The Awakening Chronicles (Chapter 2)

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“Relax, no I am not going to kill you!” she continued “I don’t need to kill you to tap into this power, nor would I want to, just calm down and let me explain, I am sorry for frightening you.” The look on his face told her that he was still frightened, but was now prepared to listen, and she started once again.

“There is only one real way to get this power. Few creatures from my world can even access it, Genies being one of the few. And the only way for us to do that is through sex. All creatures have some power within them, but humans have an unimaginable amount stored within, since they don’t use it for magic or strength, it stays within and builds up. When I swallowed your cum earlier I felt an amazing flood of energy. It has been a long time since I have felt as strong as I do now.

Do not worry this won’t hurt you at all, each time you sleep you will refill all the lost power, and since you use so very little of it to survive, you won’t feel drained at all. I can use this power from you to strengthen my magic and my power.”

“Why do you want this power?” another perfect question coming from Nathan. Her answer was “All creatures want power, when you live for as long as I do it is really the only thing worth collecting; it also helps me stay alive in my world. A world full of all the creatures from your fairy tales and horror stories isn’t the safest place. That is the reason I was following the demon, waiting for him to open a portal so that I could come here and gather energy. I was running low in my world. Since humans are the safest, and in my opinion the most fun, way of gathering it, I decided to give it a go.”

“So you are just going to use me for sex to build your power and then return to your world?” an obvious question from Nathan.

After a short giggle she responded “It isn’t that simple, like I said, I enjoy gathering human energy, sex is so much fun. I could get it from any human, but after a time my powers become difficult to hide from them. I also don’t prefer to take it by force, and it is much easier to get it from the same human repetitively. When we linked yesterday I could feel that you would be able to handle the truth about me after your demon attack, so I decided that picking you would be best. Now that you are y choice I would like to formally ask you if I could be your genie. I realize that the sex alone will probably be payment enough for the power you give me during the act, but I prefer to help out in any way I can while you are helping me out.”

Her words brought out another question from him. “So you will be my genie? You can grant me wishes and in return all you want is my spunk?”

“I suppose you could put it in those crude words” was her response “although I don’t need your ‘spunk’ to gain the power, all I need to do is make you have an orgasm and the energy is released naturally, allowing me to gather it. Also, they aren’t really wishes, I have a choice in what I want to do, and there are certain things I won’t allow for. Also, the power you give me is what I use to alter the reality of this world, I need it for any ‘wishes’ you may have.”

“Can you tell me more about this mental link?” Rebecca notices that he is taking all of this surprisingly well, although she is certain that any human dreams of this, so accepting it is the best way to go.

“Basically our minds are attached. It’s not really that I can read your mind, more like whatever happens in your head, also happens in my head. Although I can read any other human’s mind, I have to use magic to do it though. With yours it comes automatically. I basically put a piece of me within you. My world won’t pull me back in unless all of me is going, and our laws don’t allow for humans to be pulled through against their will. You act as an anchor, tethering me to this world for as long as I want.”

Jonathan looked around his living room, glancing at the clock he noticed that they have been talking for over an hour; it was 8:45 AM. “Damn!” Jonathan exclaimed, “You wouldn’t be able to zap me to work would you?”

The genie thought it over before answering “I could, but it would require way too much energy from me, how long do you have?”

“I have to be there before ten or I am considered late.”

“Well zapping isn’t out of the question, but I think I will need a bit more power from you” Rebecca added a wink at the end of it and stood up from where she was still sitting on the pillow in front of Nathan. She reached down to pull her pants down and stated “last time was fun, but I would prefer to enjoy this a bit more if you don’t mind”.

Jonathan’s head was spinning, here was a beautiful woman now getting undressed in front of him, who only an hour ago gave him the best blow job of his life. He still had many unanswered questions about everything, but he needed to go to work, and he wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to fuck Rebecca.
Her pants fell down to reveal her smoothly shaven pussy, she wasn’t wearing any panties and he assumed it was something she picked up from their mind link. His dick was brought to full attention once again as the beautiful brunette was standing before him, her big tits held up perfectly, and her curvaceous hips showing off her big, round ass. For a shorter woman she had very long and tone legs. Looking up he noticed the devilish smile on Rebecca’s face, and he knew he was going to do whatever this woman wanted.

