Car Accident Ch. 04


4th Day: Dog leash & Paint Job

Next morning the alarm clock woke me up. My throat was aching from the tight collar. I could barely move my head. I got dressed and rushed downstairs to prepare Madame’s breakfast. Soon enough everything was ready. Just in time. I got the dish and went upstairs.

-May I enter Madame?


I entered her bedroom and stood beside the bed, holding the breakfast dish.

-Well, well! I’m impressed. Very well, my good slave. You can leave it here.

I placed the dish on her laps and knelt by the bed. She started eating.

-I’m afraid you have to wait to finish my breakfast before I adjust the collar for you.

Fetch your leash.

I ran to my room and came back with the leash in my hands. I assumed my usual position. She went on with her breakfast. This time she didn’t offer me her foot to worship. I stood there, waiting patiently, being very careful not to look at her in the eyes. God, I forgot her slippers! I thought. No, lucky me, they where next to bed, from last night. I was so anxious to keep her satisfied!

When she finished, she put the disk aside and sat on the bed. I bent down to kiss her feet as usual.

-No, no! be patient, she said laughing. First to put an end to your punishment.

She bent down and using a small key attached to her necklace, she unlocked the collar and opened it. I felt so relieved! She then adjusted it so that I didn’t have any trouble breathing or even moving my head. She then took the leash from my hands and locked it in place on the collar. Holding the other end of the leash, she said:

-Now slave, you may properly worship your mistress.

I bent down and took both her feet in my hands and started kissing them as usual.

-Your wish is my command, Madame! Thank you ever so much for putting an end to my agony. Thank you ever so much for your punishment. It’s a privilege being your humble slave.

-OK slave. I’ll take you for a walk. Help me dress.

I helped her put on an athletic outfit. Then she took me to the bathroom to wear her shoes. She seemed to be enjoying walking around, with me on leash. We went out and walked in the garden around the house. Occasionally, she would pull the leash hard to remind me to walk according to her steps. Soon enough I could walk behind her, on leash distance, without disturbing her pace. So this is how dogs do it, I thought. At least I learn faster than a dog. She was very happy. That made her even more beautiful.

After approximately an hour, we went back to the house. She sat in the couch and removed the leash. She told me to bring her some more orange juice, which I did. I then knelt in front of her to rest her feet on my lap.

-You did quite well with the dog training, she said.

-Thank you very much Madame.

-Did you study the book I gave you?

-Yes Madame, I did very carefully. In fact, may I speak?

-Yes slave, you may.

-I also practiced applying nail varnish. I am sure I’m not up to your standards, but maybe I could manage painting your toe-nails, were mistakes might not be so obvious to others, but you.

-Very good. I have some free time before going out. Let’s not waste it. I’ll test your progress and skills. Go and fetch the manicure set. I wish to be treated here.

I went upstairs and came back with the set and a towel. I also remembered to bring her slippers. I sat cross-legged in front of her and carefully removed her shoes. I placed the towel on my lap and she rest her beautiful feet on the towel. I was so anxious that my hands began trembling.

-Relax, she said. You need a steady hand to do the job. Or else my feet will be sprayed all over with nail varnish. And you’ll Ankara escort be in trouble, she added meaningfully.

-I’m so sorry Madame! Please forgive my awkwardness. It’s my first time and I’m so anxious to satisfy you.

-I understand. I’ll give you five minutes to calm down. Just think that you can do it. I can also tell you that you won’t be punished the first time.

She switched the TV set on. I tried to get calm, trying to convince myself, that I could do it, as Madame said. I was staring at her lovely feet on my lap, saying to myself that you can do it. She was right again. After a couple of minutes the trembling stopped. I decided to begin.

Very carefully I put small cotton pads between her toes, to keep them separated. I then applied some nail polish remover with a cotton pad, to remove any dirt from her toe-nails. So far I did well.

I began applying the first layer of transparent varnish on her right foot starting from the little toe. When I painted all her right foot toe-nails, I repeated the process on her left foot. I then started blowing air with my mouth to dry the varnish. Again everything went as expected. I was beginning to feel a bit confident. When I dried all her toe-nails I asked:

-May I ask what color does Madame wish to have her toe nails painted?

