The Devil’s Pact Chapter 31: The False Miracle (Repost)


The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2013

Chapter Thirty-One: The False Miracle

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“What did you do to me?” I asked Theodora in confusion.

The nun was still straddling me, my cock still inside her pussy. When she mounted me, when I submitted to her, I had expected her to exorcise me and steal my powers. Instead, she gave me something else, some golden power. The power had sunk into the very fiber of my being, the very essence of my soul. I could see her aura, no longer the gold of a nun but the silver of a regular person. What was going on here? Mary was bound and gagged and I could see the confusion in her green eyes.

Theodora’s aura flashed to black as I asked my question. “I gave you my Gift,” she answered, and then her aura was bleeding back to silver. From my talks with Karen I learned a lot about how Thralls worked. If I gave someone a simple command their aura would return to silver eventually. How long it stayed black would depended on how much the command went against the person’s nature. Theodora’s aura returned to silver so quickly, she would have answered my question willingly. A person only stayed a Thrall if my commands rewrote their personality. Like the commands I give cops to view everything I do as being legal. Or those SWAT officers that raided my house, I realized.

I glanced at the last SWAT officer who was frowning in confusion. Theodora’s control over him was gone along with her powers. He glanced at me, recognized me. “Sir, do you need some help.”

“Free me,” I demanded. “And Theodora, go free Mary and then sit on the couch.”

“All right,” Theodora said and got off me as her aura went black.

The SWAT officer uncuffed me and helped me to my feet. Theodora bent down and ripped off the duct tape over Mary’s mouth. Mary winced, then moistened her lips. “I can’t do anything about the zip ties,” Theodora said in a panic as she realized she couldn’t fulfill my command.

“Fine, just sit on the couch.” I motioned to the SWAT officer who walked over to Mary, pulled out a knife and cut the plastic zip ties retraining her. She was staring at me in astonishment, rubbing her wrists, and then she flew across the room, hugging me fiercely.

“You were shot,” she cried, tears running down her face. “You were dying! How?”

“Lilith,” I answered, holding Mary to me. I buried my face in her auburn hair, inhaling the flowery scent of her shampoo.

I looked over at Theodora and anger filled me. She attacked me, killed Chasity and five of my bodyguards. A white-hot rage gripped me as I stared at the woman as she sat calmly on the couch. I looked at the SWAT officer. “Kill her,” I ordered the man.

He drew his 9 mm. The very same handgun Theodora threatened my Mary with just minutes ago, I thought with satisfaction. Theodora glanced at the gun. Instead of fear, her face became calm and she closed her eyes.

“No!” Mary shouted, pushing away from me. “Put the gun away!”

The SWAT officer froze as he struggled with conflicting commands. Mary slid between the man and Theodora, arms out-stretched. What was going on here? Did Theodora do something to Mary when she captured her? Place some sort of spell on my fiancee? These damn nuns were cunning, that was for sure. Theodora was staring at Mary with blossoming hope.

“What’s going on, Mary?” I demanded. “She killed Chasity.” Theodora flinched and tears started falling from her eyes. Why did that make her cry?

“She’s my mother, Mark.”

Mary’s words crashed into me. I stared at Theodora. They did look alike, the same heart-shaped faces, same cheekbones. I remembered discovering the golden thread that touched Mary’s aura. The same golden thread that touched Shannon and Missy’s auras. I must know someone who is a nun. Mary’s words echoed back in my head from last week when I discovered the thread.

“How?” I asked. “I thought your mom ran off with some musician?”

“He was a Warlock,” Mary answered. “He…he did some bad stuff to my mom. Karen rescued her and Mom thought her relationship with dad was destroyed so she became a nun.”

“You said you gave me your gift, Theodora? So, what, I’m a nun?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Well, I guess you’d be a monk, actually.”

“Mark, you changed when she said that word,” Mary said. “Look in a mirror. You look eighteen.” Mary rubbed a hand along my bare chest. I didn’t bother to put on a shirt when I came looking for Mary. “And your chest. Umm, you’re all muscley,” Mary purred. “And your aura, its bronze, now. Not red. Or even gold.”

“Bronze?” I asked. “Is that because I am a monk, Theodora?”

Theodora frowned. “I don’t know. The last monk died years ago. I honestly do not know much about them. And, please, call me Tiffany. I gave up my powers, I am no longer Sister Theodora Mariam.”

I looked down at my chest and noticed defined pecs and a six pack of abs. I felt different, too. Stronger. More alive. I found a bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like myself, sort of. I looked a little younger, a little more boyish, and the fat in my face was all gone. The fat was gone from my entire body and I had muscles. Not the bulging muscles of a weightlifter, but the toned muscles of a man in peak physical shape. I did a few poses, marveling at my physique.

“Umm, you look so hot,” Mary cooed. I glanced back to see her licking her lips.

I walked over to her and scooped her up in my arms. She was almost as light as a feather. She laughed, hooking one arm around my neck and I kissed her sweet lips. I carried her back to the living room and went to set her down but her arm tightened around my neck in protest.

“Why did you do this, Tiffany?” I asked, trying not to get distracted by Mary’s ticklish finger running across my chest.

She bit her lip. Mary did that same thing when she was thinking. “I want my husband back,” she confessed. “And I wanted to test you. Mary said you were a good person, deep inside. When you submitted, I made my choice. Maybe with my Gift, it will help temper you and bring out the better person inside you.”

“And would you have really shot your daughter?” I growled.

She shook her head. “No. I couldn’t do that. I would have ordered Dennis,” she glanced at the SWAT officer, “to restrain you and exorcise you. I just had to know what my daughter saw in you. Deep inside you’re a good man, try and remember that.”

Anger was still choking at me. “And what am I supposed to do with you. Am I just supposed to forget what you did to Chasity?”

“She’s my mother, Mark,” Mary whispered.

“And you hated her, Mary!”

“I didn’t know the truth,” Mary answered, tears brimming around her eyes. She wiggled in my arms and I sat her down. Mary walked over to the couch and sat down next to her mother, and hugging her tightly, whispered, “I love you, mom. I never really stopped loving you. I think that’s why I was so angry with you. Why it hurt so much when you…disappeared” Mary looked up at me. “Let’s go home, Mark.”

Mary’s eyes pleaded with me. “Fine,” I answered, flatly.

Mary hugged me and kissed me, her hands roaming my body. “Thank you, Mark. For coming for me.”

“Always,” I whispered and stroked her face. “I love you.”

“I am sorry,” Tiffany whispered, clutching her hands guiltily. “I thought I was doing the right thing when we attacked you.” She gave a bitter laugh. “It was all for the greater good.”

