Amy: The Babysitter

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Both my wife and I work long hours in the afternoons so when we had children we thought that the most reasonable thing to do was to hire a babysitter. Someone who would be there for the kids when they got home from school and who would take care of them until my wife or I got home. We went through hundreds of applicants before we found Amy. She had tonnes of experience with children and when she came round for an interview the children loved her at once. After a few weeks we loved her as well. She cooked she cleaned and some how she managed to keep the children on their best behaviour all the time. She was a sweet girl, curly red hair, big brown eyes, legs for days and a pair of tits the size of melons. She was a cheerleader and everything, sometime she was still in her uniform if she had come straight from practise.

On the night my story takes place both my wife and I arrived home around the same time so I offered to take Amy home.

“Thanks heaps Mr Andrews” she replied “It gets kinda creepy walking home in the dark.”

I unlocked the car and held the door open for her. She smiled at me and climbed in. I got in myself, started the car and began to back out of the driveway. I almost took out the letter box as Amy bent down to zip up her bag that lay at her feet, giving me an unobstructed view of her beautiful cleavage. The cheerleader uniforms of her school really didn’t leave much to the imagination, not that I’m complaining, with a plunging neckline on a top that looked like it’s about 5 sizes too small and stoped just below her breasts. Her skirt didn’t even come half way down her smooth thighs Escort Eryaman and as she crossed her legs it inched higher and higher.

I swerved violently to avoid the letter box; she gripped the seat tightly for a second then relaxed and laughed. I smiled nervously wondering if she had realised what had caused my temporary loss of concentration.

We were about half way there and the bulge in my pants was becoming more and more prominent. Being so close to this young thing was beginning to go to my head. She, on the other hand, seemed completely at ease and completely oblivious to my predicament.

Or so I thought.

She leaned over and placed her hand on my leg. I caught my breath trying to calm myself and praying she didn’t look down. She looked down.

“My, my, what have we here?” she questioned me “that looks awfully uncomfortable, lets see if I can help.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes as she lent down and began to undo my zipper with her teeth. She reached inside my pants and pulled my cock from my boxers.

“Wow” she breathed “such a big boy.” I’m about 9 ½ inches long and pretty thick too.

She lowered her mouth to the head of my eager cock. She engulfed it in one gulp and proceeded to swallow the rest of the length.

I nearly had a head on with another car quickly regaining reality I pulled back into my own lane. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I tried to focus on the road a near impossible task while this young red head bobbed in my lap. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel, I knew I couldn’t last much longer Eryaman Escort and looked desperately for a darkened street I could turn into.

Amy continued to suck enthusiastically at my cock. Loud slurping noises were emanating from her as she deep throated my shaft. Finally I found a street, an old lookout almost completely hidden by the overgrown vegetation. I pulled over and killed the engine, letting out a great sigh I relaxed a little and enjoyed the experience.

She certainly knew what she was doing, I was soon grunting as she pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I started thrusting my hips upwards fucking her mouth, suddenly I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my entire length into her mouth and shot my load down her throat. She sucked me dry before lifting her head from my lap.

She smiled at me, her lips glistening with my cum, climbed on top of me, straddled me, and lifted up her skirt. I was taken aback again for that evening when I realised that she had no panties on under her skirt nothing separating her hot wet pussy from my pulsing cock except about an inch of air. She surprised me still when I saw that her sweet young pussy was completely shaven.

She quickly pulled off her top, exposing her big, beautiful round breasts to me. As I reached up and began to squeeze those breasts, grabbing and pulling at them, she ground her pussy into my lap coating my cock with her juices. She moaned as I tugged on her tits harder and harder and began sucking on her big round nipples.

“Oh… oh god… oh I need you Eryaman Escort Bayan in me now…” she moaned.

Quickly she lifted her self off my lap just enough for me to line up me cock with her pussy. She moaned loudly as I pushed my entire length into her in one hard stroke. She lowered herself back down onto my lap driving my cock even further up inside her cunt.

“Yes… that’s it… take it all, sweet girl, take it all deep inside you.” I breathed as she again ground her pussy hard onto my cock. She grabbed the headrest behind me, arching her back and pushing out her chest so her tits were right in my face. I sucked hard on her left nipple while squeezing both her breasts intensely until she was moaning and calling for more.

I began bucking beneath her, raising my hips and slamming my hard shaft into her again and again. Soon I had her out of her mind with desire.

Oh God! Ugh-yeah! Harder! Ugh! Fuck me! Come on Mr Andrews! Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! I want to feel you fill me up! Fill up my cunt! You like fucking me, Mr Andrews? You want to cum, don’t you? Mr Andrews? Fuck my pussy! Fuck it! Harder! Fuck me, Mr Andrews! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… fuck… fuck… OHHH!!”

She shook violently and her orgasm overcame her. Her pussy clamped down on my cock pushing me over the edge into my own mind blowing orgasm. I pumped stream after stream of hot cum into her wanton cunt.

Then it was over, she collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. After a taking few moments to collect her self she climbed back off me and returned to her seat. I started the car and she tried to fix her self up as much as possible as I continued to drive her home. When we pulled up outside her house she leaned across to me, kissed me passionately, and thanked me before leaving the car and walking up her driveway without so much a looking back. But I knew that this wasn’t the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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