-Fire red will be fine, she answered.

I found the proper varnish and very carefully applied it on her lovely toe nails. The big toes troubled me a bit, since I had to paint them with more than one stroke and the varnish would dry before becoming evenly spread. I had to remove the varnish altogether and start all over again. But finally I managed to apply it properly on all her divine toes. Again I dried her nails with my breath. I then applied the final layer of transparent varnish and went on with the final drying process. This time I spent more time on each toe-nail to make sure that the varnish was properly dried. There was a new smell now on her nails, that of lacquer. I found it very intriguing. When I finally finished drying her toe-nails, I was astonished by the result. To me they looked perfect in any aspect. All her toe-nails were shinning in a fire-red color. I carefully removed the cotton pads from in-between her toes and said with a trembling voice:

-May I say that I have finished, Madame?

She looked down carefully at her feet, inspecting the result of my efforts. Finally she said:

-Very good job my good slave. I think that they look even better than when I visit my beauty parlor. And it’s only the first time. I wonder how much better you could become. I’m really satisfied with your progress. You are a born chiropodist! Congratulations. I think I’ll wear open shoes today, just to have my feet looked by everybody. I was right about you, after all. You become better everyday. If you just obey my orders, you’ll certainly become the perfect servant. Remember this; everything I do for you, everything I decide, is for your own good. Trust my judgment and you’ll do fine.

-Yes Madame, I have absolute faith and trust in you. Thank you very much for letting me serve you. Thank you very much for your good words. They are the best reward a slave could ever receive. May I be allowed to kiss your divine feet?

-Yes, you are.

Again, I took her lovely feet in my hands and kissed them passionately all over. I was really thrilled to have met Madame’s standards. I was now sure that she is the only person that knows what’s proper for me. I’ll obey her blindly from now on. If she decides that I have to be punished, then certainly it’s for my sake. How good she is to me!

-Let’s go up, she said. I must leave.

I put her slipper on and followed Escort ankara her upstairs. I helped her to get dressed. I then knelt down to help her with her stockings.

-No stockings, she said. I want my beautiful feet bare, so that everyone can see your job. Fetch me a pair of open shoes. The white high heel ones, on the top of the shelf.

I went to the bathroom and came back with the shoes. She was sitting on the armchair waiting. Kneeling down I put her shoes on and tied the thin leather laces around her ankles. Now her feet looked superb. I couldn’t help but kissing them again.

-Your wish is my command! Your humble slave bids you good day Madame!

-Thank you slave. I’ll be back in the afternoon. I wish dinner to be served in the dinning room. Something light.

She left quickly, leaving me still kneeling on the floor. No time to waste, I thought. I started with Madame’s room. I changed the bed sheets and put everything in order. Then the bathroom. I took the laundry down to the basement and switched on the washing machine. I cleaned the kitchen, prepared her bath in case she needed it and had a look around in the living and dining rooms. In between I had something to eat.

It was late noon when I started preparing dinner. The menu I thought appropriate was roast steak, new potatoes, green beans, vegetable salad, red wine and cheesecake for desert. Fortunately I found a recipe book, which I used for making the cheese cake. It took me more than two hours. I was beginning to worry if I could make it in time, before Madame comes back. Finally I prepared the dinner table, putting a white table cloth, crystal glasses etc. I also put a vase with flowers from the garden and a candle. I then went to the kitchen to make coffee.

Everything was ready now. I hope I didn’t forget anything. I went upstairs and took Madame’s slippers. I put them by the couch. I was so anxious to be perfect this time! I sat in the living room and waited, getting some rest.

Finally I heard Madame’s car. It was getting dark outside. I rushed to the living room and lit the candle. Then to the main door, where I assumed the usual kneeling position by the door. When the door opened I said:

-Good evening, Madame! I hope you had a pleasant day.

-Good evening slave. I’m quite hungry. Is dinner ready?

-Yes Madame.

-Good, she said and went to the dining room.

I noticed that she was holding a parcel wrapped in brown paper. She sat down and I served her dinner. When everything was set and wine was poured, I knelt besides her, waiting for instructions. I noticed that her shoes were dirty with mud, her lovely feet too.