I ignored her and scooped up Mary in my arms again. She giggled happily as we walked out of the house. “A girl could get used to this,” she laughed. Tiffany trailed after us and I had to set Mary down when we reached the cars. The bodyguards all happily hugged Mary, all of their professionalism vanishing into relief that their Mistress was safe. Mary and I slid into the back of 51’s car. Tiffany slid into the front seat. Anger burned in 51’s eyes as she looked at Tiffany. I couldn’t blame her. I wanted to rip the blonde woman’s head off. Mary may have forgiven her mother, but how could I ever forget that Chasity is dead.

Mary snuggled up against me on the drive back and I stroked her auburn hair. “What did you have to give Lilith?” she asked.

“Karen,” I answered. “Until her child is born.”

“Of course,” Mary nodded in understanding. “Karen would have died with you.” Mary hands were rubbing softly along my muscled chest. “I’ve always had a weakness for a muscular chest,” Mary purred. My cock stirred in my pants.

“What were we doing when we were interrupted?” I asked Mary with a smile.

“This,” she said and pulled my lips down to hers and her kiss so was fierce and sweet. I pulled her up into my lap, running my hand around her body through her dirty sundress. I felt her breasts, fingering her hard nipples and swirling them beneath the fabric. Mary’s kiss grew more passionate as I played with her breasts.

“I need you, Mare,” I whispered, my cock achingly hard in my pants.

Mary purred, “I can feel just how much you need me.”

Mary reached under us and deftly unzipped my jeans and fished my cock out. Her fingers were hot on my hard cock and she gently guided me to her wet pussy. I groaned loudly as she sank down onto me. I was back inside my filly and I hugged her tightly to me. Her lips were hungry as she kissed me and her hips were pumping wildly on my cock.

“Mary!” Tiffany gasped in the front seat. “What are you doing!”

“Fucking my fiancee. We were trying to have make-up sex when everything happened.” Mary didn’t stop riding me as she glanced over her shoulder at her mother. “Mom, you’ll need to get used to this. We’re a very affectionate family, now.”

Tiffany blushed as prettily as Mary ever did. “What does that mean?”

“I’ve slept with dad. And with Missy and Shannon,” Mary answered as she continued sliding her wet cunt up and down on my cock. “And with Mark’s mother and sister.”

Tiffany gaped at her. “Jesus Christ, Mary.”

“If you want to be with Dad, there’s a few ground rules we need to cover,” Mary told her.

Tiffany sighed. “Of course. You two are Warlocks. Just…just let me be with Sean.”

“That’s between you and dad,” Mary answered. “First, incest is not wrong. Second, it’s okay to have a sex slave. Third, you need to let me perform the Zimmah Ritual on you and, finally, you have to let Mark and I protect you. You can ignore anything else I tell you to do.”

I watched Tiffany’s aura transform from silver to black. Mary nudged me, her hips stopped pumping. I sighed. “Fine. Tiffany, you can ignore my commands if you want.”

Mary smiled and started pumping on my cock again, to my relief, and I moaned as her pussy pleasured me. The disgust on Tiffany’s face vanished and a smile formed on her lips. “You’ve grown up into a very beautiful woman.”

“I can see why you became a nun,” Mary laughed. “You look as young as me. Shannon’s not going to be happy.”

Mary’s pussy was gripping my cock nice and tight as she rode me and I pushed down the straps of her sundress to expose her perky, freckled tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I circled the hard nub with my tongue as my hands kneaded Mary’s plump ass.

“Oh, fuck, I love your cock inside me, Mark!” Mary groaned. “Umm, my randy stallion!”

She was bouncing faster and faster on me and I could feel my balls tighten, threatening to fill her with my cum. I released her nipple. “Gonna cum, Mare!”

“Ohh, are you going to fill your naughty filly’s cunt with your cum?” Mary moaned. Her hips were pumping wildly on my cock. “Cum in me! Cum! Cum!”

Her chants grew louder and louder, urging me to flood her pussy. She slammed down hard on me, her cunt rippling on my cock as she came, milking my cum out of my balls. I felt it squirt into her, four powerful blasts that left me breathing hard. Mary rested atop me, her cunt gently squeezing my softening cock as she kissed me and hugged me tightly.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again,” Mary said, and there were tears shining in her eyes. “I don’t ever want to see you hurt and dying. You hear me, Mark Glassner?”

“I won’t, Mare,” I lied to her. I couldn’t control the future, and Mary knew that. So I lied and she pretended to believe me. I brushed the tear from her eye and kissed her softly on the lips.

Mary snuggled up to me. “Good.”

“I am starting to see what you like about him, Mary,” Tiffany smiled. “So, how are Shannon and Melissa?”

“We call her Missy,” Mary smiled. “And she’s grown into a beautiful and very annoying teenager. She has a boyfriend named Damien and they are so cute together.”

Tiffany blinked back tears. “When I last saw her, she was just learning to walk and called me ‘baba’. She couldn’t say mama, yet.” Tiffany sniffed. “And what about Shannon.”

“She’s engaged,” Mary answered. “George is alright.”

Tiffany swallowed. “And your Dad?”

“He’s good. He still has that ridiculous ponytail.” Mary paused. “We gave him a sex slave. You’ll like her. Although Dad likes her to dress up like a naughty schoolgirl. I think all those years of teaching High School girls may have corrupted him.”

“A sex slave? I guess I’ll have to get used to that.”

“Oh, she’ll be yours as well if you and Dad get back together,” Mary giggled, then her giggle turned into a frown. “Mark, I think we need to talk later.”

I opened my mouth to ask why, when my phone rang. I fished my phone out of my pocket. The caller ID said it was the house. “Hello.”

“Mi Rey,” purred Desiree. “Have you saved mi Reina, yet?”

“Yeah,” I said. “She’s sitting on my cock.”

“That’s so amazing!” Desiree cheered and in the background I could hear the excited shouts of all the sluts. “Mi Rey,” Desiree started saying then paused. I could hear the hesitation in her voice.

“What, Desiree?” I asked. Fear constricted my heart. Did Xiu die? Last I saw, she was on her way to the hospital with a bullet in her guts.

“Fiona’s back from watching Karen and that puta, Lilith, appeared and took Karen.”

“I know,” I answered, sadly. Lilith promised to return her, unharmed, when she had her child. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, mi Rey,” Desiree answered in relief. “We all are eagerly awaiting your return.”

As we approached Mountain View Court, Shaw Road was lined with news van. The Puyallup Police had corralled the media around the sign the for neighborhood. Cameras flashed and the media pressed in on our cars as the cops pushed them back and let us through. The street looked different; most of the emergency vehicles were gone. The few neighbors we let stay in their houses were out, inspecting the damage and cleaning up the mess.