Rebecca leaned down to take his dick into her mouth once more, but only to get it wet, not much lubrication was needed though, she was still wet from the face fucking he gave her earlier. The rush of power always turned her on and made her want more. Knowing there was a time constrain she pulled his dick out of her mouth with an audible “pop” and turned around to impale herself on it.

Nathan sat still as the genie expertly turned around and sat slowly on his cock. Nothing prepared him for the amazing sensation of her pussy. The warm velvety sleeve completely encompassed his rod as she slowly descended until her ass was firmly against Ataköy Escort his pelvis. Rebecca let out a soft moan “mmm, that feels wonderful; I haven’t had sex in years”.

She pulled her legs together between his, to make her love hole even tighter for him, although she could do it magically; she preferred not to waste any more energy. She then used her legs to lift herself up and bring herself back down onto his cock, her ass landed against him with a loud “smack” and she continued to fuck him. She brought one of her hands up to her breast, and the other up to her hair to let it bounce off her shoulders to really give him a show, she needed him to cum quickly in order to get him to work on time.

Nathan could see her ass bouncing up and down as she rode his cock like he had never felt before, he could see her tits from the side bouncing up and down, and her beautiful hair was swinging off her shoulders. She apparently had strong leg muscles to keep her moving on his dick. He reached up to grab her tits and play pinch her nipples, not knowing for sure if she would enjoy it. But when she said “oh yes Nathan, play with my tits, god yes” he got the hint. It wouldn’t take him long to cum if she kept this up.

Rebecca knew what to do to bring him to the finish line; after all she was a genie. She started with the dirty talk “Oh Nathan fuck my tight little pussy”.

“Fuck yes that feels so good”

She moved one hand to grab his balls and gently massaged them, trying to urge them to spill their seed.
She needed more power to help Nathan get to work.

“oh Nathan cum inside me, fill me up please” was all he needed to hear to send him over the edge, he started thrusting up into her, as she slammed her ass back down onto him, wrapping her tight pussy around him each time, sending waves of pleasure through him.

“please Nathan I need your cum, I need to feel it inside me” although these statements were true, Rebecca was finding herself on the brink of her own orgasm, and the warm feeling of cum jetting inside of her would send her over the edge.

A series of animalistic grunts from Nathan and she finally felt the first volley of semen spill into her. He grabbed the genie’s small waist and pulled her even harder onto his hard dick and released the second jet of cum.

“Oh god yes Nathan don’t stop I’m going to cum!” Rebecca yelled loudly enough to wake up any neighbors that weren’t already awake. “Please don’t stop, oh fuck me, FUCK ME PLEASE!”

“OH GOD YES IM CUMMING! OOOOOHHHHH FUUUUCK!!!!” Jonathan wasn’t about to stop, he had dispensed his semen inside already but wasn’t down off his orgasm and gave her a few more thrusts for her to finish her orgasm. Even when he was done forcefully pulling her down onto his dick, she still rode it for a few more thrusts until he had to lift her off because he was becoming too sensitive.

“That was amazing” was all he could manage. Wanting to keep Nathan happy she knelt down and cleaned his dick off, slurping up any cum of his or of hers that was on his cock before tucking it neatly away in his jeans.

“that didn’t take as long as I thought, its only 9:20, I need to change into my work clothes, but then you can zap me to work right?” he was trying to catch his breath as he spoke, but noticed that the genie wasn’t out of breath at all when she answered. “Yes I have plenty of power after that, my god it has been a long time since I have had this much power! No need to change, I can handle that. Let’s go!” and an instant later he was in his office, the door was closed and the shades were down, as was customary over the weekend. Oddly he felt nothing after having just traveled roughly 15 miles in the blink of an eye.