-I have another present for you, she said, while eating. Open it.

She gave me the parcel. I opened it and found a blue round bowl inside and a spoon. A bowl used for putting food to pets.

-Thank you very much Madame.

-I thought that you should have your personal eating set. By the way, the food you made was quite nice. Come on, give me your bowl. Time for you to eat something as well. You don’t mind having your food mixed I suppose.

I handed the bowl and she put the food left-over, and a piece of cheese cake. I began eating. I was so anxious to please her that I didn’t even notice the taste. Anyway she said that dinner was good. That’s enough for me.

When I finished, I put the ball under the table, and waited patiently. I think she enjoyed her dinner. When she finished, she stood up.

-You’ve done well, slave. Follow me to the living room.

She sat on the couch and turned the TV set on. I knelt and asked.

-Does Madame wish something?

-A cup of coffee and a piece of cheese cake would Ankara escort bayan be fine.

I stood up and went to the kitchen. In no time I was back, putting the coffee and the cake on the table by the couch.

-Take my shoes off. My feet are tired. I walked too much today. Not in very tidy places.

I did as I was told. My God, I told to myself. Her lovely feet were dirty. Brown and black stripes appeared at the places not covered by the shoes. her soles were not in any better condition.

-Does Madame wish to take a foot bath? I asked.

-Yes, the usual way. I don’t think you would mind licking my feet clean as they are now, do you slave?

-No Madame, I said. It’s a great honor for me to be allowed to lick the dirt from your divine feet.

-Then you may begin slave, she said and lied down lazily on the couch, her right foot hanging on the side.

I took her foot on my hands and started by sucking her toes. To me they tasted like fresh flowers. I had to work hard with my tongue in between her toes, to remove all the dirt, being very careful not to spoil the varnish on her toe-nails. After some time her toes were clean, the red lacquer on her nails shinny. I then went on by licking her sole with slow strokes. I first wanted to soak the dirt, to be able to remove it easily. The foot aroma and taste made me so happy and excited. After some time her sole was properly soaked. Then it was easier for me to lick it clean. Very carefully, using my teeth as well as my tongue, I removed the dirt from her heel. I then worked on the upper part of her beautiful foot, finishing with her ankles. It took me about half an hour but her foot was now properly cleaned.

-May I have your other foot Madame? I asked.

She withdrew her right foot, and slightly turning over to one side, she offered me her left foot for licking. I started working on her foot as before, and after another half hour, Madame’s foot bath was completed.

-May I say that I have finished Madame?

-Then you can go on massaging my feet, slave, she said extending both her feet .

I started massaging her beautiful feet. I went on for more than three hours I imagine. In fact, after sometime, her feet felt heavy on my hands. I dared taking a glimpse at her lovely face. She was sleeping! My Madame was actually sleeping, having her feet massaged, by her humble slave! I found it so romantic. I, her humble slave was able to relax my Madame! How happy I felt. I didn’t of course stopped the massage.

Then I heard her voice saying:

-I fell asleep. You’ve done a very good job my poor slave! My feet feel so good. Let’s go to sleep. Don’t tie up now, you can do it tomorrow. After all you deserve some rest. She sat in an upright position and I put her slippers on. I then followed her to the bedroom, where I helped her get undressed. She sat on the bed to receive the usual worship. As I was kissing her feet, she said:

-Tomorrow morning, I’ll take a bath right after breakfast. Make sure everything is in order. You may go now.

I kissed her feet one more time and bid her goodnight. I then left the room closing the door behind me. I went to my room and lied down, feeling very happy that I was able to please her. Madame was so good to me! Life was so good to me, placing my destiny next to hers. Tomorrow would be another day in her service. I only wish she’ll give me new opportunities to show her my appreciation and total submission. The only thing that I could think of was how to satisfy my Lady. I was beginning to realize that future was smiling to me. What else would I desire? Nothing else I told to myself. Just to be always able to serve my Madame. To obey her orders blindly, no matter what they would be. To be allowed to worship her magnificent feet. Yes I felt I was her property now. Her slave, her pet, her foot mat. And this gave me total and sincere satisfaction. Tomorrow would be another busy and fulfilling day for me. With these thoughts in mind, I finally fell asleep…

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