Everyone was waiting for us out front. All our sluts were there, save Karen and Xiu. My Mom and her girlfriend Betty, their sex slave Joy, and my little sister, Antsy, and her slave, Via. And Mary’s family: Sean and his slave, Felicity, Shannon and George and their slave, Starla, and Missy and Damien, and their slaves Dawn and Mrs. porno izle Corra. Tiffany’s breath caught in her voice as she saw her family.

“Wait in the car, mom,” Mary suggested. “Let me talk to them.”

I stepped out of the car and helped Mary out. The sluts all rushed to us, hugging us tightly and kissing us both. Antsy and my Mom came up, tears in my mom’s eyes, and I pulled them both to me and hugged them fiercely. I kissed Mom on the lips, then my baby sister.

“Umm, big bro, you’re ripped!” Antsy exclaimed. “What happened to you? Everyone said you were shot and got better. We spent the entire shootout hiding in the basement. We were all too scared to come out until after you left.”

“Was it a miracle?” my mom asked. “Everyone said a miracle happened.”

“Sure,” I muttered, glancing over to Mary, who was hugging her father and sisters.

“Dad, there’s something I need to tell you,” Mary said, biting her lip. “I…”

“Who is that in the car?” Sean asked, frowning.

“Theodora!” Antsy hissed, recognizing the former nun, and I caught her arm as she tried to run over there. “That fucking bitch!”

I pulled her back. Part of me wanted to let my baby sister claw her eyes out. “It’s okay,” I lied to my sister.

“That’s what I want to talk to you about, dad,” Mary continued.

Sean ignored his daughter, walking slowly to the car. Tiffany slipped out, looking like a scared deer in headlights. “Tiffany?” Sean asked, stunned.

Tiffany’s lip quivered. “It’s me, Sean. I…”

Sean fell to his knees before her. “I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, “for whatever I did to drive you away. Please, forgive me! I never meant to hurt you!”

Tiffany knelt down and cupped Sean’s face. “You didn’t do anything, Sean.”

“Then why, Tif?”

“Because Kurt Bronson made me.” Pain twisted on Tiffany’s face. “Kurt has powers, like Mark and…and Mary. He…”

Sean hugged her tightly. “Tell me this isn’t a dream?”

“I’m real, Sean.” She pushed away. “Can you forgive me? When I was freed from Kurt’s powers I was too scared to find you. I…I thought you would hate me. I…I didn’t have faith in your love.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Sean whispered. “Everyday I felt empty without you. Like the best part of me was missing.”

Tiffany was smiling and crying. Then she saw her daughters. Shannon and Missy were staring in disbelief. Anger started to twist Shannon’s face and Mary bent over and started whispering to her sister. Missy walked forward, almost in a daze, and knelt down next to her parents.

“Are you really my mommy?” Missy asked, in the littlest girl’s voice.

“Yes,” Tiffany said and pulled her youngest daughter into the embrace she shared with Sean. “My little Melissa’s grown up into a beautiful, young woman.”

Missy flushed. “No one calls me Melissa. It’s Missy.”

“Missy,” Tiffany smiled, stroking her youngest daughter’s face. “I like that.”

Shannon stalked up. “You’re back, huh.”

Tiffany stood up. “I’m sorry, Shannon. I…” Shannon slapped her mother and then stalked off.

Antsy broke from my grasp and walked over to Tiffany. “Bitch,” Antsy snapped. “What did I ever do to you! I was nice to you and you tried to destroy my life.”

Tiffany flinched from her words. “I…I was wrong. Please, Antsy, I am so sorry for deceiving you. I…” Antsy’s slap caught Tiffany unprepared and she staggered back.

Sean stepped up between the two women and glared at my little sister. “That’s my wife,” he growled at Antsy. Antsy sniffed and stormed off, dragging Via, her sex slave, behind her.

My mom walked up to Tiffany, who stared warily at her. “Hi, I’m Sandy,” she warmly greeted. “Mark’s my son, so I guess we’ll be family soon.”

“I guess so,” Tiffany answered and my mom hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Tiffany flushed. “I guess that’s how friendly the family is, now.”

Sean grabbed Tiffany’s shoulder. “Come on. I think we need to talk in private.”

Tiffany flushed. “I would like that, Sean.”

“Shannon will come around,” Sean told her, putting his arm around her shoulder. “She tried to take your place. She had to grow up too fast. I wasn’t much help, I’m afraid.”

I pulled Mary to me. “Let’s go inside.”

She gave one last look at her parents as they walked down the street, then nodded. She took a deep breath and asked, “Did Alice die?”

“She was alive last I heard,” I answered. “But she was in critical condition.” I swallowed. “Was that your mom’s doing?”

“Yeah,” Mary whispered, tearing up. “My mom went from being used by one side to being used by the other.” Mary frowned, biting her lip. “Mark, I think…I think we need to be more careful about our powers. About whom we use them on.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Mark, you’ve broken up people’s marriages and relationships. And who knows what other consequences have happened. You raped that girl, too.” I flinched at her words. Mary took a deep breath. “We could use our powers to help people. Make their lives better. Not destroy them.”

“So, no more fucking any woman I want?” I asked her, pointedly.

“Well, no,” Mary frowned. “Just, don’t ruin their lives. Don’t break up their relationships. Give them some happiness. And…And maybe we should release the sluts.”

“What?” I asked in surprise. “No, no. I love my sluts!”

“I love them, too, Mark. But, what if deep inside they’re unhappy. What if they’re like my mom. I say we give them a choice. Free them and let them choose to be with us.”

“I’m not sure we can free them from the spell,” I protested. “They may still be tied to us.”

Mary shrugged. “We can at least give them back their free will, like we did with our family.” Mary paused, then pointed out, “You say I’m all you really need.”

I sighed. “Fine, Mary. But we need the bodyguards.”

“For now,” Mary said with a nod. “Maybe we can find others who are willing.”

“Okay.” Then I grinned, “You do know if there are no sluts around, I’m making you do all the cooking and cleaning.”

Mary giggled. “You haven’t tried my cooking. You might regret those words.”

Inside the house, the sluts were busy sweeping up the broken glass, or wiping up the blood stain from Xiu’s wound. Sam was at the table, a pile of books spread out as she was busy translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.

“Sam, is there a way to break the Zimmah bond?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” Sam answered, adjusting her silver glasses on her round face. “I haven’t found that spell in here, yet.”

“Find out,” I ordered.

Mary and I changed into some clean clothes and then gathered the sluts around the dining room table. I looked them all over; slutty Alison sitting on Desiree, her fiancee’s, lap, Lillian with her black hair highlighted with blue and purple streaks, cute and innocent Violet and April, dusky Thamina, caramel-skinned Jessica, cinnamon-skinned Willow, sandy-blonde Noel, doll-faced Korina, olive skinned Sam, and strawberry-blonde Fiona.