“Are you going to be with me all the time? I think you will draw some attention if my co workers see you”.

The genie laughed again, “Relax Nathan, I am a genie, I don’t have to be seen if I don’t want to be, I guess you could say I can make myself invisible, although not entirely true it is the closest I can think of. You will be able to see me, but no one else will. Unless you want me to be seen of course.”

Nathan looked down to find himself in his favorite suit that he always wore on Mondays, and looked over to see the genie back into her red low cut V neck, and those tight blue jeans. Damn did she look good. “No, don’t let anyone else see you while we are here, it would only create questions that I don’t have the answers to, now I need to get to work”.

Nathan logged onto his computer at his desk after opening his door and turning on his lights, the new computer system he helped develop used the time he logged in as his start time for the day. His job at the law firm was a redundant one, all he did was paperwork, mostly on the computer, sorting out clients and making sure people paid on time. Twenty other people in the building did the same job. But he was paid well and he enjoyed the privacy given to him. 10 minutes into going over a letter his boss was sending out to check for typos he heard genie start to speak, although he didn’t hear it with his ears, it was as if she was speaking into his mind. The unique experience made him jump.

This is boring, was the first thing she mentally sent him. Not really sure how to respond, he simply thought in his head the words he wanted to say.

My job isn’t exactly interesting, if you are going to be my genie this is something you will have to deal with.

Humph, I am a genie; I can make things interesting if I want. And with that thought the beautiful woman walked out of his office, he didn’t want to argue to a genie so he simply let her go and got back to work, hoping that her ability to conceal herself was working. Rebecca went into the hall and located the office she wanted “Ms. Sheila Grove” was written on a bronze placard on the door, and the genie walked into the office to find the woman she intended to manipulate for today’s entertainment. It wasn’t necessary for her to open the door when she was in this state. Sitting behind Escort Bayan a big mahogany desk was a rather pretty woman that looked to be in her 40’s. Smaller B cup breast hidden behind her blazer.

Rebecca walked around to her side of the desk, and decided on the best way to go about this. First she pressed her mind into Sheila’s to see what her desires were, and found that she had been having many early morning masturbation sessions with the vibrator she kept in her top drawer. Being a partner at a law firm offered her a lot of privacy with her large office. Not surprisingly the genie sensed the lawyer often thought about Jonathan while she played with her pussy. The man stands 6’2”, has a clean shaven face with a thick, strong jaw, and has a nice toned body from what Sheila could tell from subtle grabs and passes. His lightly toned skin and dark hair are common for office workers. And at only 35 he is a young, good looking stud.

It doesn’t take too much energy to manipulate a human, and Rebecca’s own code of ethics only allows her to do it if the human will enjoy it. She tries to never make anyone do anything against their will.

First she touched the woman’s computer to make it ding with an email to set her plan into motion. Sheila was not prepared for what she read when she opened it. It would seem that Mr. Adkins accidentally put her as a BBC on an email he sent.

Yeah man I would make that woman my bitch; she is always up my ass about paperwork. Maybe one day I will walk into her office, lock the door, and shove my cock into her ass. Maybe after a good hard ass fucking she will calm down.

At first Sheila was stunned, she knew she was a hard ass on Jonathan, but it was only because of her desire to bed him. But she never thought she would feel arousal at the thought of him doing what that email said he wanted to do. She wasn’t sure what to do, it was obvious the email wasn’t for her, but sooner or later he might find out that he accidentally sent it to her. She didn’t recognize the address he has sent it to, and wasn’t sure on a course of action. One thing was for sure though; she would be using her little pink tickler once again this morning.

Nathan I am in here playing with your boss and she wants you to come in here.

I thought you said you wouldn’t make yourself seen! Nathan yelled back at her mentally.

Relax silly boy, she doesn’t know I am here; I am simply spying for you.

