Alternative Pt. 02

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In continuation to previous story,

A: “Its.. Yeah.. She will.. err.. How do I put this..” I lowered my face.

J: I put my fingers through his hair and whispered “You can tell me.. I am here to be an alternate to your wife..”

A: “I get it.. But.. It’s a k… like.. she will give a.. blow..” I trembled like any. After saying so, I looked up at her. Jeya gave a stern smile.

J: I got up from the bed and stood opposite to him. I bent slightly and placed my each of palm on his thighs. I gave a small peck on his lips and kneeled down. I got hold of his shorts on either side of his waist. I slide down up to his lower abdomen just before his crotch.

I looked up at him. Understanding my intention, he put his foot down and placed his palms on bed of his both side. Without getting up from bed, he just raised his lower body balancing his weight using his palms on the bed. I looked down and slid down his shorts further midway to his ass.

I removed my hands from his side and held the loose bottom of his shorts. I pulled it genuinely. Without much pressure, shorts came off easily to his feet. He sat again in same position and his uncircumcised cock came in view. Hairs around his cock were trimmed. I don’t know whether it’s a morning boner or his cock erected because of me.

I removed the shorts from his feet and placed it on the adjacent table. I looked up at him. He was looking at me hungrily without blinking. He was unsure whether it’s right or wrong, but he is not in a state to think all this things. I gave a smile and kneeled more close to him. I looked down again.

First, I placed my palms on Etimesgut Escort either side of his cock. I am able to feel the heat in his body. Just as so, he spread his legs similar to the term “manspreading” in subway and buses. His balls without support of his thighs were hanging below his cock. I slid my fingers further down caressing his balls.

I held his cock with my palm just like holding a door handle. I slowing started rowing his cock with my left hand from bottom to top. When it’s halfway, I placed my right hand just below my left hand on his cock. When my left hand came off, I placed it under my right hand same as previous. I did like this for four to five times. I felt it growing and getting filled with fresh blood.

I bent further and placed my both elbows on the bed in the space between his cock and thigh. Like a snake, I took out my tongue. I angled it straight to a cone and touched its end with his cock’s tip. I licked the cock’s tip twice. He jolted and put his hands on my shoulder out of shock. Then, I made my tongue normal. I tilted my head slightly and licked around his cock’s tip with my tongue. He slid his hands to my side and gripped the skin near my armpits.

I held his cock straight facing up. I spread my tongue and started licking his shaft just above his balls. In a slow motion, I licked all the way up to its tip. I extended my ring finger and little finger over his ball and pressed it gently. His cock was reacting when I pressed his balls. Now, Pulp is striving to come out of the skin. I get rid of his balls and held the shaft alone on the top. With my thumb, index and middle finger, from the both sides of his cock I pulled the skin down. It came off like a wrapper and got settled on the side just below the pulp. His pulp is dry. I tickled it with Escort Etimesgut my tongue tip. He was restless and moved his palm on my breast side above my camisole.

I thought it’s time for next medicine. I made my lips like a small O. I kissed his pulp with my lips and engulfed it. I sucked his pulp alone by holding his shaft with my hand. In my mouth, I moved my tongue around his pulp. I began swallowing his shaft further on my each move. Because of the constant movement, it was easy for him to move his hands on my body. I started to cover half of his cock into my mouth. Each time his cock was coming into my mouth, I placed my tongue in different directions. This gave a different feel to him. For the first time, he made a sound like ‘kkkmmmmmhhhhhh…’. That signaled me that he is fully on me and forgot his world.

I moved my both hands on his balls and held it like an amla. I gave a press a little more than average man can pleasure with. This should have gave him a pain as his voice gulped. He moved his palm entirely on my breast from the side. He bent his head towards me. This gave me his pain and pleasure scale, so I slowed down the pressure on his balls and increased my sucking pace on his cock. I rolled his balls between my fingers and kneaded it gently below his pain level. He might not have experienced this two way attack and started making pleasure sounds. Forgetting whom I was, he pressed my breast from both sides and released it.

I pointed my lower teeth slightly, so as when his cock was going out it scratched like a tooth brush on a peeled banana. He was enjoying this more than I expected. I increased my pace to full and slowed my fingers action on his balls. In response to, he bent fully just above me. This gave him, full access to my breast. Since I was bent Etimesgut Escort Bayan too, my breasts was hanging pointing to the floor even though bra resisted a bit. He placed his palm over my breast from down and kneaded it forcefully.

He moved his one hand held my head. He encouraged the sucking by pushing my head towards his cock. I would have engulfed 3/4th of his cock. That’s the max my mouth could hold. He unintentionally took the initiative and started my moving my head to his rhythm.

I slowly left the control to him. He took the steering wheel and drove this sucking. When I started to feel gagged, his body started shivering. In a peak stroke, I felt a liquid on my back tongue. Before giving any signal, he held my head movement and started firing the semen. I obediently sucked his pulp to extract the semen from my side. Like an old tap with intermittent water supply, he fired all his semen in four to five rounds.

He laid his head on my head and his breathing sounded like a steam engine. I slowing left his cock out and raised my head up. His eyes was half closed in ecstasy. I held his arms and raised my body up trying to stand. I slowly put his body back on the bed with his legs were still hanging from the bed. When I got up fully, I felt my knees paining due to this long shot. I placed a pillow beneath his head. His eyes is still closed and he was like a half sleepy. I took his shorts from the table and cleaned his cock. I removed the semen stains and my saliva with his shorts. I pulled the bed sheet and placed it over his body.

I walked to the toilet. I found the basin and spit his semen that I was holding a while. No I don’t like to swallow it. I splashed some water on my face and washed my neck as well. I took a towel from the closet and cleaned myself. I made my messy hair to a knot and came out of bathroom.

He was fully awake now and was seeing the ceiling without any emotions. I laid next to him in the bed and kissed his forehead.

I asked “Then..?”

Will see in next part…


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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