt, but was successful in removing his pants. She stared at him for a moment before putting her fingers into the waistband of his underwear, looking at him with one simple gaze. Her lust was evident as she slowly eased the waistband down over his manhood, putting his dick out on display for the first time between them. She wrapped a hand around his cock and began to stroke him up and down. He let out a deep groan as she continued to stroke his length. She sat back on the couch in the room and pulled him to her. She let a smile cross her face as she saw the recognition in his eyes, this was one of her fantasies that she’d told him about.

He gently spat into his hand and used it as lubricant on his hard on. She leaned back and beckoned him forward. He knelt onto Anadolu Yakası Escort the couch either side of her chest and she invited his cock into the valley in between her tits. She gently squeezed them together and pressed the flesh around his member. She looked up at him, smiling with confidence.

“Go on,” she said, matter-of-factly, “fuck my tits.”

Who was he to argue.

He began in a slow pace, easing himself between her breasts and feeling them slide along his length. He quickened his pace once he found his rhythm and she would gently let his cockhead pass between her lips as it drove close, her tongue snaking out to tickle the sensitive underside of his dick. He continued thrusting in between her breasts for a few moments longer, but wanted more. So much more. He removed himself from between her tits and removed the rest of her clothing. She, now sitting naked, spread her legs for him as he knelt down in between them, smelling her scent and licking his lips in anticipation. She let out a sigh as he placed his tongue at the base of her pussy lips and ran them from tip to clit along her folds, collecting as much of her juices as he could and swallowing everything she gave him. He continued to lick her, nibble on her, tongue her clit and suck on her pussy with abandon, going down on her and thrusting into her over and over, causing her to start bucking her hips into his face. She reached around and grabbed the back of his head and held him in place as he feasted on her pussy, bringing her off with his mouth. He wasn’t showing any signs of stopping, but she thought enough was enough. She needed to have him inside her. Wanted it. More than anything.

She pushed his head away, albeit reluctantly, and rolled him onto his back, so that he was sitting on the couch. She straddled him, placing one hand on his shoulder to steady herself. With the other, she reached down in between them and grasped his still rock hard dick, and, with expert guidance, slid herself down on top of him in one fluid stroke.

They sat there, his cock buried to the hilt inside her.

She stared at him, deep into his eyes, knowing that he was savouring the moment just as much as he. The moment they were one. She kissed him then, her tongue entering his mouth and seeking out his own. They shared a passionate embrace as she began to grind her hips and take the lead, beginning what they’d both wanted for the longest time.

She fucked him slowly at first, getting used to his size and shape, and allowing him to feel her out as well, until they were in a steady rhythm. In sync. Her breasts bounced as she moved up and down on his shaft, and her breathing became more of a panting as she placed her hands on his chest and began to ride him hard. He alternated between squeezing her ass cheeks and massaging her tits, but while his hands were busy on her backside, Üsküdar Escort his lips were attending to her hard nipples, teasing and gently biting them as she rode him hard and fast.

But her knees became tired and she longed for something more filling, so he lifted her off him and flipped her onto her back, burying his cock back inside her dripping pussy so that his balls slapped against her asshole. He began to pound her, really pound her hard, thrusting inside her and filling her as much as he could as they both whimpered with the overwhelming pleasure they were giving each other. She began to rub her clit as he fucked her, morning and panting and sweating as they worked toward their goal of climax.

He slipped out of her hot cunt as he turned her over and had her get on her hands and knees in front of him. She looked back over her shoulder as he moved into position and smiled with wanton lust as he rubbed the head of his cock against her engorged pussy lips, sliding it up and down, before grunting heavily as he grabbed her hips and thrust forward, filling her completely and in one stroke. He settled himself inside her and began the endgame. She wanted him to fuck her. Hard.

She pushed back against him as he reached around and massaged her tits hanging underneath her. He moved his hips harder and drove his cock into her faster as their collective panting became ragged. She let out a low moan and signaled that she was close, and he confirmed that he was nearing release too. He asked her where she wanted him to come, and she turned her head over her shoulder and demanded, “come on my tits.”

She pounded back against him and he drove home for a few more strokes before pulling out and stroking his hard cock. She turned and lay beneath him, taking his cock in both of her hands and working him over as he screamed her name. She let out a moan of her own as he told her he was coming, and no sooner had he let her know than a jet of white hot cum arched from his dick, splashing across her stomach. She adjusted her aim as she continued to milk him dry and he spurted a second burst across her chest, covering one of her nipples in his seed. She pumped him a few more times and as he came, he coated her chest, stomach and hands with his cum.

He wasn’t quite finished though, and moved his head to her lap to finish what he had started. He lapped and licked at her pussy and she reclined and let him go down on her, his cum running across her breasts as his tongue found it’s way back inside her. It wasn’t long before she was panting, ready to explode and give him a face full of her own orgasm. He was rewarded for his efforts as she reached the point of no return and came, her juices flowing forth and covering his chin. He wiped his face and licked his hands clean.

They sat there for a moment, taking it all in. Both naked, satisfied and covered in cum.

He leaned over and kissed her. They stared into each other’s eyes, not speaking, but communicating volumes.

He hoped that this wouldn’t be just a singular encounter. She was thinking the same.

What happens next?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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