Only Xiu and Karen were missing. And Chasity. I closed my eyes, forcing back the tears. Mary may have been able to forgive her mother, but I’m not sure I will ever be able to. Chasity was such a wonderful, and dependable, woman. There was grief and worry on all of the sluts’ faces. They miss Chasity as much as I do.

“Master, Xiu is in surgery,” Willow, our doctor slut, reported. “The surgeon is very good. He seems to think she’ll survive. But…the bullet caught her in the uterus and they are performing a hysterectomy. 04 and 47 are in the ICU and have been upgraded to serious. Doctors do not expect 30 to survive. Alice is also still in critical condition and is in surgery.”

Mary looked over the sluts. “I have come to care for all of you very much,” Mary started, biting at her lip. “We forced you to be our slaves and…”

“We wanted to be your slaves,” Alison protested.

Violet nodded. “You and Master are so wonderful, how could we not want to be your slaves?”

“Yeah,” April nodded. She looked so cute and nerdy with her glasses on.

“Well, Mark and I want you to choose to be with us,” Mary continued.

“Oh, I choose, Mistress,” Thamina eagerly said. All the other girls also chimed in eagerly.

I swallowed. “Until tomorrow at noon, all of you can make your own decisions and will not have to do what Mary and I tell you. Tomorrow you will return to the house and we will let you choose to stay with us or we’ll let you go and live your lives.”

Mary repeated my words and the girls suddenly changed as they realized what had happened. Pain, anger, confusion clouded their faces. The girls begin to yell and shout and cry as Mary and I left the house. We gathered up the ten bodyguards and headed over to Good Sam Hospital. Xiu and the bodyguards that got shot were there, and they were all hurt because of us. The least we could do is be there for them.

My Mustang was ruined. A round came through the garage and punctured the engine block. Mary’s Eos had a shattered windshield and a shot-up fender. As we were getting into the back of 51’s cop car, Chief Hayworth walked up. He was a whip-thin, iron-hard man wearing a navy blue dress uniform. He was Chief of Police of Puyallup and shook my hand with a firm grip.

“What a mess,” he said sadly, shaking his head. “Officer Vinter was a fine cop.”

Yeah, Chasity was the best. “What have you told the media?”

“The truth,” he answered. “A group of disgruntled Pierce County SWAT officers attacked you and six officers lost their lives and many others were hurt. Sheriff Erkhart is being grilled by the media. It looks bad for him.”

“Can you have a few of your cops stick around to keep the media out of the street?” I asked.

“Sure, Mr. Glassner,” he nodded. “I hear you’re running for office. State rep, right?”

I looked around at the neighborhood, frowning. I was starting to agree with Mary’s plan to run for the Rep for the city of Puyallup. I could do a lot of good with my power, change things. Make them better. So things like this would not happen anymore. I could make sure that Chasity and the others did not die in vain.

“Yeah, can I count on your support?” I asked the Chief.

“Sure,” Chief Hayworth smiled.


Vivian Anders – Spaneway, WA

I stared at the pregnancy test. Two pink lines.

“I’m pregnant,” I whispered to myself. I looked over at my girlfriend, Cynthia, who was staring expectantly at me. “I’m pregnant, Sin.”

When my period did not come on time I tried to tell myself I was just late. It happens to some women. Not to me though, at least, not since I was fourteen. But maybe I was just stressed or something. I had finally come out to my parents about being gay and moving in with my girlfriend, and things were stressed. I barely had time to think about the possibility of being pregnant as my Christian parents badgered me about sexual reorientation therapies. But, I was a week late now, and there was only one man who could be the father.

Mark Glassner.

I could remember that glorious day that Mark Glassner walked into the Starbucks. It was a Thursday morning and I was standing in line. Mark walked in, kicked out all the customers and fucked me and Cynthia and Mary. It was so hot. And I fell in love with Cynthia that day. Since then, Cynthia had quit her job, and we were supporting ourselves by streaming our lovemaking on

“You’re pregnant?” Cynthia asked. The punk girl’s expression became so soft and loving. And then she gave an excited squeal. I had never seen her like this at all. “We’re having a baby!” She hugged me and kissed me. I would have to thank Mark when I saw him for giving me a family. I guess I would see him at his wedding. The invitations arrived late last week and Cynthia and I spent a fun day shopping for dresses.

“…at Mark Glassner’s residence.”

We broke our kiss, glancing at the TV. The news was on and they were talking about Mark Glassner. He was in the news a lot since that day. Cynthia and I had been following his exploits, wondering how he could do the things he did. He caused that Orgy at Best Buy the same day he fucked us at the Starbucks. And there were all those bank robberies. On the TV, there was a clip of men in black shooting automatic weapons. I frowned, what was going on?

“Violence erupted in this quite street in South Hill,” the female reporter said. The crawl at the bottom of the screen identified her as Debra Horne-Darnell of Q13 Fox News. “I’m standing here in the aftermath of a brutal attack by the disgraced Pierce County SWAT Officers on the home of Mark Glassner. Last week, it came out that this very same SWAT unit was embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal centered around the Glassner residence. What you are about to watch is graphic,” Debra warned.

An image of Mark Glassner talking with a black-haired woman plays on the TV. I jumped as Mark takes an entire gun-full of bullets to the chest. “Oh no,” I gasped and Cynthia squeezed my hand reassuringly as I watched the father of my child dying on the TV.

“As Mark lay dying, the SWAT Officers attacked,” Debra reported. “My cameraman and I were on the scene prepping a story when we captured the firefight.” More clips of a shootout are shown. We would catch glimpses of Mark being worked on by two women, one in a slutty nurse’s outfit and the other in a slutty cop’s outfit during the firefight. In fact, the SWAT seemed to be fighting women dressed as slutty cops.

“How strange,” I whispered to Cynthia as I was riveted to the TV.

“What?” she asked.

“The cops are all dressed like slutty cops you’d see at Halloween.”

Cynthia gave a wicked laugh. “I bet that’s Mark’s doing.”

“The most amazing part came after the firefight ended,” Debra said. There was something in her voice, almost reverence. Awe, maybe?

The clip changed to a group of paramedics, three of them, working over Mark when suddenly a scarlet light engulfed the dying man. Everyone around him froze, the paramedics, the watching cops, everyone. Then Mark pulled off the oxygen mask, ripped out the IV and sat up. My heart hammered in amazement. What was going on?

“What the BLEEP!” a paramedic shouted, his expletive censored. My thoughts whirled in my head. That paramedic was right, what the bleep?

Mark started pulling off the bandages and in full HD you could clearly see perfectly unblemished skin beneath the bloody bandages. Mark gave a wordless, exhilarating scream, then shouted, “I am alive! Mary, I’m alive!”

“It’s a miracle,” the female paramedic gasped. “The wounds have healed. My God, they’re completely gone.”

