Twin Summer Ch. 03

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Swinging forward in time again to the summer, I thought you might want to know about my next adventure with the twins. We had fucked again that day in the field, well after 15 minutes lying with twin naked blondes on either side of you; you try and stop getting another hard-on! It wasn’t quite as wild as the first time. You could say it had a more gentle and leisurely rhythm, you could also say it was absolutely fantastic and I thought at the time, I would be wanking myself to sleep for years to come just thinking about it, but there were even better times to come. Anyway whilst I was helping Laura and Lorna back on with their clothes (it’s very distracting doing up a girls bra when she cannot keep her hands away from rubbing your balls), they invited me over for a swim at the farm the next day.

The day dawned, just like the previous day, with gorgeous sunshine and about 11am I was riding my bike towards the Cramwell’s farm. Riding a bike is not too easy with a hard-on, but I could not get the memory of those two perfect bodies out of my mind and I was already wondering how we might contrive to have more sex together when I got there. John would probably be out working somewhere, but I bet their mother, Lucy would be there.

In fact, when I arrived the girls explained that Lucy had gone out for the day with the twins’ younger sister Alice, who was into ponies. They had departed for some sort of Pony Club event and would not be back until the evening. However, their cousin Samantha was staying. The girls were in matching pink bikinis and had been in the kitchen looking out for me when I arrived and explained with whispered giggles that they were hoping to smuggle me upstairs for ½ hour before Samantha saw me. “She’s not really the sort who would approve of sex. She’s been at a Convent school,” Laura explained, “so, she’s very pure! She’s sunbathing at the moment by the pool, (needs to, poor lamb, she’s very pale) so we thought we could show you our bedroom — oh God, I have been feeling randy all morning, just thinking about you coming over. Yesterday was fantastic.”

Lorna said quietly “I think my sister is a bit of a nympho.” and took my hand and then pulled me all the way upstairs.

These two girls could best be described as tigers. I would have liked to have described the bedroom, the two single beds, the walls covered in pictures of boy bands and hunky film stars, the nice antique furniture etc., however, as soon as I was in the room Laura (probably a bit louder than sensible) shouted to Lorna “Get him!” and I was pushed onto one of beds. As fast as lightning, the girls were on top of me, Lorna on my chest and Laura on my legs. I twisted and turned and suddenly all three of us fell off the narrow bed on to the floor in a screaming giggling mess of arms and legs.

“Sssss!” whispered Laura “Sam will hear!” and then, still sitting on top of my legs made a grab for the top of my shorts. Lorna meantime with one leg underneath me and the other wrapped around my neck was pushing here groin into my face. I pulled the bikini bottom aside with my teeth and plunged my tongue into her hot cunt. She screamed. Laura meanwhile had undone the top of my shorts and was plunging my cock into her mouth. “What about foreplay?” I thought as the world went misty.

Both girls used their free hands to take off their bikini tops and Laura had her bikini bottoms half way down her legs when Samantha walked in, my cock was still rammed well into Laura’s mouth, my teeth were teasing Lorna’s clit and she was rubbing her breasts. It must have been a wonderful sight for the poor girl to see the three of us on the floor. We froze. Cousin Samantha was a brunette unlike her cousins and smaller at about 5’3″, which made her look younger than her 18 years, petite I think is the term. She was also in a bikini, which showed her pale white skin. She was very pretty with a small pert mouth a few freckles and blue eyes, mecidiyeköy eskort but, well also pretty flat-chested. She stood there for a moment with a look of total disbelief on her face — “I . . . I . . . I heard a scream and came to see if you were alright.” She stammered out.

Laura slowly let my cock out of her mouth, which was beginning to shrivel with embarrassment. My mouth became unglued from Lorna’s clit and Sam took a step further into the room, her face going a fine rose colour. Laura said “Um Sam, this is Rick, Rick this is our cousin Sam.” Which I thought was pretty cool considering.

Sam took another step into the room. “Lucy’s not back ’til this evening, is that right?” she asked.

Lorna looked at her cousin closely and then answered “Er, yes Cous,” and then holding my now nearly limp prick in her hand asked “Sam, can I introduce you to Rick’s dick?”

This was becoming unreal, Sam took another step towards us smiled and said “Nice to meet you Dick, do we shake?”

“Well, shake is one way of describing it, just come and hold him in your hand.” invited Laura. Sam came and knelt beside us. She gently took my prick in her hand and it started to stand up once more. “Wow,” said Sam as it grew in her inexperienced hand, “does it taste good?” She asked Lorna.

“Well, you see that little droplet on the top? Have a quick taste of that.” Sam slowly lowered herself and licked my pre-cum with the tip of her tongue.