Well should I go in? Should I knock? Am I in trouble? Nathan was worried what Ms. Grove could want this early in the morning, she was always complaining about his work, and at the same time making not so subtle hints about him, grabbing his butt occasionally. He never thought anything of it and simply let the woman have her fun.

I will help you out here, just come in, she will be expecting you. And don’t worry, you aren’t in trouble, she wants you to fuck her.

What? The matter-of-fact way she said that sent a familiar tingle to his groin, he wondered how the genie knew his boss wanted to fuck him.

Check your email silly.

Sure enough there was an email from his boss that had been sent over the weekend, although it was sent to two people, the other recipient he didn’t recognize.

Oh you know that’ll never happen. But I have many dirty thoughts about him; I wish Jonathan would come into my office, cover my mouth, pull down my pants and give me a good hard ass fucking. Damn that sounds so good right now. I haven’t had a man properly fuck me in forever.

Apparently his boss was emailing someone about her and accidentally added him as a recipient. And the content was shocking. But he was now fully erect once again and was dealing with the discomfort created by having already cum twice this morning.

Is this the reason she wants me in her office? That is just a fantasy, I can’t actually do that! He mentally sends to his genie. I can read minds remember, come in here and make her your little fuck toy, she will love it, I promise. The thought was a good one he had to admit. The last time Jonathan got to fuck a girl in the ass was in college, taking power over his boss sounded thrilling.

Can you fix it if I mess up?

Yes I can.

That was all the assurance he needed as he got up out of his chair, trying to hide his erection. Control was something he always wanted to have in the bedroom; he loved the feeling of dominating a woman. He rarely got the chance to do so. Nathan had always been a brave one, so he strode down the hall with his excitement building about what was hopefully about to transpire.

Sheila already had her toy fully inside her cunt under her skirt, as she sat on it and used her fingers to rub her cunt, she had closed her door, no one would bother her this morning. Or so she thought.

She nearly screamed when she heard her door close and lock across her office, she hadn’t heard it open over the sound of the vibrator, and her eyes were closed thinking about Mr. Adkins fucking her in the ass. She was more shocked to realize that he was standing just a few feet away from her. She quickly reached to turn off the vibration, but the switch stopped working. She sat up straight and hoped that her large desk was enough to conceal what was going on underneath. There was no way to take the toy out without making it obvious what she was doing.

It took almost no effort for Rebecca to disable the switch on the vibrator that was shoved deeply into the woman’s cunt. She also felt a familiar arousal of her own pussy watching the woman play with herself. She is masturbating right now, toy with her.

“Mr. Adkins may I ask what you are doing in my office uninvited?”

“I am sorry Ms. Grove, but I knocked and I swear I heard you say ‘yes’, I took that to mean that I could come in.”

Damn, apparently in the midst of my play time I let out an audible “yes” at the worst possible moment! Why won’t this damn vibrator turn off! She silently thought to herself.

“Ms. Grove I need to discuss the email istanbul Escort you asked me to proofread this morning” as Nathan talked, he moved over to the side of his bosses desk, giving her no time to object, from this distance he could hear the buzzing of the toy. “I think we need to rewrite this and omit a few lines if it is going to go out as a mass email, or we can make a few different ones and select who gets which one.”

Sheila couldn’t concentrate on his words, but needed to get him out of her office before he caught on to what he was doing. “Yes, that sounds good” she said in a broken tone, desperately trying to hold back her orgasm.

She is about to cum. “And one more thing Sheila, you’d better not cum without my permission. Understand slut?” the look on her face could only be described as pure fear mixed with pure pleasure. Although the shock what he had said was enough to hold back her orgasm. Jonathan moved the short distance between them and reached his hand down under her skirt and felt the toy vibrating. Sheila was too stunned to move, or speak and could only sit there.

“I know what you are doing. And I know it’s not enough, you want me Sheila, you want me to fuck you. And that’s what I am going to do. You aren’t going to say anything. All you are going to do is be my submissive little sex slave. If you aren’t I will drag you into the hall way and let everyone see what you are doing in here.”
His deep tone scared her, but there was no doubt that Sheila was aroused, she was too horny to say no, so she went along with it. Rebecca was in the back corner, now using her own hand against her clit, she was horny as well and loved watching Nathan take control of his bitchy boss.