A confused chatter broke out amongst the cops and firemen standing around. “How?” someone asked. “A miracle,” and, “Praise God,” could be heard.

“What are you?” a fireman asked, and the clip ended, cutting back to the studio with a picture-in-picture of Debra live on location.

“What do you think happened?” the anchor asked Debra.

“A amatör porno miracle,” Debra said, her eyes shining with unprofessional fervor. “Mark Glassner is some sort of divine creature, a God, maybe. It explains everything about him. How he…”

Debra’s rant was cut off and the anchor apologized, “We’re having technical problems with the signal from Debra. A tragic day in South Hill, six cops dead and many more injured, from a shoot-out with…” I turned the TV off.

I rubbed my belly, my eyes wide in amazement as I glanced at Cynthia, her eyes just as wide. Mark Glassner was a God. He was shot and killed and came back to life. He was a God. That’s how he made an entire store, full of people, fuck each other. How could you refuse a God anything. I reached down, stroking my flat stomach.

A little god was growing inside me. Cynthia reached out and stroked my belly, tenderly. She was thinking the same thing I was. Mark Glassner had blessed my family and the entire world needed to know. I pulled out my phone and sent out a tweet, “#MarkGlassnerIsGod, and I am carrying his child!”


Aurora Miller – Graham, WA

My phone vibrated. My sister sent me a tweet. Well, a re-tweet from someone named Vivian Anders. “#MarkGlassnerIsGod, and I am carrying his child!”

I frowned. I knew Mark. I could vividly remember that day three weeks ago when he walked into the Victoria’s Secret where I worked. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, Mary, and some pink-haired chick they called their ‘slut’. Before I knew what was happening, Heather, my co-worker, and I were sucking Mark’s cock while his girlfriend and slut modeled lingerie.

To this day, I do not know what came over me. Whatever Mark said, I would do. I sucked his cock, then I happily ate my first pussy, Heather’s, as she returned the favor. A sixty-nine I think it’s called. Mark wanted us to eat each other’s cunts, so we did. We would have done anything for him and his girlfriend. Afterward, Heather and I could not look each other in the eyes. We knew we weren’t ourselves that day, but neither of us could forget what Mark made us do to each other. Heather switched shifts so we wouldn’t work together anymore, that’s how awkward it had grown between us.

I searched on my phone about Mark being a god and found on youtube a thirty minute, unedited news clip dubbed, “The Miracle in South Hill.” The clip was uploaded by reporter-deb13. I watched in fascination as Mark got shot by a woman a bunch of times in the chest, the intense firefight that followed, and then the scarlet light and the miracle of Mark getting healed. At the end of the clip, the poster, Debra Horne-Darnell gave a breathless rant about how Mark Glassner was a God or some sort of divine being. Then the rest of the clip was her interviewing the cops, firemen and paramedics who witnessed the miracle. All of them agreed that Mark was shot five times and then, miraculously, was healed. All of them, these professional-looking men and women, were shaken. Some with disbelief, others with worshipful awe.

My eyes were wide in comprehension. I had been touched by a God, tasted his seed.

I was blessed.

I started typing a comment; the world had to know.


Beth Philips – Sumner, WA

I sat on the couch, next to my husband, Eric, watching the “Miracle in South Hill,” youtube clip on my tablet, those annoying earbuds pinching my ears. I had to wear them so I wouldn’t disrupt my husband’s precious TV time.

It was him, I realized in astonishment as I watched the clip. The man who fucked me in the bathroom of the Larson Volkswagen Dealership three weeks ago. My husband, Eric, and I had been out shopping for a new car when this man walked up to me and told me to go to the bathroom and wait for him naked. Not understanding why I did it, I followed his orders. The man fucked me in that bathroom while my husband waited outside the door. Eric thought I had a stomach bug, but really I was having the best sex in my life.

I couldn’t stop thinking of the man, whom I later learned was Mark Glassner. Every time my husband’s small dick was in me, the few times he’s fucked me since that day, I thought of Mark’s big cock. How great it felt as it plowed into me. Eric hadn’t satisfied me with his cock, since. I even had to buy a dildo to pleasure myself with, pretending it was Mark fucking me again.

A few days ago, I found out I was pregnant. After Mark, I hadn’t slept with my husband for a week. The timing was right with my ovulation cycle for Mark to be the father. I didn’t know how to tell my husband I was having another man’s child. I didn’t know how to tell my husband that I didn’t want to be his wife anymore. There had been a rift growing between Eric and I that Mark split-wide open that day.

And now my entire world had changed. When I got home from work, I got on reddit like I always did, and this youtube clip was on with over 7000 up votes. So I clicked on the link and I could not tear my eyes away for the entire thirty minute clip. My mind was whirling, what had I just witnessed? A miracle? A God? I started scrolling through the comments. People were debating, some said it was a hoax, others a miracle, and a few claimed it was aliens. One comment jumped out at me, from aurora45: “I drank Mark’s seed. I am blessed by him. He is a God. My coworker and I pleasured each other for him. All it took was his word, and we were his slaves. He is a God!”

He is a God.

No wonder Eric’s cock couldn’t satisfy me. I had lain with a God. What mere mortal cock could ever satisfy me again?

A God planted a child inside me. My hand rubbed unconsciously at my stomach.

Another user, Anastasia Milburn, created a Google+ Community titled, “Women Who’ve Lain with Mark Glassner.”

I clicked on the link and read with fascination as Anastasia described meeting Mark while jogging and how he commanded her to jog naked with him. When they returned to her house, Mark fucked her in the kitchen as her husband showered upstairs. “Now Im Mark’s slut and my husband’s slut,” Anastasia typed. “And Ive never been more happy. I missed my period 2day. I may be carrying Mark’s child. My hubby is so happy 2 share me w/ a god.”

Anastasia also posted a video, clearly taken on a cell phone. “It’s over, Stan,” a woman shouted. The image showed a different angle from the youtube video. Police and ambulances started streaming in. “My god, I think Mark’s been shot,” the woman cried in alarm.

“It’ll be okay, Ana,” the man, presumably Stan, said.

The video played for a few more minutes with the occasional comment from Anastasia and her husband, Stan, as paramedics started working on Mark and then the crimson light and Mark was sitting up. “Ohmygod!” Anastasia gasped over and over. “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!”

“A miracle,” Stan whispered in awe.

And the video ended.

Other women were joining the circle, describing their encounters with Mark Glassner and his consort, the beautiful Mary. Lucy McKay wrote, “I worked at Best Buy and was there during the orgy. Mark Glassner fucked me from bhind as I eat out this Muslim’s cunt. No one nows how Mark made us all fukc each other. He must be angel or a God or somthing.”

My pussy began to itch in my pants. I had to get off. “I’m going to lie down,” I lied to Eric.