“Nice”, said Sam and licked again, slowly working her tongue around the still growing crown of my glory.

Laura unwound herself from around my neck and got up. Then both she and Lorna together knelt beside Samantha and slowly massaged her back while Sam got more adventurous with her tongue. She held my balls in one hand and then started to lick along the full length of my shaft which danced in response to her gentle movements. Then suddenly Sam took me in her small mouth, she went down about two inches and then pulled back, her sharp white teeth gently dragging up the length. I let out a groan. She did it again and then again and then began to get into a rhythm.

Lorna and Laura, were still massaging her back. Lorna then undid Sam’s bikini top and put a hand on her small left breast and started to massage. Laura’s massage went further and further down Sam’s back, playing over her bikini bottoms and then down towards her thighs. Her hand slipped between Sam’s legs and Sam put her spare hand back took Laura’s hand and held it there. Laura started slowly to rub Sam’s clit through the bikini. Sam went a shade pinker and with a gasp her mouth went down a further inch on my prick. This was getting a bit too exciting for me and I gently clasped my hands on either side of Sam’s head and lifted her from her work. I lifted my torso and gently brought my lips her hers and kissed her long and full. Her small perfect lips tasted like cherry. I moved my legs so that she was kneeling between them and put my hands to her small hard nipples and slowly excited them as Sophie had shown me.

The kiss ended and again she moved her mouth down onto my cock. She lifted her bottom in the air and Laura started to tease her fingers between the elastic of her bikini bottom and her skin. Lorna, always the fast mover suddenly just pulled them down revealing Sams swollen vagina to the girls at the back. Whilst Sam caressed my dick and balls, the twins took turns to use their tongues on the moist hot slit and clit, making her buck and gasp and take gentle nips.

Lorna then lay with her back on the floor and parted Sam’s legs, moving her head between them. She then lifted herself so she could start licking Sam’s clit. Down the line, Laura moved between her sister’s legs and started work with her tongue on Lorna. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There they were in a line; Sam between my legs sucking me off, Lorna, underneath Sam sucking her and Laura at the escort bayan back arse in the air sucking Lorna and all of them moaning and bucking. It was too much, I felt the surge and gasped as I came in Sam’s mouth, the creamy spunk surging from my prick.

There was loads of cum and Sam released me showing a mouth filled with my cream. She sat on Lorna’s face and bucked and screamed in ecstasy as Lorna’s work on her clit brought her to her orgasm. I was still shooting and Laura left her position at the back of the line and came around took Sam in her arms and started French kissing her sperm filled mouth. Her hands sought my prick and she took more of the oozing cum and started massaging it into Sam’s hard nipples and then her own. The girl’s pressed against each other sperm covered breasts sliding over each other as they kissed deeply, sharing and savouring the taste of the my cum.

Sam’s orgasm went on and on and Laura became more and more intense with her deep kissing. I put my left hand between her legs, found her hot clit and rubbed hard and fast. I then worked first one finger and then another into the hot vagina whilst using my thumb on her clit. My other hand cupped Sam’s small per backside. Lorna was using Sam’s juices to lubricate her own clit and soon both twins were near to coming in their excitement. Even though I’d just cum, the sight of the three girls was just too much for me and I felt ready to start again. My spunk covered dick was hard and eager. I got up and moved around to where Lorna lay on the floor with her head under Sam’s butt. I parted her legs and lifted her up so I could sink my shaft deep into her glistening cunt, the spunk adding to the lubrication and Dick went smoothly in to the haft. I took long leisurely plunges, almost pulling right out between each dive. My hands were on Lorna’s breasts, I teased her nipples between my finger and thumbs.

Sam, keeled over off Lorna’s face, finally spent, to lie flat on her back, her head beside Lorna’s. Lorna lifted herself up so I could kiss her wet face and lick off Sam’s juices. Beside her Laura came and sat on Sam’s face and started working her own clit and Sam’s tongue went deep into her vagina. The twins were besides themselves and after a few minutes came together juices expelling from their cunts, groaning and moaning. The feel of Lorna’s orgasm on my prick as I was deep inside her and her hot juices flowing made me come again, my sperm leaping deep in the dark velvet tunnel of her vagina.

As the heaving subsided, I lay panting on top of Lorna. Laura lifted herself off Sam’s face and shaking a bit came and sat beside Lorna and me, massaging the muscles of my back. Sam too got up, her face glistening wet from Laura’s orgasm. She squatted beside me and lifted my face so she could kiss me again, long and deep, the scent of sex all around. I gently moved out of Lorna who gasped as the bulbous head of my cock withdrew.