Nathan’s heart was pumping faster than he ever remembered it going, he was rock hard and hoping his adrenaline would be enough to let him carry this out. “On your knees slave” was his first command to his new sex slave. Sheila instantly fell from her chair on to her knees and started to unzip his pants to pull out his cock. “Wow”, she audibly exclaimed at the sight of his massive cock. Jonathan had to hide his own surprise as he looked down at his own package. It was now at least 11 inches long, and proportionately thick. He glanced his genie playing with her own pussy a few feet away and she gave him a wink.

Sheila started to take the massive cock into her mouth, sucking it only momentarily before pulling it out and licking it from base to the tip, and then back around to the top, getting all of it nice and wet. Nathan pressed himself back into her mouth, and held her head still with his hands. He now easily reached the back of her throat and made her gag a few times, she didn’t complain. She used her hands to run the saliva all along his shaft.

“This is for my pleasure slave, not for yours.” Nathan said as he pulled the woman up by her hair and turner her towards the desk. One hand still full of hair he shoved her forward, bending her over the desk. In the ass, fuck her in the ass. Jonathan had almost forgotten about the beautiful brunette in the corner, bringing herself to an orgasm. He lifted up his bosses skirt and pulled down her thong enough to expose her little rosebud, moist from her pussy juices.

Sheila let out a gasp as she felt the head of his dick press up against her asshole, she was too caught up in the passion to stop now, and desperately needed to cum, so she pressed herself against his cock and felt the first inch or so slide in. with how big his cock was she was surprised there wasn’t any pain, but chalked it up to how horny she was.

Rebecca decided to make this painless for the woman, Jonathan is going to fuck her really hard and it likely would have hurt her badly. She was really enjoying watching his cock slowly sink into her asshole; inch by inch he shoved it in, until he was pressed firmly inside her ass.

Sheila was depressed when the vibrator had fallen out of her when he lifted her up and bent her over, but was now glad that it did, she had never felt so full of cock and doubted she could take both of them. She covered her mouth with one hand and the other reached up under her shirt to pull at a breast. Oh how she needed this.

“Oh Mr. Adkins please fuck my ass. I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.”

That was all the motivation Jonathan needed to pull his dick almost all the way out, and shove it back in, making his boss moan and sending a wave of pleasure through him. He started to thrust hard into her tight little ass. “Sheila you have deserved this for a long time, for being such a bitch to Me.” with that he gave her ass cheek a firm smack. ‘SMACK’ and another, ‘SMACK’.

He continued he rough assault on her insides and rammed his cock deep into her, making her pelvis slam into her desk which each thrust. It took everything she had not to scream out loud.
Rebecca wanted to speed things up, she was hungry for the power that was coming her way after the both came. Call her a whore, and smack her ass hard.

Jonathan followed his instructions “you are my little whore!” ‘SMACK’, with that he felt her sphincter tighten up around his shaft with her intense orgasm, he didn’t stop ramming into her, trying to bring himself to the same point.

Rebecca was now standing behind Jonathan, and reached down through his pants to grab his balls with one hand, and with the other hand she applied pressure on his own asshole with one finger. The sensation was enough to send him overboard and Jonathan slammed hard into his little slave and filled her ass full of his cum. Rebecca came again from the sheer volume of power thrown into her from their combined orgasm.

“You are my own little slut now Sheila. We will act professional at work, but you will be ready for me at any time of my choosing, and you will get off my ass about paperwork. Understand slut?”
Still in the throes of her orgasm she could only nod as Jonathan pulled his dick from her, zipped it up, and walked out of her office. She wasn’t sure how she felt about being someone’s sex slave, but if he would fuck her like that again, she was willing to do anything.

Now back in his own office Jonathan was amazed at the mornings events. He was going to like having a genie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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