“Sure,” he said. One of those stupid singing-competition shows was on. Eric loved them. He would be watching TV until ten. Plenty of time for me to get off once or twice.

I took my tablet into the bedroom, shimmied out of my pants and panties. I ran a finger through the fine down of hair that grew between my legs, yellow as cornsilk and just as soft. I was growing damp, matting down the hair around my pussy. I pulled out the big, purple dildo from my panties drawer and got comfortable on the bed.

Yvonne Deponty wrote, “I work as night concierge at Four Seasons in Seattle. few weeks ago, Mark and 6 nekkid women piled out of limo in teh middle of night. Mark took one look at me and I was butter in his hands. He fuk my snatch hard in teh elevator ride up to room. Ive never been such a slut in my life and I luv it. :-)”

I pushed the dildo up inside me, groaning as the rubber cock filled up my cunt. I gripped it by the base and started to gently push it in and out of my wet cunt. A shiver of pleasure ran through me and I eagerly read the next account.

“Hi every1, I’m Macy,” Macy Gladwyn wrote, “and yd I was in court to divorce my loser husband when Mark walked in with 2 women and sat bside me. His women wore chokers that said they were his sluts. Alison, I think 1 was named, and the other was a beautiful mexican. I suked Mark’s cock and he fucked me up the ass in the courtroom!!! He told teh judge to let us fuck and the dried up ol hag just let us!!! I cum so hard!!”

I slid my dildo faster and harder inside me. My breath was quickening. I’ve never been fucked up the ass before. Eric always wanted to do it, but it always sounded so dirty. But reading Macy’s account left me wondering what it was like. Maybe I would shove my dildo up there and give myself a nice little cum. I wiggled my hips and let out a soft sigh and kept reading.

“Hey all,” Bonnie Slate wrote. “I’ve not fucked Mark. But I’ve ate out his fiancee, the very beautiful Mary Sullivan. Shes most heavenly woman I’ve ever met. She seduced me while I took her measurements for her weddign dress. My little pussy’s gettin wet just thinkin bout it. She came in yesterday with her bridesmaids and we had a wild time in my backroom. Mark must b quite a guy to please tha t woman! *-)”

I was really ramming the dildo in as I read Daffodil Ethan’s account. “Just graduated from Rogers, class of ’13 yay!!! 🙂 On last wk of school, Mark walked into our locker room and sent our gym teach packin. He ordered us gals to strip naked and we had a orgy in locker room. It was so wild. I gave Mark a titty fuck with my big ol cans and he gave me a nice cum bath.”

Daffodil upload a pic of her ‘big ol cans’. She was a lovely girl, brunette, with big tits topped with fat, pink nipples. I pictured those tits wrapped around Mark’s cock, and him spewing white cum all over those luscious melons. I licked my lips, pumping my dildo so fast in my pussy until I shuddered, my tablet sliding off my chest onto the bed next to me as a nice cum flowed through me.

I pulled out my dildo and licked my tart juices off. I fumbled for the KY jelly I kept in a drawer on my nightstand, Eric rarely gets me wet anymore, so I had to start buying lube. I got my dildo nice and slick, bent my legs, and searched for my asshole. I found it, rubbing my big old dildo on it and slowly started to push. My asshole resisted and resisted and I pushed harder and then the dildo slipped inside.

“Holy shit!” I gasped. I felt so full back there.

I grabbed the tablet and kept reading. There was a reply to Daffodil’s story from Addison Savidge. “Oh wow I was in tht gym class. That was wild. I ate out so many girls cunts. Super fun!! I’ve been dreaming about Mark coming back for my Junior year. He’s like one of those Greek gods, in myth, ya know, who cumes down and fuks us mortal chicks!! ”

I started sliding the dildo in and out of my ass. It felt surprisingly nice once I got used to it and I kept reading my tablet as I gently fucked my dildo in and out of my ass. I wished it was Mark’s cock reaming my ass. I bet that would feel even more amazing. That Macy girl was so lucky to experience Mark’s cock in her asshole.

“Me and mom jog /w Mark every morning! :-)!!!” a Cassie Blackwood wrote. “I luv being Mark’s slut /w my mom. We so close now. At home me and mom are sluts for daddy!! Im so glad I met Mark!! I’d tots worship him!”

Yes, yes! I would worship him, too! I would kneel before Mark and suck his cock and receive his blessing straight from the source. I was close to cumming, ramming the dildo harder and faster into my ass. “Oh, Mark!” I moaned softly. “Umm, let me be yours! Let me taste your godly cum!” My orgasm crashed through me, stars swimming in my eye and I could see Mark. He was watching me, I just knew it. Watching me cum for him.

Panting, I slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass. Glancing at my tablet, I saw there was a new post. “I’m out on street where Mark lives. hoping to get glimpse of him!” a Nina Royceston posted, along with a pic of her in front of a housing development called “Mountain View Estates.” She was a pretty teenage girl with black hair in a plaited braid and a smiling face. She wore a red sundress decorated with white flowers. The photo was captioned with, “This is the dress I wore when Mark fucked me in the movie theater.”

I found my pants and a pair of comfortable shoes, then I pulled on the most revealing blouse I had. No bra, I wanted my assets to be on display. I knew what I had to do. As I walked out into the living room I took one last look at my pathetic husband.

“I’m leaving,” I told him.

“Where you going, Beth?” he asked, eyes still focused on the TV.

“To be with my God.”


Rose Cunningham – South Hill, WA

“Oh mom,” I moaned.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room letting my mom lez out on my pussy. She was really good at it. Her tongue was digging through my blonde-furred muff as I gripped her brown hair and ground my pussy into her gentle lips. My twin sister, Daisy, was kneeling behind Mom, a strap-on dildo, fiery red, plowing in and out of Mom’s cunt. I was licking my lips, watching Daisy’s melons bounce about as she gave it to mom, nice and good.

I loved lezzing out with my mom and my twin sister. And it was all thanks to Mark and Mary. That wild day when we were shopping at Lowes as a family and we ran into Mark and his girlfriend. It started out as a boring day being dragged along with my parents as they went on one of their home-improvement kicks, then turned exciting. With just a few words, our whole family was fucking Mark and Mary in the Garden Section of Lowes.

And my family has never been happier. We just love each other so much, we delight in expressing it. And my mom was really expressing how much she loved me with her delightful mouth on my pussy. Her tongue was probing my hole, wiggling around against my sensitive pussy walls. She wiggled her face from side to side, the tip of her nose bumping wickedly against my clit.

“Mom’s giving it to you great, huh, Rosie?” Daisy panted.

“Oh yes!” I moaned. “Mom’s making me feel amazing! I’m gonna cum real soon!”

“Lezzie slut!” Daisy taunted with a smile.