Sam pulled me up kissing me deeply and desperately all the time and then pushed me back onto the carpet and sat astride my stomach. As she kissed, her hand went behind her and she started playing with my semi-hard prick. Finally she came up for air.

“Rick,” she asked “do you think Dick has enough energy left to fuck me? You see, I’ve never been fucked and although convent girls know how to mess around in the dorm at night, I have never had a boy. I just loved the taste of your sperm and I just loved sharing it with Laura, I just loved having Lorna making me come with her tongue . . . but I could really do with Dick inside me and . . . for god’s sake, a good long almighty FUCK!”

Lorna and Laura both burst out laughing and Sam hurled herself at them with a scream! Even though she was small, she wrestled well and soon the three girls were a complete tangle of arms and legs as they writhed together on the floor, Sam shouting “What’s so funny about wanting to be fucked!” and the bayrampaşa escort twins laughing louder than ever.

I laughed with them, but after a minute I got up and lifted Sam bodily out of the tangle and plonked her on the bed. She lay with her back on the duvet cover and her slim legs open. Dick was getting ready for action again, but first I dropped to my knees and put my head between her legs and started to work on opening her vagina with my tongue. Lorna came and sat beside Sam and whilst I did my warm-up job she caressed her and kissed her. Laura came under the bed and took my pick in her mouth making it swell as she sucked deep upon the shaft. Sam put her hands between Lorna’s legs and started to play with her fingers up her cunt as I stuck my tongue deeper into hers. Trying to concentrate on Sam with Laura sucking away was difficult, but as I gently put a finger into Sam’s warm slit, I was surprised when it came to a halt instead of sliding in.

I stopped puzzled and drew back. Sam, who had been kissing Lorna, let go of Lorna’s mouth and gasped “I’m still a virgin! Be careful, but please, please fuck me! God I’ve fantasised about a good fuck for years — please!”

My prick escaped from Laura’s mouth and I stood up and it came to the same height as Sam’s vagina as she lay sideways on the bed. I gently rubbed the head of my cock around her widening hole, lubricating it with her juices and Laura’s saliva. Then very slowly I nudged my prick towards that inner barrier. The girls all stilled and Sam whispered “Go on — take me.” I pushed and felt the hymen give, Sam whimpered. I withdrew and then pushed again, further in this time and the hole widened to take me. After withdrawing and pushing back seven or eight times my prick was fully inside her. Sam’s legs were up on my shoulders and there was a tear glistening in her eye. “Fuck me.” she whispered. So I started a gentle rhythmic pumping.

Lorna whispered to Sam “Grasp his prick with your muscles — the muscles inside you.” I felt a tightening. “Grasp and release as he goes in and out.” said Laura “It makes it much better!” Sam soon got the idea and we started to pick up speed. Lorna started massaging Sam’s small breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Laura was still under the bed below my thrusting cock. She started to use her tongue around the edge of Sam’s vagina as I went in and out. Her hand came up and started cupping my balls as we fucked. This caused Sam and me to go even faster, Sam crying out with pleasure “Oh fuck me . . .oh! Fuck me. . . Oh FUCK wow, aaargh, ah, ah aha FUCK!”

The sheer ecstasy of Sam and I as we fucked with Laura and Lorna played and teased with us was more than I can describe. Sam’s cunt was hot and tight and her inexperienced muscles pulled me deeper into her, she bucked as Lorna played with her engorged clit. There were bubbles in my head as I felt Laura’s tongue lubricating my shaft as it went in. I stood up straight now and only Sam’s shoulders were on the bed and her legs were wrapped around me. I have never felt anything like it — and I’d come twice already!

I leant down and pulled Sam off the bed and held her to me my prick deep inside her. She put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me long and deep and we started to fuck again, Sam’s butt in the air, her breasts rubbing up and down on my chest and she moved with the rhythm. Lorna and Laura played around below us, putting tongues and fingers into the gap between my prick and that hot, hot pussy.

Then it was back on the bed again, the final gasping red misty finish and I fucked Sam as hard as she could wish and we both came in long blinding orgasm. I pulled back and slid to the floor and Sam’s legs dropped over the side of the bed, beads of spunk came seeping from her cunt. This was too much for the Laura who came to lick away the creamy mess from Sam’s neat bush. Lorna, spotting some still oozing from my prick, knelt on the floor and mischievously licked it away. “It’s ridiculous, but I guess I’m not going to get a fuck this morning then.” She said and gave me a great smile.

“Maybe a swim in the pool to cool down for a bit might be a good idea.” I replied.

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