Alleyways , Rainstorms

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Hey everybody, this is the first story I’ve ever posted on here. Hope you enjoy, and please leave me some feedback! xx


It was early one Saturday morning as I walked through town, heading home from my best friends house after a late night out the previous evening. It was quite a trek back home, but I didn’t have any money left to catch a taxi and it seemed like a nice morning, so I had decided to walk.

All throughout the streets it seemed that the town was deserted. I guess it was too early in the morning for anybody other than me. Then the sky above rumbled with thunder and I let out a sigh of desperation as I began to walk a little faster as I hurried to get home, realizing that I was very inappropriately dressed to be out in a rain storm. I was still in my very short red dress that I wore out last night, and my little jacket hardly had enough material to keep me dry in the rain.

As I hurried along the streets, the sky was turning a darker shade of gray by the second, when all of a sudden the heavens opened and the downpour started. I tried to keep myself as dry as I could as I tried to find shelter from the rain somewhere. I didn’t have much luck keeping dry and it took me a few minutes to find a little sheltered alleyway between a few buildings to get out of the rain.

I moved further into the alleyway where there was more space, and I was trying to dry myself off a little bit when I heard a noise behind me. I spun around startled and saw a man stood a few feet away. He was a bit older than me, maybe in his mid forties, compared to me at just 21.

“I’m sorry I scared you” he said. “I got caught in the rain and came in here to find shelter.”

“Me too!” I replied nervously as I noticed his eyes wantingly examining my body, the raindrops running down my thighs, the wetness of the rain causing my dress to grip to my curvaceous body, my hardened nipples straining against the material of my dress.

“So do these storms pass quickly” he asked, “I don’t know” I answered Escort Kızılay tentatively. I wasn’t feeling comfortable at all standing in an alleyway with a strange man. He was standing in the narrow entrance, so I went to walk past him to look out of the alley in the hope that the rain wasn’t too bad now and I could leave. As I went past him, my bottom brushed against his crotch and I noticed a very obvious bulge there. For some reason I lingered there for a second or two, subtly grinding myself against him. I didn’t know why I did it, it was like my mind lost control of my body. I finally did get past him and looked out onto the street. Still practically deserted, still pouring with rain.

Then my brain suddenly had multiple visions of this handsome stranger throwing me against the wall and fucking me. I didn’t know what was coming over me, I know that rain makes me horny, but this just wasn’t like me at all.

I turned to him and looked down at the impressive bulge in his pants, I think my eyes lingered there a little too long as I was still staring when I told him we could be here for a while. Then I looked up at his face giving him my best seductive smile.

“I’m Melissa” I said to him, reaching out my hand to shake his. “Very nice to meet you Melissa, I’m Jonathan”. He took my hand and moved it up to his mouth to kiss it gently. “That was a very gentlemanly greeting” I told him. “There is more where that came from” he responded, half jokingly. “Oh really” I said moving closer toward him, stopping when my face was just inches from his. “Prove it”.

He gently stroked my face with his right hand and then leaned in to tenderly kiss my lips. My mouth parted receiving his tongue with eagerness. I pulled away and told him that was nice. I glanced down to see that Jonathan was now rock hard. All the things I wanted to do with that cock were now running through my mind, but I knew I wanted to tease him a little more first.

I took a few steps away and walked further into the alleyway Kızılay Escort where there was more room. Leaning against the wall I slowly began to lift my dress to reveal the lacy red panties beneath. Rubbing my breasts with my other hand I began to breathe heavily. “I am so horny” I confessed. My hand slipped beneath the fabric of my panties and I looked at Jonathan’s face. He was shocked and amazingly turned on, all at the same time. He then undid his belt and zipper and I slid my panties down and threw them onto the ground at his feet, revealing my wet, shaven pussy. He stood and watched as my fingers pressed against my clit, then he removed his cock and started to pull on it. I was driving myself crazy now, I couldn’t resist any longer. I told him to stop and he looked at me strangely, his cock throbbing in his hand. I smiled and moved closer, dropping to my knees in front of him, his cock no more than an inch from my face, begging to be sucked. I took his impressive length into my hand and put the head between my lips, teasing him with my tongue as he groaned in pleasure. I inched his delicious cock into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it, expertly teasing him and tasting his pre-cum. He took his hands and grabbed my long blonde hair tightly and began to thrust himself deep into my mouth, pushing his cock down my throat as I sucked ferociously on his magnificent tool. Then suddenly he thrust hard into my mouth forcing me to take his full length and held my head down upon him as he let out a moan, his whole body seemed to shake violently and he poured his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I breathed deeply for a second as he loosened his grip on my hair, catching my breath before I continued to suck on his cock, not wanting to waste any of his delicious cum.

He then pulled me to my feet and crouched in front of me, lifting my right leg and placing it over his shoulder. His tongue passed rapidly over my clit, and darted in and out of my tight, wet pussy with such expertise. My body began to convulse Kızılay Escort Bayan as I felt my orgasm to begin to rise within me. I couldn’t control myself as his hand slipped behind me and his fingertip slid into my ass. I couldn’t curb my screams of pleasure and I felt like the whole world would hear me as I begged him not to stop. And he didn’t stop, not until I’d let out a long ecstatic scream and my orgasm had completely convulsed through my body, sending a shudder down my spine and causing my knees to go weak.

He stood up and I looked down to see his erection at full mast once again. I knew he wasn’t finished with me yet. His hands caressed my body, he complimented me on my ample breasts as he cupped them in his hands. Then he slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and released my bare breasts from my dress. My dress was nothing more than a small piece of material sitting seductively on my hips now. He spun me around so I was facing the wall and bent me over so I was his for the taking.

Before I even knew what was happening he had entered me fully, and my hot wet pussy had enveloped his hard erect penis like I was made to be fucked by him. He started to fuck me slowly and then he began to pick up the pace, his eyes seemingly mesmerized as he watched the length of his cock slide in and out of my pussy lips. From being all the way inside me to having just the tip of the head inside me, to having his full length inside me again. God this felt so good. And the thick cream of my pussy was giving his cock a gleaming shine.

My pussy was so hot and tight that it gripped him like a vice and I felt his orgasm coming again. He picked up the pace even more, slamming his cock deep into me, harder and harder. My moans grew louder. His cock began to pulse with his orgasm. The feel of his almost bursting cock being inside me made me scream out loud in the thrill of my own earth shattering orgasm, and no sooner had I started, he emptied his cock deep inside of me, filling me fully with his thick, creamy cum.

He stood me upright and turned me around, pushing me against the wall and kissing my mouth as his hands gently stroked and explored my bare breasts. We stood there for a second, holding each other tightly in our arms, both of us completely unaware that it had stopped raining.

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