“You’d know all ’bout that, Daisy,” I retorted.

The door opened and Dad walked in. “You got to see this,” dad said. I was a little miffed, his three women were in a delightful lezzie orgy and he was ignoring us, turning on the TV to Fox News.

I rolled my eyes. Dad was such a news junkie and he watched boring old Fox News all the time. I wish he wouldn’t, all it did was get him worked anal porno up about Obamacare and how Obama was a secret socialist trying to deliberately ruin the country. The worst part was, mom stopped eating my pussy to look at the TV. I groaned in frustration, I was so darn close to cumming.

“…calling it the Miracle in South Hill,” the news anchor reported. “A man that reports name as Mark Glassner, was shot multiple times in a shoot-out between police and heavily armed men.” My heart clutched in fear. Who would want to shoot Mark. He made our family so happy. “While paramedics were working on him, this footage was caught by the local Fox Affiliate in Seattle.” There was a man, Mark, I guess, lying on the ground being worked on by three paramedics and then a scarlet light flashed and he was sitting up. “He was shot five times,” a white-faced paramedic said on-screen. “And then…he was fine. Not a wound on him. It was…a miracle. The man is something special, something holy.”

The man is something special, something holy. The words echoed in my head. I saw my twin’s blue eyes widening in realization. Of course he was special and holy. “He taught us to love each other,” I whispered.

“He did, Rosie,” my mom whispered, her eyes shining with wonder, then she bent down and started loving my cunt some more and I was soon cumming on her lips and praising Mark for giving me my new, loving family.


Rachel Hirsch-Goldstein-Blum – Butler, Pennsylvania

I was cuddling with Jacob on the couch of our apartment. Everything was in boxes. We spent the first day back from our honeymoon packing up the house. Escrow would close on our new house in a few days and then we could move in. We were taking a break from the packing to make a little love. Jacob’s cheeks were all stubbly with his five o’clock shadow and I loved the rough feel of his whiskers on my skin.

He slipped his hand up my blouse, finding my breast, when the front door opened and Leah walked in. I smiled happily at seeing her. Leah was our wife, and our lovemaking break would be even more fun with her. I met her on my honeymoon when Mark and Mary invited me to have fun with them over the weekend. My poor husband had to spend most of our honeymoon alone while I was out having so much fun. Leah was Mark and Mary’s chauffeur and, to my surprise, I fell in love with the vivacious blonde. But I also loved my husband, so I brought her with me when I returned to Jacob.

Jacob and Leah seemed to be hitting it off and we were one happily married threesome. Technically, only Jacob and I were married, but maybe one day we could all be married. Jacob found an interview Mary gave where she talked about how wrong it was for the government to oppose bigamy. Mary said in the interview that people should be free to marry whomever they want, even multiple whomevers. If anyone could change things, it would be Mark and Mary.

Jacob, being the great guy he was, stood up and took the box from Leah’s hands and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. “You need to see the news,” Leah squealed. “People are saying Mark died and came back to life.”

“What, like Jesus?” I asked. That’s what Christians always said, we Jews killed him and then he came back to life.

“Yes!” she squealed. “It’s all over the news and youtube. He was shot and then magically he was healed. They’re calling it a miracle. People are calling him a God. There’s a whole bunch of women posting about their experiences with Mark and some are gathering in front of his house.”

A God. That was impossible. But, there was something…different about Mark and Mary. No one could do what they did. People just obey them. I glanced at Jacob and saw the wonder in his eyes. He was realizing the same thing.


Dr. Molly Klerk – Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, WA

I walked past the sluttily dressed cops guarding Xiu Liu’s hospital room, glancing through the window at her. She was in ICU, recovering from surgery. She took a bullet in the stomach, but her chances of survival were good. The bullet passed through a wall before striking her in the lower abdomen and lodging in her uterus. Unfortunately, her uterus was too damaged to save and was removed by the surgeon.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mark Glassner and Mary Sullivan sitting next to the patient. And my pussy started drenching my panties. I rubbed my thighs, trying to relieve the sudden ache in my clitoris. A little more than two weeks ago Mark was in the ER because of a head wound. He had a light concussion and, in the middle of the exam, I found myself sucking his cock. I had no idea what possessed me to do it. And then, while examining some scrapes on Mary’s arm, I found myself eating out her pussy.

The whole hospital was buzzing about Mark’s miraculous recovery this afternoon. Paramedics I’ve known for years, dependable men and women, swore Mark was bleeding out from multiple gunshots in the torso when there was this scarlet light. When the light faded, Mark was perfectly fine. I’ve even seen the footage on the news. It was unbelievable.

“He’s a god,” Ryan, one of the paramedics, whispered to me. He was a solid man, with years of witnessing the worst that could happen to a person without getting fazed. Today he was white-faced and had an awed, almost reverent tone to his words. “Or something not of this world. The police all talk about him like he’s the greatest man in the world. It’s like they’re under his spell or something.”

A spell. Was that what happened to me? Were Mark and Mary the divine given flesh?

I opened the door, I needed to check on Xiu’s vitals.

“Dr. Klerk?” Mary asked with frown. “Right, that’s your name.”

My heart hammered, she was as beautiful as I remembered. The most beautiful creature in the world. And then I saw Mark and gasped. He had transformed. He was younger, and thirty pounds lighter since I last saw him. His shirt was tight on him, and I could see the outline of muscles. He was a flabby guy two weeks ago. This is impossible.

I was in the presence of Gods.

I fell to my knees. That’s what you do when you’re before a God, right? I vaguely remember that from Sunday school as a child. Mark was standing over me, and I started to tremble. “Let me worship You,” I found myself saying.

He knelt down, cupping my head and turned my face up to look at Him. His eyes were so blue. “Worship me, huh.” His voice was so deep and commanding, I could feel it reaching into my soul. “Sure, you can worship me.”

He stood up, and I knew what to do. I pulled the zipper of His pants down and fished out His cock. It was hard and throbbing in my hand. I started sucking, swirling my tongue around His cock as I bobbed my head. I could taste His salty pre-cum. His hands gripped my head and He started slowly thrusting His cock into my lips.

In and out slid His cock as I sucked hard, wanting to give Him the best pleasure I could. His cock was brushing the back of my throat and I was pleased to hear His moans. Then His cock was pushing at my throat, His hands pulling me towards his groin. I almost struggled, but then I remembered myself. It wasn’t my place to resist a God. I relaxed my throat and His cock was sliding into my throat, my lips brushing against His brown, wiry pubic hairs.

He pulled out and then pushed down my throat. Over and over He thrust into me. “Fuck, she’s got a great mouth,” my God moaned.

My Goddess gave a throaty laugh. “Umm, I remember her licking my pussy. Hurry up and cum, Mark. I want to feel her lips on me. To, um, how did she phrase it? To worship my horny cunt!”

My pussy was soaking my panties with the anticipation of worshiping my Goddess. “She’s doing a great job ‘worshiping’ my cock, Mare!” He pulled His cock back until only the tip remained in my mouth. “Here it comes, slut!” my God moaned, and then His holy cum was shooting into my mouth. Delicious and salty, and so much I was having trouble swallowing it all, and some was running sticky down my face.

My God pulled His cock out and I licked my lips. I glanced at My Goddess, Her legs were spread and I could see Her juicy pussy between Her legs. She smiled wickedly as I crawled across the floor, the linoleum hard on my knees. I would probably get a run in my pantyhose, but I didn’t care. I could smell Her arousal, sweet and spicy, as I neared. An intoxicating bouquet. Her thigh was silk on my cheeks as I brought my eager mouth closer and closer to Her pussy. She tasted divine and I delighted in the mewl of pleasure that escaped Her lips.

I felt my God’s hands caressing my ass. He lifted up my white, doctor’s coat, exposing the conservative, purple skirt I wore. He pulled that up as well, His hands rubbing across my panty-clad butt. There was a ripping sound, my pantyhose I realized, and then I felt the gusset of my panties being pushed to the side, exposing the shaved lips of my wet pussy.

I came when my God entered me, my body shuddered and my pussy spasmed about His cock. I moaned my passion into my Goddess’s wonderful pussy. My cunt felt so full of His cock. So wonderfully full. He started slowly pumping in and out of me, pleasure tingling in and out of my body. My Goddess’s hands were in my bleached-blonde tresses, pulling me into Her sopping pussy. My tongue slid through Her slit, lapping at Her hard clit and savoring Her delicious flavor.

“Ohh, you’re making my pussy feel so great, Doc,” my Goddess purred. I sucked Her clit into my mouth and She gasped. “Fuck, she’s good, Mark.”

Every stroke of my God’s cock in my cunt was bringing me closer and closer to another orgasm. Every thrust shoved my face into Her pussy. My lips and cheeks were smeared with Her savory juices. I was so happy that my body was worthy enough to satisfy these Divine creatures. A furnace was growing inside me and then Her hand tightened in my hair as Her orgasm quivered through Her body, flooding my lips with Her ambrosia.

“Oh fuck!” my Goddess moaned. “Umm, fuck, she’s making me cum!”

“Good slut,” my God growled. “Your cunt is nice and tight, uumm, I’m gonna flood it with some cum.”

“Please, please,” I moaned. “Please flood my unworthy pussy!”

I came as I felt His first blast of cum flooding my pussy. I spasmed, my vision darkening, as the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt rolled through me. I was breathing heavily as my orgasm faded and realized I was lying on the floor, the cold linoleum pressing against my cheek. I struggled to my feet, my panties trapping His seed inside me.

Remembering why I came in, I picked up Xiu’s charts and started checking her vitals out. “How is she?”

I jumped, My God had spoken to me. Staring down at the floor, I answered, “She is doing well, um…” How did you address a God? I settled for, “Sir,” fearing that would not be good enough. “She is not out of danger, but she should recover.”

“Good,” He sighed.

“I…um…if you would excuse me,” I stammered. My face was flushing in embarrassment. They did not teach you how to address a living God in medical school.


Lucifer – The Abyss

I floated in the Shadows, shining as bright as the sun watching the vermin scurry about. Humans. The very word left a bitter taste on my lips. Those disgusting, vile things that infested the earth. To think the Creator would have had me bow down before such weak and selfish beings. As if I, the Son of the Morning, who once led the Hosts of Heavens, would kneel before some worm that crawled in the filth.

Alas, only a third of the Host shared my opinion and I was struck down by my brother, Michael, and cast out of Heaven for my rebellion. So, I turned my attention to those first humans: Adam and Eve. They were so easy to corrupt. The woman was so trusting. She was long accustomed to conversing with my brethren in the Garden and gladly ate from the Tree of Knowledge when I suggested it to her. When Adam found his wife and she showed him the fruit, he knew exactly what that fruit represented, and the lust for Power blossomed in his soul, and man sinned for the first time. My amusement as they were cast out of the Garden was only temporary, however, as more and more disgusting humans were born.

So, I committed more mischief. Set the humans to worshiping false idols, lying with their women and producing the Nephilim, the great, giant men. I urged the humans to greater and greater wickedness. But, my mischief was only tolerated for some time before I was chained in the Abyss.

Long had I plotted, long had I manipulated the destiny of man. Long had I awaited a pawn to shatter the chains of the Abyss. And today, all those schemes had finally began to bear fruit. I peered into the Mortal World, at the entrance to a street where the foolish sheep were gathering, bleating their praise for Mark Glassner.

All of my enemies played right into my hands. My brother Gabriel missed the subtle manipulations to the future I made, allowing me to guide him into making one, fateful mistake. To attempt to kill Mark Glassner in the most spectacular way possible. Thanks to my interference, all the myriad ways that Gabriel could have defeated Mark seemed too risky, leaving today’s attempt as the only viable plan. And Gabriel took the bait, the fool.

Now, two of his Priestesses were dead and the third passed her gift to my Pawn, Mark Glassner. The stupid woman was tempted by love. I once told Lilith all the things men would do for love, and Tiffany did not disappoint me. She betrayed her side just to spend the brief moments of her life with her “true love.”

I smiled in pleasure, thinking of Lilith. Another enemy that was playing her part exquisitely.

Lilith put on airs that she was better than the humans, but she was once one of those rutting beasts, and was just as easy to manipulate. I gave Lilith the tiniest bit of freedom and she acted so predictably. I knew her scheming, lust-filled soul so well, I could easily anticipate what she would do. As I told her, everything she does serves my ends. Oh, she doesn’t believe that. Lilith foolishly thinks she is the master of her own fate, but she will learn that I have always been her master.

Today, she healed Mark Glassner for me. Oh, sure, she thought her actions served her selfish interests. And thanks to the human’s technology, the entire world is witnessing the “Miracle,” and the foolish sheep are deluding themselves into believing that Mark is special, is divine.

Is a God.

The blind sheep will worship Mark. They will love him. He will be their false savior, leading mankind astray. And as more and more of those foolish sheep bleat his praise, the chains of the Abyss will weaken. But, first, a savior needs to rescue his people from danger. And that will be you, my sweet, stupid Lilith. Soon your vessel will be born, and you will escape the Abyss. You will carve out your own kingdom to rule. Your lust for power, your hatred of men, will lead you to contend with Mark. You will not be able to stop yourself. And the sheep will thank him when he rides in on his white horse and frees them from your tyranny.

I had won. I just had to wait for the dominoes to topple and fall.

To be continued…

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